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DRM Watch Transitions to New Format
Announcing a new blog: Copyright and Technology.

2008 Year in Review, Part 3
New applications for fingerprinting, while watermarking lays groundwork for the future.

2008 Year in Review, Part 2
Legal developments: Europe takes center stage.

2008 Year in Review, Part 1
DRM technologies: the focus shifts to video.

RIAA Drops Lawsuit Campaign
The RIAA will work with ISPs to fight infringement but won't ask them to implement filtering technologies.

UK Culture Secretary Calls for Music Copyright Term Extension
A repudiation of the Gowers Review of 2006.

UK Intellectual Property Office Launches New Copyright Consultation
Another move in the UK beyond the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property.

Medialive Takes to the Air
A provider of in-flight entertainment systems incorporates Medialive's integrated DRM and watermarking technologies.

Microsoft and Liquid Machines Integrate ERM with DLP
Synergies between two complementary security technologies.

Microsoft Supports INKA Entworks' DRM Interoperability
DRM Adaptor enables export from Windows Media DRM to several other DRMs.