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Preview: Dave Winer: Macintosh

Dave Winer: Macintosh

Everything about the Mac, the good stuff and the bad.

Last Build Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 04:05:54 GMT

Copyright: Copyright 2002 Dave Winer

Dave Jacobs on the phone. "Oh no not again," he says. He watched the Gates video, they did 802.11a detachable screen thing, and a second product, a wireless remote control, which is running Windows XP, which is kind of a mindbomb. Microsoft promises the vision we outlined in the Apple piece. The screen is also running XP. 802.11a is fast enough for video. Key point. He calls the new iMac a Cube with a haircut. "I want one," he says. "It's a beautiful design."

DaveNet: Bet on the iDock.

Andrew Orlowski: "Apple is laying down quite a cynical challenge to its most loyal users: either trust us and go with us, or beetle off."

Brian Hughes: "The MSIE problem is actually worse that it appears. Not only does it refuse to release the processor in any kind of cooperative manner, you can actually run into a situation where it will lock up your whole machine."

Scot Hacker reviews Mac OS X.

Opera for Macintosh: "The legendary speed of the Opera Web browser is now available on the Macintosh in two flavors: PPC and Carbon. Opera for Mac is not only fast, but flexible and easy to use, with a bright clean interface implemented according to the Apple Design Guidelines."

Ars Technica reviews Mac OS 10.1.

Glenn Fleishman reviews Mac OS 10.1 in the Seattle Times.

Upgrade To Apple's Operating System Exceeds Promises : OS X 10.1 exceeds Apple's promises this summer for improvements. (Seattle Times via Applesurf) [Applesurf]

MacCentral: "The annual MacHack Conference opens at 12:01 AM Thursday morning June 22 in Dearborn, Michigan with a public reunion of the original Macintosh development team."

MacCentral: "William Crawford drove down from Santa Cruz, California, to see the Apple Store's unveiling. The reward for his 357-mile trek? Crawford was first in line when the store opened."

We're in leak-mode on a new version of Frontier for an operating system that more people are starting to use.

John VanDyk reviews Mac OS X.

Leander Kahney reviews Mac OS X. [Scripting News]

Derrick Story likes the Entourage emailer for the Mac. [Scripting News]

Boston Globe: "Having given the world the most gorgeous desktop computer ever, Apple Computer Inc. now has matched the feat by producing a ravishing new laptop - fast, powerful, and sheathed in sexy titanium."

For Mac Fans, The Fervor Has Died, But The Devotion Remains : Although it's likely that few among the faithful at the Expo would have disagreed, the intensity of feeling had palpably diminished from the halcyon days. (Los Angeles Times)

Apple iTunes : Even if Apple charged for iTunes, it would be worth buying. As a free download, it's a downright steal. While it's not perfect, iTunes still has a feature set that's head and shoulders above the Mac edition of MusicMatch. Download a copy and give it a whirl. (CNET)

Thinking Revolution, Talking Evolution At Apple : Sure, Apple did not think of this idea first, he acknowledged. But he said Apple's system would be far simpler and more integrated than rivals in the chaotic world of the Windows-Intel PC market. The reason, he said, is that "Apple controls the entire hardware and software world of the Macintosh." (The New York Times)

XML Powers QuickTime's Media Skins : In version five, QuickTime has provided content creators with a new tool: Media Skins. These enable artists to control not only the content of their presentations, but the appearance of the player itself. (WebReview)

NY Times: Apple Results Beat Lowered Expectations. Apple Computer reported its first loss in three years on Wednesday, beating previously lowered targets for its first fiscal quarter. By REUTERS, 4:42 P.M. ET.

Dori Smith reviews Late Night's Script Debugger.

Home Sweet Home : "Home studios have liberated people's creativity. If you have the means of your own production, and distribution on the Net, you can produce your own work and find an audience yourself. It's never been possible to do this before." (The Sydney Morning Herald)

MacWEEK: "Macworld Expo keynotes are always events to behold, as we wonder how hard Steve Jobs will work his reality distortion field. In truth, he didn't have to. Apple introduced solid products, and no RDF mojo was needed to sell them."

Wired: Jobs Tells It Like It Is. The Apple CEO pulls no punches in a profanity-laced meeting with sales people about the company's recent activities. Also: Ogling the new PowerBooks, shiny happy Mac lovers, and more, as Leander Kahney reports from Macworld in San Francisco.

