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Journal Kovove materialy - Metallic Materials. Publishing original theoretical and experimental papers concerned with structural, nanostructured, and functional metallic and selected non-metallic materials. Edited by: Institute of Materials and Machi

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New issue published - Vol.: 55 (2017), Issue: 3

Wed, 17 May 2017 13:57:10 +0200

Tue, 23 May 2017 11:26:46 +0200

ISSUE: In Progress (May/June 2017).
BESTERCI et al.: Fracture analysis of AZ6-F magnesium composite materials at quasi-superplastic state.
KEYUN et al.: Amorphization of Al-Cu-Mg alloys by friction stir welding.
KAFTELEN et al.: Microstructural and wear characterizations of Ultra-Dispersed Diamond (UDD) reinforced Cu-15 wt.% Ti composites fabricated via mechanical alloying and sintering.
KARIMI et al.: Effect of bainite volume fraction on mechanical properties of a ferrite-bainite-martensite steel.
KÚDELA Jr. et al.: Saffil alumina fibers reinforced dual-phase Mg-Li and Mg-Li-Zn alloys.
KUSAKIN et al.: Influence of cold forging and annealing on microstructure and mechanical properties of a high-Mn TWIP steel.
MAHMUDI et al.: High-temperature shear strength and hardness of cast lead-free solders.
MASHEKOV et al.: Formation of submicrocrystalline structural state of AD31 alloy while rolling in the helical rolls and longitudinal wedge mill.
SHUBIN et al.: Multi-phase Al-Fe alloys with layer structure: synthesis and properties.
ZHANG et al.: Mechanical properties of friction stir welded 2024 aluminum alloy and precipitated phases in stir zone.
CAVOJSKY et al.: Die wear during hot extrusion of ex-situ and in-situ aluminum composites (Letter to the Editor).