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Preview: Michael Lehman: Manic Minute

Michael Lehman: Manic Minute

News about Software, Podcasting, and other stuff . . . you just don't want to miss!!

Last Build Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2007 18:53:34 GMT

Copyright: Copyright 2007 Michael Lehman

Michael's Mellow Moment - 27 Jan 07 - The Final Edition

Mon, 29 Jan 2007 18:27:38 GMT

Hello and welcome to the final edition of Mike's Manic Minute, for January 27th, 2007, today only entitled, Michael's Mellow Moment.  As always, brought to you by   One small step. . .   When I started podcasting in October of 2004 I, like my 11 other compatriots, had a dreamy vision of what podcasting would become.  Blogging was just starting to enter the mainstream culture beyond the world of technology and had a major impact on the politics of 2004.  Podcasting, although a natural outgrowth of the same urge to have an individual voice, was the purview of the ultra geeky few who had the necessary audio engineering skills, the technological prowess to manage to create a correctly formed RSS feed and the dedication to find something to say on a regular basis.  Audio blogging and video blogging had already existed yet the new concept of automatically downloading the content, organizing it automatically and pushing it to the ever increasing population of portable music players was moving from dream to desire and eventually necessity as we all struggled to cope with the flow of information and entertainment created by inspired and now communicationally empowered individuals.   Two and a half years later Google no longer asks if you were searching for broadcasting when you search for podcasting and there are, by various measures, more than 30,000 podcasters with more starting up daily.  No longer is there a need for a podcast that reports, filters and sometimes comments on the early adopters of this "new" phenomena.  After a while it became apparent to me that I was adding less and less value with each Manic Minute I created.  So I took a 6 month break and tried to think about what I really wanted to contribute.   As I have lived through those past 6 months I recently recalled that when I moved to Seattle two years ago I made a conscious decision to answer the perennial question, "Do you go by Mike or Michael" with "Michael" instead of the "Either way" answer I'd given all my life.  Interestingly, at least to me, I think this has had an impact on the way that I perceive my work, my interactions with others and even the relationship of lifelong friends .   Finally, technology has grown in its importance in and impact on the day-to-day lives of not only the technologically enamored but the broader mainstream of society.  In 1991, Geoffrey Moore wrote a book called "Crossing the Chasm" ( in which he extrapolates from the Technology Adoption Lifecycle ( originally developed at my alma mater, Iowa State University ( which describes a process in which the first group of people to use a new product called innovators, are followed by early adopters, the early and late majority, and the finally the laggards.  Podcasting is, in my opinion, now in the early majority phase and thus needs less and less "evangelism" of the kind I had been doing "nearly daily".   So. . . as many sentences begin at the world's largest software company, I have decided to retire the Manic Minute and begin a new venture.   One Giant Leap. . .   After today, I am starting a new blog/podcast entitled "The New Way" which will be co-located here at and at  "The New Way" will be a weekly podcast commentary on not only how technology influences our lives but more importantly a critical conversation about whether or not technological gadgets, products and services all touted as "advances" are good, ethical and in concert with a healthy and happy life.  In addition to my own thoughts, "The New Way" will also feature comments from listeners, both audio and textual, and interviews with future gazers, guest bloggers and podcasters.   One Final Song. . .   For those, at least all two of you, who might have wondered what the theme song for the Manic Minute was reall[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 17 Jul 06

Tue, 18 Jul 2006 23:52:11 GMT

OurSS and InternetTubes. . . .

You gotta love it when the software industry actually takes it self less seriouisly.

Chris Pirillo of Gnomedex and Lockergnome fame has started a new site called which serves up a daily cartoon of the blogosphere.


Today it's about Senator Ted Stevens and his internet tubes and previously there was a very funny one about Microsoft embracing and extending Atom and RSS together to create Our SS.  Which was, of course, opposed by groups with names like IMANASS, AtomsApple, PrinceSS, BetterSS, AnotherSS, CoolRSS, and RSS 3.11 (for Workgroups).


Podcast of the day. . .

The Power Living Podcast


Once again my favorite thing, short, sweet and to-the-point information for healtier and happier living!





Manic Minute Recommendation: I'm always on the lookout for ways to live better!


And that's your Manic Minute for July 17th, 2006, brought to you by . . .

