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McCord Web Services LLC Newsletter

This monthly e-newsletter features ways to keep tabs on your Web presence. Learn about new tools, our Bright Idea tips to be more productive, best practices, and in general how to use the Web to leverage your business opportunities.

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Do Not Get Bumped Off the Grid by Frontier Hackers.

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What Is Your Mobile Security IQ?.

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Our March Newsletter is Out
Topics in this issue are A Hidden Treasure, Calendly – Fast Call Scheduling, Received the Google Mobile Warning Notice? – How To Fix It, and Try It Friday - Speech to Text Transcription with Evernote

Online Reviews - Are You Your Own Worst Enemy
Do not think that a bad online review will hurt your sales? Never even Googled your own business name online? It is time to get proactive in monitoring what others say about you, but find out why you may end up being your own worst enemy...

Has Facebook Peaked? - Where Is Generation X?
If you are on Facebook, you may be old! The young people have flooded out of Facebook. Find out where they havve gone and why Facebook is no longer the place they use to connect. But do not drop Facebook just yet...

My Predictions for 2015
It is January 1st and I am getting the jump on the rest of the SEO pundits with my predictions for what we will see in 2015 on the Web. Here is what I see as important for my industry and for business owners to take notice of.

The Problem with the Google Knowledge Graph and the Carousel
As Google works hard to keep users on the search results page longer in order to not lose relevance but also to have the opportunity to serve more advertising and make more money, it becomes harder for business owners to get searchers into their website to see their full range of services, products, and marketing information.

Google AdWords First Page Bid Strategy
Using a bid strategy in Google AdWords to automatically place bids to move your ads to the first page of results seems like a good suggestion, but be careful!

Google AdWords Callouts – What Are They?
New this past month, Google AdWords callout extensions are the new way to draw attention to what you are promoting and a way to differentiate your ads from those of your competitors.

Responsive Websites in HTML5 Look Different
Technology marches on! What was popular in regards to website design is now passé today. What we used to think was fabulous and hi-tech two years ago, looks dated today.

Google AdWords Loves Mobile, But Is It Right for You?
Google continues to push advertiser activity into the mobile arena citing that online searches on mobile devices have eclipsed searches done on desktops, but is advertising activity in mobile right for your business?.

Twitter Syntax Explained – What Is .@ and More
If you use Twitter you may already know some of the special syntax uses, but if you are a newbie or just want a refresher, here are a few explanations about what it is you may see in front of a tweet.

Are You Missing the Boat By Not Having an E-Newsletter?
Are you missing the boat? You sure are! I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard, I love your newsletter, it has value to me, and now that I need X, I thought to call you first.

e-Newsletter Subscribers How To – Build and Nurture
Once you havee decided that an e-newsletter is an avenue you want to pursue, you will find that to start building your subscriber list you just have to start by asking customers for their emails.

Review: SpamDrain Killed My Smartphone Spam Problem
I live by my smartphone. If you are like me it is your pipeline to your office, untethering you from your desk so you can work literally anywhere. The issue I had with my phone was a growing email spam issue.

Special Edition - Search Engines: What us In What is Out?
As social activity can be spammed just like link building, Google appears to be devaluing these items in favor of location specificity through concrete user tracking based on search history and location. Just try to turn off Wi-Fi on your smartphone and you will see what I mean. In your Android system, Google keeps turning it back on as it uses Wi-Fi to track your location in order to know where you are so as to develop a better profile on you to determine what results to show you. Even if you turn it off, it will go back on.

Building Your Website for the Future
Based on what search engines are valuing and devaluing for organic placement what is a business owner to do with optimizing their website to try to garner top organic search placement? 1. Build your site and create your content as if there were no search engines. Over time, organic search results will become so unique and so personalized that there will be no way to beat the system in the future. So instead, it is by far better to start focusing now on creating a winning online presence that caters to your local users and focuses on creating your business as an authority in your industry.

Search Engines - What's In, What's Out?
There is lots of chatter in my industry about the future of search engines and how Googles new algorithms are changing the landscape of how business owners work to keep and improve their websites placement on Google. What seem apparent to me is that the following important trends are surfacing and impacting what we see in the organic results.

Bing Ads Announces Product Ads
New into the e-commerce product selling market with product images in their search results, Bing Ads enters with a new service offering called Bing Product Ads. With huge returns for e-commerce stores and familiarity with Google Shopping (previously known as Product Listing Ads), Bing Product Ads are sure to be a hit. For early embracers of this new program the ability for them to own their product market on Bing is a huge incentive to move in fast. Well, at least for now, while there is not strong competition for buyers.

