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Wetkeys Washable Keyboard

2009-05-23 11:59:21

Apart from obviously being, well, washable, this silicone keyboard is wireless and flexible enough to make itself portable. Spills and dust are no longer an issue with this keyboard, making it a great gift to give to a germaphobe. It has 126 keys plus another 12 one-touch function keys and media buttons.

Windows 7 Blue Wallpaper

2009-04-25 16:59:21

Clean, blue wallpaper for the new Windows 7 operating system. One of the many to come.

Orange-Red Toshiba Wallpaper

2009-04-25 16:44:21

Vibrant wallpaper using intense colors, designed for Toshiba laptops. 1600x1200 in size.

Sony Vaio Green Leaf Wallpaper

2009-04-25 14:11:12

Sony Vaio crude green leaf wallpaper.

Microsoft's First Appearance In An Ad

2009-04-25 08:51:12

This is the very first appearance of Microsoft in an advertisement, in May 1979.

Microsoft Campus Basketball Field

2009-04-25 07:21:51

One of the many playing fields on the Microsoft Campus.

Microsoft Campus Millenium Building F

2009-04-25 05:16:46

Millenium Building F is where all the XBox development takes place, which is in a remote area of the campus (considered by some to be off-campus)

More Of The Microsoft Campus

2009-04-25 03:12:56

Another photo inside the Microsoft Campus showing off a couple of buildings.

Building 116 at Microsoft Campus

2009-04-24 23:32:11

The Virtual Earth, Windows Live Search and Mappoint have been developed in building 116 at the Microsoft Campus.

Microsoft Campus Cleaning Services

2009-04-24 22:12:32

The Microsoft Campus, being regularly maintained.