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Tips For Riding A Motorcycle With A Passenger

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 00:30:00 +0000

Are you thinking about taking a trip on a motorcycle and a plan of having a passenger along with you for a ride? Here are some tips that will help you ride a motorcycle safely when you have passengers on board.

Getting on and off Motorcycle

If you have a passenger riding with you, make sure (drivers) are first on and last off the bike. This allows you to always remain in control of a motorcycle, a passenger is your getting on and getting off the bike. You never want your passengers get on first, because the bike can become unstable and tip over causing possible injury.


Another change that occurs when you have passengers, while riding a motorcycle is a balance bike. Since the two of you on the motorcycle now, it will be harder to balance the bike when starting and stopping. When you come to stop or start, make sure you keep both feet firmly planted on the ground and both hands firmly on the steering wheel. This will allow you to have full control of the motorcycle during this time.

Increased weight, decreased ability to stop

The first thing you must keep in mind when riding a motorcycle with a passenger that will be a lot harder than if you were riding by yourself. What does this mean? This means that you and your engine is now harder and harder to stop, or at least it will take longer to stop than before. That means you have to take into account the upcoming stops a bit before you would otherwise.


Another aspect of driving is affected when you are a passenger on a motorcycle with you turning. Since now the two of you, the way the engine handles the turns will now be different, because the increased weight. You may have to send their passengers on the hair turns at the same time to do so. One thing I do not want your passengers to do is lean the opposite direction as when you go in the red. This can cause instability and may increase the risk of getting into an accident.

Keeping you and your passengers safe while riding a motorcycle should always be your number one priority. If you are caution when driving, and always ensure that you operate the engine properly, then you will be able to enjoy safe driving for many years to come.

Advantages Of Motorcycle Carriers Over Motorcycle Trailers

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 23:22:00 +0000

is well known that the trailer is the traditional method for extracting about motorcycles, but now there are some better options. Using a trailer to transport the bike is a hassle, but it is also necessary to have a place to store when not in use. Fortunately, there are now many options available to you in terms of bike carrier. With a variety of brands when it comes to motorcycle carrier on the market, you'll always be able to find one that will allow you to mount your bike quickly and easily back of the vehicle.

Most motorcycle carriers are lightweight and will mount a standard 2 "Class III trailer hitch. If you are an avid motorcycle rider who often travel long distances, and May and sometimes want to take your bike with you, and then you have to have a discussion on the use of motor caravan or motorcycle carrier when transporting your motorcycle There are two aspects you look at when comparing motor carriers of motorcycle transport trailer;. to the price and size


Car carriers are definitely cheaper, because most of the units in the two hundred to four hundred U.S. dollars range that is considerably cheaper than the trailer. Also, motor carriers apart from their peers and the trailer much easier for pohranu.Motocikl trailers are one of the major limitations in relation to motor carriers, and that is the size of your car. Most motor carriers may be used only with three or more classes, two-inch hitch which cuts out the small, medium and even large vehicles. You will need a SUV, van or mid-sized pick up before even looking at the primary carrier. Another advantage of the bike carrier trailer has more weight because they are not nearly as heavy as the trailer, so you end up saving on fuel, especially over long distances or travel a lot.

However, motorcycle trailers and motorcycle carriers have some similarities as well as the fact that both provide a convenient way to transport a motorcycle when you also need your vehicle. Also, they can be open or closed, depending on customer preference. They can also be wide for two bikes or narrow to just one bike. This allows you to be able to carry an extra bike in case you are going out for a ride with friends. Finally, you can also be unique by choosing either of these two options is the preferred color of choice.

With all these advantages motorcycle carriers in mind, you can now continue to work on-line research on a motorcycle carrier which is convenient for you and within your price range for purchase. Motorcycle carriers are a new way to transport your motorcycle to any destination that you are far away May be planning a visit. Buy a motorcycle carrier today and you will not be disappointed!

Factors Considered When Purchasing A New Motorcycle

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 23:22:00 +0000

buying your first motorcycle can be a wonderful experience, if you know what you are looking for a list of possible bikes narrowed down to a few different models. If you have no idea what you are looking for, your job can be something of a challenge because there are many factors which must be taken into account. Some of these factors will be discussed in this article will help you get a better idea as to what you're looking for.

