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The Continually Changing Role of the CIO
A new KPMG survey of 450 CIOs shows that outsourcing has matured and GenX'ers are having a bigger impact on the technologies companies need to field.

Enabling Collaboration in 7 Steps
Collaboration requires the confluence of people, processes, technology and a plan, write CIOUpdate columnists Tyson Hartman and Markus Sprenger of Avanade.

Headaches Abound with Mobile-in-the-Cloud
Mobile is arguably the next "killer app" but it may just kill your peace of mind, as well.

Backdoor File Transfers Put Enterprises at Risk
Almost half of employees use smartphones or personal email to send confidential data.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Lean Integration
IT's been around long enough to benefit from what has traditionally been manufacturing best practices, writes CIOUpdate guest columnist John Schmidt of Informatica.