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Knock Knock...


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Is It Getting Warm in Here, or is it Just Al Gore?


Skepticism is a virtue. I don't like to discourage it. So, if a person is skeptical of a scientific result - evolution for instance, or global warming, (yes, I'm looking at you, RW & Buck), I try (not always successfully)...

Flying for a song


Every once in a while you come across an idea that's so simple, you have to say, "Why didn't I think of that?" The latest example is from Oren Etzioni, a professor in computer science at the University of Washington,...

Who said it?


I read a quote once that hit me like a diamond bullet right between the eyes. The quote said something like, “Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”. I used to think it was...

Let Us Come Together,...


... and laugh with derision. My thoughts while reading the above were that Malkin, Horowitz and Hinderaker are known nutcases, and not really representative of the conservative blogosphere. I was thinking of Red State, who generally avoids stories that would...

Lies, damned lies, and statistics


I'm always happy to learning something new about the art of deception with numbers. From the most recent White House press briefing, here's Tony Snow: But, for instance, during the course of the Clinton administration, there were 110 signing statements...



Good morning. In no particular order: Dave, on Scalia, on the death penalty. Notice Scalia's words: "...the good to be derived from capital punishment — in deterrence, and perhaps most of all in the meting out of condign justice for...

Cutting and running, eventually


Eventually the U.S. will pull out of Iraq, and all the Republicans who are now accusing Democrats of favoring a "cut and run" strategy will have to perform an awkward flip-flop, saying that while it would have been cowardly to...

Compare and contrast


Take a look at this one from Boortz. MORE GOOD NEWS FROM IRAQ! A senior al-Qaeda member has been captured in Iraq! Not a freshman, sophomore or junior but a SENIOR member! The insurgency is being crushed. Now take a...

Honesty (Is Such a Lonely Word)


I looked for this early yesterday morning, but had to wait until today since Boortz posted late yesterday. Nevertheless, I knew it was coming, as soon as I saw that Rep. Hoestra had prevailed on John Negroponte to declassify "key...



Well, this went exactly as expected. "Withdrawal is not an option. Surrender is not a solution," declared Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, who characterized Democrats as defeatists wanting to abandon Iraq before the mission is complete. Now Richard...

Freedom versus Book Banning


Can you have it both ways? Is it really against the law for school board's to ban books from their schools? I thought school boards ultimately made those kinds of decisions. The longer I live the more confused I get....

TennCare on NPR


here, here....

Science Video Seminars


Helping the smart get smarter and the dumb feel smart since 2006... Installment number 1: Examining Natural Selection in Humans. New seminars are published every other week....

Love it or leave it


Well, Neal has taken the "if you don't love it, leave it" angle concerning the Dixie Chicks. People care about patriotism, Natalie, because they love their country.....Natalie --- you have the cash. If you live in a country you...