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Pollution Prevention News from the NEWMOA Northeast Regional Pollution Prevention Information Center.


Plastic substitutes and other breakthroughs from 25 years of green chemistry


This year, green chemistry celebrates its 25th birthday. The science of finding more sustainable and less toxic chemicals was once a revolutionary idea, but has since become a part of the consumer product landscape. From removing carcinogens from furniture to banning ineffective antibacterial chemicals, the struggle to create a healthier and more sustainable chemical landscape continues to attract widespread attention.

New EPA Web Portal Helps Communities Prepare for Climate Change


WASHINGTON-- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today launched a new online portal that will provide local leaders in the nation's 40,000 communities with information and tools to increase resilience to climate change. Using a self-guided format, the Adaptation Resource Center (ARC-X) provides users with information tailored specifically to their needs, based on where they live and the particular issues of concern to them.

Plastic microbeads to be banned by 2017, UK government pledges


The UK government has announced plans to ban microbeads used in cosmetics and cleaning products by 2017. The small pieces of plastic commonly found in toothpaste, exfoliating body scrubs and other household products and are thought to damage the environment. Environmentalists fear they are building up in oceans and potentially entering the food chain. A consultation on how a ban would work will start later this year, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom has announced.

Why Partnering with Cities on Climate Goals Makes Good Business Sense


Cities and corporations are increasingly working together to address climate change -- and finding these partnerships present "huge economic opportunities" for both the public and private sectors, according to a CDP report released today.

EU Considers Adding Six Substances to Restricted Chemicals List


The primary chemical law in the European Union, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals or REACH, has proposed adding six new substances of very high concern to its restricted substances list, according to Assent Compliance, an environmental compliance software as a service provider.