Twitter Moves to a Visual Look
In our new visual and video saturated world where images, pins, and cover photos are all the rage, Twitter has stagnated with their text-based layout until now. Coming soon to your Twitter profile is a Facebook-like look that has a much more interesting visual look and feel.

Should You Follow Copyblogger and Eliminate Blog Comments?
Copyblogger, a very high profile and active blogsite, recently decided to stop allowing comments on its blog. Although the owner of Copyblogger tried to turn back the tide of negative pushback by citing it was a simple business decision, several online pundits have challenged the purpose of this action.

It Is Time to Clean Up Your Website for Keyword Density
A lot of things have changed over the years in regards to how a website should get organic or unpaid search placement particularly on Google. One of the tactics that SEOs are having the hardest time letting go of is keyword density. I have to say that in my own personal experience, this used to be a very usable approach and one that really bumped a website up in the organic results – but no longer!

Should You Still Post on Facebook?
So how can you decide if you should still post on Facebook for your business? Before you drop Facebook entirely, make a careful analysis of where you are connecting with your customers and prospects. If you are posting regularly on Facebook and you have under 80 followers after posting for 6 months to a year, you may be able to easily move out of Facebook and invest your time elsewhere. A great place to move is to a Google+ Community, starting as a member of an existing community before you spin off into a Community of your own making.

Watching Movies on Your Kindle Fire
I have a Kindle Fire and use it to watch videos and TV shows that I have purchased from Amazon, but my husband likes to buy DVDs on Amazon and so these are not available for me to watch in the Kindle Cloud. Find out how you can get the DVD and the digital copy for your Kindle.

The Clarity of What You Write Matters a Lot
Matt Cutts has some great words of wisdom for bloggers and website owners in this video on how technical you should get in your website content and blog posts. You can watch the video at YouTube.

Google States They Do Not Use Facebook or Twitter for Ranking
Matt Cutts, the lead Spam Engineer at Google, revealed just this last month that Google is not using Facebook or Twitter posts or profiles for index ranking. This is very big news and a change in what Google has stated about how social impacts their algorithm.

Building Links Using Article Directories is a Dead Strategy
Creating articles that were informational in nature with links back to your website in a bio and placing these on news sites, article directories, and ezine sites for use by other webmasters on their blogs and in their websites in a way to build incoming links is just another previously good tactic that Google has disavowed.

How Not to Use AdWords
So often a prospective client approaches me for Google AdWords Services as they have heard AdWords is great for lead generation. But, sometimes a prospective client may need a quick review on how not to use AdWords. Here is my short list to help demystify what AdWords is and is not.

How Not to use Blogging
So often a prospective clients approaches us for blog writing services as they have heard blogging is great for their website visitors; to provide value to readers and to build links for search engines. But, sometimes a prospective client may need a quick review on how not to use blogging. Here is my short list to help demystify what blogging is and is not.

Placement on Google is All About Web Authority Not SEO Tactics
In this past year if your website placement dropped because of the Panda and Penguin Google updates your only way to re mediate traffic is to move into Google AdWords and drive traffic to your poorly placed site or spend time and money to rework your content while changing your online marketing strategy.

Google+ Announces +Post Ads
Here is another way that Google is monetizing the Web and the newest way that Google is boosting Google+ participation.

Pocket -- a Cool App That Allows You To Read Anything Later
Pocket allows you to save to read later any article or web page. By saving something of interest to your own Pocket account, you can read it on your phone, on your tablet, or on your desktop. You do not even have to be online to be able to read the content!

Google is Focused on Mobile Search, Are You Making It Important?
What Google considers important, you had better take seriously; especially if you want to place in Googles search results without having to pay to play. What Google is considering very important at this point in time is that websites fully embrace the mobile space. And not just mobile advertising, but a whole range of mobile options:

Ad Extensions Will Now Affect Ad Rank in AdWords
Your use of ad extensions will now be factored in by Google AdWords in determining your ad rank and if your ad will show with what attributes and where on the page. This is big news from Google and not to be disregarded. If you have not embraced ad extensions in your AdWords account now is the time to take a very careful look to see if you should.

Dealing with Low Search Volume Keywords in AdWords
In this interesting video Frederick Vallaeys, a former Google AdWords Specialist answers the question on how can an advertiser get AdWords to show their ad for low search volume keywords.

