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Preview: Search Engine Guide : Small Business Search Marketing

Search Engine Guide : Small Business Search Marketing

Search engine marketing news and information you can use to grow your business.

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How to Use SEO to Promote Medical Software

Tue, 16 Jan 2018 20:18:59 -0600

by Robert Clough Guaranteed SEO Tips to Use for PromotionUsing SEO is a beneficial way to promote any product of your business. Check out this article on guaranteed SEO solutions to try for your business!These days, you can't forget SEO. The world of e-commerce is simply too competitive. The same goes for promoting medical software.To compete and successfully promote your software, you need to come up with a guaranteed SEO strategy.What Is SEO?Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process by which web developers influence search engines. The goal is to increase search engine rank so the optimized pages appear in search engines' top results.After all, consumers rarely go to the second page of results. In fact, few scroll beyond the first few results.So a guaranteed SEO strategy is a must.Guaranteed SEO TipsThankfully, SEO is a multi-faceted process. There are several ways you can create a guaranteed SEO strategy.Let's review the most popular and effective methods below.Create Original, High-Quality ContentOriginal, high-quality content is arguably the most important SEO tactic.Consumers use search engines because they are in need of information. Site content contains that information.You must ensure your site contains only original, high-quality content for a number of reasons.First, content that is of high quality is credible. It shows that you know what you're talking about. Consumers want businesses that are legitimate and know their trade.After all, the Internet is a breeding ground for scams.Second, e-commerce is very much a niche-driven market. Consumers are on the look-out for something specific rather than general.For that reason, your content needs to be original. General topics are covered on just about every site. Consumers won't sift through all of those sites to find yours.If you create something original, though, you stand out.Optimize Everything, Not Just Your ContentMany business owners and first-time web developers think that search engine optimization is limited to content. It's not.Search engine bots crawl every readable portion of a website. Therefore, all of those portions need to be optimized as well.Headers and page titles should be optimized as should URL slugs.Additionally, you should optimize your pages' meta descriptions.Those who are new to SEO likely have never heard of meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are page summaries that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).Meta descriptions aren't seen on the actual pages. If a page doesn't have one, search engines display a preview of the page's content instead. For that reason, meta descriptions are easily overlooked.Another portion to optimize is alternative page text. Alternative page text appears in lieu of your images if they should happen not to load.Feature ReviewsReviews have a huge impact on the marketing world. In fact, 88% of consumers read reviews prior to making a decision.As such, you should include reviews of your products and services on your website. The most effective places are your product and service pages. Another effective place is a separate page dedicated to reviews.Many search engines display reviews when consumers search for reviews of a company. These reviews are often denoted as five stars. As such, you should consider including a five-star ranking system on your website.Build LinksSearch engines take links into account while ranking sites. Links do a few different things for your guaranteed SEO strategy.First, well-chosen, well-placed links lend your website credibility.All links should be credible. They should contain high-quality content. They should also lead to a reputable, trustworthy site.Additionally, all links should be relevant to your content. Specifically, they should be relevant to the word or phrase in your content to which you've attached them.Link building also serves as a networking opportunity. Many sites that find themselves featured on other sites will, in return, feature those sites.Keyword UsageKeywords are the words and phrases that consumers use to find information on websites. Th[...]

