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Preview: What we think: thought leadership from the IBM Institute for Business Value

What we think: thought leadership from the IBM Institute for Business Value

Get the business insights you need to transform your organization.

Published: Thu, 01 Sep 2016 01:30 EDT

Copyright: Copyright 2016 IBM Corporation

Tailoring hybrid cloud: Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency and growth
The particular needs and business conditions of each enterprise help define its optimal hybrid solution: most often, a blend of public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT platforms.

The evolution of life science ecosystems: Five effective innovation strategies for academia
This report explores the distinct innovation strategies that help academic institutions become more essential to the rapidly evolving life sciences ecosystems.

New CFO Horizons: Using analytics and cognitive to achieve competitive advantage
Learn how high-performing finance teams are using analytics and cognitive computing to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Global Location Trends: 2016 Annual Report
Read the latest IBM Global Location Trends report to discover the latest trends in corporate location selection

Evolution of the API economy: Adopting new business models to drive future innovation
In the API economy, organizations must understand the driving forces behind it and the new business models APIs can help create.

Japan ascending: Four steps to reignite growth and vitality in the Japanese economy
Learn how Japanese organizations can recapture past success and once again assume a leadership role in global business ecosystems.

Fast forward: Reinventing enterprises, ecosystems and economies with blockchains
Our analysis of the impact of blockchains across the enterprise, ecosystems and economies shows that frictions can be greatly reduced or even eliminated, leading to a new economic equation for organizations, trust and value exchange.

Can the Millennial generation rescue government? Leveraging digital natives in your transformation efforts
As digital natives, Millennials offer the skills and perspectives that can help reimagine government for the digital era.

Cyber and beyond: Insurance and risk in a digitally interconnected world
To navigate the risks of the digitally interconnected environment, insurers must build the right solutions and collaborate extensively.

Ecosystem India: Making India essential to the global ecosystem economy
India is poised to take great advantage in the emerging ecosystem economy, and perhaps even assume a leadership role.

The Chief Data Officer playbook: Creating a game plan to sharpen your digital edge
The Chief Data Officer is increasingly the C-suite’s solution to navigating today’s disruptive, dynamic, data-intensive world.

Digital reinvention in action: What to do and how to make it happen
Successful digital reinvention requires a fundamental reimagining of how an organization operates and how it engages with its environment.

Innovating insurance: Lessons from the world's leading innovators
By emulating leading companies, insurers can learn strategies to drive innovation across their organizations, cultures and processes.

Mobilizing the utility workforce: How mobile technology and analytics will transform work
By redesigning work processes and activities from a “mobile first” perspective, utilities can continue to innovate and evolve with rapidly changing energy markets.

Return on mobile: Capturing the value beneath the surface
Read early findings: organizations are realizing just the tip of the iceberg that is mobile's return on investment.

Designing employee experience: How a unifying approach can enhance engagement and productivity
Learn how organizations are addressing the impact of the employee experience on productivity and engagement.

Outthinking disruption in communications: The 2020 CSP in the cognitive era
By taking advantage of growth opportunities stemming from changing customer expectations, rapid industry convergence and technological innovation, today’s CSP can emerge in 2020 as a new and stronger business.

The experience revolution: The game is on
Read our first set of findings and implications from a survey of 338 executives on the state of the customer experience revolution.

Thinking like a customer: Your cognitive future in the retail industry
Cognitive computing can help retailiers unleash a new era of innovation and growth.

A new relationship - people and cars: How consumers around the world want cars to fit their lives
Even as cars remain a fixture in personal transportation, consumers want innovation and mobility options that transform lives and expectations.

Winning the face-off against fraud: How the most effective financial institutions are outthinking the bad guys
Leading financial institutions are fighting fraud through transformation plans supported by emerging technologies related to big data and analytics.

The Business of Things: Designing business models to win in the cognitive IoT
As the IoT becomes ubiquitous, and embedding connectivity and intelligence get cheaper, companies must learn to compete in the Business of Things.

Dialing in a new frequency: Your cognitive future in the communications industry
Cognitive computing can help communications service providers unleash a new era of innovation and growth.

Thinking out of the toolbox: How digital technologies are powering the operations revolution
Digital technology is powering an operations revolution that can give innovators a decisive competitive advantage.

