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Diogenes of Brooklyn

A political weblog

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Huzzah! For Mitch McConnell, Murican HeeroDiogenes

Wed, 24 Feb 2016 17:36:09 +0000

Senator Mitch McConnell, the well principled Majority Leader of the US Senate, has finally stood up to the tyrant-demagogue Obama. It would be totally inappropriate for Mr. Obama to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late Justice Scalia with… ANYBODY, no matter how well qualified. That seat on the Supreme Court has always been […](image)

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Rather more realityDiogenes

Thu, 10 May 2012 12:48:35 +0000

Dan Rather is on a book tour this week. Rather always was a forceful personality, still is. For quite a long time, Dan Rather was the anchor of a well regarded news program, and for a good deal of that time, the program got good ratings. It was Rather’s bad luck that he ran a […](image)

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NY Rent RegulationDiogenes

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 21:00:32 +0000

This week the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case about New York Rent Control and Rent Stabilization. The case was brought by James Harmon, a very capable lawyer who used to be an Assistant US Attorney. Even though he is now the best known Landlord-Tenant lawyer in the United States, Harmon does not […](image)

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the failed policiesDiogenes

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 20:50:12 +0000

Willard Romney won primary elections in a lot of states Tuesday. Many more delegates than he failed to win in Iowa, although there was little coverage of the primary elections in New York and Pennsylvania and the others. In one speech after another, Romney is talking about bringing America back, and attacking the “failed policies […](image)

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Economics, a real science?Diogenes

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:01:36 +0000

Sometimes it comes to our attention that some kinds of science are similar to each other. It is especially true when some kinds of science come under attack. As example, right-wing Christians (and some fundamentalist Jews) do not believe in Evolution. Specifically, they deny everything Darwin wrote in his Origin of Species. Likewise, right-wing coal […](image)

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Rationality of BanksDiogenes

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 15:28:09 +0000

Like most Americans, Diogenes knows nothing of economics and finance. But quite a lot about the ways that banks work, or don’t work, has become public knowledge. Remember when we were taught that economics was about rational markets. Milton Friedman, patron saint of Republican economists, used to say on TV that everything is rational. Keynes […](image)

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Debt and Deficit; Economy and JobsDiogenes

Thu, 19 Apr 2012 20:36:33 +0000

Candidate Mitt Romney let everybody know what he thinks is important in the Presidential campaign. Four words that ought to come back to haunt the billionaire ex-governor of a liberal state. Mr. Romney thinks the campaign will boil down to four words. Debt and Deficit. Economy and Jobs. That is what he is saying now […](image)

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Eye of NewtDiogenes

Wed, 11 Apr 2012 20:12:24 +0000

Yesterday, Rick Santorum, the holier-than-thou candidate whose name means holier-than-thou in Latin, suspended his Presidential campaign. We will not get into the meaning of the name that Dan Savage created for the man that can be found in Google. Immediately, Newt Gingrich popped up to demand that all of the delegates pledged to Santorum at […](image)

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GCB – truth on TV, vs realityDiogenes

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 21:26:44 +0000

In the past, there were prime time soap operas that had no point except to deliver a lot of pairs of eyeballs to the advertisers. Dallas comes to mind, and Knotts Landing. Of more recent vintage, Brothers and Sisters, and the still current quasi-medical Shonda Rimes shows. A few times, Mrs. Diogenes has insisted on […](image)

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The lying enemies of Rupert MurdochDiogenes

Thu, 29 Mar 2012 20:57:56 +0000

The Enemies of Rupert Murdoch are lying about him, according to Murdoch himself. It is hard to imagine an individual who could arouse so little sympathy or even belief, with claims about enemies and lies, as the man who owns Fox News, the home of O’Reilly and Hannity and Palin..   Rupert Murdoch was talking […](image)

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