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The Imaging Resource News page is the best way to stay on top of all the latest in the fast-paced world of digital imaging! Up-to-the-minute news as well as coverage of the latest articles and reviews covering digital imaging hardware and software of all

Published: 2017-12-13T21:04:35+00:00


Firmware Friday: Sony A7R III, Panasonic GH5, G80, G81, G85 updated; Canon & Sony video cameras too


Our Firmware Friday roundup this week is a tale of three companies: Canon, Panasonic and Sony. (So if their products aren't among your stable and you don't enjoy a vicarious peek at what's going on with other brands, you can move on to another article now. We'd recommend our just-published Canon G1X III First Shots as being of particular interest.) Canon and Sony's updates are predominantly for their high-end camcorder products, although there are a couple of other ILCs in the mix, while Panasonic's updates are all for its...
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Which new iMac Pro is the best bang for your buck?


Yesterday, Apple released their promised iMac Pro computer. It starts at US$4,999. While that's a very steep price, we think that it's actually not a bad deal considering what Apple has packed into the new space gray enclosure. It's not uncommon for there to be a hefty "Apple premium" on their products, but it seems that there might not be a steep premium in the case of the iMac Pro. With that said, are there configurations of the new iMac Pro which offer a better value? Is the maxed out iMac Pro, which tops out at over $13,000,...
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Nikon D850 captures beautiful windswept winter landscapes


Winter has nearly arrived and late-autumn snowstorms have peppered many landscapes throughout North America with a lovely coat of snow. Photographer Adam Gibbs recently headed up Mt. Seymour in British Columbia, Canada, for winter landscape photography. It's a location he's visited multiple times and considers it "second to none" for landscape shooting opportunities in the winter. The tall, windswept trees and stunning vistas are truly top-notch. Gibbs has been a professional photographer since the early 1990s and currently...
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Is Adobe’s new Auto button in ACR and Lightroom worth using? Pro puts it to the test


Earlier this week, Adobe updated their entire suite of Lightroom software, including a big improvement to the "auto" editing functionality. Blake Rudis of f64 Academy has published a new video about the updated "Auto" button. Is Adobe's new algorithm any good? Is it worth using the "Auto" button in Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom? Rudis himself has actually long been a fan of the Auto button. He usually adjusts the sliders further, but he likes to see what the software believes makes his image better before he performs his...
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As expensive as a fully-loaded iMac Pro is, it’s actually well-priced


Today, Apple released the new iMac Pro that they announced back in June, and for Apple fans it's just one more thing to drool over. But with every new Apple product comes PC-faithful coming out of the woodwork ready to tell you how you're paying way too much for the same thing they could build on PC. "I could build the same thing for a quarter the price," is a common sentiment among PC users. In many cases, they might be right and even as an Apple fan, I'm willing to admit that. I generally say that I'm willing to pay more for the...
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Thrifty Thursday: Save up to $100 on Sigma lenses and up to $1,000 on Apple products


In today's edition of Thrifty Thursday, we are focused on Sigma lenses and Apple products. On the Sigma front, the deals are on a wide variety of lenses, including some Sigma Art lenses. For Apple, the deals cover iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and even Apple's Mac Pro desktop. If you still need to do some Christmas shopping for a photographer on your list, or perhaps want to give yourself something nice to put under the tree this year, you've come to the right place. Sigma Lens Savings - Save up to $100 on Sigma lenses, plus receive a...
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Canon bets big on added value CarePAK service, offers free year with many DSLR, lens purchases


For some time now, Canon has been pushing their service and support as a major cornerstone of value for their camera products. Seeing as how much money they invest in local repair facilities, I believe them. It's kind of inarguable how good Canon service and support is. Therefore, it's no surprise that they are offering kind of a ridiculous package right now through the beginning of next year. Until January 6, 2018, if you pick up a certain camera or lens and register it within the first 30 days, Canon is throwing in 13 months of...
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The importance of self-doubt in the creative process


Self-doubt may not seem like an important component to photography, but photographer Ben Horne believes it is. So long as you harness it and make it productive, at least. Wondering what you're doing and why, questioning how something is going to work out, can make you a more curious and creative photographer. Photography shouldn't always feel easy. If it does, you are missing out on an important part of any creative process, difficulty. After discussing the value of challenges and self-doubt, we join Horne as he continues his...
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Photographing the Grand Canyon with medium format cameras


Photographer Ted Forbes of "The Art of Photography" recently travelled to the Grand Canyon while he was visiting Arizona. He got up early to get there before sunrise and we can follow along on his photographic journey in the video below. It wouldn't be a behind the scenes video without some gear discussion. Forbes didn't skimp on the camera selection, he went with a Phase One medium format camera and a Hasselblad X1D mirrorless medium format camera. If you like the looks of his filter holder, that's a Wine Country Camera filter...
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Canon G1X Mark III First Shots: Pixel-peep sample images from Canon’s first APS-C compact camera!


