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Web site and blog for Maria Langer, freelance writer and commercial helicopter pilot.

Last Build Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2016 14:29:26 +0000


My Poor Man’s Backup Camera

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 14:00:28 +0000

If a poor man happens to own a wifi-capable GoPro and spare smart phone. How I assembled a flexible and functional backup camera without spending a dime. Continue reading

Traveling with a Truck Camper

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 14:00:41 +0000

The nuts and bolts of snowbirding with my new(ish) home away from home. So far, it's working like a charm. Continue reading

Helicopter Overhaul in Progress

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 13:00:35 +0000

Stripped down and waiting for "the kit." Can't do anything more until the parts arrive. Continue reading

About the “Postcards” Posts

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 01:33:27 +0000

Lazy blogging at its best. At this point I think I owe regular readers a quick explanation.  I normally write very long and drawn out blog posts about cooking, flying, traveling, etc. All kinds of topics — after all, the … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Laughlin, NV

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 22:30:08 +0000

I left Vegas and headed south today. My goal was to find a campsite along the Colorado River near Needles, CA. The direct route took me down Route 95, a typical, mostly straight, desert highway. But when I saw the … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Behind the Scenes at KÀ

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 20:00:08 +0000

I saw the Cirque du Soleil show KÀ yesterday at the MGM Grand Hotel. I didn’t realize it, but it was the third longest running show in Las Vegas. It’s also the first Cirque du Soleil show to actually have … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: The Las Vegas Strip Walk

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 06:40:37 +0000

One of my very favorite things to do when I come to Las Vegas is to take a very brisk walk along the Strip, walking through hotels and their shopping areas. I start at one end — normally Mandalay Bay … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Luxor and Blue Man Group

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 06:13:17 +0000

After a 5 hour drive from Walker Lake to Las Vegas, which included a harrowing drive on slippery roads near Goldfield, Nevada, where cars were spinning off the road everywhere, I arrived in Las Vegas shortly after 2 PM. With … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Camping at Walker Lake

Sun, 27 Nov 2016 00:40:30 +0000

After a very long day of some very boring driving through the high deserts of Oregon and Nevada, I finally approached my overnight destination of Hawthorne, NV. I had only a vague idea of where to stay so I was … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Page Springs Campground

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 17:08:59 +0000

A wonderful BLM campground with at least 30 sites along Blitzen River in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (yes, that one). Deer roam freely at sunrise and sunset. Very few fellow campers. Pit toilets, water, campfire rings, and picnic tables. Incredibly … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Blitzen Creek Hike

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 16:58:53 +0000

Went for a short 1.5 mile hike on the Blitzen Creek trail. The trailhead was about 100 feet from our campsite at the far end of the Page Springs Campground. The trail winds along Blitzen creek through mostly tall grasses … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: At the Mascall Overlook

Fri, 25 Nov 2016 20:00:50 +0000

When I went hiking at Cottonwood Canyon on Thursday, I met another woman hiking with her dog. We stopped for a brief chat about hiking and photography — she had a DSLR camera with her, too. During the conversation, she … Continue reading

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Thanksgiving Campsite

Fri, 25 Nov 2016 00:00:39 +0000

Another evening, another quiet, private stream side campsite. Perfect spot for my modest Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Snowbirding 2017 Postcards: Cottonwood Canyon

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 18:00:58 +0000

Went for a 3-mile hike along the John Day River at Cottonwood Canyon State Park near Condon, OR. Happy Thanksgiving!

Back, on a New Server

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 01:38:26 +0000

Better service, less money. It was a no-brainer not to switch. Continue reading