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Mike's Manic Mintue 14 Jul 06

Sun, 16 Jul 2006 04:54:02 GMT

Okay To Play. . .

A new site, Okay to Play, has launched that features "comparison charts to help podcasters make educated decisions regarding audio advertising sales companies, podsafe music, recording hardware, and more.


The site offers charts on podcast flash players, portable audio recorders, podcast advertising companies, and music providers.


The site plans to add listener submitted reviews, editorial, and additional resources to help podcasters navigate the ever expanding sea of choice.

Okay to Play is a "side project" of Adam Varga, of Daily Sonic.



Podcast of the day. . .

The Open Mike Café


A weekly show hosted by Michael Stephens of Wayne, Michigan featuring songs from

A blend of independent original music submitted by artists struggling to be heard.


Most of the music is folk/acoustic, though he is starting to play more blues and jazz.





Manic Minute Recommendation: Sounds good to me!  Maybe I'll submit one of my own songs. . .


And that's your Manic Minute for July 14th, 2006, brought to you by . . .

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Mike's Manic Minute 13 Jul 06

Fri, 14 Jul 2006 01:16:06 GMT

Just in time. . .The 21st century solution to carpal tunnel. . .

A Paralyzed man using a new brain sensor has been able to move a computer cursor, open e-mail and control a robotic device simply by thinking about doing it. The BrainGate sensor, which involves implanting electrodes in the brain, could offer new hope to people paralyzed by injuries or illnesses.


"This is the first step in an ongoing clinical trial of a device that is encouraging for its potential to help people with paralysis," Dr Leigh Hochberg, of Massachusetts General Hospital, said in an interview.



From the "It's about time" department. . .

Have you ever bought a Dell and tried to get your rebate?

Well, finally, responding to customer complaints, Dell Inc. said Thursday it plans to gradually reduce its use of mail-in rebates and its often confusing array of other promotional offers.



Podcast of the day. . .

Live from the 101

A podcast emanating from the infamous Highway 101 in Northern California brings you random thoughts and interesting discussion.





Manic Minute Recommendation: Interesting stuff and boy am I glad I don't have to drive the 101 everyday like I used to


And that's your Manic Minute for July 13th, 2006, brought to you by . . .

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Mike's Manic Minute 12 Jul 06

Thu, 13 Jul 2006 20:38:05 GMT

Shareware Industry Conference. . . The 16th annual US Gathering of the MicroISV community known as the Shareware Industry Conference  ( starts today in Denver, Colorado.   I'm going to hob-knob with some of the most independent thinkers who create, on a daily basis, something from nothing.   I'll also be podcasting and presenting at the final session on Saturday afternoon.   If you're there, look me up!  I'll be the guy in the black sportcoat.   MS-DOS RIP. . . In the beginning was, of course CP/M®, and then came MS-DOS, a CP/M®-like operating system originally derived from something called 86DOS and then on top of MS-DOS came Windows..   Yesterday, Microsoft finally ended support for Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows ME.   Now, every version of Windows that currently supported is based on the Windows NT kernel.   Podcast of the day. . . The Positiveworks Podcast   Helen Whitten of Positiveworks is a coach and former Deputy-Chair of the Work-Life Balance Trust. She discussed issues relating to work-life balance to individuals, organisations and society.   URL: FEED:   Manic Minute Recommendation: It's always a challenge to balance this stuff so we can all use all the help we can get.   And that's your Manic Minute for July 12th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 09 Jul 06

Mon, 10 Jul 2006 18:38:50 GMT

Ten Signs You Are Obsessed With Technology. . .   1 - You forget basic bodily functions 2 - You collect accessories for your gadgets 3 - You check your email on Sunday . . . at 3am 4 - You know your mates by their online "handles" rather than their real names 5 - Your favorite song goes "beep" 6 - Instead of laughing you say 'LOL' 7 - You answer your mobile phone when you're on a date 8 - You change the 'outfits' of your things depending on their 'mood' 9 - You own a Blackberry 10- You speak in a secret language       Podcast of the day. . .   Poem of the day podcast URL: FEED:   Nicely read classic poetry stimulates the non-technical portions of the brain.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Oh Captain, my Captain indeed!   And that's your Manic Minute for July 9th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 08 Jul 06

Sat, 08 Jul 2006 21:08:14 GMT

Say it isn't so. . .