GMail and the Promotion Tab
If you are not a GMail user, you may be out of the loop when it comes to what happens to the nice e-newsletter you just sent out to your clients. With the new GMail inbox, your newsletter is now automatically sent to a tab in the inbox of users called the Promotion tab. For some website owners, this means that your carefully crafted message has just gone into no mans land.

How to Opt Out of Google's Shared Endorsements
I am not sure why we have to go down this path again, but we do. However this time it is not Facebook or Twitter that is using your name and face to sell products and services, but Google!

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Explained
Affecting over 92% of all searches, the new Google algorithm called Hummingbird was released in October. Some websites saw no change in placement and the placement of other websites was significantly impacted.

Structured Data Gives Google What It Wants
Google recommends that website owners start to provide special XML code snippets to assist it in sorting and categorizing their website data. This is called structured data and is usually done in a format known as microdata. Find out what you can do to add this new rich snippet code to your website.

Googles Duplicate Content Penalty -- Is It Fiction?
I read this article at SiteProNews with interest Duplicate Content -- It is Time to Shatter the Myths by Martin ONeill. In the article the author states: ...feel free to use content from online sources but your long-term goal should be producing quality, original content and material that will serve your website and online presence in the months and years to come. Wow, better read my comments on this!

Google Wants the Fastest Web Pages to Rank the Highest
Google has a new team that is King for now, it is the Making the Web Fast Team headed by engineer Ilya Grigorik. You will be hearing a lot about this new team in the days, weeks, and months ahead...

On-Page Optimization Only Affects Organic Placement by 25%
Google has really mixed up and turned upside down how website owners now go about trying to get organic placement in this past year. It used to be that on page optimization was the first and foremost thing to do to improve placement on Now SEO experts and talking heads in my industry say that on page optimization only impacts organic placement by a meager 25%...

De-Optimization is the New SEO
To place organically on Google, you have now got to undo some of the things you may have done to get placement before. In other words, the new SEO is de-optimized SEO! It is time to undo these things if you have done them on your website: strategic use of anchor text in internal links titles in links; phrases using keywords in image alt descriptions; keywords used in H1 and H2 tags bolded keywords in the content...

Site Placement 101
Have you experienced the Google smackdown and lost your organic placement? Have you dropped from the first page of results to the second or worse yet to so far back you cannot even find your own site? If this is your case, what can you do -- anything?

How Can You Get Your Website to Place on Google in the Post Penguin 2.0 and Panda Era
There is no magic wand, no secret recipe, or for that matter special protocol you should follow or can even buy to have your website appear in the top unpaid search results on Google. In fact, do too much optimization for placement and you will run right into Googles over optimization filter and be dropped back as much as 50 to 100 pages in the search results. So what is a website owner to do? First off, the bottom-line is you cannpt scam or buy your way in to top placement on In this new world of the post Penguin 2.0 algorithm update, it is readable natural content that Google wants; no keyword dense content, no heavy use of keyword phrases in the heading and subheading tags, and clearly no aggressive link building strategies.

Is AuthorRank or BrandRank Coming for Businesses on Google?
Is AuthorRank or BrandRank coming for businesses on Google? That is an interesting question and one that I feel Google is leaning toward based on the chatter online, but one I doubt we will see this year. What exactly is BrandRank? First, let us start with a little bit of detail..

Google Cracks Down on Fictitious Google+ Local Reviews
I knew that eventually Google would address the growing problem of SEO firms selling services to create fictitious Google+ Local reviews, and finally they have. Here is a quote from Google:

Interesting Tidbits on Local Search Results on
Google has focused on delivering more location specific searches in their index partly because of the new focus on mobile, but also because this is what users want. As a result a new focus on search engine optimization to place on location specific keywords has bloomed into a major industry.

Google AdWords Remarketing Strategies
AdWords remarketing has been around for a while, but AdWords has made some nice changes recently and if you have not tried remarketing or tried it previously and did not have success, it is time to try it again. Remarketing audiences are easy to set up. You will access the audience creation feature from the slide out library menu on the left of your Google AdWords control panel. Go to the Shared Library and then Audiences. Build a new audience for your needs. I recommend one to target the whole website and then refine to specific audiences using tag rules.

DudaMobile Integration with Google AdWords
This is a little known fact, but did you know that DudaMobile and Google have agreed to allow mobile URLs in the destination URL in Google AdWords to be a DudaMobile top level domain and still work. Find out more now.

