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Buy and sell websites and domain names!

Last Build Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2017 03:02:57 -0700 (Fully Developed Website, $3,200)
The website has been live around 9 months with almost 6 months of AdSense data. We use AdSense which is of course the highest paying PPC Network, but any network can be used.
The last 3 month average is $530, expected to average $550 over the next 2 months and reached $580 last month. The Insurance niche gets a great $1+ CPC with the average last month $1.10 but typically closer to $1
The total revenue for the website including this month so far is $2,781.76

Traffic reached 10k hits last month and was over 9k hits the few months previous. Traffic is mostly referral coming from many niche related links but shows as mostly Google Referral, and even some direct. I have attached PDF reports for some basic data but do not have event tracking installed and Analytics usually tracks hits slightly lower than AdSense. Keep in mind this is only a week of analytics data and not all referrals are shown yet.
I have some referring links saved for this site and have provided some examples below


We planned to get more around 6x revenue for this one after March but going to offer it now at around 5x revenue ($3,200) which is fairly cheap if the CPC stays up and traffic is still trending upward.
We typically do no have backlinks we have generated saved for each website and only the first website we sold, of the last few, had analytics, but try not to factor this into the pricing as we already have old clients who are only interested in what the website is making and the history of revenue.

Sale Process:

For 8% of the monthly revenue we can continue to maintain the website as we currently do which includes VPS Hosting, Content, WordPress Management, SEO/Linking, etc
You would still have full ownership of the website of course, and we are really only receiving maybe 4% profit as we pay for content and images & outsource some basic SEO/Linking services
We purchase content in bulk for all of our Websites so get a discount whereas the buyer would be spending roughly 8% back into managing the website.
This is something we recently decided to offer and benefits both parties along with avoiding any issues changing Host.

We use a simple Sales Agreement which includes a 3 Day Return, 90 Day Traffic Guarantee, and Includes the 8% maintenance Agreement terms if chosen.
Aside from this is includes the basics such as the buyer Acknowledges ownership of the website and agrees to pay the agreed amount on that day.

We trasfner ownership of the Website prior to sending the invoice and accepting payment. The Sale Process only takes around 20 minutes

We first request an email with the following info:
AdSense Ad unit (300x250 Display)
Godaddy Customer Number + Email (To Push The Domain Instantly)
PayPal Email + First/Last Name for the Sales Agreement & Invoice

After we have added the buyer ad unit and pushed the domain we revise the Sales Agreement and send a "Closing Email" with the following:
Website Files
WordPress Login Details
Sales Agreement (Also Attached To Invoice)

Date Listed: 03/21/17 (Domain Name Only, $98,000) is high level 2 word dot com domains with very high value as keyword domain name

suitable for many industries world wide

plastic cards include gift cards, member ship cards. id cards and credit cards

Date Listed: 03/19/17

Website Traffic and Social Services Selling Business (Fully Developed Website, $175)

Profitable business in selling website traffic and social media services


This is a lucrative profitable business as every website needs traffic, so the clients purchase the traffic regularly.

Visit :-


It will definitely become your most smart and profitable investment, because

* There are no any other services that can compete with this one.
* Even newbie can operate this website no skills and experience needed.
* The prices and quality of these services are beyond comparison.

These are the most popular web services today.

How it works.
Step 1. Customer makes a purchase on your website and you receive instant payment.
Step 2. You place the order to supplier backend provided by me.
Step 3. Supplier completes the order and your client receives automated details of the order.

Profit from business:-

100k Traffic cost = $70, Site PRICE = $250 Profit =$180
50,000 Youtube views cost $50 Site Price $100 Profit =$50
30,000 Facebook Fans cost $500 Site Price $1000 Profit =$500
30,000 Twitter Followers cost $150 Site Price $600 Profit =$450


What you will get:

* Domain
* Website with content
* Supplier details
* Marketing materials to help you with promotion,
* Full support.
* Will be installed within 48 hours.


