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Amanda UnBoomed

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No Boom Involved

Tue, 19 Sep 2006 04:52:34 PDT

This blog has retired. Please consider this site the Amanda archive from the Rocketboom era. Bye blogspot. You've served me well, but I won't miss you. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LINKS AND SUBSCRIBE to through my ovlov feed.


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Mon, 18 Sep 2006 08:03:38 PDT


AmandaAcrossAmerica launches on Tuesday.

The party last night in NYC was off the chain. We planned it in 48 hours--maybe even less-- and it was a huge success.

Thanks so much to for sponsoring the event and for hosting the party, and the trip. :) It was super amazing to see everyone... Heather Green, Kevin Chapados, Kenyatta Cheese... I hadn't seen you guys in a awesome to chat... and then THE BIGGEST SURPRISE.... Casey & Rudy and Steve & Carol came all the way down from Montreal and Boston!! I was so shocked!! Thanks also to Joe Cascio for traveling from southeastern took some great pics, so did Steve Garfield!

Check out the ovlov photostream as well.... and the flashmeeting. Thanks to Markus Sandy for setting that up!

Dina Kaplan caught part of my announcement, thanks Dina! Here's Steve's take:

click on the video below

here is the .wmv

See you Tuesday on video.

God Bless America

Thu, 14 Sep 2006 22:51:00 PDT

hit it dad...


do not watch on full stomach... some of the "camera work" is very shaky.

Media Files:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come One, Come All

Fri, 15 Sep 2006 12:10:48 PDT

This is message I just sent to the Yahoo Videoblogging List...
Of course all of you are invited too!!
Please excuse the strange font... copy & pasting in Blogger is a bitch.

Anyway, here's the message:

Hi everyone,
Ok, I know it’s short notice but...

We’re throwing a party and everyone’s invited!

Me, the hotties (yes, ladies, Mike WILL be
in attendance) and you I hope.
What: A Party!
Where: Blip’s new pad in Soho
239 Centre Street, #3A
between Broome and Grand

When: Saturday, September 16. 8pm
Why: To celebrate Blip’s new offices and my move to California!

This is a casual affair ... so come as you are. :)

There will be high quality liquor, possibly a keg or two,
Joe’s Pizza and Magnolia cup cakes (if you live in NYC, this
should mean somethingto you...), a couple announcements and
lots and lots of videoblogging I’m sure. is sponsoring (thanks, Joel!)... those who can’t
make the party in person will be able to join in the fun via
video chat. More details to follow!

No need to RSVP, just show up with your fine self!!

UPDATE: Billy's cupcakes. Close second. :)


Tue, 12 Sep 2006 07:35:17 PDT

was so much fun. OMG.Thanks Steve and Carol for inviting me, Mario, Rudy and Casey into your lovely home.Casey and I had a blast as the hottest females on the scene ;)Mario and I sadly got insanely lost as we always do when in Boston because it's this crazy labyrinth of "big digs" and cow paths .... so we missed Casey and Rudy's presentation... :(But! We got to watch some of it on video right on Steve's Nokia was well represented ... Oh, here's Blip's Dina Kaplan, she's sizzling.This is wholly surreal..... and Huuuuuuuuudack??? (as Chuck would say)... Mike's from CT too.Also at Podcamp from Blip was the very sweet, Charles Hope...and Justin Day (who I met for the very first time).This is Alive in Baghdad's Brian Conley.He's funny. At his session he said something like, "In Boston I'm a white guy. In Iraq, I'm Arab." Such versatility! I wonder if I could use that trick on my next trip to the middle east...hmmm.... Often during his presentation he admitted to being a "madman".And we were lucky enough to chill a bit with the brilliant, David Tamés.He was on rocketboom once and I thought he was super interesting.... so I was excited to meet him.I met so many great people... too many to count...Drew Olanoff, who came up with his crew from Philly, and Shauna Paukune who came up from Florida were such nice, creative people.Oh and our rockstar boyfriends were there too, talking videoblogging and website design (we think they are gay for each other).Witness some more Sunday morning fun, as directed by Steve Garfield:The Carol and Steve Show, re-imagined?[...]