One of the most important factors that you should pay attention to the large size that your looking for in terms of size engine. Many riders prefer a bigger engine, because the ability to handle the road better, which means it has more power to the hill, pass other vehicles, and accelerate from stops and other areas in which you were forced to slow down. This is a larger amount of power that often times people will govern the decision to buy one bike over another. for a person who is just getting into recreational motorcycle, a motorcycle with a small engine may be desirable due to the fact that drivers who do not have much experience tend to be a little intimidated by the larger engines. So, until they are able to overcome that intimidation, settle for a smaller engine size.

Another important factor that comes to mind with dealing with the decision to buy a motorcycle the size of the body. Shape and size of the rider will determine the body style of bike that is most appropriate. driver who is only 5 feet tall will have trouble finding a bike that is the right size, because of the small feet in height. Most motorcycles have a seat height of 26-28 inches or more so that anyone with legs shorter than that will have a hard time finding a bike that will fit. Generally, drivers are looking for a low enough seats to enable them to have their feet flat on the ground. This allows the most control over the motor. There are many different styles of bikes and bodies today. There Chopper-style bikes, traditional style and sports style motorcycle. They all have their unique features and are all focused on one type or another drive. Some drivers may be a longer wheelbase, and some perhaps as a shorter wheelbase, which will enable a shorter turning radius and faster cornering. Again, beginners May want to consider a bike with a shorter wheelbase. And to enable them to make cornering more precise and with greater ease than wheelbase motorcycles.

Among the many factors of buying a motorcycle, of course, the price of motorcycles. With market conditions, many are hesitant to spend their money, even if they're in the market for a new engine, they can opt for a cheaper make and model of motorcycle in order to save a few pennies. So, the motorcycle that was purchased because of the popularity of the make and model, but with a higher price tag, it can not be elected in times like these. The drivers decided to buy a cheaper model instead.

Brand loyalty can also be a factor in what type is purchased by a new driver. If you are about one type of bike all my life, May they choose to buy that brand when it's an opportunity for them to buy their own.

These are just a few factors that can affect a driver for the first time to buy a bicycle or another. If you're in the market for a new motor, make sure you review these few points to help you on your way to deciding which bike is right for you.

Factors For Determining What The Top Motorcycle Is

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 10:48:00 +0000


First of all, before you begin to weed through the available options for the top motorcycle place, you really have to separate the different bikes out into their various categories. Most motorcycles can be placed into one of two general categories, sport bike and cruiser. There are other categories of motorcycles, but for picking the top of the bike, it's generally a good idea to have fewer of the categories you do not need a bunch of motorcycles on the list, but no firm decision on which is best.

Once you have sorted through the list of candidates for the top of the motor position in each category, then you can start a list of the various stresses of every motorcycle that includes a variety of factors. Some of these factors include performance, design, popularity, and much more.

Motorcycle performance will play a major role in determining where the fall in the list of the best motorcycle for a year. Obviously, the motorcycle that performs most of the competition will appear longer on the list until the rate dobrorazličitih categories. performance can be measured in several ways, including the way the engine handles in different situations, road tests and similar performance can also be measured with statistics such as maximum speed, gas mileage, engine displacement, torque, horsepower, and more. These are all factors of performance that can be used in determining who is at the top of the motorcycle.


Popularity plays a big role in the decision of which engine is the top engine in the market. Brand preference and loyalty can also have a hand in popularity because of the fact that those who are loyal to any particular brand will keep that brand in most situations. Thus, the most popular motorcycle is most likely to get votes for first place, if it performs well and is well designed at the same time.

Menerjemahkan ...

The Motorcycle Radar Detector for Your Safety

Sun, 26 Jun 2011 14:55:00 +0000

Today, May you find that a radar detector is no longer used by car only. But You May also find a radar detector motorcycle. In fact, the radar detector is designed for motorcycles, but since the popularity of motorcycle grows, people then demand for motorcycle radar detector.

before buying any radar detector, it is better for you to find the law in using a radar detector in your state. There are many states in America are illegal radar detectors. However, May you also find devices with many functions, but works as a radar detector. It is not illegal. Yet, it is better for you to find legal detector.

you need to do some research to choose the right detector. While researching, you will find a radar detector that can meet your needs. You'll find that many radar detectors are wireless headset with. Many manufacturers of radar detector product can be programmed and upgraded by the user in accordance with their needs. This feature will help you to hear the warnings are usually given in a motorcycle helmet. Do not choose a radar detector in a hurry. It is important to find the right detector for your bike.

