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Patapsco Valley State Park - does anyone want a Video Tour, part 2? If so, which area(s)?


I've been thinking Patapsco Valley State Park was a much more likely location of the murder (than the Best Buy parking lot), in most scenarios I've considered. So I thought another "tour video" might help paint a picture. I just need to know exactly where to go. Previously on /r/SerialPodcast: On April 13, 1999, [Jay] gave a third statement to police. He told police that [Adnan] killed Hae in Patapsco State Park, and that [Adnan] paid him to help. (2/14/00-115) [Jay] eventually took the police to where the body was buried and to where Hae's car was located. The park has several recreation areas but I'm nearly certain it would be either the Pickall (access from I-70) area or just a bit south, at the Hollowfield area (access from Rt. 40, a.k.a. Baltimore National Pike). Maps of these two areas. Does anyone have testimony on the specific location Jay claimed the murder took place (before switching to Best Buy) OR the location ("the cliffs") where they supposed blazed it and discussed whether to bury Hae there, or elsewhere. I don't know this part of the park well enough to identify "the cliffs" but I suspect it's somewhere along the Union Dam Trail, overlooking the Patapsco River. Here is a picture from one such spot. HEY EVERYBODY, FRESH INFORMATION: /u/Rangerspm provided a location for the cliffs that, while not too distant from Woodlawn, is nowhere near the other two park entrances I'd assumed! Google maps - directions to 20 S. Hilltop Rd from Woodlawn High ...Yeah, I'm 100% certain that the Ilchester Rocks are "the cliffs." And I'm not convinced that SK and Dana covered this part of the park in Route Talk - I need to relisten. I can say that Patapsco is a much more popular park for hiking, rock climbing, fishing, etc., with a heavy ranger presence, compared to Leakin. So, (not speaking from experience) I think we can deduce that it's a bad place to try to bury a body. Big question mark (for Jay's narrative): was there a pay phone at the park in 1999? There was in 2008 when this book was published. If anything, it seems ever likelier they had at least one back in 1999 before cell phones were as common. submitted by /u/swiley1983 to r/serialpodcast [link] [comments][...]

My Ryze TU feedback


I don't have a PBE account anymore, but Ill go ahead and post my feedback regarding this fresh Ryze Texture Update: I know this is just PBE and not what will go Live, and thats exactly why Im voicing my opinion right now. Classic Ryze What you did right: Kassadin'd his skin to a nice blue The book: The book has lost it's flashy colours. But it's not something I will complain about because it always felt out of place. What you did bad: Erased his tatts a lot. I get it that you are trying to make the characters blend with the updated Summoner's Rift more, but the tattoos are almost invisible now. They should be back in a similar pinkish tone as Live. The Scroll (and tiny scrolls on his right leg): Wrong colours. Like with the skin, please find a solution to let the red runes stay while staying true to the nature of the TUs. Why can't his clothing stay brownish? Human Ryze I don't own this skin it looks... wrong. Yes, the original skin tone is pretty messed up but now you completely erased this skin's identity from "orange Ryze" to ... "Why the tan?" The trousers white and black colours complimented the previous skin tone, and I think more white->gray would fit too. Same feedback regarding tattoos and the scroll apply here. Tribal Ryze Completely spot-on TU. Colours match. Nothing is lost (although no improvement like "woah Kennen has blue eyes!!!" revelations and thats okay given a rework and VU is coming soon for him) Uncle Ryze Sublime! Only improvements here. Can't complain. See the scroll? Its brigther, but still flashy. That's how the other scrolls should be like on the other skins. Triumphant Ryze A skin I will never own A significant upgrade! I really love how the scroll's blue crystal seem to "illuminate" the scroll with its blue light. Nice touch and appreciated! The scroll also has very nice colours, moving away from that weird washed out gold. Tattoos on his chest could be added. I hope you do give this skin some reimagining in the upcoming VU when it comes to those tattoos. Good. But... Ive noticed something! Why are all trousers becoming black now...? Professor Ryze The Scroll has this new orange that looks cool, and the trousers' white fabric looks really smooth. Im not that enthusiastic over the book's pages being so dark. The jacket and shirt changed colours to yellowish and brown. This comes down to personal preference, I guess. Zombie Ryze The sole reason for this post. Scroll: No longer looks rotten (= no more similar colour scheme to Butcher Urgot in that aspect) which is a big downgrade. Skin: Might as well rename it to "Deep One Ryze" That blue isnt very zombie-ish. If you had decided to go gray/green as Zombie Brand, then okay, but this light blue is very random. The body (chest) has lost tons of details of what looked like wounds and bruises! Nooooo!! You kept th[...]

SC's Wrestler of the Week #29 - Drew Galloway


Welcome to Wrestler of the Week #29. Based on our poll, This week's featured wrestler is Drew Galloway. Drew Galloway Height: 6 ft. 5 in. Weight: 246 lbs. From: Ayr, Scotland Trained by: James Tighe, Justin Richards, Mark Sloan, Spinner McKenzie Finishing Move: Future Shock, Claymore Kick, Scot Drop, G-Spot Notable Championships & Accomplishments: 1 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 1 time WWE Tag Team Champion (with Cody Rhodes), 2 time ICW World Heavyweight Champion, 1 time EVOLVE Champion, 1 time EVOLVE Tag Team Champion (with Johnny Gargano) Entrance Themes: Broken Dreams by Shaman's Harvest More than One Man by Jim Johnston Wish it Away by Psyko Dalek Ghosts in Us by Dale Oliver source: wikipedia/ Recommended Matches: (Post any of your recommended matches for Drew Galloway and I will add it up here.) Drew Galloway vs. Sheamus O'Shaunessy - Irish Whip Wrestling Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders vs. Eric Perez & Eddie Colon - FCW Oct. 12, 2008 Drew McIntyre vs. Brett Majors - SmackDown Oct. 12, 2007 Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin & Finlay - Survivor Series 2009, WWE Network Link Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison - TLC 2009, WWE Network Link Drew McInyre vs. Kane - Elimination Chamber 2010 part 1, part 2, WWE Network Link Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes vs. The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry - Night of Champions 2010, WWE Network Link Drew Galloway vs. Grado - ICW at Nottingham Drew Galloway vs. Roderick Strong - EVOLVE 35 Drew Galloway vs. Kurt Angle - Impact on POP Jan. 12, 2016 Drew Galloway vs. Kurt Angle - Impact on POP Feb. 16, 2016 Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy - Impact on POP Mar. 29, 2016 Drew Galloway vs. Mike Bailey - PWG BOLA 2015 - /u/who1sJosh Let's discuss everything you like and dislike about Drew Galloway, share some of your favorite matches and post some gifs and video highlights of him. For next week, here are names I randomly picked out of your suggestions. Vote who you want to be featured for Wrestler of the Week #30. Poll: Previous Wrestler of the Week - Lance Storm SC's Wrestler of the Week Wiki Page submitted by /u/upo_kalabasa to r/SquaredCircle [link] [comments][...]