Why Does Your Page and Website Fluctuate in Organic Placement?
It is not unusual for a new page on your website, or for that matter a new website to place, well initially in the organic search results and then drop in placement over time. Why? Matt Cutts at Google explains why there are fluctuations in organic placement on in this video found on YouTub

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
It all started out with a small announcement to the professional community and then the blowback hit. Account managers were screaming you are taking away features we like. Then AdWords rolled out a massive outreach and training program and the tide has turned with many AdWords account management professionals such as myself opting to embrace AdWords Enhanced Campaigns early.

Bing Up! Enhance Your Bing Ads Program
Google AdWords has recently rolled out Enhanced Campaigns and will be migrating all AdWords advertisers into their new program by mid-June. If you have embraced AdWords Enhanced Campaigns early and like the new extra power of Enhanced Campaigns, here is how you can Enhance your Bing Ads campaigns.

A Real World Guide to Twitter and Facebook
To develop the insights for this guide, I watched 23 different Facebook and Twitter accounts for a period of three months and monitored over 2,865 status updates. I personally consider this a fairly small data set, but it is large enough to show some important trends that warrant consideration and further discussion.

Can You Still Place Organically on
This is the million dollar question is it not? In todays search arena can you and should you even work to improve organic placement or should you instead just concentrate on pay per click advertising. Personally, I think that the answer straddles both sides. This is what I recommend for organic placement and good website visibility.

Are Google+ Communities Better Than Google+ Business Pages?
Some interesting things just happened in the last month, Google got very serious about Google+ and has started requiring Google users to enable Google+ integration. Now add to the mix Googles new addition of Google+ Communities!

Can You Ever Wean Yourself Off Google AdWords?
I had a business client just ask me the other day when will my SEO kick in from my newly designed website so I can wean myself off Google AdWords? First, we did not design the site just to clarify. Second, we had not been performing any type of web visibility services for this client. My first question to him was where did the content come for all of your 2,000 store products? To that he stated that he had copied and pasted the content into his own store shopping cart from his manufacturers information.

Placement on Google is All About Web Authority Not SEO Tactics
Since 2005 I have been focused on building web authority website as I felt that this was the best way to truly place on Google and insulate myself and my clients from search engine algorithm changes. I named my blog the Web Authority just for that reason. Authority websites communicate transparency and confidence to the potential client. Now it seems that my focus on organic placement is finally being embraced by mainstream SEO gurus. In this past year if your website placement dropped because of the Panda and Penguin Google updates your only way to re mediate traffic is to move into Google AdWords and drive traffic to your poorly placed site or spend time and money to rework your content while changing your online marketing strategy.

Matt Cutts States eCommerce as We Know It Is Dead
This video from Googles Lead Web Spam Engineer, Matt Cutts, literally quashes ecommerce as we know it. Make sure you watch this video which states Googles new stated view of ecommerce sites and be prepared to give up trying to get organic placement for ecommerce enterprises that are reselling products. Watching this video from Matt Cutts is incredibly concerning and illustrates a HUGE change from Google in regards to how stores can and will be placing and thus selling on

Google's Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging and Link Building Clarification
Googles spam engineer Matt Cutts takes time in this video to clarify further how Google feels about guest blogging and answers if you use guest blog posts will your website be penalized for placement. This is an excellent video and well worth the minute or two to watch. Here is the synopsis of the video in a nutshell.

The New Face of SEO Has Arrived
If you have a website, are a webmaster, or are simply tired of paying per click and want to improve your organic search placement, you have got a very hard job ahead of you now that Google has shifted its racking and stacking algorithm that determines who is in what position. SEO as we have known it before is dying. Although for now, there are some strategies that still seem to work, but Google is effectively and actively targeting them one by one with filters in their index. This is very bad news for sites that have leaned heavily in code optimization and keyword density for organic placement, but good news for those that have built authority, content-rich websites.

The Importance of Social Media in Your Marketing Plan
In one of my articles that was recently published on SiteProNews, the conversation thread is very enlightening in regards to the use of social media for organic placement. If you are serious about getting your website to place on, you have got to include the social mix. There is just no way around it. If Google thinks that social media (specifically Google+ and Twitter) are important, why in the world would you refuse to embrace them.

Using Broad Match Modifiers in Bing Ads -- Tips from a Bing Ads Pro
Bing Ads has recently added a new keyword match type and I routinely use this new match type called broad match modifier in nearly all of my client campaigns. Here is why and how you can use it too to help your client programs be more fruitful in regards to lead conversion.

