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Indybay newswire (audio)

SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) Newswire (audio)


Canadian Journalist Turns Rwandan Genocide Story Inside Out


A Google Search for “Syria” and “Rwanda” turns up millions of hyperlinks, most of them likening the Syrian and Rwandan conflicts and calling for intervention in Syria to "stop the next Rwanda." Judi Rever's new book, "In Praise of Blood: Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front," turns the story of what actually happened in Rwanda inside out.

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Ellenie Cruz of the NOLA Herb Gathering 2018


Kezia speaks with Ellenie Cruz of the NOLA Herb Gathering, coming up on April 15th. A full day of information sharing, classes, and education about local plant medicine practices and how they connect to the culture of people historically from New Orleans.

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marching out DA's office


...and the walls come tumbling down (1:17 min)

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rally outside courthouse


Sahleem's mother calls out DA's 6,000$ from police union and thanks cousin of killer Joseph Mateau for coming foreward w/ details of his racism and unfitness for police work (9 min.)

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Sahleem Tindle family at DA office rally and march 4-2-18


On Monday, April 2, the family of Sahleem Tindle met with District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, who gave minimal acknowledgment of having viewed murder response to list of questions...marching to Oscar Grant Plaza after rally outside...

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Suicide: The Ripple Effect, film screening & discussion


WTUL was joined in conversation by Robin Cilluffa, mental health advocate, and Janet Hayes, president of Healing Minds NOLA, to discuss the upcoming film screening and panel discussion of Suicide: The Ripple Effect, which tells the story of survivor Kevin Hinds.

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Wendi Moore O'Neal & The Community Sing in New Orleans


WTUL News and Views speaks with Wendi Moore O'Neal of Jaliyah Consulting, her bi-monthly community sing project, why she does it, what gives her hope, and an outline of some of the most incredible organizing going on in New Orleans today! Great conversation!

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Fossil Free Fest // Equity, Complicity, Vision for Action


Maggie of WTUL New Orleans News & Views speaks with four organizers of the Fossil Free Fest, held in New Orleans, Louisiana from April 2nd-April 8th, 2018.

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6 : An Unbirth with Natalita


Kezia speaks with Natalita and Riley Teahan about their upcoming collaboration on a visual album and performance of Natalita's album six coming up in New Orleans this weekend.

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A Different Kind of Wall - Across the Gulf of Mexico


Scott Eustis, Gulf Restoration Network stopped in to WTUL News and Views to give an update on environmental concerns and issues of injustice in Louisiana and our neighbors to the West. The effects of Hurricane Harvey continue to plague residents in the flood plains.

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Womanifest 9: The Healer, A Celebration of Black Women in New Orleans


Kezia Vida of WTUL News and Views spoke with Brotha Shack and Mama Fiyah about the True Love Movement and their upcoming festival, Womanifest 9, coming up on March 3rd in New Orleans. Speaking about the importance of celebrating and supporting black women, what healing means, and the role of non-black people in the movement.

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Cancer Weapon, CW attacks on Venezuela, Syria...2-27-18 Mouse Report


In the endless bad news side of things the MSM is screaming for war on Syria and other post 9-11-01 hit list countries based on...Al Qaeda linked sources?...and on 60 Minutes this week do White Helmet assassins murder the child on camera wittingly or by incompetense?...but first a reading from CIA whistle blower Jim Wilcott on the cancer weapon used on Hugo Chavez and Venezuela...and we return to the bogus Hiroshima day trial in Concord for protesting at the tracks the war on Afghanistan based on PNAC Northwoods op WTCpentabomb big lie pretext...(48 min.)

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Adolph Reed Jr. on Black Politics in New Orleans and Beyond


On February 5th, 2018, writer and scholar Adolph Reed, Jr. gave a public lecture on Black Politics in New Orleans and Beyond to close out Sites of Resistance: An Exhibit Exploring the Geographies + Histories of Social Change in New Orleans.