Mon, 11 Sep 2006 13:57:51 PDT

I am staying away from the media as much as possible today.

I just can't take how they swarm around a day like today as if it were Valentine's Day or something. It feels weird. I understand the need for some people to make or watch media about 9/11 ... I guess as a way to remember. But I remember it well enough without any help.

Anyway, I am going to go listen to my dad sing God Bless America at the town hall. I will videotape it, but he gets final approval rights-- right dad?

I guess I'm making media about 911 too... writing this post... taking that video.

Women Use the Internet??

Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:45:04 PDT

Are you fo' serious? No freaking way. I don't believe it. ;)

Chickadvisor is very new, very cute site that reviews women-esque things like handbags and makeup but also goes as far as cafes and dentists (wtf?). Right now, they only cover Toronto... but promise to cover more cities soon. What I like most about the site is the bloggy-ness of the reviews, the woman-to-woman advice factor and the variety of topics.

It's pretty much catered to the girly girl though... so that might turn off some women.

All in all it's just in the beginning stages, but it doesn't take much imagination to envision all the fun places Chickadvisor could go. I agree with Nick... a partnership with Froogle might be great down the line... when more cities are available.

Who can resist those adorable floating words on the front page.. you just wanna grab 'em!


Pop Experiments

Fri, 08 Sep 2006 12:20:57 PDT

Before Thomas and I begin really popping... I still have a couple experiments to complete to see what works for you guys. Thomas has conducted his survey over at pophub... if you'd like to see what his readers think.

Email me your thoughts or leave me a comment to let me know what works best for you... our main goal is to try and figure out what exact # of links, or urls, I should remix.

What pops for me today:

Killer Frisbees?
New weapons for old problems.

Freeware Aggregated
Not exactly a pretty website to look at, but it gets the job done.

Why Smart People Do Dumb Things
The "Unconscious Need to Fail" point is particularly interesting.

YouTube on Your iPod
I still have a nano, not a video ipod... so let me know how this works. Oh, gosh, I admit it. I'm a YouTube addict. I don't want to be. I just AM.

And hence.... our next url...

Encourage the Haters

I have to hand it to "tapedcookie", it's an interesting experiment.

Priest Calls in Bomb Threat to Madonna Concert?

At least use a payphone or throw away cell phone, smarty.

Why Teenagers Don't Give a Sh-t

"We think that a teenager's judgment of what they would do in a given situation is driven by the simple question: 'What would I do?'" Blakemore said. "Adults, on the other hand, ask: 'What would I do, given how I would feel and given how the people around me would feel as a result of my actions?'"

Umm... most adults....

A Downright Gorgeous Periodic Table

Although ... Iodine kinda looks like a red blood cell.

Anti-Semitism is Unacceptable

This article focuses on hate crimes in the UK, but rest assured, yes, I'm directing this at you, Mel. And to everyone else, yes, Mel reads my blogspot blog. ;)

Viva All The Pretty Horses!
I had no idea this was even going on.

"It is one of the most inhumane, brutal, shady practices going on in the U.S. today," said Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y., a sponsor of the ban.

Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas with me!!

Back on the Horse

Wed, 06 Sep 2006 09:41:54 PDT

I had sooooo much fun yesterday! Can't wait to see the cut!!



Ok, It's Official

Mon, 04 Sep 2006 20:35:13 PDT

I love my new mac!! I never thought I would fall so hard. I'm in lovvvvvvve. Seriously I can't put it down, and that's saying a lot given it has one drawback: it's a freaking heavy motha f-er.

Good Magazine hits magazine racks tomorrow with their debut issue. Yours truly is profiled on page 47 (check out the CT backdrop, sweet) next to pal Jimmy Wales. It was insanely hot that day-- I wasn't actually going for the melted look....


Oh, check out La Laque if you are into indie hipster new wave french rock. I saw them play at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan on Friday... I went there to support Murder Mystery and was pleasantly suprised with La Laque's performance...

