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Exciting and unusual Daily Photo Tips ranging greatly in difficulty and scope. Suitable for all photography styles and abilities, these brief daily tips will improve your photographs and help you be more creative. Check out for mo

Last Build Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 02:00:16 -0500


Daily Photo Tip

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 02:00:16 -0500

'Storytelling' photography contests judge which group of images best tell a story. Aesthetics, composition, and image quality are judged as well, but a cohesive and interesting story becomes a strong component. (First published Feb 23, 2011)

New Photos at Long Last

Sun, 22 Nov 2015 19:49:23 -0500

I've been off the map, photography-wise, for some time. Life's been quite busy (and exciting!) with my professional life developing, our young man growing up (Fin's going to be 4 in February) and various other goings-on. However, on an October family trip to the Oregon Coast, I decided it was high time to dust off the camera lenses once again. And am I ever glad I did! The trip was lots of fun for all, and now I've got 12 new photos (from the trip and the last couple of years) scattered around the site. Enjoy, and let's hope it's not another 2 years until I get out again!

New Website Launched!

Sat, 31 May 2014 17:42:48 -0400

This launch announcement comes a little behind schedule, but better late that never! I'm very excited to introduce the first completely new version of my photography website in over 8 years. It's designed for the modern web, friendly (I hope!) to various devices, screen sizes, and new HD monitors. The new site is less reliant on decorative images and old programming techniques. The layout is cleaner and, I think, displays my photos in a bolder, easier-to-see way than before. Let me know what you think!

Over 250 Photographs

Sun, 30 Mar 2014 14:52:00 -0400

I recently added a dozen new photos, scattered throughout the galleries. This brings the total number of fine art photos on to over 250! It's been well over a decade of work, and I'm proud of my collection. More Black and White galleries will be added as time goes on, but the main Urban and Rural galleries will contain only 60 photos. This means some old favourites will have to move over to make way for new images. Don't worry - nothing will be taken off the site completely: you can always find old photography by perusing the More Photos area.

1500 Photo Tips

Sun, 23 Mar 2014 12:25:59 -0400

As of March 24, 2014, there are 1500 Daily Photo Tips in the tips database! The tips have been running on and off since November 2007. There are enough tips now to see a new tip every day for over 4 years! Thanks to those of you who have submitted tips, helped point out errors, and to the many subscribers who have voiced their appreciation over the years.

New Website in the Works!

Thu, 13 Mar 2014 09:25:12 -0400

Another redesign is in progress for as I make the site more current in a multi-device web. Without spoiling the surprise, the new site will be higher contrast and more flexible, and will be easier to navigate on touch devices. The photographs will remain the same, but I think they are better framed by the new layout! Look for the new version rolling out in a month or two.