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Episode 1: Taiwan - Interview with MVP, Shih-Ming Tung (董是明) | The MVP Show

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:30:25 GMT

In this video, Seth interviews Shih-Ming Tung (董是明), a Software Engineer at Yahoo and a Microsoft MVP in Windows development. In this episode, we discuss technology, and have fun exploring Taiwan together to learn more about his background, including where he came from, and what the future has in store for him. His field of expertise are in chat bot development, C#, Xamarin and iOS development.

Would you like to become a MVP or nominate someone you know? There are 3 very simple steps: Be an expert, do lots of what you love, and let us know! Really, there isn't a long checklist of things you need to do to become an MVP. Nominate yourself or someone else!


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Introducing Spatial Audio Capabilities for Xbox and Windows | GDC 2017

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 02:07:44 GMT

A key component of audio immersion is sound localization: sounds appearing
to come from a specific position in space. In both virtual and augmented worlds,
spatial perception can be a critical component to successful user interactions.
This talk covers new capabilities of the Windows 10 Creators Update that enable
consistent and intuitive spatial implementations that span devices (headphones
and speakers), experiences, and technologies.

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Episode 19: MonoGame - Write Once, Play Everywhere with Dean Ellis | The Xamarin Show

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 15:00:00 GMT

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Dean Ellis, Developer at Microsoft and MonoGame contributor/evangelist, who introduces us to the cross-platform and open source game framework, MonoGame. Dean walks us through how MonoGame took everything that we loved about XNA and created a full cross-platform game framework that runs on iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It powers some of your favorite games today such at TowerFall, Bastion, and Infinite Flight, and Dean shows us how to get started, how to deploy our first game, and how to run it on all of the platforms.


  • [02:15] A Bit About MonoGame
  • [08:40] Getting Started with MonoGame
  • [10:15] Your First MonoGame Project
  • [17:00] MonoGame Content Pipeline
  • [25:00] Displaying Graphics and Text
  • [30:40] Handling User Input
  • [33:00] Full Example of Cross-Platform Game Development

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Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on Windows

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 17:54:58 GMT

This is a quick tutorial for getting started with C# in VS Code on Windows with .NET Core!


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Modern Web Development in Visual Studio 2017 | Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 01:57:16 GMT

Visual Studio 2017 makes it easier than ever to build modern web applications using the latest JavaScript technologies. Join Bowden and Mads for a demo of how these new technologies make you more productive writing ASP.NET web applications with improved Intellisense, linting, debugging and transpiling.


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Surface Dial for Dev's

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:00:00 GMT

Since we're doing something like a Surface Dial Theme week, thought I'd close out the week with this guidance from the Windows Dev Center on the Surface DialSurface Dial interactionsOverviewWindows Wheel devices, such as the Surface Dial, are a new category of input device that enable a host of compelling and unique user interaction experiences for Windows and Windows apps.ImportantIn this topic, we refer specifically to Surface Dial interactions, but the info is applicable to all Windows Wheel devices...With a form factor based on a rotate action (or gesture), the Surface Dial is intended as a secondary, multi-modal input device that complements input from a primary device. In most cases, the device is manipulated by a user's non-dominant hand while performing a task with their dominant hand (such as inking with a pen). It is not designed for precision pointer input (like touch, pen, or mouse). + The Surface Dial also supports both a press and hold action and a click action. Press and hold has a single function: display a menu of commands. If the menu is active, the rotate and click input is processed by the menu. Otherwise, the input is passed to your app for processing....Developer guidanceYou can customize the Surface Dial experience to complement the functionality in your apps through a comprehensive set of Windows Runtime APIs. + As previously mentioned, the default Surface Dial menu is pre-populated with a set of built-in tools covering a broad range of basic system features (system volume, system brightness, scroll, zoom, undo, and media control when the system detects ongoing audio or video playback). However, these default tools might not provide the functionality required by your app. + In the following sections, we describe how to add a custom tool to the Surface Dial menu and specify which built-in tools are exposed....Custom interactionsAs mentioned, the Surface Dial supports three gestures (press and hold, rotate, click) with corresponding default interactions....SummaryThis topic provides an overview of the Surface Dial input device with UX and developer guidance on how to customize the user experience for off-screen scenarios as well as on-screen scenarios when used with Surface Studio....Related articlesAPI referenceRadialController classRadialControllerButtonClickedEventArgs classRadialControllerConfiguration classRadialControllerControlAcquiredEventArgs classRadialControllerMenu classRadialControllerMenuItem classRadialControllerRotationChangedEventArgs classRadialControllerScreenContact classRadialControllerScreenContactContinuedEventArgs classRadialControllerScreenContactStartedEventArgs classRadialControllerMenuKnownIcon enumRadialControllerSystemMenuItemKind enum + SamplesUniversal Windows Platform samples (C# and C++)+ Windows classic desktop sample..." [Click through to read the whole article... it's a long one, so you're going to want to read the entire thing]Follow @CH9 Follow @coding4fun Follow @gduncan411 [...]