Stepping Stone?

Mon, 04 Sep 2006 12:56:58 PDT

My bud, Chartreuse, aka Prince Campbell, has an interesting post on his blog about videobloggers crossing over to the mainstream. You already know my take on that subject. What's yours?

Can't wait to finally meet in person in Santa Monica next month, Char!!!

Oh, check out Char's main gig, The Blogging Times-- hot stuff... and their new videoblogtress, Erin Fetherman-- hotter stuff... ;)

We go way back, right Char? Feel free to skip to the end...


Sat, 02 Sep 2006 21:37:26 PDT

My brother left for study abroad in Madrid yesterday. Man. After spending all summer with him... it's just weird around here without him. :(

Thanks Andrew for working with me and Mario this summer. You were one hell of a book project manager. I'm quite certain we will get absolutely nothing done without you.

1 blackberry
1 failed business relationship
6 new business relationships
1 Node 101
1 visit from Steve Garfield
1 visit from Galacticast
1 micro announcement
4 flat tires (I'm serious: Andrew-3, Amanda-1, Mario-0)
1 BlogHer Conference
21 meetings in NYC
148 conference calls
1 failed vaio
1 macbook pro
1 Blogumentary screening
2 concerts
and lots ahead...

Summer of 2006 out!

Blogumentary On The Big Screen!!

Thu, 31 Aug 2006 00:20:17 PDT

Join Mario and me tonight to see blogger/vlogger/flickr addict/storyteller/all around funny dude Chuck Olsen's documentary on the blogosphere, BLOGUMENTARY, tonight at 9pm the Pioneer Theater in the East Village!!

If you are in NYC and you don't stop by I'll be mad at you...

Check out this fun pic of me and Chuck taken yesterday!!

The McDan Tour

Tue, 29 Aug 2006 12:00:09 PDT

We went to see Steely Dan and Michael McDonald.

...the bikes

...the stage

... the vids

Mike McDonald opened up for Steely. He is so magically smooth.

And Steely rocked the house. As you can see, Mike played with Steely, just like the old days.

Media Files:


Sun, 27 Aug 2006 23:54:02 PDT

Wow!! My popurls collaboration is getting quite the attention. Never did I imagine my fun little side project born Friday morning and blogged about Friday evening would find its way to scobleizer. This would make sense if it were my "announcement". Endeavor's publicity team will be handling that with a press release and I will announce personally with a video, of course!

My brother's take on it.

My New Favorite Videoblog

Sun, 27 Aug 2006 00:27:12 PDT

I've always liked the little rascals. I love the pseudo-British accent of Buns and the Paris Hilton squeak of Chou Chou.

Anyway, when I met the very sweet and charming Daniel McVicar at BlogHer, I just knew that I needed to see what the rabbits thought. So I sent in a request to see their mctake on the McVlog.

I recently received this link from them with a short message: "Heya Kid. Your wish is our command."

Check it out! Arianna and Lisa make appearances.

Watch this week's K-FED episode here. Best ep yet!! K-Fed profiled like never before! Believe me, you wanna see this one.

P.S.: I'm still figuring out how to do a screenshot on this mac thingy... or I'd give you a nice image of buns and chou chou.
P.P.S.: (I got the link, Steve, thanks!)

LATER: The rabbits sent over this cute image!


popurls + amanda!

Fri, 25 Aug 2006 15:45:56 PDT

It's all right here.

Link Lovin': The Popurls Remix

Thu, 24 Aug 2006 12:47:27 PDT

Hot Library Smut?
Libraries are sexy.

Best Selling Books
Anyone have any favorites to recommend?

Canceling Casual Fridays

Don't worry. The real ones are coming back. ;)

More Crazy from the Cruise Camp

Hollywood stops taking his crap. Finally. Do it yourself, Tom!
"The Brooke Shields thing really turned women against him," a source close to the studio told The News. "It was the last straw."

Home Depot Invasion
More performance art from Improv Everywhere.

