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CC2k: New Products Services Tips and Reviews

Mon, 05 May 2008 14:02:48 -0800

News about what's happening now and coming in the near future to CyberCity 2000.

CyberCity 2000 gets a new voice chat program

Mon, 05 May 2008 14:02:48 -0800

The popular voice chat program IParty has undergone some dramatic changes and recieved a all new GUI.
This new version is packed full of features that have long been lacking from the old 1990's program.

Features that are currently working are..
  • The ability to launch your own chat room
  • Able to see all created rooms that are up and running
  • Ability to join rooms with a single mouse click
  • No need to DL and install, just open direct from browser.
  • A permanent Lobby was established
  • Minimize to Voice panel only in chat room
  • Change nick on the fly
  • One click ghost mode toggle
  • Stay on top feature is now working
  • Mute and Volume controls in Chat Room
  • Less than 3Mb HD space required while running
  • ZERO HD space when not in use (who said all apps are space hogs these days!)

The future features will include..

  • Password Protected rooms
  • Who's online
  • Number of Room Occupants

New Internet Mall Promises outstanding shopping experience.

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:53:47 -0800

The Internet Indoor Mall went on line this past weekend. CyberCorp 2000 has vowed to create an internet shopping experience that will put an end to the bad reputations IMalls have received because of get rich quick scams.
A spokes person for CC2k said friday, "We wanted to produce an online shopping experience that could live up to the expectations everyone had in the 90's. Things went wrong back then and all that emerged were link farms and rip offs. We believe that our latest offering will address and surpass all those expectations.".
The Internet Indoor Mall is expected to begin leasing storefronts in a few weeks and boasts a full arsenal of administrative tools for shopkeepers as well as a very easy to use, and at the moment secretive, new interface for finding and advertising the products of it's shop owners.

Two great bike shops for motorcyclists

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:53:48 -0800

Just a quick not to tell everyone about 2 new bikers sites for motorcycle enthusiasts. The first is and sports an almost myspace type environment where bikers can create personal webpages to share there pictures and write blogs and make friends.

The second is and is the dealership end of things.
Bikers World US is a Hurricane Utah Motorcycle dealership with a twist. Owners Tony and Trish Emanuele were unhappy with the treatment they received from other motorcycle dealerships, and being bikers themselves they decided to do something about it.
In Sept 07 they opened the doors on Biker's World U.S. An employee at Biker's World said, "it's more than a motorcycle dealership. Tony and Trish are awesome. They really care about how a customer is treated and I think that's because they see things from the bikers perspective too. They love getting to gether with the other bikers and going for rides, stopping along the way to eat and have fun. Tony has been sponsoring charity rides ever since he opened the doors and He and Trish are very active participants in the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Club here in Hurricane.".
I visited Biker's World dealership site for a look see. The catalog was easy to use and even though it was the dealership site I found they have an online forum chat forum for Freedom Riders and other motorcyclists there too.

Another unique feature I found was the 3D browsing of all the pictures they have uploaded from the motorcycle rides they take, some of which are breathtaking.
It's definitely a must see gallery.

Tips for avoiding bad search engine indexing

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:53:49 -0800

If you are using a graphic with hot spots as navigation, or one of those new interactive Flash web pages you may be committing what I call search engine suicide.
Search engines do not see pictures when they visit a website , nor do they see flash. In many cases when a search engine spider visits a page that is entirely made up this way all it sees is empty space. If the spider sees empty space it evaluates your index s an empty page!

On these types of pages the spider ends up with the title, and if you weren't careful there is see indexes your page for "untitled 1", not a very helpful way to get indexed at all!

Try and remember these few tips..

1) Always make sure your meta tags are completed. At the very least be sure and include the main three, Title - Description - Keywords.
2) Add "alt" tags to your graphics, every graphic.
3) If you must have flash, use if sparingly
4) And above all else, use text whenever possible. After all "Content is King", and search engine spiders are very good readers when it comes to text.

Finally, Something for spammers to cry over.

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:53:50 -0800

Announcing the easy to use spam filtering email system that leave the control 100% in the hands of there clients.

  • No More Spam Box to Deal With
  • Easy Intuitive Interface
  • Can work with your existing email address

  • 30 days free trial

I used to get 400-500 pieces of crap a day and wasted 30-45 minutes of my valuable time every morning dealing with it. I've been using No Peddlers "Guardian Email Firewall" for almost two moths now and there are days when things are so quiet I think my email is broken, but don't take my word for it. Try email for yourself. With a free trial you owe it to yourself to at least see what you may be missing.