The PC Is Dead! Long Live Apple!: Why do I continue to drink Jobs' Kool-Aid? It is his reference to the "digital hub," a device that will connect the growing array of new devices like PDAs and digital cameras that show double-digit market growth. (Business 2.0)

Business Week: Bad Omens And High Stakes At Macworld. With plummeting sales and stacks of unsold Cubes, Jobs & Co. needs a hit at this year's Apple confab. A titanium PowerBook could be it.

Wired: Mac Lovers of the World, United. In the real world, Apple is in the throes of another slump. At Macworld, its fans are in rapture, where life is beautiful all the time. Farhad Manjoo reports from San Francisco.

Has 'Desktop' Metaphor Outlived Its Usefulness? : Some computer scientists and interface experts think that the desktop metaphor has lived long past its usefulness and that this year we may have an ideal opportunity to make a leap as significant as the Mac interface was in 1984 - or we could pass that up. (Los Angeles Time Syndicate)

Wired: It's a Mac, Mac, Mac, Macworld. The annual pilgrimage to Macworld San Francisco begins in the dark as hundreds line up beginning at 4:30 a.m. to hear Steve Jobs' keynote. Sure, there were glitches, but Apple fans rejoice in their element. Leander Kahney reports from San Francisco.

Wired: Hello Macworld, Hello Fast Macs. Macworld San Francisco opens with the word from Steve Jobs: four new fast Macs, a release date for OS X, and a new motto: 'Power to Burn.' By Michelle Delio.

MacWEEK: Apple's Expo announcements. "Apple will bundle OS X as the default OS on systems beginning this July."

Motley Fool: Apple. What you should know about looking at a company's books.

OS X Software Folder Added To iDisk : So is this addition to the iDisk an extra goodie for those test driving the Mac OS X Public Beta or an indication of something more? This week should tell the tale. (MacCentral)

Glenn Fleishman: "[Mac OS X] is like leaving the food on your plate untouched while replacing the table with a solid granite block, the tablecloth with a fancy embroidered tapestry, and the place settings with modern Danish shiny stuff. The food still tastes the same - but the surroundings are suddenly oddly unfamiliar."

Dan Gillmor: "Apple still matters, just not as much. Once, its future preoccupied the industry and Silicon Valley. That era has faded into the haze of the old millennium."

Wired: Apple Widens Mac OS X Code. In an effort to appease open source developers, Apple has changed the terms of its open source licensing agreement for Darwin, the heart of OS X. No group cheers, but many are pleased. By Michelle Delio.

Time: A Hopeful Spin On Apple's Fire Sale : Look past the backlog, maybe the company is finally ready with some new laptops.

MacWorld: "So what surprises does Apple have in store for us this year? Beats us--Steve Jobs screens our phone calls. But we tracked down a group of experts and asked them to predict what's in store for Mac users over the next 12 months. Their thoughts? It's going to be a bumpy--and entertaining--ride."

MacWEEK: One OS or two? "With the final version of Mac OS X looming on the horizon, some Mac developers are saying--publicly and privately--that Apple should change, at least temporarily, its 'one operating system' strategy and continue revising Mac OS 9."

MacWEEK: New Macs in the pipeline? "Apple Computer will unveil faster, single-processor G4 towers and redesigned G4-equipped PowerBooks at Macworld Expo next Tuesday, according to a report by Cnet. Sources contacted by MacCentral confirmed the main facts in the report, calling it 'right on the money.'"

David Coursey: Do Apple's megahertz matter?. "Of all the reasons to buy or not to buy a Mac, the difference between a 500 MHz G4 and a 750 MHz Pentium should be well down the list."

Apple Reaction: Bring Back Woz?. Apple's decision to slash prices on many of its computers created predictable, disgruntled reactions from Mac supporters and critics. Some grumblers are even calling for a return of the old guard. By Michelle Delio.

MacNN: Holiday season hits Apple hard. "While retail PC sales in December fell by 24 percent from the year-ago period, according to PC Data, sales of Macs suffered far worse than the industry average, falling by nearly 40 percent."

MacWEEK: Improved inventory picture?. "Despite holiday Mac sales some 15 percent lower than those of Windows-based PCs, Apple's after-Christmas product inventory is between six to seven weeks--much less than the 11.5 weeks reported at the first of December, a leading market research firm reported. If the projection holds true, it would be a good sign that Apple is slowly hacking away at an inventory problem that has plagued the Mac-maker since October."

Stephan Somogyi: "OS X is not a revamped NeXT OS or even a seasoned Unix. It more closely resembles a computer-science Ph.D. project morphed into a commercial product spec."