Why SEO is Essential to Your Fitness Marketing Strategy

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 13:23:46 -0600

by Robert Clough If you want your fitness business to succeed, you need a strong marketing plan. Here's why SEO is essential to any effective fitness marketing strategy.It's never been easier to start a fitness related business... but it's never been harder to run a successful one. So what separates the overnight success from the fly-by-night flops? The fitness marketing tactics you use.The demand is certainly there. Fitness is a massive part of most people's lives. Proximity to the gym can actually be a deciding factor on whether or not somebody pulls the trigger on a new job or even a new house.Want to know how to tap into that type of loyalty? Keep reading.Think LocalLocal search engine optimization is the biggest driver of fitness and marketing success, whether you're trying to succeed as a new gym, personal trainer, or dietitian. Period.You're competing against local businesses. And simply put, when somebody Googles your specialty in your area, you want them to find your business.That's such a simple concept, but we could write plenty of blogs about the art and science behind local SEO for fitness marketing.But, if you want to immediately put yourself ahead of half of the businesses out there, make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date. This is massively important for your local SEO ranking.Incredibly, half of the businesses out there today ignore this very simple step... This simple step that takes five minutes, is completely free and can make or break your success.So put yourself in the right half, and make sure Google has your most up-to-date information. This includes your address (or addresses if you have multiple locations) business hours, a complete list of services, and photos.Your Customers are Mobile, So Make Sure You AreThis is probably the second most important fitness marketing trend.Not too long ago, global mobile traffic exceeded global desktop traffic on the Internet.In response, Google announced that they are now looking at your mobile site first before they look at your desktop site when indexing and assessing your SEO value.This means you are absolutely required to have a mobile site, or a responsive website, to meet this demand. Otherwise, you are a gift wrapping web traffic to your competitors who are mobile optimized.And it's not enough to simply have a good mobile site, you need to have a seamless one. Over 60 percent of people surveyed said they will leave a mobile site if they encounter any problems.And 40 percent of those people said they will immediately go to the competitors' site.Don't Use Your Blog to Sell Things. Or YourselfYou might see your blog as an opportunity to tell people how amazing you are, or to promote your incredible services. You're right, but the salesmanship has to be far more passive.People hate to be sold things in blogs. If somebody clicks on your link and makes it all the way to your blog, they want to be enlightened, entertained, or educated. Not sold.Find ways to raise awareness of your great offerings, without a "hard sell."For example, let's say you want to raise awareness of a great new bike that you're selling. The first instinct may be to run a headline like "Five Reasons You Need to Buy the XYZ Exercise Bicycle."That's a bit too much of the hard-sell. You might try something a little bit more impartial, such as "10 Best Spin Bikes - Our Spinning Bike Reviews for 2017."Don't Try to Sell Anything on Social Media EitherUse the same mentality that we just covered in blogging. People don't want to be sold anything when they're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. That doesn't mean your posts cannot lead to a sale. But it's rarely going to come from a hard sell.The lone exception may be fitness apparel. Lots of vibrant pictures of people exercising in your awesome apparel will be the best way to sell it.But let's say you're selling expertise instead of a tangible good. When you use social media, your expertise is going to be in high demand. People will have lots of questions for you about their diet and their workout [...]

5 Reasons You Need Healthcare Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 13:15:20 -0600

by Robert Clough Do you want to grow your medical practice or healthcare supply company? Here's 5 reasons you need healthcare digital marketing to get more customers or clients.The use of healthcare digital marketing has increased in the last few years. This is due to the adoption of internet devices by patients and physicians alike. 72 percent of internet users got health information online in 2013.In fact, digital marketing is fast overtaking the traditional form of marketing. When you combine these facts, the need for healthcare digital marketing becomes obvious.If you are not tech savvy, the most obvious question here is;What is Healthcare Digital Marketing?It is the application of digital marketing strategies in the healthcare industry. Digital marketing strategies include;Social media marketingMobile marketingSearch engine marketingContent marketing and othersIt is an excellent way of marketing because it is cheaper than the traditional form. The staggering number of internet users makes it practical too. The opportunities are abundant; it would be unwise not to use it.Why You Need Digital Healthcare Marketing to Grow Your BusinessHere are five reasons you need healthcare digital marketing to grow your business.Your Patients Are Now OnlineThe birth of the internet has changed how patients find their healthcare provider. Social media platforms make it even easier. An analysis shows that online information affects the way consumers perceive their health.Patients are using internet devices more and spending more time online. As such, a healthcare provider would be a mistake not to take advantage of it. No matter your specialization, using healthcare digital marketing is vital for growth.An impressive online image is appealing to both existing and potential patients.Cheaper Way to Reach the Right AudienceThe modern-day marketing is more precise than it used to be. Your target audience determines the strategy used.Basically, for every product or service, a customer is willing to pay good money for it. Customers would preferably buy healthcare products like a Green Trousers Molift Smart 150 online than work into a store. The real question is, how do you find these potential customers?There are plenty of social media platforms with audience scattered across the globe. Pick specific people based on their interests, demographics and more. In that way, you can advertise to the right customers every time. It's an efficient way to market your business.If your healthcare business is small and you have no marketing budget, no worries. Digital marketing is the way to go. The more prominent corporation may hold the advantage in traditional marketing.However, digital marketing levels the playing field. It doesn't matter how small you are; online presence is all you need.Access to relevant digital marketing tool will give you a global reach at a low price. In comparison, you won't get far using traditional tools such as;TelevisionNewspapersBanners and PostersThe list shows conventional marketing channels. Digital marketing is taking over from these channels because they've proven to be more efficient.It's a Good Way to Interact with PatientsHealthcare digital marketing helps you stay on top of patients' evolving demands. It allows you to upgrade your product as their preferences change. Here is how that happens.Interacting with your patients through social media ensures that you know what they're interested in. Through their expressed interests, you'll know their likes and dislikes. Efficient marketing is built on information like these. They pave the way for future offerings.Apart from interaction, you'll also have the opportunity of engaging your client. Unlike traditional marketing which is one-sided, digital marketing is a two ways communication. Hear the opinion of customers through the use of social media platforms. They get to give you feedback about your healthcare product or service.What do you get from this? Better product and services, and a stronger healthcare d[...]