How Can You Get Your Website to Place on Google in the Post Panda and Penguin Era
There is no magic wand, no secret recipe, or for that matter special protocol you should follow or buy to have your website appear in the top unpaid search results on Google. In fact, do to much of optimization for placement and you will run right into Googles over optimization filter and be dropped back as much as 50 to 100 pages in the search results. So what is a website owner to do? First off, the bottom-line is you cannot scam or buy your way to top placement on In this new world of post Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, it is readable natural content that Google wants; no keyword dense content, no heavy use of keyword phrases in the heading and subheading tags, and certainly no aggressive link building strategies. Find out more...

Radius Targeting in adCenter -- Tips from an adCenter Pro
I love radius targeting! In many cases it is more productive in generating leads and sales for an account than targeting a metro area. Here is why I use radius targeting for many of my adCenter clients...

Red House Travel - Trip Guides and Candid Reviews
The Red House Travel team loves to take trips, but best of all, they like to share their knowledge. This new McCord Web property which is a part of the new McCord Web Travel network is the brain child of Nancy McCord.

New Blogging Word Counts and Pricing
Make sure if we are already blogging for you that you take a quick look at our new blog service levels and review if you would like to change your price or word count level from where we are writing right now.

Even HTML Websites Can Be Hacked – A Case Study
We all know that WordPress websites and blogsites can be hacked and can actually be targets for spammers, but did you know that regular websites can be targets too? Here is something I just saw recently that was very concerning to me. A customer came to me recently and said that his daughter was reading his website and noticed a few funny words like biking in his kitchen spice selling website content. He asked me to take a look. This is what I found.

Visit Our New YouTube Video Tip Site
I havee been busy this past month to create some interesting and informative video tips that I have posted on YouTube and added to a new section within our website.

Big Brands Violate Traditional SEO Practices and Still Get Organic Placement
Googles Panda and Penguin updates have turned the web upside down leaving SEO experts struggling to understand the what it takes to now earn top organic placement. In this recent article from Website Magazine (a publication that I really like), some tips are revealed that may help you to update your SEO strategy.

LinkedIn Heat Map - What Are People Looking At in Your Profile
This interesting article was shared with me by Ken Lankin at Awesome Almonds. It is interesting reading about what readers look at in your LinkedIn profile. Thanks Ken! Here is what the article says in a nutshell:

Dealing with Negative Reviews in a Good Way
Anyone who has been in business for a while has certainly had a bad review at some point or another. The review may have been warranted or may have been unfair. What really does not matter is if the review is true, but how you handle it. Here are two excellent articles to check out for two different ways to handle negative reviews:

Google AdWords and the New Auction Insights
Just this last month Google AdWords added an auction insights icon to AdWords control panels. On certain keywords (on the keyword tab or keyword rollup found on your campaign tab) you may see a small block graph icon. Tick the box next to the keyword and then click the button called keyword details and then select auction insights. AdWords will return a list of your actual competitors and your position in the AdWords auction. The table will show the following data:

So You Want the Blue Balloon Next to Your Google Maps Listing – How to Get It
Do you want that blue balloon found next to certain listings in Google Maps? Most listings have the red balloon, but you want the blue one as it really stands out. Here is how to get it. First, the blue balloon denotes a sponsored Google Maps listing. It means that this business is using Google AdWords Express to promote their website and Google Places page. If you are already using AdWords you may not want to proceed with these instructions, but say you do not care about click performance, you just really want that blue balloon!

Facebook App Pages Can You Find Them?
Wow, it took me days to figure this out and I do not consider myself a Facebook newbie at all. On business pages the new tabs are not tabs at all, here is the lowdown. Underneath your cover photo are several text links that are spread out across the width of the page. Everyone gets a maximum of five links but you can change the order of some of the links. By clicking the down button on the very last image above the last link you can open an additional field that will show more apps and tab options.

Helping Your Blog Writer Do A Better Job
Blogging is a core business for my firm, McCord Web Services. I have found that website owners that take a little bit of time to help our writer get their footing, help us to do a better job delivering what they need for organic search placement and development of web authority.

What Are Meta Tags and Why Are They So Important?
First, lets review what exactly meta tags are. Meta tags are sentences arranged in a specific format that contain information that is crucial to search engines. This information contained in meta tags provides specific criteria that search engine use to categorize your web pages.