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A list of our most popular polyphonictones (Anthems/Patriotic Category)


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Listen to: China
National Anthem - China

Listen to: Denmark
National Anthem - Denmark

Listen to: Hong Kong
National Anthem - Hong Kong

Listen to: Japan
National Anthem - Japan

Listen to: Malta
National Anthem - Malta

Listen to: Netherlands
National Anthem - Netherlands

Listen to: North Korea
National Anthem - North Korea

Listen to: South Korea
National Anthem - South Korea

Listen to: USA
National Anthem - USA

Listen to: God Defend New Zealand
National Anthem - God Defend New Zealand

Listen to: Men of Harlech
Traditional - Men of Harlech

Listen to: Thou Great Jehova
Traditional - Thou Great Jehova

Listen to: Rule Brittania
Traditional - Rule Brittania

Listen to: She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
Traditional - She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain

Listen to: It's A Long Way To Tipperary
Traditional Irish - It's A Long Way To Tipperary

Listen to: Danny Boy
Traditional Irish - Danny Boy

Listen to: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Traditional Irish - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Listen to: Irish Rover
Traditional Irish - Irish Rover

Listen to: Sweet Molly Malone
Traditional Irish - Sweet Molly Malone

Listen to: Thou Great Jehova
Traditional - Thou Great Jehova

Listen to: Camptown Races
Traditional - Camptown Races

Listen to: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
Unknown - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Listen to: Give Me Joy In My Heart
Unknown - Give Me Joy In My Heart

Listen to: Lord Of The Dance
Traditional - Lord Of The Dance

Listen to: Wild Rover
Traditional Irish - Wild Rover

Listen to: Brazil
National Anthem - Brazil

Listen to: Land Of Hope And Glory
Traditional - Land Of Hope And Glory

Listen to: When The Saints Go Marching In
Traditional - When The Saints Go Marching In

Listen to: Wandering Star
Traditional - Wandering Star

Listen to: Zorba the Greek 2
Georges Moustaki - Zorba the Greek 2

Listen to: England 2
National Anthem - England 2

Listen to: Funeral March
Chopin - Funeral March

Listen to: Rule Britannia 2
Traditional - Rule Britannia 2

Listen to: March
Colonel Bogey - March

Listen to: Switzerland
National Anthem - Switzerland

Listen to: Croatia
National Anthem - Croatia

Listen to: Portugal
National Anthem - Portugal

Listen to: Greece
National Anthem - Greece

Listen to: Spain
National Anthem - Spain

Listen to: Russia
National Anthem - Russia

Listen to: Sweden
National Anthem - Sweden

Listen to: Bulgaria
National Anthem - Bulgaria

Listen to: Czech Republic
National Anthem - Czech Republic

Listen to: Latvia
National Anthem - Latvia

Listen to: Germany
National Anthem - Germany

Listen to: Australia
National Anthem - Australia

Listen to: England
National Anthem - England

Listen to: France
National Anthem - France

Listen to: Ireland
National Anthem - Ireland

Listen to: New Zealand
National Anthem - New Zealand

Listen to: Scotland
National Anthem - Scotland

Listen to: Wales
National Anthem - Wales

Listen to: South Africa
National Anthem - South Africa

Listen to: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
England Rugby Anthem - Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Listen to: Argentina
National Anthem - Argentina

Listen to: Canada
National Anthem - Canada

Listen to: Fiji
National Anthem - Fiji

Listen to: Georgia
National Anthem - Georgia

Listen to: Italy
National Anthem - Italy