Robert Scoble's infamous Red Couch is for sale

. . .but where would you put it?


Higher speed limits = Safer Roads. . .

The Wall Street Journal ( is reporting that in states where the speed limit has been raised to 70 MPH or above auto fatalities have gone down 16 percent.


It says only 5 percent of drivers were actually driving 55 anyway and the other 95 percent were being distracted watching for radar guns and unmarked cars.


Podcast of the day. . .


Tune Tourist




A monthly scouring of independent record stores now shares it's finds with you!


Manic Minute Recommendation: Fewer hits, more enjoyment for all!


And that's your Manic Minute for July 8th, 2006, brought to you by . . .


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Mike's Manic Minute 07 Jul 06

Sat, 08 Jul 2006 20:10:41 GMT

Gnomedex 6.0 is history. . . OK, I know I'm a bit late with my Gnomedex  ( news but it's been quite a week of parties and celebrations.  Gnomedex had two awesome schmoozefests at the Museum of Flight ( and at the EMP (Experimental Music Project) ( last weekend.  Then I went to a "going-away" party at Robert Scoble's soon-to-be-old-house in Bothel, WA ( and then a  private party on July 3rd, fireworks on July 4th and then a dinner party at my house last night. . .whew!  It's nice just to stay home and relax tonight!   One of the most interesting things to come out of Gnomedex was the thought that the blogosphere is essential one long competition of "American Ego" in which no one ever gets booted off the show!   Any news is good news. . . . . .so they say!   This week my new evangelism "initiative" known as Project Glidepath ( , got picked up by Mary Jo Foley at Microsoft Watch (,1995,1984840,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535) and the emails and blog posts started flying fast-and-furious .  If you're going to the Shareware Industry Conference  next week look me up.  If you're not stay tuned to the Project Glidepath blog ( for full details.     Podcast of the day. . .   Ok, I admit it, I'm a just as much a sucker for a good laugh at the expense of a clueless politician as the next guy. . .   Today's podcast-of-the-day:  Podcast411   This is for their interview with Ted Stevens and his "the internet is pipes" podcast.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Listen up, your lawmakers are mumbling!   And that's your Manic Minute for July 7th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 16 May 06

Wed, 17 May 2006 14:31:38 GMT

From the Oh Be Serious department. . . Someone called "Shelly the Republican" posts Podcasts: Liberal Media's Next Assault on America   This post even links to a petition to ask the FCC to regulate podcasts. . .they have all of 10 signatures so far!   According to the poster: Apple neglected to mention that every iPod ever sold included a hidden feature called "Podcasting" which they unveiled in mid 2005.   Today's iPod users are not aware of the high Risks This feature allows liberal media direct access to young Americans without any of the safeguards that make TV channels like Fox News fair and balanced. A quick scan though some of America's most popular podcasts is proof enough that a dangerous liberal minority have seized control over this influential channel.   It's hard to tell if this is the Stephen Colbert of blogs or if they're serious. . .   Oh boy!     Podcast of the day. . . Slate Magazine's Today's Papers Textcast URL: RSS:   Winning the award for the most orthogonal use of podcasting technology yet. . .Slate Magazine presents news stories excerpted from the daily papers and delivered as. . .can you believe it . . . text that can be viewed on your iPod.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Interesting concept but hard to consume while you're doing something else. . .which in my humble opinion is one of the big values of podcasting   And that's your Manic Minute for May 16th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 15 May 06

Tue, 16 May 2006 02:50:22 GMT

Video Podcasting. . .from your phone! reports that YouTube has introduced a service that lets you upload videos directly from your phone or PDA. All you need is a mobile device capable of making video and MMS messages, and an Internet access or data plan from your service provider. Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon are currently supported.   Patent Trolls beware. . . . Cnet reports today that A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sided with eBay in an ongoing patent spat, handing down a ruling that could make it harder for some patent holders to force shut-offs of infringing products in the future.   The patent in question was related to eBay's "Buy-It-Now" feature.   In 2001, I worked for a number of patent holding companies reviewing patents for prior art in this exact area.  Over the course of my 36 year career I've seen and been involved with many early-stage efforts and have the combination blessing and curse that I remember all of them!   I say if you want to patent something, good for you, but you'll have much better luck enforcing it if you invent something original!       Podcast of the day. . . Business Jive! URL: RSS:   A semi-regular interview show that features executives of startup companies.   As someone very interested in business podcasting, I was delighted to see Business Jive interviewing startup executives and want to encourage anyone who sees how humanizing your business can help build customer confidence and tolerance to call me 206-388-5072 and start your own business podcast!   Manic Minute Recommendation: Do the Biz Jive!   And that's your Manic Minute for May 15th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 14 May 06