It is better for you to consider certain aspects when buying a radar detector. They cost, range of detection, band detection and jamming capabilities. When buying a radar detector motorcycle, ask the information you need to refer to the detector.

After buying a radar detector, you can install on your engine. Install the detector in accordance with the instructions. Installing the detector properly, the device will work properly. Before going outside, you should use a radar detector. Do not forget the source of the detector in a given period. If your detector batteries are low, replace the batteries as soon as possible. It will be dangerous if the detector does not give any answer, because there is not enough power.

in giving a warning, radar detector uses audio warnings. One can say that it is rare to see a radar detector gives a warning through the light upozorenja.Glavni reason is not used for the people will have any difficulty in seeing the warning light on the dashboard. As a replacement warning lights, audio alert warnings koristi.Audio methods used in the military field, but then the method is applied in many technologies.

using a radar detector for motorcycles, you can have enough time to react if something dogodi.Komponente detectors are waterproof. You still have the freedom to run, when using this detector because it can stay on his bike. If you do not want to depend on batteries, you should find a detector with electricity.

Motorcycle Trailers

Wed, 22 Jun 2011 17:34:00 +0000

This is not just big trucks and cars, utility trailers, distance, recreational trailers, or other goods. Believe it or not, you can easily tow a motorcycle trailer, motorcycle event, and then a few hundred pounds of material.

Most motorcycle hitch can be attached to a motorcycle without modification of the bike. This is a wonderful feature if you plan to travel a long distance to May is where you need more supplies, or maybe even not want to invest in a tent trailer bike.

There are special trailers that are designed specifically for motorcycles and there are special pads for different types of motorcycles. It is very important that you buy the right hitch for your bike, to ensure that it fits properly and that you are towing safely. In addition, it is important to ensure that the device is properly installed.

Except the ball is properly installed, you want to go with a pair of chains under the tongue before you plug the unit circle. Check that the chain is too long, so the language can reach the rear tires.

Do not use cheap spring connecters at the ends of the chain. If you chain your trailer tongue and stood in the language of his behavior. This is a real test.

In fact, almost all states, must by law have two chains, when you check out the trailer. And if your trailer, causing damage that will be your responsibility.

Maximum weight of the bike is 500 units of pounds, and it can be much less, depending on the size of a motorcycle. The device is actually very similar to that used pickup trucks.

When installing the equipment trailer is all about choosing the right and safe towing. You do not try to tow the trailer behind the RV motorcycle right?

Here are a few tips in mind:

1st Safety must always come first.
2nd Make sure you always attach the safety net properly.
3rd Make sure that your cargo load should not exceed the weight limit.
4th Make sure the trailer wiring is correct.
5th Make sure all your equipment is properly installed.
6th The practice of hauling your cargo before going on a long trip.
7th Make sure the brakes are installed and working properly.
8th Check the tire pressure on a motorcycle. Remember that tire pressure should be adjusted when towing.
9th Make sure the goods are properly balanced.
10th Make sure you are properly adjusted mirrors to avoid blind spots.

Now all that being said, there is another type of motorcycle trailer unit, which is a style that allows you to tow a motorcycle behind a vehicle or recreational vehicle.

Motorcycle trailer, specifically designed for transporting your motorcycle. They attach to your car using a standard hitch ball, and great for hauling your motorcycle for long distance hauling, or not operating a motorcycle.

Some of these trailers are large enough distances to two or more motorcycles. Perfect for those motocross getaways. They are often in the open, it means just what it says. They have a platform without sides or roof so that the bikes are open to the elements.