Click here to view our Canon G1X III First Shots Canon's flagship PowerShot series, the G1X, is now on its third revision. This time around, there are a lot of upgrades and new features, making it Canon's most advanced compact camera to date. The big story is that despite it's compact size, the Canon G1X Mark III somehow crams in a large 24-megapixel APS-C sensor -- the same chip as housed in the 80D -- a first for a PowerShot camera and a notable size increase from the earlier G1X models, which sported a rather uniquely-sized...
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“Mantis Cam” is a new camera which replicates the incredible eyes of the mantis shrimp


Normally scientists and engineers design cameras to see in a way similar to how the human eye sees the world. Sure, there are infrared cameras and other specialized tools, but researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a specialized camera to see the world similar to how mantis shrimp see the world. What makes the eyes of mantis shrimp unique? The crustaceans see natural phenomena that we are unable to perceive thanks to their 16 types of color receptors (humans have only three) and mantis shrimp eyes have six...
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Apple awards Macphun/Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 “Best Mac App of 2017” honor


Apple has announced its most popular and best Mac apps of 2017 and Macphun - soon to be Skylum - has been awarded Best Mac App of 2017 by Apple for their Aurora HDR 2018 software. Of the recognition, Macphun/Skylum CEO Alex Tsepko says, "When you have a goal, you have to live, dream and breathe this goal 24/7! With Aurora HDR we set out to bring photographers the best software for high dynamic range (HDR) image editing. The 'Best of the Year' recognition by Apple has hit us by surprise, but has showed that we are moving in the...
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Adobe updates Lightroom CC on all platforms with improved and new features


Adobe has today released a massive update to the entire Lightroom CC ecosystem, including mobile and desktop applications. There are new features, fixes and new cameras and lenses supported. Let's dig into the details. One of the big improvements comes to "Auto" settings, which have been completely reworked to provide better results. The automatic image editing tools are powered by Adobe Sensei and compare your own images against a growing database of professionally-edited images. The new Auto tool is available in Lightroom CC...
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Think Tank Photo releases Video Tripod Manager 44, perfect for transporting large, heavy-duty tripods


While we know many of you are focused on stills photography, there are many video users who peruse our site as well. Video is typically only as good as it is steady. A dedicated video tripod can be very large and heavy and it is not always easy to transport. Think Tank Photo has released a new rolling tripod case to help you, the Video Tripod Manager 44. The new rolling case is not only ideal for video tripods up to 40 inches in length, but can also work well for slider systems, which many time-lapse photographers utilize. The...
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Big savings on Nikon lenses and DSLR cameras


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday long gone, that doesn't mean that you can't still save a lot of money during your holiday shopping. Nikon has started new lens-only rebates, which are highlighted in the first section below. There are still good savings to be had on a variety of Nikon cameras as well, which we have outlined in the second large section below. Further, don't forget that you can sign up for an Imaging Resource account - or sign in with an existing one - to receive an exclusive non-expiring code for $25 off a...
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Bring out the details in your photos with this selective sharpening technique in Photoshop


Over at Photoshop Cafe, Colin Smith has produced a new tutorial all about sharpening your images. If you shoot RAW, you will need to process your images to bring out the best quality that your files have to offer. This includes sharpening. While JPEG images often come out of the camera with a good amount of fine detail, one of the advantages of shooting RAW is that you are able to customize how much sharpening is applied to your photos and where it's applied. With the high pass mask sharpening technique shown below, you can...
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What’s in this landscape and wildlife photographer’s camera bag?


If you're reading Imaging Resource, it's a safe bet that you love gear. What better way to talk about gear than with a "what's in my bag?" video from a professional photographer. Landscape photographer Thomas Heaton is traveling in Namibia and has just published a video showing off the gear he took with him. Shooting both landscapes and wildlife in Namibia, he had to take with him a wide variety of gear. Starting with the wildlife-centric gear, Heaton took Canon's latest 200-400mm f/4 lens with a built-in 1.4x teleconverter. It's...
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Firmware Friday: Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master and Hasselblad XCD lenses get better focusing, bug fixes


After last week's mega roundup which topped 50 camera models, this week's Firmware Friday post is a comparitively short and sweet affair. It's also a little unusual in that we only have news of lens updates this time around, with no new firmware landing for interchangeable-lens camera bodies or fixed-lens cameras in the past seven days. Without any further ado, let's get right down to what's new! Sony FE 70-200 mm F2.8 GM OSS Firmware version 05 for the Sony G Master 70-200mm f/2.8 lens was released two days ago, and...
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How to add a customized warm glow to your images in Photoshop


Winter is on the way and there's no better way to fight off the cold than with some warm glow. In a new Phlearn tutorial, Aaron Nace shows you how to add a warm glow to your photos in Photoshop. If you'd like to follow along with the video tutorial below, you can download the sample image used here. For the most natural look, you will want to employ this technique with backlit photos. The technique relies upon the gradient tool and gradient maps, which Nace covers in his video. Check it out in action below. For more videos...
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Quick tip: How to manually remove chromatic aberration in Photoshop and Lightroom


Modern lenses are very good at handling chromatic aberrations and reducing the instances of color fringing. However, no matter how much lens technology has advanced, certain challenging situations will still often produce chromatic aberration. The most common instances of chromatic aberrations are purple, green or magenta lines along high-contrast edges in your photos. As Scott Kelby notes, it can be an easy problem to fix. Let's see how using Adobe software. While the tutorial shows Kelby working in Adobe Camera Raw, the same...
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