Sun, 14 May 2006 18:51:30 GMT

Happy Mother's Day. . . The mother of one of my co-workers, Robert Scoble, is in the hospital this Mother's Day and I'd like to add my voice to all of those who've sent prayers to her and her whole family that she get well soon.   In the United States today is "Mother's Day" which, according to the National Women's History Project ( started in 1858, 1872 and 1905 by Anna Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis's daughter lobbied for women's rights and sanitary working conditions.   The holiday was made official by the US congress in 1914.   My mother died 14 years ago and I miss her.  So if you still have your mother tell her thank you for all the love, patience and energy she put into you to get you to where you are today.   Thank's Mom!   Podcast of the day. . . What else: The Mother of all Podcasts URL: RSS:   The program is a chronicle of the joys and travails as working mothers and their age-old problem of juggling career, kids, husband, social life, identity and not to forget the guilt.   Manic Minute Recommendation: More power to the mothers!     And that's your Manic Minute for May 14th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 13 May 06

Sun, 14 May 2006 18:29:18 GMT

Knock knock. . .who's there. . .the NSA On Thursday the USA Today newspaper reported ( that the NSA has been, with the help of AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth, datamining call detail records of domestic telephone calls.   UPDATE: CNet also covered the story:   I don't get political on the Manic Minute very often but I do have a great deal of respect for the Bill of Rights and, in this case, the Fourth Ammendment. . .you know. . The one about unreasonable search and seizure?   The problem with the NSA data mining is not that we're looking for terrorists. . .if it stopped there one might be tempted to shrug shoulders but that's not all that's happening. . .the NSA has stated publicly that they share the information with other agencies and local law enforcement.  That means you could get a knock on the door from the police accusing you of a crime they think you committed by reviewing telephone records they got without a warrant.   I say No Way NSA!   Call your Senator today and register your opinion. . .and remember, the new nominee for the head of the CIA is the man who invented and ran this program at the NSA.   Podcast of the day. . . The Powerliving Podcast URL: RSS:   The POWER LIVING MINUTE is a daily dose of health and wellness information hosted by National syndicated radio host and Author Dr. Tim Weir.  Power Living helps uncover some of the confusing things that often accompany health care issues.   And. . .it's a minute long   Manic Minute Recommendation: A podcast a day with the doctor I say!     And that's your Manic Minute for May 13th, 2006, brought to you by . . .[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 04 May 06

Thu, 04 May 2006 23:18:16 GMT

Business Podcasting. . .from Apple?!? SEM Pro, a site that covers search engine marketing, reports that Apple is promoting the benefits of podcasting via email:    "Promoting your business just got easier. Create a podcast and post it in minutes, and reach customers, clients, and partners in a whole new way.   Chefs are sharing recipes. Maternity store owners are giving the lowdown on diaper bags. And other professionals are airing business discussions, marketing new products and services, and keeping people informed."   As the proprietor of what's not to like?  (Except that I wish my day-job employer, Microsoft, was doing it as well!)     mobiBLU Podcast-ready MP3 players. . . Podcast Ready and mobiBLU have announced the launch of what they are calling the "first podcast-enabled MP3 players."   mobiBLU's latest MP3 player, the B153, will come pre-installed with Podcast Ready's myPodder podcast management software that supports both MP3 and WMA.     Podcast of the day. . . The Businessmakers Podcast Website: Feed:   The BusinessMakers is a weekly show passionately focused on championing entrepreneurship. The show features successful entrepreneurs sharing their very personal stories about building and growing successful businesses in stimulating and thought-provoking interviews. Hey guys. . .maybe you could feature me as on your show?  [...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 31 Mar 06

