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Parkinson's Gene Initiates Disease Outside of the Brain

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 14:20:41 EST

The most common gene mutation associated with Parkinson's alters cells circulating outside the brain, not within, offering a new understanding of what causes the disease.(image)

Immune Cells in the Retina Can Spontaneously Regenerate

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 14:00:00 EST

(image) Immune cells called microglia can completely repopulate themselves in the retina after being nearly eliminated, according to a new study in mice from scientists at the National Eye Institute (NEI). The cells also re-establish their normal organization and function.(image)

Sweet Surprise

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 14:00:00 EST

Mexican cavefish have insulin resistance, a hallmark of many human metabolic disorders and a precursor to type 2 diabetes that can lead to an overworked pancreas, excess fat storage and chronically elevated blood sugar. Despite dysregulated blood sugar, the fish don't suffer the same health consequences people do. Study offers a fresh opportunity to understand how animals thrive with traits that sicken humans and could point the way to new interventions for disease.(image)

Probing RNA Epigenetics and Chromatin Structures to Predict and Overcome Drug Resistance in Leukemia

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 13:05:36 EST

University of Chicago researchers have begun to unravel the role of RNA epigenetics and chromatin structure in regulation of 5-azacytidine (5-AZA), a well-known DNA hypomethylating agent in MDS and AML. The finding may lead to novel strategies, as well as guidance from clinical biomarkers.(image)

Study: College Education Linked to Opioid Misuse Among Baby Boomers

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 13:05:02 EST

(image) The more educated a member of the baby boomer generation, the more likely they are to misuse prescription opioids, according to new research from the University at Buffalo.(image)

The Lancet: Low Back Pain Affects 540 Million People Worldwide, but Too Many Patients Receive the Wrong Care

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 13:00:00 EST

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting an estimated 540 million people at any one time. Yet, a new Series of papers in The Lancet highlights the extent to which the condition is mistreated, often against best practice treatment guidelines.(image)

Early Life Adversity for Parents Linked to Delayed Development of Their Children

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 12:45:14 EST

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's report in the journal Pediatrics a link between parents impacted by adverse childhood experiences and increased risk for delayed development of their children at age two.(image)

Targeting Telomeres to Overcome Therapy Resistance in Advanced Melanoma

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 12:00:00 EST

A study conducted at The Wistar Institute in collaboration with The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has demonstrated the efficacy of targeting aberrantly active telomerase to treat therapy-resistant melanoma.(image)

Link Between 2 Key Alzheimer's Proteins Explained

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 12:00:00 EST

Alzheimer's disease is characterized by clumps of two proteins - amyloid beta and tau - in the brain, but the link between the two has never been entirely clear. Now, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown that people with more amyloid in the brain produce more tau, which could lead to new treatments for the disease based on targeting the production of tau.(image)

Diet Expert Shares Tips to Decrease Risk of Cancer

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:05:21 EST

(image) (image)

Medical Expansion Has Improved Health - with One Exception

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:05:17 EST

While Americans debate the rising cost of health care, a new study of 30 countries over 27 years found that medical expansion has improved overall health - with one major exception. Researchers found that increased spending on health care and increases in specialized care were both associated with longer life expectancy and less mortality in the countries studied. But pharmaceutical industry expansion was linked to negative health effects.(image)

Immunotherapy Trials for Food Allergy Hold Strong Appeal for Parents

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:05:04 EST

(image) Two-thirds of surveyed caregivers felt that their child's food allergy affected their own daily lives very much or extremely, according to a report in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Two-thirds of caregivers also expressed significant fear that their child would have an allergic reaction to food. Despite this fear, the majority of caregivers were eager to enroll their child in a clinical trial for immunotherapy, which involves giving the child a gradually increasing dose of the food allergen under close supervision in order to train the immune system to not react to that food. Only 8 percent of caregivers responded that they would not enroll their child in this type of clinical trial.(image)

Chronic Opioids Linked to Increased Complications after Spinal Fusion Surgery

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 10:25:33 EST

Patients who have been taking opioid pain relievers for several months before spinal fusion surgery are at increased risk of complications after their surgery, reports a study in the journal Spine, published by Wolters Kluwer.(image)

UNC Pediatrics Delivers Investigational Genome Editing Therapy in Clinical Trial for the Rare Hunter Syndrome

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 10:05:50 EST

(image) This week, a 40-year-old patient was treated at UNC's Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) with SB-913, an investigational genome editing therapy for individuals with mucopolysaccharidosis type II (MPS II), a rare lysosomal storage disorder also known as Hunter syndrome.(image)

DOD Grant to Test Promising Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 10:05:19 EST

A unique cell surface protein found on triple-negative type breast cancer cells called JAG1 is a promising new therapeutic target for this hard-to-treat and highly metastatic type of breast cancer, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.Jan Kitajewski, professor and head of physiology and biophysics at UIC, and his colleagues are working on developing a small drug molecule that can block JAG1.(image)

Keck Medicine of USC's M. Victoria Marx Appointed President of the Society of Interventional Radiology

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 09:35:56 EST

(image) M. Victoria Marx, MD, an interventional radiologist at Keck Medicine of USC, has been appointed president of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) for 2018-2019.(image)

New Book Researches Online Support Communities for Autism

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 09:05:24 EST

(image) A new book analyzes how online communities and social media can provide stress relief for families and individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.(image)

Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior to Host 51st Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 09:05:12 EST

(image) The Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) will host its 2018 Annual Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN from July 21-24.(image)

Study Finds the Emergency Department Can Play a Key Role in Identifying Undiagnosed HIV Cases in Low Resource Settings

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 09:00:47 EST

(image) South Africa has the worst epidemic of HIV in the world. According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, 19 percent of the global number of people living with HIV are in South Africa. Many people in South Africa and around the globe do not even know they have HIV.(image)

Researchers at Queen's Lead 'Personalised Medicine' Approach to Improve Quality of Life for Bowel Cancer Patients

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 08:05:34 EST

(image) Researchers from Queen's University Belfast have demonstrated for the first time how molecular analysis of clinical trial biopsy samples can be used to help clinicians identify the key changes that occur in an individual patient's bowel (colorectal) tumour prior to surgery, so clinicians can better understand and treat the disease.(image)

NYU Langone Hospital - Brooklyn Offers Advanced Endoscopy Services

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 08:00:01 EST

(image) The hospital offers the latest generation of technologies for routine upper and lower endoscopy, and advanced endoscopic procedures, including endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), and advanced therapeutic endoscopy.(image)

Two Genes Likely Play Key Role in Extreme Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 06:00:00 EST

(image) A new study has identified two genes associated with hyperemesis gravidarum, whose cause has not been determined in previous studies. The genes, known as GDF15 and IGFBP7, are both involved in the development of the placenta and play important roles in early pregnancy and appetite regulation.(image)

American Chemical Society's 255th National Meeting & Exposition Press Conference Schedule

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 05:00:00 EST

Attend press conferences live -- online at or in person -- at the 255th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Press conferences will be held Monday, March 19, through Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Below is the schedule, which will be updated as needed.(image)