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Journal Kovove materialy - Metallic Materials. Publishing original theoretical and experimental papers concerned with structural, nanostructured, and functional metallic and selected non-metallic materials. Edited by: Institute of Materials and Machi

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New issue published - Vol.: 55 (2017), Issue: 4

Mon, 29 May 2017 10:28:21 +0200

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 16:35:10 +0200

ISSUE: In Progress (July/August 2017).
AKYÜZ: Effect of Si content on machinability of Al-Si alloys.
BADRI et al.: Impression creep properties of hypoeutectic Mg-xSi alloys.
GRGAČ et al.: Microscopic analysis of the stainless steel weld metal after long-term thermal exposition in the primary circuit of the nuclear power plant.
NATH et al.: Effect of deposition potential and copper concentration on the phase transformation mechanism and structural distribution during electrodeposition of Ni-Cu magnetic alloy thin films.
SCHINDLER et al.: Effect of hot rolling history and cooling rate on the phase transformation of plain carbon steel.
SHI et al.: Influence of quenching parameters on mechanical properties and conductivity of 7A09 aluminum alloy.
TIMAC et al.: Ni-718 superalloy foam processed by powder space-holder technique: Microstructural and mechanical characterization.
ZHANG et al.: Study on dislocation and microstructural properties of friction stir welded joint for 2024-T4 aluminum alloys.
YU et al.: First-principles investigation of effects of alloying elements on Ti/TiO2 interface.