Fri, 31 Mar 2006 23:54:11 GMT

On the front page of Channel9. . . Last night a simultaneous video/podcast that I did with Charles Torre was posted on the front page of the developer-to-developer site at   In it I talk about how I got into podcasting, how we use podcasting at Microsoft and a few thoughts about the future of podcasting.   It's something you just shouldn't miss!   A new hotel room accessory. . . The 21C hotel is no ordinary hotel.   The hotel, in Louisville, KY promises to let visitors "sleep with art".   The valet rides a Segway. There's no check-in desk - guest go directly to their rooms. And every room comes with an iPod, pre-filled with guest's favorite music.   Guests are contacted five to seven days before arrival to determine their music preferences to load onto the iPod.   Hotel rates are $209 to $359, although Louisville residents can stay there on weekends for $119.     Podcast of the day. . . Old Time Radio podcast URL:   FEED:   Listen to the thrilling days of yesteryear. Daily pod casts of old time radio comedy, western, detective and police shows. Listen to the likes of Jack Benny, Gunsmoke, Sherlock Holmes, Fibber Mcgee and Molly, Dragnet,and X minus one .   Manic Minute Recommendation: I say Watson, jolly good!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 31st, 2006, brought to you by[...]

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Oooooh... Scoble juice

Fri, 31 Mar 2006 16:29:06 GMT

I just can't resist being glad that I got some juice from my very famous co-worker, Robert Scoble.  Thanks dude!

Now, I also invite you to read the comments made to his post as an example of the kinds of "fun" one gets to have when blogging... and those are mild compared to the kinds of things Robert deals with on a daily basis.


Mike's Manic Minute 28 Mar 06

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:57:09 GMT

The ultimate in-house helicopter. . . A Norwegian engineer, obviously with too much time on his hands due to the long, long winters. . .has invented the Picoflyer , a radio-controlled, micro helicopter you can fly around inside your house. . .   And in the process he's create a self-stabilizing helicopter design that has rocked the aeronautic industry on it's ear.   To stay pointed in one direction, the Picoflyer, uses two sets of counter-rotating rotors. But to keep from pitching or rolling out of control, it relies on a system that adds no extra parts or weight. If the it starts to tilt, the ringed rotors naturally tilt in the other direction, bringing the bird back to level.   I say, bravo, and. . .I want one!         Podcast of the day. . . The Manly Geek Show   PAGE: FEED: feed:   This podcast, from a US Marine at Quantico Naval Base, tells me more than I'd ever want to know about how podcasting has infiltrated the popular culture.   Manic Minute Recommendation: In the words of the podcaster: Be More, Be Manly   And that's your Manic Minute for March 27th, 2006, brought to you by!  [...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 27 Mar 06

Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:55:58 GMT

Steve Balmer. . .says no! At least to his children. . .when it comes to iPods and Google.   The CEO of my illustrious employer admitted in a recent interview that while he has not been able to stop thousands of Microsoft employees from purchasing iPods and using Google, he has, at least, been able to put his foot down at home.   Steve, as a good 'softie, I do try to use but when it doesn't work, I do use Google.  And I'll admit that I got my iPod as a present before I joined the company. . .and I hope the rumors of a truly integrated, Microsoft-based platform are true (someday) but I also hope that you, and the folks in Windows Media, are paying attention to the new meme-storm in the bloggosphere about CRAP. . .Content Retstriction Annulment and Protection. . .David Berlind at ZDNet gives his treatise here:       Podcast of the day. . . The BBC World Today. . .done Manic Minute Style   Web page:   RSS Feed:     Well. . .it's a 15 minute condensation of 5 hours of broadcasting.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Jolly good, carry on!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 27th, 2006, brought to you by!    [...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 24 Mar 06

Sun, 26 Mar 2006 01:35:57 GMT

Brain Speed. . . The folks at Positscience have a new test to determine the speed of your brain based on how fast you respond to auditory stimuli.   Accordint to Posit Science, "Auditory processing speed is important because much of the information we receive each day is communicated through sound--especially speech.  The faster we can take in information accurately, the better we can keep up with, respond to and remember what we hear."   They sell a product to help improve your brain speed and claims it makes you younger.   I guess that makes the Manic Minute a great daily trip to the mental gym!    Woo hoo!     Podcast of the day. . . My Storied Life   James Vest started My Storied Life as a project to better understand web design and hist serve customers but it has since turned into a celebration of all his favorite and forgotten projects.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Learning always leads to results.     And that's your Manic Minute for March 24th, 2006, brought to you by![...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 23 Mar 06

