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Cybersecurity Threats: How Vulnerable Is the United States?

Thu, 15 Jun 17 15:40:38 EDT

Experts discuss the current threats and vulnerabilities in U.S. cybersecurity and the level of U.S. preparedness in responding to the next cyberattack.

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The Link Between Foreign Languages and U.S. National Security

Fri, 09 Jun 17 11:33:43 EDT

Experts discuss foreign language learning in the U.S. education system as well as learning methods that go beyond the classroom walls, and the value of foreign language learning to U.S. national security.

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From Venezuela to Argentina: The Situation in South America

Tue, 30 May 17 10:37:16 EDT

Experts analyze the political challenges and economic issues of the countries in South America from Venezuela to Argentina, including a close look at recent elections and the future of international trade in the region. 

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From Tragedy to Prevention: Lessons Learned From Terrorist Attacks

Fri, 05 May 17 16:27:51 EDT

Experts discuss recent terrorist attacks that have unsettled cities in Europe, and lessons to be learned to prevent future attacks around the world.

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Boko Haram in Nigeria

Thu, 04 May 17 10:49:14 EDT

John Campbell, CFR's Ralph Bunche senior fellow for Africa policy studies, discusses the Boko Haram in Nigeria case study from Model Diplomacy, politics and security in West Africa and the Sahel, and governance in South Africa, as a part of the Model Diplomacy Instructors Conference Call series. Model Diplomacy is a free educational product from CFR that uses role-play to demonstrate the challenges of shaping U.S. foreign policy in an interconnected world.

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U.S. Entry Into World War I: Lessons One Hundred Years Later

Fri, 21 Apr 17 14:45:15 EDT

One hundred years ago this month, the United States declared war on Germany and thereby entered World War I. Experts discuss why the United States entered "the Great War," the consequences it had for American society and foreign policy, and what lessons it holds for Americans going forward.

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Teaching With Model Diplomacy

Wed, 03 May 17 16:15:59 EDT

Brandon J. Archuleta, Alynna J. Lyon, Earl Anthony Wayne, and Allison Stanger discuss using CFR's Model Diplomacy simulation in class with their students.

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Responding to Russia

Tue, 04 Apr 17 13:34:39 EDT

Experts explore policy options for the United States and Europe, including the possibility of a Western reset with Russia and the efficacy of sanctions.

Russian Foreign Policy

Tue, 04 Apr 17 13:33:12 EDT

Experts review Russia’s strategic objectives and foreign policy with Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

Russia Today

Tue, 04 Apr 17 13:30:17 EDT

Experts discuss the significant economic, political, demographic, and military trends in Russia today.

How Did We Get Here?

Tue, 04 Apr 17 13:28:29 EDT

Experts explore the lessons to be learned for U.S. policy from the quarter century since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Perspectives on Russia

Tue, 04 Apr 17 13:25:55 EDT

Experts provide insight on the internal politics of Russia, as well as the current state of U.S.-Russia relations.

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U.S. Security Amid Budget Cuts: A Conversation with Senator Chris Murphy

Tue, 04 Apr 17 16:43:48 EDT

As Congress considers President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the State Department and USAID, Senator Murphy unveils a dramatically different approach that calls for a near doubling of the international affairs budget as a means to ensure U.S. national security. 

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A Conversation With PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman

Mon, 03 Apr 17 11:00:37 EDT

Dan Schulman discusses how globalization defines today's consumer and the value of public-private partnerships and how they accelerate innovation. He will also address responsible leadership, and how businesses can drive lasting economic and socioeconomic impact.

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A Look Inside Mexico

Fri, 31 Mar 17 13:32:30 EDT

Experts delve into the domestic politics of Mexico, analyzing the impact of corruption, the drug war, and Mexico’s bilateral strategy with the United States following disagreements over immigration, border walls, and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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Driverless Cars and the Future of Transportation

Fri, 31 Mar 17 13:36:16 EDT

Experts discuss innovations in driverless cars, the costs and benefits of autonomous vehicles, and the regulatory, ethical, and policy concerns that need to be addressed with the implementation of the technology.

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The Future of Europe: The EU at a Crossroads

Fri, 31 Mar 17 13:34:22 EDT

Experts reflect on the development of the European Union (EU) since its creation with the Treaty of Maastricht twenty-five years ago, and evaluate the future of the EU and challenges that lie ahead.

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Automation, Job Loss, and the Welfare State

Fri, 24 Mar 17 12:08:53 EDT

Experts explore the potential for mass job loss created by technological advances and, in turn, the possible need for a large welfare state to care for an increasingly underemployed population.

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Presidential Elections in France: Results and Consequences

Fri, 24 Mar 17 12:07:00 EDT

Experts discuss the current candidates in the upcoming French presidential election, their foreign policy agendas, and the possible repercussions new policies may have on France’s relationships with the European Union and the United States.

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A Conversation With Nikki Haley

Fri, 24 Mar 17 12:05:11 EDT

Ambassador Nikki Haley discusses the United States’ goals for its term as president of the UN Security Council in April, and outlines her plans to highlight human rights and to assess current UN peacekeeping missions.

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A Conversation With Amina J. Mohammed

Wed, 05 Apr 17 15:36:46 EDT

Leading international institutions and private sector corporations have concluded that women’s economic participation is critical to global growth and prosperity. However, today nearly 90 percent of nations around the world still have laws on the books that impede women’s work, thereby undermining economic development. H.E. Amina J. Mohammed discusses the legal barriers that women face and offers recommendations to level the economic playing field for women in order to grow economies worldwide. This meeting is part of a new high-level series, in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to explore the economic effects of inequality under the law.   

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The Rising Threat of a Nuclear North Korea

Mon, 06 Feb 17 11:01:45 EST

Experts discuss U.S. policy options toward North Korea.

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Civil-Military Relations in the New Administration

Thu, 02 Mar 17 16:34:41 EST

Experts discuss the role of civil-military relations in the development of military advice; evaluate early changes to the national security system under President Trump; and consider possible reforms to the presidential decision-making process.

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