Kill a Complainer
This actually sounds like a handy solution! Try it out and let me know if it works.

30 Rock Gets a Bean?

It's just a beautiful big shiny bean. I wonder if it will play a role on 30 Rock.

"Some Indians regard Hitler as just another historical figure and have little knowledge about the Holocaust"?
Is this fo' serious?

Apple and Creative truce
Took long enough. Ah, bureaucracy. It's thick. I know-- I'm in it.

"marrying a "career girl" seems to lead to a fate worse than tangling with a hungry cougar"!
I think it's just funny that he got away with using the term "career girl" in Forbes...

Which Housewife Are You?
Go on and take it even if you're a guy, c'mon! I'm not even married but I got "Gabrielle". Yikes!

RiteAid Steps Up
My favorite pharmacy tries to stop being a loser.

Yes, Dell Sucks
Bet Jarvis got a kick outta this one.

Sympathy Vote
If you thought you were having a bad day...

I'm Switching Over to the Dark Side, Mr. Jobs

Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:31:25 PDT

My computer history:8 years old: Apple IIGS. I called it the "Apple LGS" at the time.Between 10-14: My family didn't have a computer. I got a B+ instead of an A- on my 7th grade history term paper because the PC at my school crashed and I lost it. So I had to turn in the paper a day late. I never handed anything in late before so it was a hard lesson for me (plan ahead cuz computers are assholes sometimes). Poor me! It's a hard life. ;)High School: Random, thrown together PC parts united to create a giant piece of doody!Freshman Year of College: Dell. We all make mistakes.Senior Year of College: WinBook. Nothing exciting to say.Since college: Sony Vaio. I loved it. I really did. We just needed some space. I'll miss the little 4 lb cutie. I'll miss it a lot. Just wasn't meeting my video needs, but I stood by it. THEN it crashed. :(Now: MAC BOOK PRO! WHOA NELLY!I've come full circle... and, I'll say it, I'm scared-- AND I LIKE IT!This is my first blog post with my new compy. So far, it's full of awesomeness. I still miss right click though. My right ring finger keeps reaching to click dammit! MUST TRAIN TO STOP!Pics I just took while unwrapping my new puppy:[...]

Emails & Experiments

Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:59:08 PDT

Just a housekeeping note to let you know two things:

1) If you sent me an email between Monday Aug 14 - Monday Aug 21 please resend. During the server change I lost all my emails (except any that went to the unboomed gmail addy). Super sorry for the inconvenience.

2) Right now during this transitional period I am experimenting with UnBoomed to see what works and what doesn't. This will help a lot when I launch my new blog in September.


