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Forthcoming article in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Synchrotron radiation research is rapidly expanding with many new sources of radiation being created globally. Synchrotron radiation plays a leading role in pure science and in emerging technologies. The Journal of Synchrotron Radiation provides comprehen


Experimental study of EUV mirror radiation damage resistance under long-term free-electron laser exposures below the single-shot damage threshold
An experimental study of the durability of extreme UV optical coatings to a large number of free-electron laser pulses is reported.

Efficient high-order suppression system for a metrology beamline
An efficient high-order suppression system has been developed and included in the optics beamline in BESSY-II synchrotron sources. The design of the instrument and its performance in suppressing high-order diffraction from the monochromator grating are described in this paper.

Grating configurations to compress free-electron laser pulses
Grating configurations for compressing free-electron-laser pulses are discussed.

An IAEA multi-technique X-ray spectrometry endstation at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste: benchmarking results and interdisciplinary applications
A broad overview of the various analytical capabilities, intrinsic features and performance figures of the IAEA X-ray spectrometry endstation operated at the X-ray Fluorescence beamline of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is given, and different applications are demonstrated to familiarize the user community with the applicable intersdisciplinary research.

Effect of reflection and refraction on NEXAFS spectra measured in TEY mode
A study of the effect of reflection and refraction processes on the evolution of the total-electron-yield spectrum over a wide range of incidence angles including grazing angles is reported.

Coatings for FEL optics: preparation and characterization of B4C and Pt
Boron carbide and platinum are two suitable coating materials for X-ray mirrors at free-electron lasers worldwide. The achieved thickness uniformity for boron carbide is less than 1 nm peak-to-valley over 1500 mm mirror length.

Separation of superimposed images with subpixel shift
This paper proposes a separation method for images composed of the superposition of a steady background and several foreground patterns with different subpixel motions. Application to the correction of X-ray radiographs allows moving particles that pollute the reconstruction to be erased.

Fast X-ray reflectivity measurements using an X-ray pixel area detector at the DiffAbs beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL
A method for rapid measurement of X-ray reflectivity using an area detector and a monochromatic X-ray beam, combined with a continuous data acquisition mode during the angular movements of the sample and detector, is described.

Fast projection/backprojection and incremental methods applied to synchrotron light tomographic reconstruction
Here, fast Radon operators are used in incremental algorithms for maximum-likelihood transmission tomographic image reconstruction. The resulting methods present fast convergence and low per-iteration computational cost without compromising reconstruction accuracy. Application to synchrotron illuminated tomographic imaging is illustrated with both synthetic and real data.

X-ray Fourier transform holography by amplitude-division-type Fresnel zone plate interferometer
A two-block Fresnel zone plate X-ray Fourier transform holography scheme is proposed and investigated.

THz pulse doubler at FLASH: double pulses for pump–probe experiments at X-ray FELs
Double electron bunch lasing at an X-ray free-electron laser for temporal overlap in pump–probe experiments is presented.

Transient thermal stress wave and vibrational analyses of a thin diamond crystal for X-ray free-electron lasers under high-repetition-rate operation
Transient thermal stress wave and vibrational analyses of energy transfer mechanisms and structural dynamics in a thin diamond crystal under X-ray FEL operation are presented.

Direct experimental observation of the gas density depression effect using a two-bunch X-ray FEL beam
Direct experimental observation of the gas density depression effect by performing an X-ray-pump/X-ray-probe measurement using a two-bunch X-ray FEL beam is presented.

Lead apatites: structural variations among Pb5(BO4)3Cl with B = P (pyromorphite), As (mimetite) and V (vanadinite)
High-resolution powder X-ray diffraction is a powerful technique that can be used to obtain reliable structural parameters on highly crystalline minerals including samples with highly absorbing atoms such as lead.

Laser power meters as an X-ray power diagnostic for LCLS-II
Laser power meters are being developed as a compact X-ray power diagnostic for LCLS-II and are characterized for their responsivity, linearity and vacuum compatibility. The power meters are calibrated against X-ray photodiodes and a gas monitor detector.

X-ray beam-shaping via deformable mirrors: surface profile and point spread function computation for Gaussian beams using physical optics
A method to obtain the deformation profile to be imparted to an X-ray mirror in order to turn a Gaussian intensity distribution into any assigned point spread function, and how to easily check the result using physical optics.

Non-invasive online wavelength measurements at FLASH2 and present benchmark
The commissioning and the first year of operation of the online photoionization spectrometer OPIS at FLASH2 is reported.

Double-grating monochromatic beamline with ultrafast response for FLASH2 at DESY
The preliminary design of a monochromatic beamline for FLASH2 at DESY is discussed.

Diffraction gratings metrology and ray-tracing results for an XUV Raman spectrometer at FLASH
Investigations of the diffraction gratings for the high-resolution XUV Raman spectrometer at FLASH via both ex situ and in situ metrology and ray tracing.

FLASH free-electron laser single-shot temporal diagnostic: terahertz-field-driven streaking
The installation and commissioning of a pulse length diagnostic setup at FLASH based on terahertz streaking is reported.