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Buy and sell websites and domain names!

Last Build Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:16:27 -0700


Social Media Services Selling Business (Fully Developed Website, $2,500)
SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES SELLING BUSINESS MASSIVE PROFIT MORE THAN 40 PROFITABLE SERVICES VISIT   Would you like to own a Social media Business? If so, Read on... The social Media services offered on this website are in high demand and will only because more and more businesses are built everyday and they all have one thing in common; and that is traffic. Therefore, this website takes advantage of the high demand for Social Media Exposure by offering services that cater directly to the demand of those businesses. With this type of business, you control your revenue by adjusting the prices of your Social Media Packages. How It Works   1. Customer places an order by selecting the quantity he/ she wants, type in their url and then click on Order Now. 2. They will then be redirected to PayPal Payment Page where they will confirm and make the Payment. 3. Once you receive the payment with the order information, you outsource the order. 4. The supplier then completes your order and you keep the profit without really doing much. 5. When you mark the order completed the client will get automated completed email conformation. 6. They can also place and track the order from their control panel.   Profit From Business   1000 Facebook Fans Website Price : $77 Suplier Price : $9 Profit : $68 5000 Twitter Followers Website Price : $77 Suplier Price : $15 Profit : $62 50000 Youtube Views Website Price : $97 Suplier Price : $50 Profit : $47 1000 Tumblr Follower Website Price : $149 Suplier Price : $34 Profit : $115 20000 Sound Cloud Plays Website Price : $77 Suplier Price : $16 Profit : $61 500 Pinterest Followers Website Price : $29 Suplier Price : $12 Profit : $17 50000 Vimeo Views Website Price : $67 Suplier Price : $12 Profit : $25 5000 Instagram Followers Website Price : $77 Suplier Price : $15 Profit : $62     Things Included   1. Premium Domain 2. Suplier Details 3. Marketting Materials 4. Compete Website Installation 5. Full Support and guide for 1 month   CONTACT ME FOR PRICING OR OFFER ME YOUR PRICE Date Listed: 09/26/16[...]

Amazon Affiliate Bookstore Making $10,000 monthly (Fully Developed Website, $5,500)
Atlantisbookstore is an online marketplace for books.Hundreds of brand new books, From Romance & Erotica to Horror and Fiction are offered for sale through the atlantisbookstore websites.

Description of the site:

Founded in 2012 by two internet entrepreneurs , Atlantisbookstore went live in 2013 and immediately began to transform the world’s online e-commerce business by making hard-to-find books easy to locate and purchase. The unique inventory of books for sale includes the world’s finest Romance & Erotica Novels.

Shipping and Inventory:

Since we are an affiliate store, we do not stock or keep any inventory. When a customer makes a purchase, the order gets automatically forwarded to

Time requirement to run the business:

Timely investment is very minimal. Remember we are an Affiliate store, so 99% of the work runs on autopilot, meaning when a purchase is made, Amazon takes over, the other 1% relies on the owner to provide good customer service(answering emails, inquires, etc)

Reason for selling:

I am planning on retiring from the online scene, and volunteering/traveling.

What is included in the sale:

- (Affiliate business)

- Domain Name

- Host and Admin

- Control Panel

- Free transfer of the business over to the new buyer

- Images & Content

- Tradename

- Original Graphics

- 3rd Party Licenses

- Introduction to Amazon association

- 30 Days Training

- 160 Day money back guarantee and support included

If you are interested in this listing feel free to drop me a email here -

Thanks, Michael

Date Listed: 09/25/16

Automated Travel Website, Hotels, Flights & Cars (Turn-Key Site, $29)

Live Demo:

This is powerful travel booking/ search engine website that allows users to find the best prices for hotels, flights, car rentals and cruises. This type of website is currently very popular as more people try to save money when booking their next vacation.


All your visitors have to do is to input their desired travel destination, and the relevant dates, and the Search Engine will automatically search through its database and return only the best deals tailored to the inputted criterion. Each time your traffic CLICKS on the deals suggested by the Search Engine, you'll be making AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS. The average you can expect to make with this website is $1 to $4 per visitor. This means with as little as 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 to $400 per day.


There is no limit to the amount you can make per visitor as the affiliate company will pay you per lead. For example, if one visitor clicks on 10 hotel suppliers, you could easily make $10 from that single user.


Website Features:

1. A hotel search engine containing over 2 million hotel deals from 100's of travel sites.

2. A flight price comparison search engine containing 1000's of deals.

3. A rental car search engine containing 1000's of deals.

4. A cruise search engine containing 100's of deals.

5. A travel guides / blog area.

6. An easy to use admin area where you can easily maintain the website.


What Do You Get:

[+] A 24/7 money making machine

[+] WordPress content management system

[+] No experience required by you.

