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Passport investigation suggests security hole

Fri, 28 Dec 2007 22:45:52 GMT

(image) Dateline investigation suggests that even now, six years after the 9/11 attacks, terrorists could easily get a passport to cross almost any border.

Media Files: NBC/_Stories/2007/December/Passports/Jorge-delivers-small.thumb.jpg

Should we irradiate fruits and vegetables?

Mon, 26 Mar 2007 00:26:20 GMT

(image) What would make three grown men eat spinach laced with E. coli?  Dateline NBC puts irradiation technology to the test.

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Gross-ceries at the 7th Street Market

Mon, 26 Mar 2007 00:33:45 GMT

(image) An undercover KNBC report finds filthy conditions at an L.A. produce market.

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Infomercials: From the inside out

Sat, 16 Sep 2006 01:07:48 GMT

(image) If you had a questionable product,  how hard would it be to find someone to make an infomercial and sell your product to millions? Dateline decided to find out.

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Consumers warned against bagged spinach

Fri, 15 Sep 2006 19:47:56 GMT

(image) Lea Thompson: This latest E.coli outbreak is truly disturbing. One person has died, 50 others have been sickened, and health officials say they expect that number to rise. The Food and Drug Administration is asking everyone not to eat commercially bagged spinach until investigators can pin down what products have been contaminated.

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Dirty ice can make you sick

Sun, 9 Jul 2006 16:12:44 GMT

(image) Are food handlers taking the same precautions with ice as other foods?

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Unseen danger in bagged salads

Wed, 30 Aug 2006 22:00:46 GMT

(image) When it comes to eating greens, millions of Americans feel their best bet is in the bag -- getting bagged salad that's already cut and ready. But you may be surprised to learn there could be an unseen danger lurking in your lettuce. Dateline's Chief Consumer Correspondent Lea Thompson tells you what you need to know to keep your family safe.

Media Files:

How safe is your grocery store?

Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:35:35 GMT

(image) In an unprecedented report, NBC News ranks the top 10 grocery chains in the country in Dateline's 'Supermarket Sweep.'

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How clean are your school cafeterias?

Sun, 1 May 2005 22:56:33 GMT

Six months ago Dateline went along with health inspectors on unannounced visits to school cafeterias across the country and found a host of problems. In some of the schools, those problems included food temperature violations, the presence of mice, broken glass and even bugs mixed in with food.

Dirty Dining: Fast food chains

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 23:38:32 GMT

(image) with 200,000 fast food restaurants, keeping them clean and the food safe can be an enormous task --  and, on occasion, mistakes can be made and customers do get sick. NBC's Lea Thompson takes a closer look in a Dateline hidden camera investigation.

Media Files:

How safe are your favorite restaurants?

Sun, 3 Oct 2004 23:40:58 GMT

Dateline is  always trying to think of stories that will give viewers information they can really use. That's  why we did our survey of fast food places last year. People really responded to it and wanted more. So we did the same story on family dining.

Hidden cameras at top 10 fast food chains

Fri, 12 Dec 2003 02:05:16 GMT

(image) ‘Dateline’ hidden cameras investigate cleanliness of America’s top 10 fast food chains. NBC's Lea Thompson reports.

Media Files:

How do your local restaurants rate? 

Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:18:26 GMT

Find out how your local restaurants have done on inspections from links to databases or health departments.

Unscrupulous home contractors

Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:24:34 GMT

(image) Homeowners share their nightmares with unlicensed contractors.

Media Files:

Couples looking to adopt fall into web of deceit

Mon, 9 Apr 2007 00:50:59 GMT

(image) Couples looking to adopt are now turning to the Internet to find pregnant women who want to give up their babies. They are called independent adoptions and, like private adoptions, they are risky - and potentially heartbreaking - because the birth mother can change her mind before the child is born.  Dateline's Victoria Corderi exposes one cold-hearted scam in a Dateline Hidden Camera investigation.

Media Files:

Hospital infection to blame when epidural turns deadly?

Sun, 4 Jun 2006 23:04:44 GMT

(image) Julie and Chris LeMoult were excited parents-to-be. But did a hospital infection turn the happiest day of their lives into a nightmare?  Dateline's Chief Consumer Correspondent reports.

Media Files:

A simple solution to pain at the pump?

Sun, 7 May 2006 23:40:32 GMT

(image) Greener and cheaper, ethanol could fuel rural America — and won't feed Mideast terrorism. Dateline's Stone Phillips reports.

Media Files:

You might be rich! Here's how to find out

Wed, 21 Feb 2007 19:23:34 GMT

(image) Welcome to the wonderful little secret called unclaimed property: It could be an old paycheck, stock note, or inheritance that’s owed to you.  When no one claims these valuables, they’re eventually turned over to a state— where they may languish for years.  On “Dateline,” we showed how you may be able to find that forgotten treasure on your own. 

Media Files:

Undiscovered treasure in Mississippi

Mon, 27 Mar 2006 05:39:20 GMT

(image) Some stories to tell about other folks who now, more than ever, need to find a little lost money.

Media Files:

Bed bugs bite back

Mon, 20 Mar 2006 06:44:09 GMT

(image) Why these pests are invading America— and what you can do to prevent them from coming into your home. Plus, a hidden camera 'spot check' at some New York hotels. Dennis Murphy reports.

Media Files:

ID thief preys on a cancer-stricken man

Tue, 20 Feb 2007 19:21:43 GMT

(image) ID thief preyed on a cancer-stricken man. How Eric Drew fought back, found his ID thief — all while battling leukemia.

Media Files:

Diamonds: Is there such a thing as 'a deal'?

Mon, 11 Dec 2006 17:47:35 GMT

People spend thousands of dollars on diamonds. But how can people be sure of what they’re getting for their money? A "Dateline" hidden camera investigation uncovered secrets about how diamonds are evaluated and sold.  

Dangerous roads

Tue, 7 Jun 2005 17:21:15 GMT

For the past several months, Dateline has combed through more than 100,000 accident reports, trying to identify the deadliest roads in America. There are lots of reasons a road can be dangerous -- drunk drivers, speeders, highways so poorly designed they're treacherous even for careful drivers and pedestrians.  

ATM fraud: Banking on your money

Fri, 12 Dec 2003 02:10:23 GMT

(image) A Dateline Hidden Camera Investigation shows a new kind of scam, with criminals, setting up and operating their own ATM machines, hoping to steal your personal information and later, your cash.

Media Files: