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Buy and sell websites and domain names!

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Amazon affiliate store - Make $10,000 in monthly profits (Fully Developed Website, $7,000)
Website Description: is an amazon affiliate store that was founded in 2013. By harnessing the power of Amazon’s enormous back end, we’re able to offer a wide variety of Amazon's best sellers.

Shipping and Inventory: is an affiliate store, we do not stock or keep any inventory. When a customer makes a purchase, the order gets automatically forwarded to

Time requirement to run the business:
Timely investment is very minimal. Remember we are an Affiliate store, so 99% of the work runs on autopilot, meaning when a purchase is made, Amazon takes over, the other 1% relies on the owner to provide good customer service(answering emails, inquiries, etc)

The reason for selling:
Working on other business ventures so not able to focus on this business thus decided to sell.

What is included in the sale? (business)

-Domain name

-Host and Admin

-Control Panel

-Free transfer of the business over to the new buyer

-3rd Party Licenses included ( Amazon licenses)

-Introduction to Amazon association

-30 Days Training

-160 Day money back guarantee and support included

-Trade Name - Exclusivebooks

Down payment plan is available

if you are interested in this listing please feel free to contact me here -



Date Listed: 02/19/17

italian-apartment (Fully Developed Website, $5,000)
For sale, complete web site Italian-Apartment

For sale, complete web site Italian-Apartment, the site is already complete and fully functional. Very easy to handle and with an excellent payback.
For sale, complete web site Italian-Apartment, the site is already complete and fully functional. Very easy to handle and with an excellent payback. June 1, 2015 to date has grossed € 5,840 2 The site is already optimized for the part of SEO 3 This gain does so only 50 € monthly investment in advertising campaigns. 4 No advertising within the site, so you may earn more.

italian-apartment is sold together with The site was born on 01/21/2015 As mentioned this site can only get better, and is a small source of income, but now I can no longer follow. The purchase includes: ASSISTANCE FOR ONE YEAR Price is not negotiable

Date Listed: 02/13/17

ThunderUnlock Makes ~7K per/M Unlocking iPhone/other Brands (Fully Developed Website, $24,980)
310 Pages Transaction via PayPal in PDF format  June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * LinkThunderUnlock Video Ad * LinkThunder Unlock PayPal 6000+ transactions June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * Link BackPanel 6000+ transactions June 1 2016 - Feb 12 2017 * LinkInstagram 11.9K Followers * LinkSend me an email if you need futher info or if you need access to Google Analyticsemail: websitebroker at thunderunlock.comSkype:*MartinThe company started in Chula Vista, CA in 2013 as a wireless Repair store. After the success of Thunder Unlock on the web. We decided to provide only online mobile unlocking service worldwide.  Thunder Unlock offers customers with the outstanding 5 Stars service!Like any other business, managing an e-commerce website is comprised of a great deal of work. However, if you dedicate yourself toward success, then you shall have nothing to worry about. (If you’ve the mind set to make money, this is the ultimate perfect business for you)Rule#1 You must treat clients patiently and provide an excellent customer service. Keep in mind that Thunder Unlock is going to be sold to someone that has expertise in business, the gift of Thunder Unlock ought to prolong, and hopefully whoever purchase it, can keep it in business for years to come.  Date Listed: 02/10/17[...]

Kitchen and Wine Dropship Site (Fully Developed Website, $5,500)
Fully loaded drop ship site specializing in products designed to bring people together for food, fun, and conversation. Includes wine and glassware, pot racks and canisters, wine refrigerators, coffee and tea, picnic baskets, and much much more. Social media accounts are active and drawing new followers. Purchased in 2016, and four days later got offered a great job. I thought I could do both but it's pretty clear that I just don't have time to give the site the care and attention it needs. There are several "business in a box" companies out there, but don't be fooled, there is still much work to be done. This site is actually finished and just needs marketing. Has huge potential for someone who has the time to invest.