7 Benefits Of Using A Sales Sample To Promote A Product

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 20:07:02 -0600

by Robert Clough Do you have a new product that you're trying to market? Here are 7 benefits of using a sales sample to promote a product and grow your customer base.Have you ever been almost ready to buy a product, but wished you could try it first?This is why some people always try on clothes in the store, or what makes others ask for samples at an ice cream shop.Unfortunately, not everything is as easy to sample.Still, using a sales sample strategy for your next new product can be more effective than you might expect.Some people have the misconception that sampling is outdated in comparison to digital trends like social media marketing and lead generation strategies.This guerrilla strategy is not something to overlook, though.Here are seven benefits of using a sales sample marketing approach for a new product.1. Increase ExposureYou may already have a strong following of loyal users. These people know and love your brand, often being the first ones to take advantage of a new offer.What about everyone else who is part of your potential audience?This is a group of people that fit your brand personas and target market - they just haven't found you yet.A sales sample might be the trick you need to get their attention.When you offer samples, you become more accessible to a large number of people.Some potential users might be hesitant to make a purchase right now. Others might be convinced your competitor is better.Either way, a sample can change their mind.It shows the value of your product to those who are a bit frugal while getting your foot in the door with consumers who have historically used something else.If anything, it gets your brand in front of more people, which makes you easier to recognize when they come across you again.2. Get FeedbackWhen you put a product in the hands of the people, you're able to better understand their reaction.This is often much quicker, and more effective, than waiting for product reviews.It tells you what is working and what isn't right away.Plus, having a conversation with consumers while they sample might give you insights you hadn't yet thought of.This could be anything from your digital printing flexible packaging and presentation to the function of your product.3. Test a New ProductSpeaking of getting feedback, consider using a sales sample before you decide on the final version of your product.Audience opinions can help you do A/B testing in an organic manner.Instead of running test groups and relying on research, you can get real-time results just from seeing how samples perform against one another.When users respond better to one version over the other, you have your answer on which direction to take.4. Lower Your SpendingSometimes, users won't love a new product as much as you think they would.This is a hard mistake to correct after you've already ordered a big number of units. Not to mention the distribution contracts and marketing plans you've prepared.Thankfully, sampling can keep you from spending more than you need to on a new product.If you see users aren't responding as expected, you can go back to the drawing board before placing a big order. This is an extra step in the research and development process, but it saves you a significant amount of money in the long-run.5. Hook ConsumersAlthough sampling is a great way to prevent a major loss, it is also an effective tool to get your audience excited.Sampling gives users a hint of what they can expect from your new product launch.When they respond positively, they won't be able to wait to get their hands on the real thing.This goes for current consumers and new potential customers as well.The more you put your product in their hands, the stronger their connection will be to it. Then, when the opportunity comes to make a purchase, many will be more inclined to buy.6. Stand Out Among CompetitorsOne of the reasons a sales sample can create more sales overall is because it makes you memorable.These days, almost everyone is on social media or[...]

How to Convert Facebook Followers Into Loyal Customers

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 17:08:13 -0600

by Robert Clough Have you been using your tech skills to build a steady flow of followers on Facebook? Now, learn how to convert Facebook followers into loyal customers.Are you frustrated by a lack of leads from your Facebook presence? Or, are you unsure of how to convert Facebook followers into paying customers?It's amazing: There are over 50 million businesses currently on Facebook. But a very small percentage of them are actually running their page the right way or seeing a return on their investment.The rest are like you. Scratching their heads and wondering what they're doing wrong.But the good news is a few simple strategic changes can unplug your sales funnel, and turn your Facebook into your best salesman.1. Don't Put all of Your Customers in One BucketNo matter why type of business you're in, you probably have more than one market segment of customers. They likely come from different walks of life, have different income levels and different careers.Facebook's ability to let you segment the target audiences you run your ads to is absolutely unmatched.If you want to focus on male teachers in any city, you can target advertisements to just that market. With all this customization, why would you send everyone the exact same message?Use unique messaging, images and headlines for each type of ad you sent out. This is going to garner you far better results and help you convert Facebook followers more effectively. You have the opportunity to tap into the unique pain-points for each would-be buyer.So, take full advantage of it.2. Don't Use Static Creative, or Expect Other Creative to Work HereAs we've mentioned, you can drill down into incredibly specific information about your customers. So don't go to market with a one-size-fits-all approach when trying to convert Facebook followers into customers.Too many businesses will take the creative from another medium (like a print ad, or PPC ad) and try to recycle it here. This very rarely works. And if it does work, it's still not going to perform as well as a uniquely tailored message.Use a dynamic approach to your ads, not a static one. Facebook gives you the ability to measure the success of each respective campaign. Use these insights to see what's working and what's not.Try running multiple versions of the same creative with alternate headlines, call-to-actions, and images. Very few campaigns will perform well the first time. Most need to be measured and tweaked.3. Be There When You're Called and be "Very Responsive"Facebook's business messaging can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it gives each would-be customer a direct line to your business for their questions and inquiries.However, that comes with a whole new level of expectations. Because the average customer expects a reply within 24 hours of messaging a business. In fact, 42% of customer service responses on Facebook happen during the first 60 minutes.Let's say you offer no credit check installment loans. Your customers have a lot of other loan options out there. If they message you, they're expressing a desire to borrow from you ASAP. But if they have to wait, they'll find someone else.And your level of customer care is going to be right there next to the "Message" button on Facebook. If you get back to people quickly, you'll be blessed with the magic words "Very responsive" on your listing.How does one earn these coveted words? According to Facebook, your Page must have achieved both of these milestones over the last 7 days:A response rate of 90%A response time of 15 minutesBoth of these metrics are based on the first reply in a conversation. Your follow-up messages in the same conversation that day are not a factor.So if you don't reply to your customer's message, they will likely go right to your competitors.4. Don't Ask for Likes -- Earn ThemFacebook is now cracking down on businesses and organizations who are aggressively asking for Facebook Likes by, "demoting individual posts from p[...]

