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Imaging Resource News Page

The Imaging Resource News page is the best way to stay on top of all the latest in the fast-paced world of digital imaging! Up-to-the-minute news as well as coverage of the latest articles and reviews covering digital imaging hardware and software of all

Published: 2017-03-21T11:47:58+00:00


For a two-time combat veteran, photography is an outlet and a way to give a face to PTSD


Michael McCoy served two tours in Iraq. He returned home with a photography hobby and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “On my first trip to Iraq, I would take tons of pictures to keep up the morale and to send back to friends and family,” McCoy told TIME. All the photos he captured had been backed up to a hard drive and McCoy lost that hard drive, which proved devastating. “I had pictures of family members that are deceased. I realized the only thing I could do was document life in the present.” A Baltimore native, McCoy...
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Leica launches stealthy, limited camera and lens; Meyer-Optik adds colorful options to Kickstarter


Leica "Blue Stain" MP and Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the Leica Store in Berlin, the legendary company is releasing a special series of the Leica M, dubbed “Blue Stain.” This is a particularly limited edition as the special MP will be produced in a series of ten cameras. Less limited is the accompanying Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, which will be produced in 20 pieces. Despite its name, the camera and lens aren’t blue, but are rather very dark gray. Blue stain is actually an...
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Canon EOS M6 First Shots: See what the EOS M3 successor sports under the hood for image quality


Click here to see our Canon EOS M6 First Shots It sure seems like it's "Canon Week" here at IR! After serving up a heaping helping our Canon lens factory tour and subsequent interview as well as First Shots from two other recent Canon DSLRs, we're now set to deliver the third set of First Shots lab images to you, this time from the new Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera. Successor to the EOS M3, the M6 sports a similar resolution APS-C sensor (though this time around we get...
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Marvelous Mars: Finnish photographer’s labor of love brings Martian surface to life


Finnish photographer and videographer Jan Fröjdman has a wide array of interests including nature, design, hot-air ballooning, but he also enjoys astronomy and space. Enter NASA’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) and it’s a match made in heaven. NASA produced high-resolution stereo images of the Martian surface over the past 12 years, capturing a total of 50,000 images, which can be viewed by anyone with special glasses in 3D. Fröjdman transformed the HiRISE images into a dynamic 3D view of Mars that does not...
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Canon 77D First Shots: Lab images from Canon’s new sub-$1000 intermediate-level DSLR


Click here to see our Canon 77D First Shots Simultaneously announced alongside the T7i last month ahead of CP+, the new Canon 77D features an altogether similar imaging pipeline as its Rebel-series sibling, housing a high-res 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and the latest-generation DIGIC 7 image processor. Where the 77D differs from the T7i is mostly down to body design and ergonomics. We'll get into all the details about the 77D's handling and performance once it hits the road for a Field Test, but for now, we have the camera...
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How is your color vision? Take these quizzes to find out


Unless you exclusively photograph black and white images – which don’t get me wrong, I love black and white photography and find it to offer its own unique set of challenges – color plays an important role in your photography. We spend a lot of time searching out beautiful color and finding ways to process our images to either showcase “natural” color as best as possible or enrich color in images. If light is the most important aspect of an image, then for many color is in a close second place. What makes color particularly...
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Lomography goes wide with new Instant Automat Glass Magellan, first wide angle instant camera


Using Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, the new Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Magellan is the first wide-angle instant camera. Equipped with a 21mm-equivalent lens (actual focal length is 38mm) with a maximum aperture of f/4.5, “the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass has everything you need to capture the world in crystal-clear, razor-sharp definition.” Taking a look at the specs for the new Lomo instant camera, we find that it has a shutter speed range of 8 seconds to 1/250s in its automatic shooting mode, but the shutter can be held...
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Canon T7i First Shots: Canon’s first DIGIC 7 Rebel-series DSLR makes its way to our testing lab


Click here to see our Canon T7i First Shots The latest Rebel-series camera, the Canon T7i is the first EOS DSLR model, along with simultaneously-announced EOS 77D, to feature the latest DIGIC 7 image processor. We now have our review unit in our hands and are ready to share our signature First Shots series of lab test images for your discerning eyes. Although the T7i gets an upgrade in the processing horsepower department, it's nevertheless paired to a similar 24MP APS-C image sensor as the one in the earlier T6i and T6s...
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Canon G9X II First Shots: The smallest 1-inch sensored compact hits our test lab


Click here for our Canon G9X Mark II First Shots With a new and improved processor, the Canon G9X Mark II seeks to build upon the popularity of the Canon G9X launched in 2015. That camera redefined how small a 1-inch sensored camera could be, and was awarded a Dave's Pick from us at IR for its small size paired with good image quality. The G9X Mark II has just completed its initial run through our test lab, which means we're now ready to unveil our signature laboratory First Shots. The biggest questions likely on...
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Up to Utsunomiya: An extremely rare look at Canon’s primary lens factory


(by William Brawley and Dave Etchells) It was still nighttime when we awoke in Yokohama, Japan the Monday following the CP+ expo. No time for any breakfast, but the hotel wasn't serving it yet anyway. We had to dash to the lobby to meet the group. So why wake up before the crack of dawn? IR publisher Dave Etchells and I had the extremely fortunate opportunity to get a very unique and exclusive tour of Canon's Utsunomiya Office, home to one of the company's primary manufacturing plants, and the birthplace of all L-series lenses, Cinema EOS lenses as well as...
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Nikon shares its love for New York City and historic N line with new “Love Letters” campaign