[+] Setup video tutorial

[+] Free marketing e-books & videos

[+] Instant download file after payment

Note: Domain and hosting not included



src="" width="500" height="300" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Date Listed: 09/25/16 (Fully Developed Website, $18,243) is a marketplace website where buyers and sellers meet through a bid process. The buyers upload projects they need done at no charge, and paid vendors bid on these projects !

Vendors have a choice of different plans.

There is no limit to how many projects one can upload, the system does however remove listings that are older than 90 days.

The site is a wordpress site, there's lots of potential for someone that wants to market a project like this.

Owner financing available. Owner's professional goals have had to change at this time, so a sale of this site has been created.

Date Listed: 09/19/16 - the world's largest mobile unlock provider (Fully Developed Website, $38,870)
Page load slow if you have cable or dial up internet please be patient thank you width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> PAYPAL PDF FILE - CLICK HEREEXPENSES PDF FILE - CLICK HEREInstagram Link - CLICK HERESend me your offer - CLICK HERE Date Listed: 09/18/16[...]

Profitable business in selling website traffic (Turn-Key Site, $75)

Profitable business in selling website traffic and social media services

This is a lucrative profitable business as every website needs traffic, so the clients purchase the traffic regularly.

Demo :-

It will definitely become your most smart and profitable investment, because

* There are no any other services that can compete with this one.
* Even newbie can operate this website no skills and experience needed.
* The prices and quality of these services are beyond comparison.

These are the most popular web services today.
How it works.
Step 1. Customer makes a purchase on your website and you receive instant payment.
Step 2. You place the order to supplier backend provided by me.
Step 3. Supplier completes the order and your client receives automated details of the order.

Profit from business:-

100k Traffic cost = $70, Site PRICE = $250 Profit =$180
50,000 Youtube views cost $50 Site Price $100 Profit =$50
30,000 Facebook Fans cost $500 Site Price $1000 Profit =$500
30,000 Twitter Followers cost $150 Site Price $600 Profit =$450

What you will get:

* New Domain Suggestion
* Website with content
* Supplier details
* Marketing materials to help you with promotion,
* Full support.
* Will be installed within 48 hours.


You will have to buy your own domain and hosting. ( I can give you domain Suggestion )
I will modify the website according to your domain name.
Reply me for more details Or order now below.
After payment we will contact you.

Domain with hosting will cost you $50 per year

My onetime installation fee $75

So your total investment $125





Date Listed: 09/12/16

Here is a Website That Makes You Money - Make $2 - $26 / Vis (Fully Developed Website, $97)
Full Details About This Website Below... Please Read All of it Before Buying We have done all the work to develop a website that will take as little of your time as possible , requires no work on your side after it is setup, doesn’t require daily updates or maintenance... And Still make you money !... We understand you might be new to all this but have the desire to diversify your income, earn extra income, tired from the everyday same working routine or tired of working for a salary which barely covers your costs? ... This is an opportunity to change the way you earn money without leaving your current occupation ... READ ON ONLY IF YOU INTEND TO BUY, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE TIME*** The Website you are going to get is a hotels, flights, car rentals price comparison website that fetches the information from two main affiliate accounts that do all the work for you .... Over 2,765,000 Hotels in Over 50,000 Cities, Over 1 Million reviews, 600 Airlines across 200 countries included in the database. Each of these pages will make you money through affiliate leads... To see the website we are going to setup for you go to ... To Buy this website just go to to and you will see a buy now button on the top right corner of the website , click that if you want to buy now . There is also purchase later button at the bottom right corner of the website if you want to buy at a later date ... ***WHY BUY THIS WEBSITE?*** *No Work Required After Setup * Hot and Evergreen Niche * Potential to make $500+ per week in pure/net profits or $2000 per month * High Demand * Limitless growth potential ***You Can Earn $100 - $200 A Day or More!*** For example attracting 100 visitors a day you can make up to $50 - $100 a day The pay-out earn on a per lead basis between $0.50 to $4, which means that THE VISITORS DONT T HAVE TO BOOK A ROOM for you get the commission, thus the average visitor will generate up to $2 - $4 per visit from multiple clicks on different hotels. ***NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED!*** This website does not require any updates since all data is pulled from the supplier. We Just help you generate traffic and profit! (And I will show you how to easily get tons of traffic) ***OTHER VALUABLE ASPECTS*** * No website expertise is necessary * No technical expertise is necessary * No selling required * Stats and reporting are available on the affiliate websites * Use your own site to book your next vacation! ***WHAT DO YOU GET?*** * Free file transfer to you hosting account * Free Setup of the website on your domain and hosting Take advantage now, be a Smart Investor and profit from the Already built System i am giving you TODAY! ***WHAT DO I NEED TO PROVIDE?*** * We need for you to have a hosting account and a domain name ... that is all we need from you ... * We will setup the website on it for you ***THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND OTHER WEBSITE SELLERS*** The difference between us and other sellers is that we help you get started with traffic generation to your website. Without Traffic, the website you buy is useless and with the current competition online you will need proven strategies that can bring you the required traffic for your website. This is one critical thing we provide... ***HOW TO BUY THIS WEBSITE*** To Buy this website just go to to www.lifestylepot and you will see a buy now button on the top right corner of the website , click that if you want to buy now . There is also purchase later button on at the bottom right corner of the website if you want to buy at a later date .. Date Listed: 09/06/16[...]