Date Listed: 03/18/17

The Next Market Explosion, Get in Early (Fully Developed Website, $10,500)
For the smart investor that wants to get in on the front end of the next major market explosion then this website is for you. I am proud to introduce to you is is a website that sells prefilled CBD vape pens. For those of you that are not familiar with this market allow me to explain. CBD is the abbreviation for Cannibidiol. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring substance in industrial hemp/cannabis. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, and is being scientifically studied for various reasons. CBD has been research for many years and is known to potentially have many positive effects on the human body. CBD is considered a nutritional and food supplement; federal regulations do not allow claims about whether or not natural CBD hemp oil can help with specific ailments. However, there are studies that have shown CBD may help with stress, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, alertness, focus, nausea, varieties of skin conditions, sore muscles and joints and many more. There have been over 15,000 medical publications on the positive benefits of CBD use. We do, however, suggest that you conduct your own research. Is it legal to sell these products online? YESOur CBD prefilled pens are all made from industrial hemp and our products contain no THC, so there is no psychoactive effect from using our products.We launched this website in February and it was an immediate success, we undertook a major ad campaign on one of the top Cannabis websites on the internet and the results were amazing. Our pay pal account clearly shows proof that there is serious money to be made in this business.This business is in the very early stages of growth so getting in now is to your advantage.We generated over $5,000 in gross sales in the first month of launching the website.The net profit for the Gold CBD Vape Pen is $9.75, we sell the product for $19.95, this is a very healthy profit margin as you can see. The net profit for the Silver CBD Vape Pen is $13.73 per pen, we sell each pen for $29.95.We have two wholesale suppliers that we purchase inventory from, they are very reliable and will ship to you directly on a moment’s notice. You will have to ship the orders yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. We ship the orders ourselves, it not a big deal, take only a few minutes to pack and print postage for each order. And it’s really a good feeling to know that for each package that you ship you are making an awesome profit. Currently we are only shipping to customers in the USA, this was by choice, you can certainly open up your shipping to international customers, as we have had several requests from people abroad that wanted to buy our products. You can also expand this business by selling wholesale to other people as we have had several requests for wholesale inquires.Marketing: We have just purchased a new ad campaign on a high traffic website which will run for a 5-week period. We also custom made banners made and are currently in use in the ad campaign.This is a business where is your work at it, you could make a solid 4 to 5 figure income each month.JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS VENTURE YOU MUST BE WILLING AND ABLE TO ADVERTISE THIS BUSINESS JUST LIKE ANY OTHER. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO PAY FOR ADVERTISING, THEN I SUGGEST YOU MOVE ON TO ANOTHER BUSINESS TO BUY.I WILL PROVIDE INCOME PROOF FROM PAY PAL TO ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS. I WILL NOT POST THIS INFO HERE FOR PUBLIC VIEWWhy Am I selling?Because I want to plain and simple. I look for great upcoming market, build a website, sell it and then invest in a new business venture. Date Listed: 03/17/17[...]

ThunderUnlock Makes ~7K per/M Unlocking iPhone/other Brands (Fully Developed Website, $24,980)
  CHECK ALEXA RANKING Worldwide under 65K and USA Under 35K   310 Pages Transaction via PayPal in PDF format June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link   ThunderUnlock Video Ad * Link   Thunder Unlock PayPal 6000+ transactions June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link   BackPanel 6000+ transactions June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link   Instagram 11.9K Followers * Link   Send me an email if you need futher info or if you need access to Google Analytics   email: websitebroker at   Skype:   *Martin   The company started in Chula Vista, CA in 2013 as a wireless Repair store. After the success of Thunder Unlock on the web. We decided to provide only online mobile unlocking service worldwide. Thunder Unlock offers customers with the outstanding 5 Stars service! Like any other business, managing an e-commerce website is comprised of a great deal of work. However, if you dedicate yourself toward success, then you shall have nothing to worry about. (If you’ve the mind set to make money, this is the ultimate perfect business for you) Rule#1 You must treat clients patiently and provide an excellent customer service. Keep in mind that Thunder Unlock is going to be sold to someone that has expertise in business, the gift of Thunder Unlock ought to prolong, and hopefully whoever purchase it, can keep it in business for years to come.   Date Listed: 03/14/17[...]