Do you love New York City, the city so nice they named it twice? Nikon does and they’re showing it with their new “Love Letters” campaign. The campaign starts with “Love Letters from the N Line,” which focuses on the well-known N Line that traverses three of New York City’s boroughs and carries nine million passengers each month to 45 stations, including stops at Times Square, Union Square and Coney Island. Nikon not only wants to showcase images captured with Nikon digital cameras and NIKKOR lenses, but wants New Yorkers to...
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Canon lens factory tour interview: Fewer people, higher-quality, more affordable lenses


Shortly after the completion of this year's installment of the annual CP+ tradeshow in Yokohama, Japan, IR founder and publisher Dave Etchells and Senior Editor William Brawley headed a couple of hours north to Utsunomiya, the capital of the Tochigi Prefecture, and home to Canon's primary lens factory. The reason: Both gents were fortunate to be able to tour the facility for a behind-the-scenes look at how Canon lenses are designed and manufactured. But that wasn't all -- the cherry on top of the visit was an opportunity to...
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Fuji GFX Extended Gallery: Delving into portraits, higher ISO’s and more


One of the most exciting cameras to grace the halls of our headquarters in some time, we've all been eager to get out into the field with the Fujifilm GFX. Our first gallery series came to you live from Japan courtesy of our senior editor William Brawley, who then handed this huge-sensored camera with the reasonably trim body off to yours truly for round two. Delighted to find that it would fit comfortably in my everyday over-the-shoulder camera bag, I headed out and about in search of portrait situations and higher ISO...
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New algorithm from Google reduces JPEG file size while also increasing perceived quality


Compressing JPEGs to retain as much quality as possible while also reducing their file size is nothing new. In fact, such compression is used by many to keep the size of images on websites down in order to increase performance. But compression to this point has always resulted in either at best mostly retaining visual quality or degrading it in some way, even if it is only a very small amount. Google has changed the game however, with a new open source algorithm that will not only reduce a file's size, but also increase the...
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Nikon D5600 Field Test: Compact DSLR offers great image quality and Nikon SnapBridge compatibility


We've just published our Field Test of the new, compact Nikon D5600 DSLR. The D5600 follows very closely in the footsteps of its excellent predecessor, the D5500. The latest model uses the same 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and processor, resulting in a camera, that while great, doesn’t give existing D5500 owners a very compelling reason to upgrade. New buyers, however, should certainly consider the D5600 and its new AF-P kit lenses an an excellent DSLR option. The most notable addition to the D5600 is its new Bluetooth Low Energy...
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How to find the optimal ISO for astrophotography: Understanding ISO, noise and dynamic range


As part of their free “Astrophotography 101” series focused on photographing the Milky Way, Lonely Speck has written an incredibly in-depth article about finding the best ISO for astrophotography. Finding the best exposure settings – shutter speed, aperture and ISO – for astrophotography can be tricky, especially for beginners. Lonely Speck has a useful tool to help called the Milky Way Exposure Calculator, but this is recommended only as a starting point and you need to know more about how your digital camera operates to...
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New photography grants aim to help women photojournalists tell visual, impactful stories


Women Photograph has established four grants aimed at increasing the amount of women in photojournalism. The primary grant, which is supported by the Pulitzer Center, offers $5,000 for established photographers. Three other grants, worth $2,500 and financed by bag-maker ONA, are aimed at emerging photojournalists. Founder of Women Photograph, Daniella Zalcman, who is herself a photographer, told TIME “These grants are meant to in some small way help elevate the voices of female (and non-binary) visual journalists. The main grant...
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GoPro is cutting 270 more jobs in their attempt to retain company value


GoPro is planning on cutting 270 more jobs this quarter, this in addition to the 100 cut a year ago and the 200 back in November. This news came in addition to a pre-announcement of first quarter earnings released yesterday, which shows GoPro meeting their goal of hitting the "upper end of its previously announced $190-210 million range" in profitability. The job cuts are said to be part of the company's desire to reach "full-year non-GAAP profitability for 2017." That statement was given by GoPro’s founder and CEO Nick Woodman in...
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The black plastic Holga 120N medium format film camera is coming back from the dead this summer


In 1981, the original Holga camera was introduced in China, offering an inexpensive 120 film format camera for a market clamoring for more affordable photography. Only a few years later, however, 35mm film took over the Chinese market and Holga was in trouble. Fortunately, Holga took hold in western markets where people were demanding the all-plastic “toy” camera. In 2001, Holga passed the million cameras sold mark. A decade later, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. But the Holga 120N camera, a successor to the original...
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ZEISS Photography Awards: Belgian takes home prize with beautiful look at desolate Faroe Islands


Started in 2016 with the World Photography Organization, the international ZEISS Photography Awards offers professional and amateur photographers a chance to win great prizes and showcase their work to a large audience. The winner of the 2017 edition of the contest has just been announced. The distinguished photographer is Belgian Kevin Faingnaert. He beat out 4,676 other photographers from a total of 132 countries. Over 31,000 images were submitted to the jury of experts. Faingnaert won with his series of photographs titled...
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