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The central voice for Linux and Open Source security news.


2017 security predictions

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:21:15 +0000 From W-2 scams to WordPress vulnerabilities, ransomware, business email compromises, DDos attacks and allegations of a hacked presidential election -- 2016's been a hell of a year in cybersecurity, and it's not over yet.

Firefox zero-day: Mozilla races to patch bug used to attack Tor browser users

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:17:47 +0000 Users of online anonymity network Tor are facing a new attack that uses nearly identical code to a Firefox exploit used by the FBI in 2013.

900,000 Deutsche Telekom Routers Disabled by Massive Cyber Attack

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:16:31 +0000 A recent cyber attack on Deutsche Telekom hit 900,000 client routers across Germany, disabling Internet, television and phone access for hundreds of thousands of customers.

Locking Down Your Linux Server

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 14:19:06 +0000 No matter what your Linux, you need to protect it with an iptable-based firewall. Yes! You've just set up your first Linux server and you're ready to rock and roll! Right? Uh, no.

Extending Linux Executable Logging With The Integrity Measurement Architecture

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 10:57:52 +0000 Gaining insight into the files being executed on your system is a great first step towards improved visibility on your endpoints. Taking this a step further, centrally storing logs of file execution data so they can be used for detection and hunting provides an excellent opportunity to find evil on your network.

It's the final countdown for SHA-1 SSL certificates

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 10:10:52 +0000 We're in the final days of what are loosely known as SHA-1 SSL certificates. In certificates of this sort, the cryptographic hash or "message digest" that is used as a digital fingerprint is caclulated, as the name suggests, using the SHA-1 algorithm.

Gentoo: 201612-02 DavFS2: Local privilege escalation

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 08:35:00 +0000 A vulnerability in DavFS2 allows local users to gain root privileges.

Gentoo: 201612-01 GnuPG: RNG output is predictable

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 04:42:00 +0000 Due to a design flaw, the output of GnuPG's Random Number Generator (RNG) is predictable.

Fedora 23 mujs-0-6.20161031gita0ceaf5.fc23

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 17:24:00 +0000 Security fix for CVE-2016-7504, CVE-2016-7505, CVE-2016-7506, CVE-2016-9017,CVE-2016-9108, CVE-2016-9109, CVE-2016-9294

Fedora 23 zathura-pdf-mupdf-0.3.0-3.fc23

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 17:24:00 +0000 Security fix for CVE-2016-7504, CVE-2016-7505, CVE-2016-7506, CVE-2016-9017,CVE-2016-9108, CVE-2016-9109, CVE-2016-9294

Fedora 23 moin-1.9.9-1.fc23

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 17:23:00 +0000 Update to 1.9.9 (bugfix release for CVE-2016-7146, CVE-2016-7148)

Red Hat: 2016:2843-01: firefox: Critical Advisory

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 14:15:00 +0000 An update for firefox is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact [More...]

Social Engineering Methods for Penetration Testing

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 10:18:59 +0000 Social engineering is the practice of learning and obtaining valuable information by exploiting human vulnerabilities. It is an art of deception that is considered to be vital for a penetration tester when there is a lack of information about the target that can be exploited.

Putting Infosec Principles into Practice

Fri, 23 Sep 2016 10:53:29 +0000 When you’re dealing with a security incident it’s essential you – and the rest of your team – not only have the skills they need to comprehensively deal with an issue, but also have a framework to support them as they approach it. This framework means they can focus purely on what they need to do, following a process that removes any vulnerabilities and threats in a proper way – so everyone who depends upon the software you protect can be confident that it’s secure and functioning properly.