Katie, The Lady

Wed, 23 Aug 2006 11:14:14 PDT

Sorry to be a little MIA these last few days... a lot of stuff is going on. Jeesh, I'm sick of saying that. Can't wait until I can spread the word!Until then...I really enjoyed reading this article by Howard Kurtz ...then I thought... Howard Kurtz... how do I know that name.... ah, yes, we met in June, Howard.Anyway, onto the article. I've meditated on it for a few days... actually I don't meditate but I have let it stew.First off, before I begin, let me just say that I am not a Couric fan. Although this is pretty funny:I still prefer Diane. Classy, smart, and warm (oh, and added bonus points for her normal looking mouth, sorry Katie).I do, however, admire how Katie is going about this monster transition. I for one can't wait for September 5th. Below I've documented my reactions to the article. Some responses are thoughtful... and others are downright superficial. :)Up Close And Too Personal Katie Couric, Center of Attention, Says She Just Wants to Do Her Job By Howard KurtzWashington Post Staff WriterTuesday, August 15, 2006; Page C01 NEW YORK, Aug. 14She is already the most heavily scrutinized, psychoanalyzed and gossiped-about anchor in network history, and she hasn't yet uttered a single "good evening" on a CBS newscast. Of course, she's a powerful woman ("woman" being the operative word) making a big move. Katie Couric's wardrobe has been analyzed by the Wall Street Journal, her makeup assailed in USA Today, her dating life examined by Parade magazine, her fitness for nightly news duty debated by columnists, cable combatants, bloggers and bloviators. Ummm, yeah? Of course. She's a lady. "Bloviators", eh? I had to look that one up. "I'm really focused on work and trying to tune the other stuff out, because it could potentially drive you absolutely out of your mind," Couric says in a conference room down the hall from the new set being constructed for her Sept. 5 debut. You go girl! Good luck with that. When she takes the helm of the "CBS Evening News," Couric's challenge to NBC's Brian Williams and ABC's Charlie Gibson will mark the first such three-way showdown since Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings initially went at it in the early 1980s. But the media landscape has shifted dramatically since then, leaving this trio fighting for a shrinking slice of the audience and increasingly taking their battle online. I find Brian Williams neither endearing nor sincere.Yes, they will all need to battle online as well as on TV to remain competitive. Somehow I think Katie would do very well with a video blog. She's very connected with her peeps. Who wins in this showdown. I do. We do. We get better news. News that is FORCED to reinvent itself and move the medium of television forward. News that has no choice but to fully integrate itself with a new medium altogether, the internet. Because Couric is both the first woman to serve as a solo nightly news anchor and a big-time celebrity, some are casting her debut as the biggest event of the fall television season. After 15 years as a popular morning personality at NBC, she is armed with some new ideas -- including a regular soapbox segment for advocates and activists-- to jazz up an evening news format that sometimes seems set in concrete.I think it's cool that Katie is adding a segment for advocates. Of course she decides who's worthy enough ... and that's a whole 'nother can of worms... but it's still a step into the right direction.After conducting town meetings in a half-dozen cities last month, Couric concluded that "people are h[...]


Fri, 18 Aug 2006 07:52:11 PDT

A new You Tube star has been born. Joe Cascio points us to a widower living alone in the English countryside:

(object) (embed)

I found most interesting the comment he made explaining why he isn't interested in attention from the MSM: "You and all You Tube members are now my friends and as friends I can talk with you in an uninhibited way and tell you all my secrets. And that's the way I like it to be. I have nothing to say to the world in general."

I think I'll shoot him an email about the perils of putting videos on You Tube. He seems like more of a Blip guy. :)

Yay though for diversity in videoblogging! Variety is so much more fun. I think maybe I should try to get my matchmaker on and hook him up with Millie Garfield.

Media Files:

Gettin' a Little Linky

Wed, 16 Aug 2006 14:48:49 PDT

ABC Leads The Pack
(and cbs follows)

Silly Quiz: What Color Are You?
I'm green.

Be Al Gore's Bitch!
It's for a good cause...via the Good Magazine blog

Myths About Atheists
I'm not one (but I'm not a believer in organized religion either).

Aurora Videos
Because they are purty.

Booze & Cigs More Dangerous Than E & Weed?
Check the graph!


My Bro is Now a Blogger

Tue, 15 Aug 2006 20:00:41 PDT

With a great deal of pride I introduce you to Pawn Takes Queen, my brother Andrew's new blog. It will be great to keep up with him while he travels to Madrid for study abroad in September. Enjoy!

Trip to NYC

Mon, 14 Aug 2006 16:41:47 PDT

On Saturday we took the train into Manhattan. First we stopped by Node 101 and hung out, ate some mini carrot sticks, watched some vlogs,
and chatted with some cool peeps like Melanie Morgan and Ivettza Sanchez.

Then we headed down to the Flatiron Lounge, one of my favorite little spots in NYC. It's home of my favorite coctail eva, the Jamaican Firefly.
That's Molly in the middle and Emily (Emski) on the right. Molly and I have been super tight since freshman year of highschool when we were both 14. We'd cut study hall to go to Molly's house which was nearby and eat Ramen and watch Sweet Valley High. Emski and I were college roommates. I am trying to convince her to work on one of my upcoming projects with me (I think she's going to go for it!).
And last we have Luke and Mario... check out Luke's Power Move! The Pretzel!