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Kovove materialy - Metallic Materials

Journal Kovove materialy - Metallic Materials. Publishing original theoretical and experimental papers concerned with structural, nanostructured, and functional metallic and selected non-metallic materials. Edited by: Institute of Materials and Machi

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New issue published - Vol.: 56 (2018), Issue: 1

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 07:23:04 +0100

Sun, 25 Mar 2018 07:38:28 +0200

SKLENICKA et al.: Creep behaviour and microstructure evolution of advanced creep-resistant 9%Cr martensitic steels under cyclic thermal loading, p. 1.
SAKLAKOGLU et al.: Performance of Fe-based hardfacings on hot forging die: experimental, numerical and industrial studies, p. 15.
SVEC et al.: Microstructural characteristics of fibre laser welded joint of dual phase steel with complex phase steel, p. 29.
ERDEM et al.: An investigation of moldability and mechanical properties of MgO added alumina, p. 41.
VASUDEV et al.: Mechanical and microstructural behaviour of wear resistant coatings on cast iron lathe machine beds and slides, p. 55.
YILMAZ et al.: Sliding wear behavior of FeCrC reinforced and Ni-based composites produced by mechanical alloying technique, p. 65.