Unveiling New Game Developer Opportunities with Xbox and Windows | GDC 2017

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 02:03:54 GMT

Join Team Xbox at our opening kickoff for GDC talks. Learn how Xbox is expanding
and simplifying the ways game developers can get their titles onto Xbox One
consoles and Windows PCs. Get an overview of how Xbox is adding more
opportunity for game developers to engage customers across our ecosystem.
Hear the success stories of how games built through the ID@Xbox program
are being enjoyed by millions of players—some of the most inventive, creative,
and astonishing games ever to ship on Xbox One and Windows. Learn how you
and your game can be part of the future we're building for gamers and game
developers everywhere.


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Latest Windows 10 PCs with Windows Hello, and more! | This Week On Windows

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 17:00:00 GMT

This Week on Windows: We've got the Rebel Alliance, we're showing the latest Windows 10 PCs with Windows Hello, and we've got a scary good deal on Resident Evil 7. Specific topics covered this week include:

  • Windows Hello PC round up
  • Turbo Tax
  • Resident Evil 7 sale
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars story
  • TV spotlight: The Americans
  • Originals week – top picks for the weekend
  • March madness app
  • Did you know: Active hours

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Episode 143: Visual Studio 2017 with Amanda Silver | MS Dev Show

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:49:04 GMT

We talk with Amanda Silver about the massive Visual Studio 2017 release. Background tabs in your browser might start using less power. And did I mention how awesome VS 2017 is turning out to be?


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TWC9: Data Amp, Iterations on Infinity, Programming Language for the Visually Impaired and more... | This Week On Channel 9

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 22:00:00 GMT

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:33] Microsoft Data Amp - where data gets to work[01:29] Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 15052 Released [Clint Rutkas][03:01] Iterations on infinity [John Lea][03:56] Visual Studio 2017 Poster [Tim Sneath][04:57] Visual Studio ALM VM [Sachin Hridayraj][06:23] Gotchas with upgrading to Visual Studio 2017 [Daniel Crabtree][08:06] Notes from the Node VM Summit [Arunesh Chandra][09:20] New on MVA: Learning paths and badges! [Matthew Calder], Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development Jump Start[11:17] Microservices primer with Azure Service Fabric [Andrei Dzimchuk]Picks of the Week!Vlad's Pick of the Week:[12:45] With Project Torino, Microsoft creates a physical programming language inclusive of visually impaired children [Allison Linn]Nikola's Pick of the Week:[15:46] Microsoft has created an A.I. that can write its own code [QuHarrison Terry]Please leave a comment or email us at @CH9 Follow @metulev Follow @vladkol Follow @gduncan411 [...]

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Telemetry for the Bot Framework | DevOps for the Bot Framework

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 14:19:32 GMT

In this session we cover telemetry and learning from users for bots built with the Microsoft Bot Framework. 

[00:20] Bot Framework considerations for Telemetry 
[03:38] DEMO - Telemetry in a Node bot
[07:27] DEMO - Telemetry in a .NET bot
[08:24] DEMO - Looking at the entries in the Azure Portal and the Application Insights Analytics dashboard
[11:37] DEMO - Bot Framework Dashboard sample



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Last Week on Channel 9: March 13th - March 19th, 2017