10 Tips for New Media Marketing

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 16:08:10 -0600

by Robert Clough If you're just getting started in the realm of new media marketing it can be a little intimidating. Here's 10 tips to make it a little easier.As more businesses turn to the digital space, people may think that success will come more easily. In reality, 90% of new online businesses fail within four months of opening! If you're going to start an online business, you must understand the importance of new media marketing.What is New Media Marketing?New media marketing is a combination of tactics all working toward a common goal: building traffic and conversions for your website.Whereas traditional (outbound) marketing focused on chasing the customer, new (inbound) marketing efforts bring the customers to you.Tools such as social media, search engine marketing, email newsletters, and more will all fall under the new media umbrella.Older methods such as newspaper ads, postcards, and phone calls may build exposure, but they don't do a good job of instilling confidence in your company.Now that so much research is done online, it makes sense to create and share content where people are most likely to look.10 Must-Try Marketing TacticsTo help you in this process, we've identified 10 tips that can get you started. It may seem overwhelming at first, but by breaking everything down into individual parts, you'll have an easier time keeping track of each step.1. Choose a strong domainWhen creating an online business, one of the first steps is choosing a domain name.A good domain name will describe your business or market in some way. It should also be easy to remember and spell -- otherwise you could lose traffic to other companies with similar websites.A good domain name is short, simple, and memorable.2. Identify your keywordsKeywords help customers find you during online searches. Think about what your company offers that people will be looking for.You'll likely be able to come up with a few off the top of your head, but remember that different people search for things differently. There are a number of iterations for each possible term you come up with.Identify your core keywords and then think of other options that you can incorporate into your website content and marketing materials.3. Create helpful contentKeywords will only take you so far -- you have to know how to work them into your content!Think about frequently asked questions in your industry and create blogs and web pages that provide helpful answers.Chances are, people will type their questions into Google and other search engines, so you want to have content that answers them.4. Identify link building opportunitiesYou want to build a website that Google trusts, right? Since the search engines already trust many large sites, use that to your advantage.Create a link building strategy in which you identify authoritative websites in your industry, and think of ways to get your website link onto their pages.Guest blogs are a great way of doing this. You can also take a look at industry lists and see where your link can fit in.5. Consider paid ads on search enginesWhile organic traffic is ideal, there are many benefits to paid search engine ads.Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has become very popular lately because it drives results! Whereas your organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy might get you on the first page of Google, it can take months to do so.A PPC campaign can get you there almost immediately since you're paying for that placement.The main drawback, of course, is that it's paid. If you don't plan your ads carefully or fully understand the process, you could lose thousands of dollars and see very few results.Be sure to educate yourself on the top PPC mistakes and advise so you're not wasting your budget.6. Create a newsletterOnce you've gotten people to your website, don't let them go! Keep them engaged by encouraging them to subscribe to an email newsletter.This will allow you to stay top-of-min[...]

