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Episode #2 Jazz Festival Special

Thu, 23 Oct 2008 02:19:22 +0000


Tim's picks for the Downtown Toronto Jazz Festival 2006. I list a number of concert and club events that I would like to attend.

music: How Post Modern of Me (Quinsin Nachoff's composition from the Cd Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson)

Tim's picks continued.

Interview with Corry Sobol vocalist and owner of Toronto jazz venue; The Red Guitar. Corry talks about life as a jazz club owner/parent/vocalist.

music: All Blues (an unusual version of this classic Miles Davis tune from Corry's latest Cd)

Interview with Corry Sobol continued.


episode #1: Introducing Tim Posgate's Canadian Jazz Life

Thu, 23 Oct 2008 02:19:21 +0000

Introduction to your host; Canadian jazz guitarist, Dad and hockey fan/player Tim Posgate. Hale Bopp (Tim Posgate Hornband Featuring Howard Johnson) Eclectic, instrumental jazz quartet featuring three horns and guitar including the legendary jazz tuba player Howard Johnson. "Have You Tried It?" You might make fun of people in hummers or not understand downloading of music or blogging but once you try it you will have a different perspective. Muddy (Tim Posgate Hornband Featuring Howard Johnson) Self Reflexive Blogging: For some reason I thought it would be interesting to look back randomly at some old blog enteries from the past three years and see how I feel about them now.

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