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'Green' Holiday Meals
The holiday season is upon us and what better way to show your loved ones how much you care about them than by cooking a delicious organic holiday meal? At the same time, you’ll be doing your part to respect the environment and possibly save the planet.

Iceland Resumes Whale Exports after 15-Year Gap
Iceland is resuming whale meat exports after a gap of more than 15 years with sales to the Faroe Islands despite objections from environmentalists that the shipments undermine a global trade ban.

Major Peruvian Gold Mine Reaches Accord with Protesting Farmers
Latin America's largest gold mine and protesting farmers reached a government-brokered agreement late Tuesday to end a six-day roadblock that prompted a 24-hour shutdown of operations.

Ethanol Turned Into Food-Grade Alcohol
Now that ethanol has become common in gas tanks, two Iowa State University professors are working to get it into martini glasses.

Greenpeace and French Fishermen End Row over Tuna
Greenpeace and angry French fishermen ended a confrontation outside the French port of Marseille on Thursday that had disrupted shipping and threatened to cut off an important oil terminal.

Groups Ask Judge for Nationwide Suspension of Drug Crop Permits
The attorney for groups challenging federal authorization of test plantings of drug-producing crops has asked a federal judge to impose a nationwide moratorium on the permits.

French Tuna Fishermen Block Marseille Port
French tuna fishermen angry at a campaign by Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior II for a moratorium on tuna fishing blocked access to the port of Marseille on Wednesday, forcing ferries and cargo ships to suspend journeys.

New Shrimp Farm Rules Aim to Save Asian Mangroves
Environmental regulation of shrimp farming operations across Asia takes a major step forward next month, when the U.N. food agency considers adoption of a set of tougher industry guidelines published on Tuesday.

Drought, Water Worries Cloud Skies for U.S. Farmers
As the United States bakes in one of the hottest summers since the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s, drought from the Dakotas to Arizona through Alabama has sharpened the focus of farmers on their lifeline: water.

Chefs: Cook Organically for Taste, Principle
If chefs opt for organic it can be on the grounds of principle as much as for taste. Or maybe they are more concerned with freshness of the ingredient, and their relationships with small farmers and local suppliers.