5 Amazing Tips For Medical SEO

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:25:18 -0600

by Robert Clough 5 Amazing Tips For Medical SEODo you run a medical office or online medical supply store? Here are 5 amazing tips for medical SEO that will get your more clients and visibility.Do you run a medical office or online medical supply store? If so, you need to invest in medical SEO to drive traffic to your website and increase your sales.Not sure how you can optimize your site to the highest performance level possible?Keep reading to learn some amazing tips for medical SEO that will increase your brand awareness, attract customers to your site, and improve your visibility.5 Amazing Tips for Medical SEOWith thousands of healthcare offices and online medical supply stores operating in the U.S., finding a way to stand above the rest requires using the latest and greatest marketing tools and SEO techniques.Here are 5 tips for optimizing your SEO efforts for your online medical business.1. Optimize for Local SearchIf you have a physical store, managing your local presence is critical. According to Google, nearly 73% of all online activity is related to local searches, and SEO rankings have a direct influence on in-store traffic. You can optimize your website by including your address, work hours, phone numbers, and services on it.There are also tools like Moz Local that let you create and maintain business listings on the websites and online directories that impact most search engine results.2. Focus on Mobile UsabilityToday, more than half of searches happen on mobile devices, and many people use these devices to schedule medical appointments and to buy medical supplies. By developing a mobile-friendly website you can provide a fast and streamlined web experience that will delight consumers and make them more likely to buy from you.It's also important to know that Google rankings favor mobile-optimized websites, so if you don't have a good mobile website, your SEO won't be as great as it could be.3. Choose Relevant KeywordsMedical SEO is all about targeting the right keywords. So, when coming up with keywords you should think about your target audience and the words they use to describe your kind of business and service.You can do this by compiling a list of keywords that patients often use related to your specialty, or by making a list of all the questions they may ask.If you're not sure what keywords your customers use, there are free keyword tools that can help you with this issue!4. Optimize the Flow of Your WebsiteIf you want to rank high in SEO, you need to make sure the information layout is intuitive and easy for customers to navigate. If your website's navigation is properly categorized and optimized, you'll increase your website's crawlability and help users find the information they need to purchase with you.If you need an example of a website with great information architecture regarding products and services, click here!5. Create Great Content for Potential CustomersThe sites that rank high in medical SEO are the ones that offer content that is both helpful and relevant for customers. Your website needs to have content that reflects your medical services and the topics your patients are searching.By including videos, testimonials, blogs, interviews, and research articles, you can provide customers with the quality content they're looking for and increase your SEO.Final ThoughtsSEO is an important thing for any industry, but it's especially important for medical offices and supply stores.Most people don't go past the first page of results on Google, so if you want to be seen by customers, you need to follow these 5 SEO tips to optimize your site and gain new business.Do you have any tips or tricks for SEO that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Be sure and visit our small business news site. [...]

8 Holiday Park SEO Tips You Need To Know

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:13:35 -0600

by Robert Clough 8 Holiday Park SEO Tips You Need To KnowDo you want to attract families to your holiday park? Online visibility is key! Read here to learn 8 holiday park SEO tips you need to know about.While we all wish life were one permanent vacation, it's simply not true. In fact, Americans don't actually get paid vacation days unless they're lucky to work for a company generous enough to provide them with it.But they're not legally required to do so. Meanwhile, Australians enjoy 20 paid vacation days with an additional eight paid holidays.Which means if you own a holiday park, it's going to take some serious marketing to get people to realize your park is where they should spend their precious time off.To help increase your reservation bookings, here are eight holiday park SEO tips you need to know.1. Have Great ContentPeople are coming to your site to make sure that your holiday park is fun. They want to have fun, relax, and create new memories. They're coming to your site to learn how you can help them achieve those goals.Which is why it's so easy for you to develop great content. Write blogs about the great features you have at your park. Answer questions your guests often ask you about.Let people know that your park is the best park to visit. Write for your audience and then make it shareable on social media to increase your park SEO rankings.2. Don't Forget to Use Pictures and VideosPeople don't just want to read about how great your park is. They want to see for themselves. One way for them to learn more about the great features your park has to offer is by you using plenty of pictures and videos.Pictures help people remember information better. Using videos is even better. By 2021, it will account for more than 80% of all web traffic. Hire a professional photographer/videographer to take high-quality photos and videos.Post them regularly on your site. Don't forget to fill out their meta titles to help increase your park SEO rankings. At a park, the possibilities for using photos and videos are endless.Don't forget that live video is becoming increasingly popular. One great way to attract potential guests would be to have a live feed showing your more popular attractions at all times.3. Put in Plenty of KeywordsWhen people do a search, they use keywords. Figure out what keywords your customers are using to find you. That will automatically help you increase your park SEO efforts.Take a look at what other parks are using as their keywords. When you write a blog, keep using a keyword or keyword phrase to increase the chances of ranking higher on search engines.Don't overstuff and don't use words or phrases that won't naturally fit in with your content. However, don't just use a keyword once and think you're done. Try using a keyword 3-5 times within a 500-word-blog or 5-10 times within a 1,000-word blog.4. Make it Mobile FriendlyBy 2021, smartphones will account for 33% of all internet traffic. Even today, most people do a search on their phone before they buy anything.Make sure your site is mobile friendly. Make it easy to navigate. Don't forget to include a call to action on your mobile site. Also, make it incredibly easy for someone to call or e-mail you from their mobile phone.You're more likely to increase your conversions, building your brand, and reduce your bounce rate just by making your site mobile friendly. If you aren't mobile friendly yet, do this immediately.5. Build Your Brand for Increased Park SEOThink about Disney World. Everyone knows exactly what to expect when they visit Disney World. That's because they are experts at building their brand.They use their brand to increase their park SEO. You can do the same for your park. Figure out what makes you different from any other holiday park.Make sure your employees are all well aware of your brand as well. Your brand should be a part of your online and o[...]