Sun, 26 Mar 2006 01:35:01 GMT

AJAX Write. . . When you're the big guy on the block everyone wants to take a share of your market and Microsoft, it seems, even more so.   Today Michael Robertson, formerly of and Linspire fame, launched a new web-based "word processor" called AjaxWrite as a self-described replacement for Word.   I'm singularly unimpressed.  First, no spell checker, hello?!?  Second, It won't even launch in Internet Explorer.  You *have* to have Firefox, and Firefox 1.5 at that!   Jeff Nolan, over at his blog, Venture Chronicles,, says "The server was largely unavailable and loading the app caused my browser to reset several times. Can you imagine using this service for critical documents and facing that kind of reliability challenge? No"   I know many people think web-based software is the future, and I'm in full agreement that web-based functionality is great, you just can't deliver a service that will ever work as well as a dedicated solution, and there's a time, place and scenario for both.   Podcast of the day. . . The Alan Watts Podcast   The late Alan Watts was one of the most read philosophers of the past century.  His son Mark has sifted through the hundreds of public appearances he made and now they're being delivered as podcasts.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Thinking at its finest delivered straight to your brain.     And that's your Manic Minute for March 23nd, 2006, brought to you by![...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 22 Mar 06

Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:05:28 GMT

Joshua Allen is the man. . . This week I'm at the MIX06 conference ( and last night a bunch of us got together, lead by Marc Canter  and Tantek from Technorati ( to talk about microformats and structured blogging.  The basic idea is how can users keep and own their own data but still share it with a broad audience.  Identity Woman, Kalyia Hamlin, also pointed us all to which is an identity based tagging standard, yet another new microformat.   But why Joshua Allen?  Because he kept the food court security at the Venetian hotel busy for 20 minutes so that we could actually have the discussion!  Turns out there's three separate security companies employed by the Venetian and while he thought he'd set everything up with security beforehand, it turns out no one told him about the food court cops!   So kudos to Joshua for keeping them at bay, you da man!   If you want more information about microformats and structured blogging, check out: and and   Podcast of the day. . . The Show On 10   I'm breaking my rule here of allowing the word podcast to be used only for audio and tipping the hat to my compatriots over on the new site, On 10.  It's a new site for people who use technology to produce cool stuff and this is their podcast.   Manic Minute Recommendation: If you make stuff with technology, you gotta be on 10.     And that's your Manic Minute for March 22nd, 2006, brought to you by!MIX06[...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 21 Mar 06

Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:03:14 GMT

Windows Vista Whereforeart Thou? As many of you know I work for Microsoft but what follows is my personal opinion only.   It's hard to develop software. . .   I've been doing it since 1969 and I've had my share of bugs, little and big, and my share of learning experiences. . .aka don't ship it until you've really tested it. . . And in version 1 concentrate on stability not features. . .so I feel for all the folks who are both counting on Windows Vista and those who are building it.    It's a hard dilemma in this day-and-age to make the call to slip something that's slipped as many times as Windows Vista.  It would be harder still, in my opinion, to ship something that sucks.  Eighteen months ago the decision was made to change how Windows is put together under the covers, moving to a more modular structure, and that kind of thing takes time to get really, really right.  With gazillions of people basing much of their livelihood and, these days, their financial and social lives on applications that run on Windows it's just got to be right.   After all the pains of the last few years of viruses, trojans, crashes, etc. I really appreciate what it takes to stand up and say, don't ship it until it's right. . .hard thing to do but good call, again my personal opinion     Podcast of the day. . . MedicCast This is a podcast for emergency personnel and is a fine example of narrow casting at its finest.  I've been helped by EMS folks in the past and they're damn fine professionals.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Thanks for saving so many lives!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 21st, 2006, brought to you by![...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 17 Mar 06