Some market statistics:
Wine consumption increased 1.6% last year representing the 20th consecutive year increase.
101 Million adults drink wine
Women represent 56% of the wine drinking population (66% of Millenial drinkers)
Home buying is on the upswing again and new home buyers are asking for homes that are conducive to entertaining and hosting.
Gen X in particular have eclectic taste and don't respond will to "one size fits all". These shoppers use mass market retailers for research but prefer to purchase of smaller boutiques.

Purchase includes:
Fully loaded web site with 500+ products
Social media accounts
Site administration documentation
Transfer of ownership on existing LLC

Date Listed: 02/09/17

Here is a Website That Makes You Money - Make $2 - $26 / Vis (Fully Developed Website, $97)
Full Details About This Website Below... Please Read All of it Before Buying We understand you might be new to all this but have the desire to diversify your income, earn extra income, tired from the everyday same working routine or tired of working for a salary which barely covers your costs? ... This is an opportunity to change the way you earn money without leaving your current occupation or job ... We are now living in the most uncertain time in the entire history of the world. By this time next year, there may be peace and democracy in most countries or things will have gotten worse... Maybe it will be $20 or more per gallon. (It already is in some countries.) Or maybe it will drop to $1.25 (or less) per gallon. Again, I don't know and neither do you nor anyone else... A year from now, things may be rosy. Maybe everybody will have jobs and plenty of money. Maybe not. Maybe there will be 30% unemployment rate and most people will be struggling just to survive. Maybe it will turn out to be something in the middle... Having and creating extra income systems that take little or none of your time after setup is more essential now more than ever... The question then to you is: Are You Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Any Money on the Side?... What we have here is an opportunity for us to setup this website for you to generate continual passive income for you while you focus on other things. We can all do with extra money that we can save up for future or present use. *** WHAT IS THIS ABOUT ? *** What you are getting is a website fully developed with affiliates fully integrated into it...The affiliates provide the content that is displayed on the website , meaning the website content is fetched from the affiliates database and displayed on the website. This then takes away the daily burden of updating the website on a daily basis. After the website is setup we them move to the step-by-step traffic and marketing instructions for you to follow and get started. The affiliates that will be integrated into the website will monitor the activities of the traffic we bring to the site and then pay accordingly. Earnings will be recorded in the affiliate accounts that you will sign up for during the setup of the website. To see the website we are going to setup for you go to ... To Buy this website just go to to and you will see a buy now button on the top right corner of the website , click that if you want to buy now . There is also purchase later button at the bottom right corner of the website if you want to buy at a later date ... To Read More about this website go to : ... *** WHY BUY THIS WEBSITE? *** * No Technical Work Required After Setup * Hot and Evergreen Niche * Potential to make $500+ per week in pure/net profits or $2000 per month * High Demand * Limitless growth potential *** This Might Not Be For You *** If you are the impatient type looking for just a shiny object or one looking for a system where you just press a button and money starts coming out then this is not for you because it will take a little work to do the marketing and get traffic to the site. We assist you with step by step instructions on what to do after the website is setup but you will have to follow the instructions in order to get the results you want. *** THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND OTHER WEBSITE SELLERS *** The difference between us and other sellers is that we help you get started with traffic generation to your website. Without Traffic, the website you buy is useless and with the current competition online you will need proven strategies that can bring you the required traffic for your website. This is one critical thing we provide... *** WHAT DO YOU GET? *** * Free Website Setup On Your Hosting * Free Two Affiliate Account In[...]

$500/month Insurance Niche Blog (Turn-Key Site, $2,000)
We are selling one of our unique Insurance niche blogs averaging slightly over $500/month via Google AdSense but any PPC network can be used.

We have held the domain over a year with the website going live about 7 months ago. AdSense added a few months later in September.

Traffic is mostly referral coming from high PR Niche related sources. Traffic has reached over 9k hits the last few months and expected to break 10k this month.