8 Business Hacks that Won't Break Your Budget

Fri, 05 Jan 2018 12:10:24 -0600

by Robert Clough These Business Hacks Will Grow Your Brand ExposureIt doesn't get any better than the business hacks you will find in this article. Keep reading to find out more! Brand awareness and exposure can have a significant impact on a business. Brand awareness is important when launching new products and services. It also plays a large role in getting customers to return.Many businesses are using social media and other hacks to increase brand exposure. In fact, 65% of adults use social media sites.Businesses often overlook simple business hacks to increase brand awareness. This is because they may be hard to measure in effectiveness.Without breaking the bank, here are some simple hacks for businesses to use to increase their exposure to consumers.1. Effective ToolsOnce completing a service or sale to a customer, what keeps them coming back?Business hacks to start using revolves around ongoing brand awareness tools. These are tools such as:NewslettersPromotionsSatisfaction surveysConferencesMany of these tools are available online and do not cost much or at all. Get your client's emails for a quick newsletter subscription. Too many emails about a promotion can become annoying, however. Businesses need to be aware of how frequent these tools are being used.These tools help to create brand loyalty with customers. Retaining customers' business is key to sustainability.2. Visit Your CompetitorsOne of the most simple business hacks to use revolves around your competitors. What are they offering that your business is not?Recognize what your competitors are doing for their brand exposure. Whenever you receive a new customer, find out who they used before. Also, find out why they switched to you instead.Identify why customers choose a competitor with their offerings. You can then adjust your own offering to beat that of the competitor.Keeping reports on competitors is beneficial by knowing what you're up against to continue to expand the brand.3. Network in PersonBusiness hacks sometimes require members to host events in person. Events or seminars are a great way to promote a product or service. It doesn't even have to be a large event with many sponsors and stalls.Networking, in person, is more personable and allows for better networking. Every person you meet is another brand exposure effortIf meetings in person are not a possibility, consider holding an online seminar. Not only do they boost branding efforts, but they also help businesses stand as an authority in the industry.4. BlogBlogging is one of the best business hacks that is cost-effective. There are many tactics to use to gain an audience using a blog.Blogs also are not tied down to a specific topic. Sometimes, obscure or niche articles are the best at gaining traffic.Not only are you getting brand exposure, but others may end up showing others the blog, too. Over time, the blogging process can work for you to gain referral traffic, leads, and customers. Just make sure you're writing quality content and on a schedule.5. Local PartnershipsBusiness hacks sometimes require the help of others. Consider partnering with other local businesses. Start to sponsor local sports teams. Donate or set up a charity event, or book fun hunting and fishing trips with others.People should view the business in a positive light. Businesses that are revered will be more likely to gain customers and more business. Plus, word of mouth is another way to gain exposure.Partnerships help gain exposure for both businesses. Getting your brand plastered around the town and on event pages can launch a business's future immensely.6. Referral ProgramsClients will help spread the word about a product or service if they know they'll gain a perk for doing so.This process can help save marketing and advertising dollars. Referral programs keep loyal customers coming back while[...]

