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Published: 2018-02-19T19:19:27+01:00


Everything You Need To Know About Aperture - Photography tutorial
After reading this article, your understanding of how apertures and their selection affect a photograph will become much more clear and less of a source of technical intimidation. Those little numbers won?t seem like such a big problem anymore!

11 Colorful Festivals in Photos - Photography tutorial
The festival season is about to start! So many things to enjoy?from music festivals, film festivals, ballooning and kite festivals to flowers, tattoos, and art. And every year the offer is getting bigger! See what we found.

Capturing the Decisive Moment with Disposable Cameras - Photography tutorial
An art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico sent out disposable cameras around the country and compiled the results into an art show representing the decisive moment. The show, titled Present Company Excluded: or the Disposability of the Decisive Moment.

Photographer Creates Epic Fire Angel Light Painting with Just a Smartphone - Photography tutorial
Von Wong is known for his epic photography and this project was to be just that?epic. The challenge set forth was to capture a model surrounded by fire, almost on fire really, using nothing but a smartphone, absolutely no Photoshop.

How to Create "Burning Man" Photos - Photography tutorial
In the video, DigitalRev shows how you can create the effect that somebody is on fire without actually setting fire to your subject. And since real props often yield better results than digitally altering the photo, we thought it was a good idea, as well.

How to Use a Manual Lens - Photography tutorial
Manual lenses are becoming more popular as adapters make it easier to use whatever lens you like. Mark Wallace gives us a tutorial on how to set up your manual lens and throws in some practical tips for when and where a manual lens can be best utilized.

Interesting Photo of the Day: Eye of the Waterfall - Photography tutorial
Photographer Jarred Decker captured this awesome shot of North Falls from inside a cave, making it look like a dragon?s eye. This particular waterfall is in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.

The Top 3 Basic Portrait Photography Settings - Photography tutorial
Portrait photography isn?t that difficult, but there is a tried-and-true methodology that you can use to produce great portraits ? as opposed to just making happy snaps.

4 Tips for Getting Better Pictures of Your Kids - Photography tutorial
This mom blew the world away with gorgeous photos of her kids, and now she shares some tips with us for photographing children. Elena Shumilova has over 60 million views on her photos, and SmugMug visited her in her home in Russia to see her process first hand.

13 Satisfying Photos that Use Patterns Perfectly - Photography tutorial
Our world is filled with patterns. They?re everywhere around us, but we often overlook them. Enjoy this collection of patterns in photography that we found.

Would You Let a Drone Be Your Wedding Photographer? - Photography tutorial
Drones are fast becoming a part of our lives. Drones for product delivery, traffic management, and now drones as wedding photographers! Yeah, you read it right.

Interesting Photo of the Day: Siberian Husky Walks on Water - Photography tutorial
Can this talented dog walk on water? At first glance it appears this dog has magical powers. Russian based photographer Fox Grom captured images of his dogs playing on ice after a rain storm.

How to Simplify Your Lightroom Workflow - Photography tutorial
While Lightroom makes it a whole lot easier to copy, edit, and manage your photos, you still need to know what you?re doing to make proper use of the software. Photographer Phil Steele shows you exactly how he manages to keep his Lightroom workflow simple.

Tintype Celebrity Portraits at the Sundance Film Festival - Photography tutorial
Before digital there was film and before film there was the wet plate collodion process?a truly elaborate and complicated process. There is still a rare group of people who use this method. Celebrity photographer Victoria Will is one of those rare wet plate photographers.

Interesting Photo of the Day: Longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century - Photography tutorial
Back in 2009, we witnessed a unique solar eclipse?this one happened to be the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. An international Total Solar Eclipse Expedition party was on site on Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands and took some really incredible photos.

Photographer Creates Flooded Ghost Town in His Backyard - Photography tutorial
Photographer Kyle Thompsoncreated ghostly scenes of a flooded town in his own backyard. The result is a collection of eerie photographs depicting people in flooded rooms that each tell a story about the former ?inhabitant?.

How to Add Contrast to Your Portraits with a 3 Light Setup - Photography tutorial
Studio lights are an exciting proposition for any photographer, simply because there is so much that you can do with them. Photographer Gavin Hoey shows us exactly how to nail a studio lighting setup and then make the most of it.

How to Photograph Great Seascapes - Photography tutorial
Professional landscape photographer Alister Benn gives some tips on how to capture landscapes and create an amazing photograph.

Boudior Isn't Just for Women Anymore: Make Room for Dudeoir - Photography tutorial
You?ve probably heard of boudoir photography, but have you ever heard of dudeoir photography? A popular photo trend for women may have just crossed over to men. This news clip reports on photographer Natalie Licini, who shoots what she calls ?dudeoir??and she?s seen more and more men looking for this type of service.

Think Spring: Refreshing Examples of Springtime Photography - Photography tutorial
Spring is about new life emerging after the harsh months of winter; it?s a perfect time to capture it all with your camera! Check out these photos for inspiration.