So, whether you need to tow a motorcycle trailer hitch load on your bike or bike to tow behind your car is definitely one for you. For more information, please visit our website:

Where to Find Motorcycle Online Forums

Sat, 06 Mar 2010 13:52:00 +0000

What could be better than having a bike and riding it? Why, talking about it, of course! For millions of motorcycle fans worldwide, it's nearly impossible to run out of reasons and topics about their beloved rides. If you're looking to make biker friends and exchange some stories, here are a few sites to check out:

Harley Heaven (

For Harley fans and those who want nothing but pure Harley news and information, Harley Heaven has a chatroom where you can meet and swap Harley talk with likeminded folks. There are also links to repair tips and tricks, lifestyle, free pictures and in true Harley fashion, a link to tattoos and piercings.

CT Biker's Guide (

If you want a site that opens directly to an online forum, then this website is for you. To get in, you must register to become a member. Membership gives you access to more features than guest users usually get.

There's private messaging, email access and a user group subscription to keep you updated. Topics include events, bands, bars, a mechanic's corner for repair tips, a swap shop for trading merchandise, photos of members' rides and even an off-topic chatroom for topics that have nothing to do with bikes.

Riding Across USA (

RaU has an online forum for members that is categorized into different topics such as motorcycle discussions, parts sales, biker events, riding schedules, local meetings and more information about motorcycles and bikers. And you're not only limited to fellow bikers in the U.S. You could also search for biker groups and individuals in Canada and in other countries.

Bad Weather Bikers (

This site is dedicated to Buell motorcycle fans. Like most riding sites, it features some interesting links: its Knowledge Vault features articles for repairs, parts, gadgets, apparel and accessories; the Tale Section features biker stories submitted by members and there is also info about racing, news about sponsors, a classified ads page and of course, an online message board.

Real Divas Ride (

This site features an online forum exclusively for women riders. A good place to meet and greet fellow lady bikers to exchange news and information, find riding partners and groups and learn about current riding events. It also features a page on biker products and services and an online message forum.

Members can post queries, events and even submit photos and profiles of their own rides. Although made up mostly of women riders, male browsers are also welcome.

Minnesota Wings Motorcycle Club (

With over 400 members, this group's site offers the usual biker info and separate pages for its seven chapters in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Joe Rocket - Superior Motocross Apparel For All Riding Needs

Wed, 02 Dec 2009 14:37:00 +0000

By Mark DeRosa

Joe Rocket is known for their amazing collections of high end motocross apparel to suit the needs of discerning riding enthusiasts. Blending comfort with stylish designs these collections are a perfect hit with all riders.

Motorcycle jackets

Joe Rocket has an electrifying range of motorcycle jackets that are classy and sophisticated and yet do not compromise on quality or robustness. Their exclusive range of motorcycle jackets is designed for men as well as women. The Joe Rocket range of Alter Ego 2.0 motorcycle jackets is a hit with all motocross riders. These high end collections of jackets come in color combinations like black and black, black and blue, black and red, black silver etc. Another favorite range of motorcycle jackets is the Ballistic collection which comes in gun metal, black, black tall, red, silver and white combinations for classic comfort and elegance. The women's range of motorcycle jackets is equally elegant and classy to look at. The most popular varieties are the Cleo, Heartbreaker, Honda CBR and Kawasaki Blaze and Jet 2 motorcycle jackets. These are available in feminine flirty colors like pink, light blue as well as bolder shades like black, grey, silver, blue etc.

Accessories galore!

Not only is the range of motorcycle jackets very popular with motocross fans but their collection of motocross accessories for men is also highly popular. Right from exclusive collections of motocross boots that combine elegance and style to the street smart pants and chaps every accessory is worth their value. The collection of motocross apparel like gloves and shirts is truly amazing. The collection of motorcycle apparel like shirts is available with both half and long sleeved options. The motocross apparel like chaps and pants designed for men is available in the Alter Ego, Ballistic and Phoenix ranges. These pants come in colors like grey and black and are available in sizes like 2x, large, medium, small, extra large etc. The collection of motorcycle apparel like shirts is also fantastic. The Honda Pit and Honda Wing collections are the most popular and are available in colors such as black, red and white. The collection of gloves is also high end and exclusive. The Street collection of motocross accessories like gloves comes in ranges like Atomic, Crew, Ballistic and Highside etc. These are available in bold colors like grey and black.

