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UBER ANNOUNCES SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE: ASKS NYS COLLEGE STUDENTS TO SHARE BEST UBER EXPERIENCE BACK HOMETop 10 Stories to Receive $100 in Uber Credit New York - Uber today announced a social media challenge asking students who attend Upstate New York colleges and universities to share their best Uber ride when they return home for the Thanksgiving holiday. The top 10 people with the best Uber stories will win $100 in Uber credit. Students are asked to use the hashtag #NYNeedsUber when sharing their stories on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.“Students who go to college in New York State but live outside of it likely will have access to Uber when they go home for Thanksgiving,” said Josh Mohrer, General Manager, Uber NY. “We’re asking them to share their best Uber stories to help build excitement and bring New York State into modern times.”The challenge will begin Tuesday, November 22nd and ends Sunday, November 27th. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.  Send to KindleSubscribe to my blog via Kindle! Send to KindleSubscribe to my blog via Kindle![...]


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Proper Branding Requires the Right Domain

One of the most basic steps required in any sort of digital enterprise starts with a relatively straightforward task. Selecting a domain for a website is perhaps a trivial thing to many entrepreneurs; however, the process is much more important than many believe. A domain is the identity of a site, and how each and every visitor will find the pages attached to it. Branding is a hot-button topic in the world of marketing, which means the process will include the domain in pretty much every campaign. Domain names are the faces of the companies, businesses, and organizations they represent.

Consider Carefully Before Purchasing

Because domains often double as the name of the site, it goes to say that choosing carefully before making a purchase should be a priority. The name of the site can find itself mirrored in social media, on stationary, hats, and just about any other type of promotional items imaginable. The domain needs to have the potential to take on a life all by itself. Companies that take a pause to evaluate how a name will look to the public are usually rewarded with a steady stream of traffic.

Extensions Make a Difference

The days of the simple .com, .net, and .org extensions have been replaced with a number of additional extensions to keep the Internet growing. Domains that include .company, .guru, and .expert have the ability to instill the right amount of pride in a brand. Playing around with the different extensions can create a certain amount of flexibility in the branding process. In short, sometimes terms and words can sound better when put to different extensions. In addition, the adoption of a new extension can help shape the brand in unforeseen ways.

Finding the Right Registration Service

Not all domain registration services are created equal. Since these webpages and sites offer identical services, organizations looking to snag a great domain at a great deal need to be on their toes. Bundled deals that include hosting or additional free domains are popular because of their ability to keep costs low. Furthermore, other domain registration websites can throw in a number of different extras, like security, advertising, and more, at substantial discounts as well. In many ways, building a brand has never been easier. Of course, finding the right registration service offering the best deal requires a fair bit of legwork.

In the end, the domain is one of the most basic aspects of doing business on the Internet. By finding the best money saving deal, considering different extensions, and keeping an eye on the marketing potential of the name, every online business can stay one step ahead of the competition. The domain is the face of the company and how visitors will find the site. It needs to have the right mix of any number of ingredients, but first and foremost, it should put the site on the map in a positive way. After all, a great address makes all the difference in the world.