We offer to continue maintaining the website for 8% of the monthly revenue which includes hosting, content, WordPress management and SEO/Linking.

We accept payment after the website has been fully moved over and use a simple Sales Agreement which includes a 3 day return.

PayPal is preferred.

PM/Email us at with any questions and can arrange a call to go over the website and sale process in more detail.


Date Listed: 02/03/17

Huge Make Up Video Tutorial Website - Money on Autopilot (Fully Developed Website, $147)
To see the website go to: ------------------------------------------------------------------- WHY SHOULD YOU I BUY THIS WEBSITE? ------------------------------------------------------------------- In Today's World, videos have become so important that people prefer to watch Videos rather than to read. The Average time on websites increases almost 6 times when there is a video to watch on the website. It is only natural because it is easier to grasp and understand compared to reading. People want to refer to videos to learn each & everything nowadays. That is why we created this online make up tutorials to fulfill the need of your visitors. This website is designed in such a way that there is Zero Work and No maintenance required at all. It comes with flexible Admin section which is highly user friendly and configurable. The site is ready for you to monetize by including Google AdSense, CLICKBANK or basically any ads provider that you know. You can expect to make money lots of money per month easily with little effort of advertising. This website does not require any prior expertise and it is fully Newbie friendly. At $147 you can buy this website and then we set it up for you and then follow up with step by step instructions on traffic & marketing to get the website started and grow your earnings to the level you want. We can all do with extra money that we can save up for future or present use. --------------------------------- WEBSITE FEATURES --------------------------------- * Search Engine Optimization - We know the vital role of SEO in success of any internet marketer.That is why we have fully optimized this website like Description, keywords, Meta tags,...........Website is highly search engine friendly to bring huge free traffic. * Advertisement option - You can put Google adsense, CLICKBANK or whatever ads network you want.You can put banner sizes of 728*90, 468*60 or 300*250 & much more. All ads can be managed easily from user friendly admin section. * Website looks so gorgeous with eye catching logo & Theme. This killer designed website attracts visitor's attention immediately. * No Technical Knowledge Required - This website is designed in such a way that there is no any prior knowledge required and it is fully Newbie friendly without any experience. * No Maintenance Required . * This Killer design website is based on Wordpress platform which is easily editable & configurable. You can edit Home page, Pictures, Logo, Content, Fonts, Colors etc as per you need. * User friendly & maintenance free for new owner. All required plugins are already installed & configured which will play vital role to make the money on Auto Pilot . Every page of this website is designed in such a fashion (With required density of keywords) that search engines ( Google, Bing,etc) will give higher ranking in search result of keywords. All hard work is done from my side. * Makeup Videos are arranged by categories to serve everyone who is looking for makeup information. ----------------------------------------------------- MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS -------------------------------------------------------- There are MANY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY from this Tutorial website. A. Google Adsense - High paying keywords of this site will add good amount of money in your income.News Category are selected in such a way that Google will place high paying ads only which is one of the major objective to develop this website B. Click Bank- You will make up to 75 % commission on CLICKBANK products.This news website has various hot category( Business, Sports,...) .So,You will have wide option to put clickbank ads like SEO, Internet Marketing, Sports or whatever you want. C. Any Ads Network- Well recognized any other Ads Network will add another extra bucks in your income. [...]

Diabetes information website (Partially Developed Website, $800)
This is currently hosted on SBI! I do have all the website content downloaded into a zip file ready to transfer onto a different host server if required:

I started the website in March 2006 to share my experience of understanding and controlling my diabetes. It has 160 pages of good, quality content.

Most of the content is original, but some material (stories & recipes) was supplied by visitors on the understanding that the copyright & right to use was passed to me as the site owner. I also have a number of diabetes stories that were submitted by visitors with permission to use that have not been added as yet. Links to videos and third-party websites have been included by arrangement with other site owners.