A Fabulous Kitchen Ecommerce Site (Fully Developed Website, $5,000)
A colorful, contemporary eCommerce site that offers a large range of kitchen and dinning products to suit every kitchen and discerning Chef! This is a drop ship opportunity which means you do not have to purchase or stock any product. I spent many hours finding and loading content but have never done much for SEO as I went back to work full time. A fabulous blog that features a Jr. Chef has been very popular and well received. I would suggest to focus on one of our sections called A Fabulous Kid which could be an amazing opportunity to specialize in an under supported idea for both product and new customers. I have invested over $15,000 to make this site as beautiful as it is and I would hate to see it not reach its full potential. Selling far below cost to create this type of site.

Date Listed: 09/05/16

Funny Viral Pictures, Videos & Stories Site - 100% Automated (Fully Developed Website, $85)

Viral Pictures, Stories and videos are among the most viewed content on sites like facebook, twitter, youtube and others...

Making it very easy to get viewers and traffic to the website and getting your viewers to share you content and make it viral resulting in FREE Traffic...

In addition to the content already on the website, users can also submit their pictures, stories and videos for you to moderate and either publish or unpublish...

It's a perfect website for monetizing with Adsense, Chitika, ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Revenue Hits and many more...

The site has an easy to use content management system...

No technical knowledge required. Maintenance free, traffic generating content, SEO optimized. Everything is 100% automated and ready to be monetized...

We guide you after the purchase step by step to monetize the website...If you follow instructions, you are guaranteed to make profit...

What Do I Need To Get Started?

We need for you to get a hosting account and a domain name on which we are going to setup the website on for you ...

How Do I Get This Website Setup For Me?

To Buy this website just go to and you will see a buy now button on the top right corner of the website , click that if you want to buy now . There is also purchase later button at the bottom right corner of the website if you want to buy at a later date ...

Date Listed: 09/04/16

Real Estate Property Website For sale - Customizable (Fully Developed Website, $279)

This is a highly customizable Real Estate Website that allows you to display your Real Estate Properties and services information. It was built in PHP and MySQL and it comes with a Content Management System that allows you to manage properties and services pages on the website.

If you want the website and may want to customize the website, we can do that for you as well.

You just purchase this as it is currently, pay for it and then we move on to customization, you write your specifications, we agree on a price and get the work done for you.

Some of the features are listed Below:


- Featured properties - listing on the homepage for featured properties.

- Menu - properties for Sale menu, Properties for rent menu , buying and selling menu giving more information on how to go about the purchase or selling of the property listings on the website

- Property Page - displaying images of the property, property details, Google map to show the exact location of the property, a contact seller form to contact seller by email or phone.

- And other necessary pages.


- Content On Website the back end gives you control over the content of the website.

- Manage Countries and Cities

- Manage Ads

- Manage Website Users

- Manage Properties

- This is the dashboard area for sellers and buyers.

- Has the option to Sell your property and to Rent your property, option to manage or add properties

- Property Contact Information

- Property Details - Property type , Property Sub Type , Location, Price etc

- Property Map Google map to locate exact location of property by entering the address and saving the coordinates.

- Property Image Uploads





Username: admin

Password: admin

The website comes with a user area where users who login can also submit properties and manage it. The login details are as below

To add properties or manage properties as a user on the frontend of the website, just click on login link at the top right corner of the front end pages and create your own account:


Just go to to the website and click buy now and fill in your details we will reply to the email and then setup the current website for you on your own hosting and domain name.

Then if you want to customize too, we discuss and get the work done for you. We are a website and software startup. We will be glad to work with you.

Thank You.

Date Listed: 09/04/16