How to Create a Foolproof SEO Game Plan That Will Skyrocket Your Rankings

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:44:51 -0600

by Robert Clough How to Create a Foolproof SEO Game PlanIf you're ready to increase your website's traffic using SEO strategies, you'll need a plan. Keep reading to discover how to create a foolproof SEO game plan. Between 70% and 80% of web users completely ignore the paid advertisements at the top of the search results. That means that if you're hoping to increase your web traffic, it's crucial that you rank highly in the organic search results.In order to rank highly in the search results, you need a strong SEO game plan. Most business owners know what SEO is, and understand how it can make their business successful. But they don't understand how to develop a sound strategy.Here are some ways you can create a solid plan for 2018. Know Your AudienceThe whole purpose behind search engine optimization is to rank highly in the search engines which will drive traffic to your website. But that doesn't mean much your website is ranking highly in front of an audience that's not interested.The first step is to identify your target audience. One way to do this is through the creation of buyer personas. This is when you create a representation of your ideal customer so all content, copy, and advertising can be targeted specifically for them.This means digging deep into the who your customers really are. Some of the things you need to know include:Key personality traitsDemographics (income range, neighborhood, male/female, age etc.)Typical buyer's journeyBiggest strugglesCommon objectivesYou can discover this information in a variety of different ways. These include:Questioning your current customersMeeting with sales, marketing, and customer service teamsUsing Google AnalyticsImplementing social media researchCreating buyer personas allows you to think about your marketing messages, and understand which SEO strategies will best reach them.Complete Keyword ResearchOnce you know who you're targeting, you need to perform keyword research. Choosing what keywords to target can either make or break your SEO game plan.Break up each keyword categories based on your buyer personas and the sectioning of your website. Once you've got a list of these keywords, you can use Google Keyword Planner to research each keyword and rank them based on the estimated monthly search volume.Site Structure and On-Page SEOGoogle needs to be able to understand what your company's website is about, and on-page SEO is vital for this. The first thing you need to do is make sure that Google can crawl your site efficiently, so it can see all of your content.This means setting up your site with intuitive navigation, great internal linking, unique content, fast page load-times, and no broken links.This is also when you can use your keywords to optimize your content. You can build specific pages around different keywords, and this will show Google what each page is about.However, it's important that you avoid keyword stuffing. Write your content the way you would usually write it, just keep your chosen keywords in mind while writing.Content MarketingContent should be one of the main pillars of your SEO game plan. Not only is content key for implementing keywords, but it helps guide your customers through your marketing funnel. Content also helps you earn traction on your social media channels, rank well in search engines, and communicate your brand to the world.Your content needs to enforce your brand tone and voice across all channels while creating specific strategies for boosting engagement and increasing conversions.Some options for content include:BlogsEmailsEbooksWhitepapersProduct copyVideosInfographicsPodcastsAnd moreBlogging, in particular, is an excellent way to include your keywords and engage with visitors. Each blog post is another chance to rank in Google. However, it's important to remember that crea[...]

Google: December Search Ranking Update

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by Robert Clough Google confirms mid-December search ranking algorithm updateAn update of the search ranking algorithm has been confirmed by Google. Some early signals have been identified, including mobile and schema. Included you will find more about the timing, research conducted, the impact on small business search rankings, and coverage of forum conversations. Read the full article at ... MORE ARTICLES & FORUM DISCUSSIONS Why Did My Search Rankings Suddenly Go Down? at Small Business Ideas Forum Be sure and visit our small business news site. [...]

Search Engine Guide Newsletter - 12/19/2017

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by Robert Clough THE SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE TO SEARCH MARKETINGThe 7 Biggest Time Losses in SEO (and How to Fix Them)Search Engine GuideSearch engine optimization is popular for its cost and time effectiveness; because all the assets you create and changes you make are semi-permanent, and because your domain and page-level authority will grow consistently over time, there's no upper bound to the results you can seeSEO TRENDS FOR THE NEW YEARHow to future-proof your SEO for 2018by Search Engine WatchWe're (frighteningly!) almost to the end of the year, and with just a couple of weeks left in December, it's time to start preparing for what SEO might look like in 2018.7 Hard Truths About SEO in 2018by WordStreamAre you aiming to make a seismic impact on your organic visibility in 2018? Google and the wider industry have dropped many hints as to what will have the biggest impact in 2018. With all the noise, it can be difficult to see where to put your focus. With that in mind, here's our take on the seven most important truths you need to accept along with the biggest SEO mistakes you need to avoid in the coming year.MORE FROM SEARCH ENGINE GUIDEHow to Use SEO to Market a PropertySearch Engine GuideThese are some of the most important benefits of SEO for property marketing...Are There Any Search Optimization Strategies That Are Illegal?Search Engine GuideIn SEO, if you use a strategy that violates Google's terms of service, or if you make a move that harms the average user's experience, you could see a decline in your rankings or even face a strict "penalty" that harms your chances of ranking in the future...INFOGRAPHIC SPOTLIGHT101 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Domain Namesby Website Builder AUDid you know that the idea of the online addressing system was invented back in 1985? 32 years ago, a computer systems company from Cambridge was the first ever to register a domain. Ever since, the domain name has been a crucial part in the website's branding and SEO. Choosing the right domain name can get some additional benefits for your business and make your website more appealing to new visitors. Currently, there are more than 330.6 million registered domain names and the number is increasing exponentially. The Evolution of SEOby WordtrackerSEO is a fast-moving business; algorithms, trends and best practices change at such a rate that it's easy to forget that the industry is still a relatively new one. Google launched less than 20 years ago, and since then search engines and SEO have evolved at an incredible rate.PAY PER CLICK TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2018According to Search Engine Journal the top 3 PPC Trends to watch are1) Google will try to invade more of our territory2) Audiences slightly more important in Search3) Google ShoppingOUR TOP TEN MARKETING ARTICLES FROM SEARCH ENGINE LANDGoogle revamps its SEO Starter GuideThis is the first update of the SEO starter guide in several years.How to generate links that drive traffic, not just rankingLinks are a crucial element of search engine optimization, and columnist Kevin Rowe believes that long-term SEO success relies on building links that drive real traffic.5 local search tactics your competitors probably aren't usingWhen you and your competitors are all adhering to local SEO best practices, how can you differentiate your business from the rest? Columnist Sherry Bonelli has some ideas.The importance of targeting branded searchesThough many search marketers focus primarily on non-branded searches, columnist Thomas Stern believes it's crucial to invest in a branded search strategy..Insights from 130 agencies -- State of Email Marketing85% of marketing agencies say email marketing performance is increasing.How to calculate your marketing budgetFiguring out the [...]