Apart from AdSense and an e-Recipe book the site has not been monetised. In the early days the AdSense accrued a reasonable income, sufficient to cover the website costs, but this has tailed off. However, as diabetes is a worldwide epidemic, I believe there is potential to generate good revenue. I have now retired and have other interests, hence the decision to sell.

Currently new subscribers get an ebook gift and a series of 9 newsletters delivered monthly

Autoresponder used is Aweber. There are 3,270 subscribers of which 9 are still receiving the newsletter - all others are 'sleeping'.

Can supply full list of subscribers, who have not unsubscribed, for re-engagement or subscription continuation

(Open to offers)

Date Listed: 01/31/17 (Fully Developed Website, $5,000)
FIND IT MEDICAL On the way from the grocery store, Grandma fell down while holding her groceries and hurt her hip and ankle. She went to the doctor, who tells her she needs a walker from now on, has to put an ankle brace, should probably be using a back brace for all the heavy lifting and should be having Calcium supplements to fortify her bones. Grandma doesn’t know where to find all these items… and she’s hurt now, so even if she did know where to go, she wouldn’t be able to walk to the store! So she relies on her children to get it for her. Like grandma, the kids have no idea what is good and what is bad, so they go online and look up places that have a walker, then another that has ankle braces, a third that carries back braces, then finally the pharmacy to get some Calcium supplements. Wouldn’t it be great if grandma could find a store on her own? What about if the store had everything she needed? or if it only carried items that it’s researched before putting up on their shelves? So grandma doesn’t have to… Now one step further… What if this store was right next to grandma's building?! NAY! IN HER building! WAIT! the apartment next door! HOLD IT! IN HER APARTMENT! What if this store was IN HER APARTMENT! Now I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… it is! Now I know you are thinking, BEN STOP THE MADNESS! But my friends! it's true! Grandma NEVER has to leave the house to find all the medical items she needs, when she needs them. Find It Medical is an online store that does exactly that. It prides itself on being the one-stop Medi shop where grandma or her kids can go to find whatever they are looking for in the medical, health or wellness industry. Need a walker or cane? got it. Want to get in shape? need protein or weights? have it. Need a medical bed? got it! Arthritis care products? OrOrthopedicc care like knee braces? Vitamins!? Supplements?!? Yes sir! I know… what if you have diabetes! WE’VE GOT IT ALL! Find it medical. Don’t let Grandma run around, don’t make her kids panic. Find It Medical, We got you all covered. -------------------------------------------------------- INFO is our website that was created and developed with the aim at providing hand picked, premium selections of Beauty, Medical, Health, and Wellness items, products, and devices, while simultaneously focusing efforts to ensure we surpass customers expectations. With more and more people getting older, the demand for medical, health and wellness products has boomed and continues in the same growth direction. With Baby Boomers retiring, their health becomes a concern for them all. With over $15,000 worth of web developing and extension done specifically for this site, we have tweaked and played with the code to make it truly incredible. Currently running Opencart (with quite a bit of modifications), which allows users to easily navigate between and use the backend of the site to see and play with: Sales Abandoned Carts Newsletters Customers Products (in an incredibly easy to use and edit way) Taxes Reports Analytics Dashboard (with main critical info) Geo-location of orders Categories Manufacturers Affiliates Credits Status of orders Extensions Reviews Sales Marketing Catalogue Tools and SO SO SO much more. We worked on the functionality and features of the site constantly, always purchasing and developing tweaks and upgrades to make the site easier for users, and consumers. Making it simpler for management, making it more attractive, and at the same time, we did extensive amounts of research and homework to find the best suppliers and manufacturers of the products being offered, while striking agreements with them for the US and for Canada. The website can be transferred to anyone anywhere, but easiest u[...]

http://www.V.Media (Domain Name Only, $2,000)
Single Character GTLD, extremely rare and valuable

Date Listed: 01/27/17