Fri, 17 Mar 2006 20:08:41 GMT

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Tonight on the History Channel,  you can watch PADDY WHACKED: THE IRISH MOB,   More details than you'd ever want to know available at     Who was this guy anyway? St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is one of Christianity's most widely known figures. But for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat of a mystery. Many of the stories traditionally associated with St. Patrick, including the famous account of his banishing all the snakes from Ireland, are false, the products of hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling.   It is known that St. Patrick was born in Britain to wealthy parents near the end of the fourth century. He is believed to have died on March 17, around 460 A.D.   So, it's the anniversary of his death, regardless of what he actually did, I'd say raise a Guinness to him and give thanks you're still here…that's what I'm going to do!   Podcast of the day. . . Oh Don't Get Me Started!   Broadcast weekly, the show will present some of Tony's best rants and observations. If you've never heard Tony before, you're in for a treat.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Ya gotta check it out!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 17th, 2006, brought to you by![...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 16 Mar 06

Fri, 17 Mar 2006 20:07:47 GMT

Podcasting. . .the Movies? New out today is a video podcast by Jack Black to promote his new movie, Nacho Libre.   Podcasting advertising is a growing trend.   What do you think about it?  If you're listening to the Manic Minute you most likely have been listening to podcasts for some time.  Do you want ads?   Adam Curry. . . Defendant Adam sued regarding pictures he'd posted on under a Creative Commons licence and won.   As seen on Groklaw, a recent court decision upheld the the Creative Commons license in the Netherlands: 'The Creative Commons licenses are quite new, so there has been very little in the way of case law so far, so this is a significant development.   The ruling rejected a 'the license wasn't clear' defense, particularly for sophisticated entities, and it upheld the license as binding without the licensee having to agree or even to have knowledge of the terms of the license.'   Podcast of the day. . . Spring Day in Europe!   In Europe school children now have a spring holiday all their own and in this podcast, And so Ján Figel', Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism, together with a team of experts, came to the European Schoolnet office to answer students’ questions on European sport, education and cultural values.   Manic Minute Recommendation: What's not to like about spring!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 16th, 2006, brought to you by![...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 12 Mar 06

Sun, 12 Mar 2006 20:50:48 GMT

Podcasting to your shoes? Just when you thought that they'd put an MP3 player into everything, LL International Dada Shoes has announced the Code M MP3 Player Shoes.   If you've got a spare $200 you can listen to tunes while you run or shoot hoops. . .and look cool in the process.   It comes with a wireless headset and a USB port on the shoes.   Podcasting as a chick magnet? Just before I moved to Seattle last year I had a "going away dinner" with some of my colleagues one of which considered himself quite the ladies man.  I talked about what I was going to do when I got to Seattle and mentioned podcasting.  When he asked he asked what it was I said it was a chick magnet!  We all got quite a laugh out of that.   Now, however, PodDater, created by David Hunegnaw and Roopan Dey, is designed to bring Internet dating to portable video players. The site lets members upload videos of themselves, and view videos of potential matches either online or on portable players.   Podcast of the day. . . Psychiatric Secrets Revealed With Dr. Mike   A well produced presentation of psychiatric information.   Manic Minute Recommendation: It's all in your mind, so listen up!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 12th, 2006, brought to you by![...]

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Mike's Manic Minute 11 Mar 06

Sat, 11 Mar 2006 20:34:31 GMT

To boldly go where no one has gone before. . . Tomorrow night on the History Channel, William Shatner is hosting a program called "How William Shatner changed the world" based on his book "I'm Working on That" which looks at how the creators of Star Trek inspired the development of many real products such as medical scanners, portable communicators (cell phones) and hand held computers (like the new UltraMobile PC just introduced this week).   I'm definitely watching this!   Finally I'm Hands Free. . . Today's Manic Minute was recorded using my new Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset and my HP laptop.  I just found out yesterday that I could upgrade the Bluetooth stack on my laptop to enable the Headset profile and how I'm free of all the wires!  Yea!   Podcast of the day. . . Scientific American Podcasts   I've long been a reader of Scientific American magazine but have lately moved farther and farther from reading magazines.   I'm happy to report the same kind of thoughtful information and great production qualities have been translated to the podcast realm.   Manic Minute Recommendation: Brain food yeah!   And that's your Manic Minute for March 11th, 2006, brought to you by ![...]

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