Facebook Fighting Engagement Bait in News Feed

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by Robert Clough


Fighting Engagement Bait on Facebook

In an effort to reduce the spread of spammy posts, Facebook is taking steps to demote engagement bait which takes advantage of their system by encouraging people to engage with a post in an unauthentic way. An example, comment "Yes" if you love rock music. 

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101 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Domain Names

Mon, 18 Dec 2017 11:30:00 -0600

by Robert Clough Did you know that is the most expensive domain name of all time? How much? Check out below a new infographic from Website Builder AU that has a wealth of information packed into various categories about domain names, including ...Fascinating FactsThe AnatomyTimeline (1983-2017)What are TLDsDomain Life Cycle1980s TimelineGrowth ChartKeyword Trends - .com & .netTop Domain RegistrarsTop Registrars by CountryCCTLDS for Commercial UseBig Brands Small NamesThe Ten Most Expensive Domain NamesDomain Name Influence on SEOThe idea of the online addressing system was invented back in 1985. 32 years ago, a computer systems company from Cambridge was the first ever to register a domain. Ever since, the domain name has been a crucial part in the website's branding and SEO. Choosing the right domain name can get some additional benefits for your business and make your website more appealing to new visitors. Currently, there are more than 330.6 million registered domain names and the number is increasing exponentially. See more at ...DOMAIN NAME INFOGRAPHIC at Be sure and visit our small business news site. [...]

Are There Any Search Optimization Strategies That Are Illegal?

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by Jayson DeMers In SEO, if you use a strategy that violates Google's terms of service, or if you make a move that harms the average user's experience, you could see a decline in your rankings or even face a strict "penalty" that harms your chances of ranking in the future. Fortunately, despite Google's tendency to keep the nature of its algorithm a secret from users, the company is fairly explicit about what practices are good and which ones could earn a penalty--spelled out in its Webmaster Guidelines. Obviously, there's a sliding scale at work here; making a minor slip might cause you to fall a couple of spots in the rankings, while an egregious offense could blacklist your site, at least temporarily, barring it from search engine results entirely. It's possible to recover even from these extreme cases, but the process is usually slow and arduous. But what about the worst of the worst? Are there any SEO strategies that are actually illegal? The Gray Area SEO is a strategy meant to take advantage of the offerings of private companies (i.e., Google). Accordingly, there aren't any laws that explicitly outline what optimization strategies are allowed or disallowed. However, there are some tactics that could qualify as SEO that violate other laws regarding how businesses are supposed to operate. SEO tactics will always exist in a kind of gray area since intentions, actions, and effects can all vary significantly. However, these SEO tactics, under the right circumstances, could be interpreted as illegal: Sitting on a trademarked domain. In SEO, you can draw significant power from the domain you choose to use; it's a factor in your relevance to various queries and could attract more traffic. However, if you poach a domain name that's trademarked by another company, and refuse to sell it for a reasonable price, you could be considered to be cybersquatting. Cybersquatting is a complex issue in the legal world, but it can be considered a crime if you do it for the sole purpose of exploiting someone else's trademark for a quick profit. While choosing a strong domain name can be effective for your SEO strategy, it's best to stick to uncopyrighted terms you know belong to you. Negative SEO. Negative SEO is so named because it exists as the opposite of traditional SEO; ordinarily, you take efforts to boost your own domain's rankings within search engines. In negative SEO, you'll intentionally harm your competitors' rankings so you increase by comparison. For example, you might build spammy links to your competitor's domain to cause them to incur a ranking penalty. This can be considered a form of deliberate sabotage and could be considered to be illegal. To further discourage you from trying this, it's also been shown to be not a particularly effective strategy. Pagejacking. Pagejacking is an advanced form of plagiarism on the web. Offenders see a page of a website that's ranking highly in search results and attempt to duplicate it (including its HTML code). Of course, this isn't tolerated by Google's search algorithm and is considered a form of copyright infringement as well. In general, any effort you make to deliberately damage, defame, or sabotage another business could be interpreted as an illegal action. Do You Need to Worry? After reading the headline and learning that some SEO strategies could be illegal, you might be concerned about your own practices and strategies, but don't worry--even most black hat tactics (which I strongly discourage you from using) aren't illegal, and at their worst, will only earn you a penalty. However, if you're concerned that you've done[...]