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California ARB approves 2030 climate plan, $663 million in low-carbon transportation funding
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan and $663 million in low-carbon transportation funding plan.

SwRI announces ECTO-Lab catalyst testing facility
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) announced a new multi-fuel burner facility designed to age and evaluate exhaust catalyst equipment.

EU reaches agreement to strengthen vehicle type approval system
The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached a political agreement to strengthen the EU vehicle type approval framework.

Conference report: 15th FAD Conference
Summary of technical sessions from the 15th FAD Conference.

US EPA: Chassis Dynamometer Testing of Glider Vehicles
A new US EPA testing report compares emissions from glider and from conventionally manufactured trucks.

Nett Technologies moves to new facilities
Nett Technologies, a Mississauga, ON based emission control manufacturer, announced it its moving to new, larger manufacturing facilities.

Updated: Methane Oxidation Catalysts
Updated and expanded Technology Guide paper on Methane Oxidation Catalysts.