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 09:00:00 GMT

Now that the Visual Studio Launch is long behind us, our hosts are re-energized and churning out tons of new and great shows, posts and videos. Here's a select 32 from last week here on Channel 9...TWC9: Data Amp, Iterations on Infinity, Programming Language for the Visually Impaired and…This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:33] Microsoft Data Amp - where data gets to work ...Automatic Speech Emotion Recognition Using Recurrent Neural Networks with Local AttentionAutomatic emotion recognition from speech is a challenging task which significantly relies on the emotional relevance of specific features extracted from the speech signal. In this study, our goal is to use deep learning to automatically discover emotionally relevant features. It is shown that using a deep Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), we can learn both the short-time frame-level acoustic...Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on WindowsThis is a quick tutorial for getting started with C# in VS Code on Windows with .NET Core! ...Inventory and Store System - Part 4.1 (Wiring up the UI)In this episode, we will continue our project by hooking up basic mechanics to the store UI. We'll cover the concept of coroutines, as we incorporate logic for showing the dialog. We will also create an inventory database for our merchant which sets the stage for the next part of the series: populating the data. ...Introduction to the Bot Framework and why DevOps for itIn this session we give you an overview of the Microsoft Bot Framework for developers using two different bot examples, one in Node and one in C#. We then talk about DevOps and how it applies to any team developing any solution including bots. ...Episode 224: Developing and Debugging Azure Mobile Apps with Adrian HallIn this episode Chris Risner and Thiago Almeida are joined by Adrian Hall, Principle Program Manager on Visual Studio Mobile Center and Azure Mobile Apps.  Adrian joins us to go over how you can debug Azure Mobile Apps locally and while running in Azure, how you can view log events as they come in, as well as to talk about his free online book on developing Xamarin apps ...Azure Insight & AnalyticsWatch this video to learn how real-time operations intelligence in Azure can collect, store and analyze logs from any Windows server and Linux source, in Azure or on-premises, so you can react faster. ...Get Started with Azure Stack - Azure Stack PortalLearn how to use the Azure Stack portal ...Easy Push Notifications with Azure App ServiceAdrian Hall joins Scott Hanselman to explain the new features and demo push notifications in Azure App Service, which is a secure way to use Azure Mobile Apps to integrate mobile apps with Azure Notification Hubs to receive push notifications. ...Extending the Common Data Service Base Schema in PowerAppsArif Kureshy joins Scott Hanselman to show how to extend the Common Data Service (CDS) base schema for custom scenarios. CDS ships with over 65 standard entity sets that you can use to build apps for many common scenarios. ...Originals Week, Keyboard Shortcuts and moreThis week on Windows we're chatting up one of the stars of Assassins Creed, we're giving you a preview of Originals Week in the Windows Store and we'll give you some tips to get around your PC faster than ever before! Also hear from Larry Hryb from Xbox. Exciting stuff! ...Introduction to RTX64 Components for Visual StudioIn this video, IntervalZero tours the RTX64 components, highlights key features and tools, and shows how the RTX64 SDK integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Visual Studio to create a powerful yet familiar development environment. Get RTX64 Components on the VS Marketplace. ...Custom Speech Service and BeezyMartin and Martin [...]

Keynote | Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 19:41:05 GMT

Join the Visual Studio 2017 launch event keynote with Julia Liuson, Brian Harry, Miguel de Icaza, Keith Ballinger and Scott Hanselman as they share the newest innovations in Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin, Azure, and more.

Get started today by downloading Visual Studio 2017, visit:



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What's new for .NET Core and Visual Studio 2017 | Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 15:30:00 GMT

Announcing .NET Core tools are 1.0! Check out the changes in .NET Core tooling such as csproj and the new dotnet commands. Get a recap of recent .NET Core news. Refresh your knowledge of LTS and Current release trains. Learn about .NET and Docker.

See a demo of dotnet migrate in Visual Studio 2017 and the open source

Get started today by downloading Visual Studio 2017, visit:


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Exploring C# Productivity in Visual Studio 2017 | Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 01:56:38 GMT

Visual Studio 2017 aims to make C# development more pleasant and productive than ever. Kasey and Mads take you on a tour of new refactorings, improved navigation, and code style enforcement and configuration. Live Unit Testing runs your tests as you code and new C# 7.0 language features bring elegance to complex code patterns.  


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Introducing Redgate Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017 | Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Mon, 06 Mar 2017 16:24:42 GMT

Redgate Data Tools are now included in Visual Studio 2017, allowing you to extend DevOps processes you already have in place for the application to SQL and Azure SQL databases too. In this demo and Q&A session, you'll see Redgate Data Tools in action to learn more about the challenges and rewards of Database DevOps and how they can increase your productivity when working with SQL.

Find out more details by visiting Redgate Data Tools page.


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Database DevOps with Redgate Data Tools | Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 15:30:00 GMT

DevOps is a wonderful thing. With it comes better collaboration across teams for early feedback in the development cycle, joint accountability for fixing problems, and working together to get value to customers quickly and efficiently. When considering the database, it can be tricky to extend DevOps processes used for the application to the database. In this demo-heavy session, you'll see how Redgate Data Tools allow you to extend DevOps processes to your SQL Server or Azure SQL databases and reap the benefits of increased productivity, agility, and performance across your teams.

Find out more details by visiting Redgate Data Tools page.


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