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Definitive Figures: Upcoming Femme Dance Festival in New Orleans


Kezia Vida speaks with Donna Costello and Maritza Mercado-Narcisse about the upcoming Definitive Figures Festival in New Orleans which focuses on individual and partner performances based on the experiences of women are female-identified people.

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Interview with Mother of Sahleem Tindle, The Unarmed Young Man Shot By BART Police


Yolanda Banks-Reed is the mother of 28-year-old Sahleem Tindle, who was unarmed with his hands in the air, when he was shot and killed by BART police officer Joseph Mateu on Jan 3, 2018. Mateu is back on active duty, after a brief paid administrative leave. The Oakland Police, which is involved in the investigation, showed the police cam video to the family last week, but are refusing to release the video to the public while the investigation is open.

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Paper Monuments : History Unbound


Paper Monuments is a series of opportunities, events, and interventions that combines public pedagogy and participatory design to expand our collective understanding of New Orleans and answer the grounding question: What is an appropriate monument to the city of New Orleans today?

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Afrin support rally in San Francisco


Audio report by Broken Record Radio. 10:56

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Westley Bayas III on the Unrig the System Summit


Civic and Community Consultant Westley Bayas III joined WTUL News & Views in the studio to talk about the upcoming Unrig the System Summit. Folks from near and far and across ideological and partisan lines will gather from February 2nd-February 4th in Tulane University's Lavin-Bernick Center to work on solutions to unrig the United States' political system.

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Monique Verdin Speaks about Fossil Free Fest in NOLA & Her Current Work in Prospect 4


WTUL News and Views spoke to Monique Verdin about the upcoming Fossil Free Fest in New Orleans the first week of April, which is currently calling for solutions for the environmental crisis facing the Gulf South. She also spoke to us about her current photo exhibition in Prospect 4 that includes photographs from the past 20 years of her family, members of the Houma nation living in the bayous of Southern Louisiana.

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Pacifica National Board Overturns Rigged KPFA PNB Election & Slaps Down "Save KPFA" &"UCR"


The Pacifica National Board on 1/11/18 voted to overturn a rigged manipulated vote for a new LSB board member and for a new PNB member. The "Save KPFA" "United For Community Radio" grouping were pushing for an immediate bankruptcy and illegally manipulated the vote to put up a fake candidate "Save KPFA" supporter and lawyer Bill Campisi to manipulate the election so they could elect their chosen candidate Susan da Silva. It all backfired in the PNB vote.

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Imagine: No US Military Bases on Foreign Soil


The United States is the largest, most lethal military power in human history, with 1000 military bases and seven geographic commands spanning the globe. That didn't stop the new Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases from holding its first "No Foreign Bases" conference at the University of Baltimore from January 12 to 14.

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Street Heat Radio Show in Fresno: December 22, 2017


Street Heat is a radio show about the politics and progressive events in the Central Valley.

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Interview with Striking IAM 1584 Workers


This interview is from the picket line of the striking IAM Henkel Workers

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Dead Zone Panel --the Gulf vs Tyson


Tyson Panel, Featuring Matt Rota of Gulf Restoration Network

Media Files:

Interview with Voice of the Experienced (VOTE) lead organizer Dolfinette Martin


Topics: December 16, 2017 March for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, incarceration in Louisiana, women's experiences of carceral system, grassroots prison activism in Louisiana.

Media Files:

News and Views: Interview with Tabitha Mustafa about the New Orleans Palestinian Film Festival


The 3rd annual New Orleans Palestinian Film Festival will take place Friday-Sunday November 3-5. We sat down with festival co-organizer Tabitha Mustafa to discuss this year's program.

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Stories at the Crossroads: Who Built This City?


Mr. John Hankins, Director of the Craftsman Guild of New Orleans, offers his answer to the guiding question of the Paper Monuments project: what is an appropriate monument to our city today? His story draws our attention to the often unacknowledged work of craftsmen who do ironwork, ornamental plastering, restoration welding, and blacksmithing, and on the concrete block where the Jefferson Davis monument once stood, Mr. Hankins' words about the craftsmen Philip Reid formulate into a monument of themselves to memorialize those who really built this city.

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