Here is a Website That Makes You Money - Make $2 - $26 / Vis (Fully Developed Website, $97)
Full Details About This Website Below... Please Read All of it Before Buying We have done all the work to develop a website that will take as little of your time as possible , requires no work on your side after it is setup, doesn't require daily updates or maintenance... And Still make you money !... We understand you might be new to all this but have the desire to diversify your income, earn extra income, tired from the everyday same working routine or tired of working for a salary which barely covers your costs? ... This is an opportunity to change the way you earn money without leaving your current occupation ... ***READ ON ONLY IF YOU INTEND TO BUY, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE TIME*** The Website you are going to get is a hotels, flights, car rentals price comparison website that fetches the information from two main affiliate accounts that do all the work for you .... Over 2,765,000 Hotels in Over 50,000 Cities, Over 1 Million reviews, 600 Airlines across 200 countries included in the database. Each of these pages will make you money through affiliate leads... To see the website we are going to setup for you go to ... To Read More about this go to : ... To Buy this website just go to and you will see a buy now button on the top right corner of the website , click that if you want to buy now . There is also purchase later button at the bottom right corner of the website if you want to buy at a later date ... *** WHAT IS THIS ABOUT ? *** We are now living in the most uncertain time in the entire history of the world. By this time next year, there may be peace and democracy in most countries or things will have gotten worse... Maybe it will be $20 or more per gallon. (It already is in some countries.) Or maybe it will drop to $1.25 (or less) per gallon. Again, I don't know and neither do you nor anyone else... A year from now, things may be rosy. Maybe everybody will have jobs and plenty of money. Maybe not. Maybe there will be 30% unemployment rate and most people will be struggling just to survive. Maybe it will turn out to be something in the middle... Having and creating extra income systems that take little or none of your time after setup is more essential now more than ever... The question then to you is: Are You Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Any Money on the Side?... What we have here is an opportunity for us to setup this website for you to generate continual passive income for you while you focus on other things. We can all do with extra money that we can save up for future or present use. What you are getting is a website fully developed with affiliates fully integrated into it...The affiliates provide the content that is displayed on the website , meaning the website content is fetched from the affiliates database and displayed on the website. This then takes away the daily burden of updating the website on a daily basis. After the website is setup we them move to the step-by-step traffic and marketing instructions for you to follow and get started. The affiliates that will be integrated into the website will monitor the activities of the traffic we bring to the site and then pay accordingly. Earnings will be recorded in the affiliate accounts that you will sign up for during the setup of the website. ***WHY BUY THIS WEBSITE?*** * No Work Required After Setup * Hot and Evergreen Niche * Potential to make $500+ per week in pure/net profits or $2000 per month * High Demand * Limitless growth potential ***You Can Earn $100 - $200 A Day or More!*** For example attracting 100 visitors a day you can make up to $50 - $100 a day The pay-out earn on a per lead basis between $0.50 to $4, which means that THE VISITORS DONT T HAVE TO BOOK A ROOM for you get the commission, thus the average vis[...]

news and adsense website for sale (Fully Developed Website, $2,500)
A steady Adsense Income Business for sale , for more information , email

this is income generating website through Google adsense, it makes money through showing ads on the site

the sale of the business comes with the transfer of the domain and also the new owner will be given enough training on how to use the website and how to advertise.

the new owner will be given a enough assistance during the transition , the new owner will be earning income immediately .

any serious buyer who is interested in making easy income contact me . TO GET THE WEBSITE email now on

Support and training will be given to you plus all the necessary information. just email me back immediately. Thank you for reading my post.

Date Listed: 03/07/17

Making It Pay To Stay (Fully Developed Website, $800)
Making It Pay To Stay is geared towards freelancers, work at home moms, and those who want to run their own businesses while staying at home. Topics range from how to make more money, how to save money creatively, wellness tips for busy work at home moms, productivity hacks, etc.

Date Listed: 03/21/17

New Search Engine - (Fully Developed Website, $30,000)
Unique search engine with spider bot technology to index the web.

Over 12,000 websites indexed in 1 day. Own your own search engine today!

Contact us on the site or through email. Asking price is negotiable. Will help with transition to new owner and tech setup. Not advertised yet.

Date Listed: 03/13/17

One Time Offer - Easy Ways To Make Money $2 to $4 per Lead (Fully Developed Website, $0)
===> You are bidding on 100% Automated Hotel, Flight & Car Rental Search Engine Website. No Experience Required.

Do you dream to dominate on 8 Trillion Travel Industry.If Yes, your search is over now.

You have a golden opportunity to start Internet Profitable busniess & Get Financial Freedom in your Life.


Have Questions? Email: [email protected]

Note:- This is Demo site.I will setup same website on your domain & hosting.You can buy hosting from me if you do not have.

Date Listed: 03/02/17