Global Location Trends: 2015 Annual Report
This Global Location Trends report outlines the latest trends in corporate location selection.

How Change Champions make analytics work: Addressing the challenges of complexity, trust and power
Successfully tapping the power of analytics calls for more than simply acquiring analytics capabilities – it requires effective change leadership.

Facing the Forces of Change®: Reimagining Distribution in a Connected World – updated
New ideas can help organizations meet the continuing challenges of change in the connected world.

Cloud for industries: Charting the path for cloud adoption that transforms business
How best can organizations use cloud-enabled business models to transform operations, customer relationships and industry value chains?

Indian Century: Defining India’s place in a rapidly changing global economy
Learn how India can leapfrog traditional economic development to become a global leader.

The Economy of Things: Extracting value from the Internet of Things
Companies must grasp the scale of IoT transformation ahead and prepare now to profit from the new Economy of Things.

Capturing hearts, minds and market share: How connected insurers are improving customer retention
Traditional distribution channels still work, but what else do today’s insurers need for trust and lasting relationships with empowered consumers?

Keeping telecom on target
How CSPs tap the transformative power of data and analytics

Innovating Japan: Reigniting the giant
Learn how organizations in Japan can innovate like outperformers.

The digital overhaul: Rethinking manufacturing for the digital age
Significant advances in technology, including big data and analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and additive manufacturing, are shifting the capabilities and value proposition of global manufacturing.

Shifting gears: Changing methods and mindsets to address long-term unemployment
New interventions, tailored strategies and the right technology solutions can help governments better address long-term unemployment.

Analytics “yield of dreams”: If you build it, insights will come
Data-based analytics can reveal client preferences, reduce operational costs and increase marketing effectiveness.

Reinventing life sciences: How emerging ecosystems fuel innovation
A target innovation model can help life sciences organizations reap greater benefits through a deliberate approach to enterprise-wide innovation.

Empowering the edge: Practical insights on a decentralized Internet of Things
To test device democracy’s underlying technology vision, IBM jointly developed with Samsung the ADEPT proof-of-concept: Phase 2 of 2014 IBM IoT Study.

Innovating China: From “made in” to “imagined by”
How specific strategies can help organizations in China innovate like an outperformer.

Innovating India: In pursuit of global leadership
How specific strategies can help organizations in India innovate like an outperformer.

The new age of ecosystems. Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment – Healthcare ecosystem edition.
It is important to understand why ecosystems are beginning to emerge today and how they differ from traditional markets.

To buy or not to buy? How Millennials are changing B2B marketing
This study explores Millennials’ approach to B2B purchasing and how marketers need to revamp their strategies to connect with this new generation.

Restoring connections: How telecommunications providers can reboot the customer experience
How can communication service providers escape the effects of industry commoditization and differentiate themselves?

Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths: The real story behind Millennials in the workplace
This study addresses the impact of Millennials in today’s workplace and the need for organizations to create multigenerational work environments.

Digital operations transform the physical: How real-time insights can revolutionize value chains
Senior operations executives still find it difficult to integrate data and use advanced analytics to predict demand and enhance value chain visibility for better decision-making.

Shoppers disrupted - Retailing through the noise
Disruption in retail prompts the question: when will there be a “new normal?”

More than magic - How the most successful organizations innovate
How specific strategies can help all organizations innovate like an outperformer.

Your cognitive future - How next-gen computing changes the way we live and work
Despite tremendous advances in cognitive computing capabilities, organizations have only begun to scratch the surface of potential for this innovative technology.

Automotive 2025 - Industry without borders
As 2025 approaches, success requires thriving under disruption as industry lines blur: consumers are more involved, vehicles are more intelligent and other industries are joining the ecosystem.

The millennial monsoon: Improving returns from a young generation of travelers
To win over the millennial generation, providers must understand, attract and cater to select sub-segments with differentiated products and services.

Unlock the people equation: Using workforce analytics to drive business results
Workforce analytics can challenge conventional wisdom, influence behavior, and enable HR and business leaders to make smarter decisions that impact business outcomes.

Brand enthusiasm: More than loyalty - How today’s consumers want to engage with your brand
To effectively cater to consumers in today’s digital, omni-channel world, companies need to build brand enthusiasm, not just brand loyalty or repeat purchases.