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Journal Kovove materialy - Metallic Materials. Publishing original theoretical and experimental papers concerned with structural, nanostructured, and functional metallic and selected non-metallic materials. Edited by: Institute of Materials and Machi

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New issue published - Vol.: 55 (2017), Issue: 2

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 08:23:19 +0100

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 15:40:40 +0100

ISSUE: In Progress (March/April 2017).
BARBES et al.: Microstructures of a pressure die cast Al-8.5%Si-3.5%Cu alloy.
ÇAKIR et al.: Study on the Al2O3/Fe-Al intermetallic duplex coating prepared with a combined technique of electro-spark deposition and micro-arc oxidation on steel.
KAPTANOGLU et al.: Microstructure and wear of iron-based hardfacings reinforced with in-situ synthesized TiB2 particles.
KILIC et al.: Microstructure examination of functionally graded NiTi/NiAl/Ni3Al intermetallic compound produced by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis.
OZER et al.: The effect of friction stir welding parameters on microstructure and fatigue strength of CuZn37 brass alloys.
SALAMCI et al.: Effect of microstructure on corrosion behavior of dual-phase steels.
SKLENIČKA et al.: Applicability of empirical formulas and fractography for assessment of creep life and creep fracture modes of tempered martensitic 9%Cr steel.
TEKER et al.: Effect of the manual (GMAW) and pulsed (P-GMAW) welding processes on impact strength and fracture behavior of AISI 304-AISI 1040 dissimilar steel joints fabricated by ASP316L austenitic stainless steel filler metal.
ZHANG et al.: Microstructure evolution of P92 steel weld metal after service for 8000 h.