Exclusive apparel

The collection of motocross jersey like sweatshirts is another firm favorite with all riding enthusiasts. The Joe Rocket Honda Crew sweatshirt is one of the most popular and comes in vibrant black colors. The collection of long sleeved shirts for men is one of the most sought after in terms of motocross apparel. The most popular collection is the Joe Rocket Honda Wing Long sleeved t-shirt which comes in an exciting black shade with the company logo in brilliant yellow etched on top. For those who like a touch of class in their footwear the collection of motocross boots is available in Orbit, Meteor and Sonic ranges.

Motorcycle Brake Parts

Mon, 30 Nov 2009 16:14:00 +0000

Some people love living in the fast lane. They ride their motorcycles and enjoy the strong wind as they speed up down the road and enjoy the journey. However, for the real motorcycle enthusiast, it isn't enough to simply live in the fast lane. Living in the fast lane must go hand in hand with living with style. Many enthusiasts have taken odds and lengths to find the perfect bike to express themselves.

This aspect of self-expression in riding the motorcycle can sometimes be something that only people with the same interest can understand. It is no wonder that a motorcycle lover will look for a fellow enthusiast to be able to share this ideas to those who can understand. This is where going to motorcycle events may be of significance.

Why Go to a Motorcycle Event?

There are certain reasons why a motorcycle enthusiast will pursue this.
1. A beginner can start to learn more about the field by joining these events.
2. This is also a good venue to get to know the right people who can be of big help to each other. It can't be denied that when motorcycle enthusiasts come together they can really go along well and understand each other.
3. Motorcycle events can also be a good opportunity to get good ideas from the other enthusiasts with regard to tips, suggestions and opinions.
4. It will definitely feel good to be able to ride your bike together with the other bike lovers. It is like coming together and expressing yourself together to the rest of the world in a rally, ride or event.
5. Finally, the sense of camaraderie is something that the motorcycle enthusiast will enjoy. There is so much to see, enjoy and be nostalgic about in these events.

How to Join the Motorcycle Events?

Given all these wonderful points of joining motorcycle events, it is a must for one to join the same.

First thing to do is to check out the local community for any organizations or associations formed by local motorcycle enthusiasts. There will surely be one, at least in every state. You can easily talk to the members of these groups and inquire on how you can join in the scheduled events. It is also possible to check on their schedule or calendar for the events they are organizing. You can ask for the requirements so you can easily join.

There are also some internet sites that can help you find an organization near your locality. These can also provide a calendar regarding some important events, especially those that will take place on the national level.


Take the first step and participate in the motorcycle events. A true bike lover will definitely enjoy these events.

Yamaha Motorcycle Parts - Making A Difference To Your Ride

Sat, 29 Aug 2009 04:44:00 +0000

(image) By:Craig Thornburrow

Yamaha motorcycle parts can make a huge difference in the appearance and performance of your motorcycle. Choosing the right parts for your bike can keep your ride up to date and stylish at the same time. If you are like most motorcycle owners, you understand the importance of appearance and performance. Turning heads because your bike has made an impression on others is a very important aspect to the ownership of your ride. By implementing various parts that are specifically designed for your Yamaha motorcycle, you can easily turn heads and impress others with your style and the overall performance of this type of vehicle. Here, we will explore the many creative ways that you can use these types of parts to add unique flair and optimal performance to your personal motorcycle.

Eventually, you will come to the point in your bike ownership in which it will become necessary to purchase parts for standard maintenance and/or replacement. This is true of every single brand name - whether it is Harley Davidson or Yamaha. When this day comes, why go with generic, everyday parts and accessories? If you are a Yamaha owner, you will want to avoid doing this altogether! It is important to select high-quality; superior Yamaha motorcycle parts that are built to not only enhance the performance of the bike, but the overall appearance of the vehicle as well. By choosing these types of parts for motorcycles, you will quickly gain respect among all of the individuals that you know or come in contact with that has a basic appreciation for motorcycles.

