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Electoral mish-mash, or how to win when you lose an election

Tue, 23 May 2017 20:50:01 PDT

Today was a day rich in electoral content but woefully poor in electoral solutions.From chavismo side, at another failed rally of forced supporters, Maduro went ahead and announced how the constitutional assembly will be elected. Well, half of it anyway. The part corresponding to the corporative members is still unclear but that is not a problem for chavismo since these members elected through "organizations" will go at least 80% for them, courtesy of all the political controls and apartheid like access of the non chavista population.What chavismo needs is to find a way to get 40% of the elected members through direct vote while having at best 30% of the votes. That 40 plus the 80 would give chavismo 60% of the seats with, well, 30% of the votes. Game over.The chosen solution was to vote by municipal district. One elected member per district, regardless of the population.  I published my quick count early today on Twitter and the result is here again. The four strongholds of the opposition, Zulia, Calabozo, Miranda and Lara with roughly 7.245.000 voters get 69 representatives.Four less populated strongholds of chavismo, Yaracuy, Portuguesa, Trujillo and Apure with roughly 1.878.000 voters get 59 seats.In short, 1 vote from chavista states is equal to 3,3 votes in opposition states. The end, BEFORE the constitutional assembly is elected, of the one man one vote rule.The opposition, besides not accepting that, promptly demanded today that the CNE held a referendum on whether we actually wanted a new constitution. As it is the right of the National Assembly to request, by the way. While the regime prepares the necessary high court rulings to invalidate the Assembly request, while publishing the necessary rulings to kill the one man one vote thingy, the regime went ahead tonight with the second part of its plan. That delinquent blood stained hands which is the CNE head Tibisay Lucena announced that the governors elections would be held on December 10 while a date for the electing the constitutional assembly will be set in a few days for some Sunday in July.  A note on the blood stained Tibisay, a true delinquent. The recent unrest and protest and disorder and injured and deaths in the country are caused by her silence and maneuvers to annul all the due constitutionally required elections. So that you know.So what is wrong with Tibisay announcement tonight.1) The referendum will not go, violating precedents respected by Chavez himself, and the requirements of the  current constitution as to the people being asked whether they want to change it.2) If the constitutional assembly is elected in July it would be sworn in early August and right then it would not only annul the current National Assembly but also suspend the elections for governor. The excuse would be very simple: we need to figure the role of the governors in the new constitution  before we elect them.To be more cynical, more of a cheat, more of legal delinquent is difficult!  Oxymoron intended on legal delinquent.And the cherry is that Maduro also wants to seat the constitutional assembly where the National one already seats. That is, dissolution already announced.Of course the opposition cannot accept that deal.--------------NOTEI wrote this as all details are not available yet. So some estimates may change. However what will not change is the intent of the regime. That post is accurate on that.[...]

50 days of street protest, and then this

Sun, 21 May 2017 22:54:40 PDT

Vastness, and depth 

Saturday 20 it was the 50th day protests started. And far from people getting tired, or scared because of increased repression, the opposition did a massive show of force that overwhelms any attempt the regime could do to counter.  The street now belongs to the opposition, the world saw that yesterday, unless you report for Telesur or some paid for propaganda channel.

I will not attend the reunion. Maduro is responsible for the break down of constitutional order and he cannot pretend now to be the mediator.

This tweet is a good conclusion of the day by itself.

Later that night. The regime made a U-turn. The defense council asked the TSJ to review its sentences. As if the military function is to review laws and judicial precedent.

Well, it is in Venezuela--------