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The Mex Files

¡COMO MEXICO NO HAY DOS! The "Real Mexico" from transvestite wrestlers to machete-wielding naked farmers. History, culture, politics, economics, news and the general weirdness that usually floats down from the north.

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Amnesty and drugs… just say mayberichmx2

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 05:32:43 +0000

Andres Manuel López Obrador’s proposal to give amnesty to narcotics trafficers is, as you would expect, controversial. An estimated 400,000 Mexicans are, to one degree or another, involved in the industry… everything from smugglers to farmers and sharecopping marijuana growers to money counters to lookouts. Obviously, they can’t all be jailed, nor perhaps,do they need […]

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Salvador Borrego Escalante (1915 -2018)richmx2

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 07:19:51 +0000

It’s said the good die young.  Salvador Borrego was 102 years old when he died Monday. Interviewed in 2011, Borrego was especially proud of being the first  Holocaust denier… and being the author of the best selling Holocaust denialist/Nazi apology revisionist history of all time:  Derrota Mundial.  First published in 1953, 11 editions and 48 […]

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AMLO and the PRIrichmx2

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 23:30:26 +0000

Translated from “AMLO-PRIÍSTA” (La Cabaza de Villa, 8 January 2018) with the permission of author Pedro Salmerón.   “The director of the National Indian Institute has became a bit of a mythical figure in the region. Everyone knows that he can only be found in his office between seven and eight in the morning. After […]

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The Russians are coming… ho-humrichmx2

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 08:06:26 +0000

Coming from the country that has never been exactly subtle when it comes to trying to “influence” elections here, this is rich. Regeneración, 6 January 2018 (my translation) Once again accusations are being leveled against Russia, said to be attempting to influence yet another foreign election. This time the accusations come from General H.R. McMaster, […]

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Raw dealrichmx2

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 06:57:45 +0000

Via EFE: Washington, January 5 (EFE) .- The US Department of State today approved the sale of an arms package valued at 98.4 million dollars to strengthen its security by supporting a “strategic partner”. The package, which must still be approved by the United States Congress, includes the sale of 6 Harpoon Block II surface […]

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“And bad mistakes ‒ I’ve made a few”richmx2

Fri, 05 Jan 2018 07:32:17 +0000

With no time for losing… the PRI will keep fighting… to ridiculous ends. Local PRI candidate for Benito Juarez delegate(CDMX), Esteban Ruiz, like  other political candidates, revels in celebrity endorsements. Like…uh…Freddy Mercury, who being both dead and British, really isn’t likely to be all that much help to the PRI. Neither is Michael Jackson.

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Raising Hell outside the Cathedral (Oaxaca)richmx2

Thu, 04 Jan 2018 05:20:54 +0000

Father Miguel Ángel Morelos García died last week in San Francisco Telixtlahuaca on the 43rd anniversary of his ordination. Nothing particularly newsworthy, but this is Oaxaca, where anything can set off a protest… even the death of a elderly country pastor. Since January 2004, when José Luis Chávez Botello became Archbishop, 39 priests have died.  […]

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Un soldado en cada hijo te dio?richmx2

Tue, 02 Jan 2018 06:59:07 +0000

María García Pérez, a PAN deputy for Queretaro, has introduced a bill that would end the draft.  Well, that seems fair…though what she would like to replace it with would be universal military service for all 18 year olds.  Being well past draft age,  and not having kids, I suppose it’s not all that bad […]

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I hate to ask…richmx2

Mon, 01 Jan 2018 03:52:50 +0000

THANKS, ALL.  I won’t be able to get banks straightened out until later this week, and hadn’t noticed that my site would have otherwise gone off line on Tuesday.  Was able to renew, and problem resolved (for the next 12 months, anyway).   … but having spent the last six months recovering from a serious […]

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The general in his labyrinth … at Christmasrichmx2

Tue, 26 Dec 2017 23:39:07 +0000

With our politicians suddenly aghast at the mere mention of using a general amnesty as a means out of a violent, and increasingly pointless “war on drugs”… a bit of Mexican history on how amnesty … while not ending violence… has been used to reduce violence and allow for political and social reform.   His forced […]

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Left, right, left, rightrichmx2

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 10:18:45 +0000

It’s probably dangerous to slap labels… especially those labels coming from European and other global northerners… on the political movements here. Still, for simplicity (and for foreign media consumption), the formula has been PRD = “leftist”; PRI = “centerist”; and PAN = “conservative”. The other seven national parties are usually forgotten, or mentioned only as […]

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Will Canada have to subsidize the cartels?richmx2

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:31:12 +0000

So, Canada is gonna sell it’s own marijuana next year, at what they say are below-market prices.  Although the rationale is undercutting the black market, and ending smuggling,  Canadian consumption far outstrips production … only about 30% of domestic consumption is domestically grown.  So where is the other 70% to come from? I don’t really […]

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