Yamaha motorcycle parts are assembled using many different types of materials. These materials are durable, and built to withstand more than the average wear and tear that is placed on these vehicles. Some of the most common materials that are used for these types of parts include titanium, aluminum, and even chrome. Many individuals elect to use only one type of metal on a certain aspect of a Yamaha to ensure that the unique part stands out. There are some bike owners, however, that elect to redo their Yamaha motorcycle completely in one form or another of metal. This can make for a very unique appearance, as well as performance that rank high above the standard Yamaha.

There are many different parts that can be obtained for your Yamaha motorcycle. When using these parts, you can rest assured that you are implementing the highest quality for your special bike. Some of the many components that you can elect to purchase include:

• Deluxe Hour Timers and Meters

• Chain Guards

• Trunks

• Exhaust systems

• Chains

• Pouches

• Special Sprockets

• Back rests

• Passenger seats

• Liners

• And, more!

Motorcycle parts for your Yamaha include more than just standard components that are used to enhance performance - they can also be used to enhance accessories as well. Yamaha motorcycle parts are an essential component to success when it comes to the look and performance of your motorcycle.

Yamaha FZ6R - Proof That Fun Can Also Be Comfortable

Sat, 22 Aug 2009 04:49:00 +0000

(image) By: Cameron C Martel

When Yamaha released the FZ6R to the public earlier this year I was quick to review it. I hastily found a brand new one, barely a week out of its crate, and went to work. Over the course of half a day I flogged the bike through corners, around treacherous terrain (bumpy roads, gravel, etc.), up and down hills, through the mountains, and then back into good old city riding. It as a memorable half day, as the Yamaha FZ6R would become one of my all time favorite casual motorcycles.

What is a "Casual" Motorcycle?

Unlike the Yamaha R6, which is a super-sport motorcycle, the Yamaha FZ6R has certain conveniences that make it appealing for new and experienced riders alike. It has a more upright riding position, with less lean to the handle bars. This makes it more comfortable to sit on and ride, and after nearly half a day of abuse and hard riding my back still wasn't sore. On the R6 my back would have been killing me within an hour.

Not only that, but it doesn't pack a 160 horsepower engine. In fact, though Yamaha has been very hush-hush about just how much power it does make, you will find that the FZ6R is rather slow in comparison to any 600cc+ super-sport. Then again, that's like saying that the Chevrolet Corvette is slower than the Ferrari F430. At no point should you think that the Yamaha FZ6R is a slow machine, as it will still complete a quarter mile in around 12 seconds, and it will still outrun just about everything else on the street.

Why I Love this Bike

Speed isn't everything for a rider like me. I know that the FZ6R can get up and go with the best of them, and while it may not be able to keep pace with the higher-strung 600cc super-sports, it is still able to put a new or experienced rider into a performance threshold far beyond anything they likely will have experienced before. Not only that, but it does so without being an incredibly uncomfortable.

It has the looks of a sport bike, with aggressive fairing and a side-mounted "shorty" exhaust. The custom color/decaling that is available really sets this bike apart from other entry-level sports bikes, and it's made very clear early on that this isn't the traditional entry-level sports bike- the days of the Suzuki Katana are long gone.

The FZ6R has the sound of an Indy car, though it's a little quieter and much more pleasing to the ear. It sounds like a bat out of hell when taking off, and when it comes time to slow down the big brakes will stop you faster than you can say "ooh, nice brakes". It's the most performance that a new rider, or even one that's had a few seasons under their belt, could ever want for in a package that's both attractive and controllable.

This is NOT your Grandmothers Sports Bike

When people hear "entry level" they immediately assume a tame, hum-drum motorcycle that might look sporty but conveniently falls short on performance. They expect skinny tires, feeble brakes, and a ratty sounding exhaust. That's what makes the FZ6R such a smashing motorcycle- at no point do you feel embarrassed when you pull up next to a super sport.

2009 Yamaha FZ6R Review

Sun, 16 Aug 2009 10:05:00 +0000

(image) By: Cameron C Martel

If you find yourself bored on Sunday afternoon, and if the weather permits, you may soon be wishing you had something that was fun and exciting to do. A motorcycle, they say, is the most fun you will ever have on the ground. As an avid cyclist, and as someone who just loves having a good time, I couldn't agree more. This brings me back to the before mentioned Sunday afternoon, where the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. What's missing from this picture?

Ah, yes, the Yamaha FZ6R.

This new-for-2009 sport bike isn't really a sport bike at all, but rather a comfortable and competent entry-level machine that is a step above the Kawasaki Ninja 500 (the de facto standard for learner bikes) in both looks and performance. Compared to other entry level motorcycles, the Yamaha FZ6R is jam packed with personality.

Looks and Performance

One look at the Yamaha FZ6R is enough to make someone fall in love. Distinct styling, combined with aggressive fairing and wide tires (for the size of motorcycle) give the FZ6R a unique look. Without a doubt, the FZ6R is not lacking curb appeal. Of course, all the aggressive fairing in the world won't mean a thing if the motorcycle handles like a Vespa.

Starting up the motorcycle reveals the silky-smooth idle of the fuel injected four cylinder former R6 engine, and once you rev it (and you will want to) you will be rewarded with an angelic exhaust tone. True, this is not a pocket rocket. Also true is the fact that the FZ6R isn't really any faster than any of its primary competition (Kawasaki Ninja 650R, Suzuki SV650S). However, the amount of personal satisfaction that owners of this motorcycle are sure to enjoy will easily outweigh any of those minor shortcomings.

And believe me when I say that they are indeed minor. Once you have this bike moving you will be experiencing a riding situation that is far and beyond what most "entry level" motorcycles offer. There is no clunky carbureted engine, no lacklustre acceleration, and no disapproving looks from other motorcycle riders. There is speed when you need it, there is the ride that you want (stiff, but not too stiff), and the aesthetics that cause other people to constantly ask you what you're riding.

Ride this bike hard and it will reward you with sub-12 second acceleration times (your $8,000 motorcycle will keep up with $180,000 Ferrari's), enthusiastic turn-in, and the ability to stop your newfound lover on a dime.

So How Good Is It?

This may very well be one of the best entry level middleweight sport bikes ever conceived, and in my humble opinion this motorcycle is worthy of respect from any rider, regardless of their experience level. Get on one, ride it, and see for yourself- you'll be glad you did.

When Buying Used Motorcycle Parts

Wed, 13 May 2009 00:13:00 +0000

(image) By: Travis V Edwards

When the motorcycles are damaged, it will be the biggest headache for all of us. The rate that is expected to be charged for getting it repaired is the first thing that will raise our blood pressure. Here the best option is to go for used motorcycle parts. When using used motorcycle parts, you have to take care of some points.

Before going to buy used motorcycle parts, understand what the parts you are looking for are. When the bike is not getting started and you know that the battery is new never means that the starter of your bike is repaired. It will be best to test the vehicle with the help of service manual, before deciding to buy used motorcycle parts. You can seek the help of a talented mechanic who can help you with the resolution of the problem.

Get an exact idea about the motorcycle before buying the used motorcycle parts. Though you are buying used motorcycle parts, the parts of each vehicle will be unique. So when you are going to get used motorcycle parts and have no clear idea, the shop owner might provide you with the part of some other motor vehicle which will again put you in trouble.

When buying used motorcycle parts and you have decided to get on, if you realize that it is hard to get, try for a part which can be substituted for the same. Such parts will help you in case of getting used motorcycle parts. This will be a little tiresome task and you will have to go for thorough research. In such cases, you can seek the help of experts and take a decision before selecting the used motorcycle parts.

Even though you have decided to go for used motorcycle parts, you can get the rates and other details regarding a fresh product. You can even ask him, if he is sure about choosing used motorcycle parts in the place of new products. Getting used motorcycle parts will be easy as compared to a new product. Still, you can prefer to have the spare parts of the parts that are critical for the vehicle. This will surely help you when it get damaged in the middle of a journey or when the damage occurred in a place where you find it difficult to get motorcycle parts.
Most importantly, try to know the seller before going to buy used motorcycle parts. There are a large number of sellers online who come up with used motorcycle parts. All of them are not equally good. The ideal solution is to talk to the seller before buying parts.

The online market is the best place for used motorcycle parts. There you can get wide choices and select products that you want. The reviews about such online shops will help you to know which the best shop to get the required part is. The rate details will be given in the website and you can look for the used motorcycle parts you are in need of directly.