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Forthcoming article in Journal of Applied Crystallography

Journal of Applied Crystallography covers a wide range of crystallographic topics from the viewpoints of both techniques and theory. The journal presents articles on the application of crystallographic techniques and on the related apparatus and computer


Effect of the weather conditions during solution preparation on lysozyme crystallization
The weather parameters during crystallization solution preparation, including the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure and particulate matter in the air, can all affect protein crystallization. Among the parameters investigated in this study, humidity showed the strongest effect on lysozyme crystallization. The results suggest that the weather conditions during the preparation of a crystallization experiment should be considered as a potential factor that can influence protein crystallization.

Direction indices for crystal lattices
The incorrect restriction to integer values for direction indices in centred cells and the potential consequences are pointed out and corrected.

Expected values and variances of Bragg peak intensities measured in a nanocrystalline powder diffraction experiment
A rigorous analysis of sampling and intensity statistics for a powder diffraction experiment over a range of nanocrystallite sizes is presented.

Determination of active layer morphology in all-polymer photovoltaic cells
Small-angle scattering is used to reveal the buried nanostructure and to uncover structure–property relationships in all-polymer photovoltaics.

Three-dimensional texture visualization approaches: applications to nickel and titanium alloys
This paper applies three-dimensional visualization techniques to synthetic and experimentally acquired material textures (random, cube and Goss texture components) and illustrates how three-dimensional visualization can be used to gain insight about orientation distribution functions and orientation relations. The intrinsic symmetry of the Euler orientation representations is considered in detail and it is shown that a monoclinic magnetic space group properly describes the symmetry of Euler space.

A simple device for transferring an oriented crystal from an X-ray Laue diffractometer to a cutting machine
A simple transfer device is described that enables cutting of an oriented single crystal.

Nanoparticle size distribution quantification: results of a small-angle X-ray scattering inter-laboratory comparison
An extensive round robin experiment between small-angle X-ray scattering laboratories has delivered a global uncertainty estimate for the measurands of a nanoparticle dispersion. Irrespective of the instrument pedigree, the distribution mean, width and volume fraction could be determined with an accuracy of 1%, 10% and 10%, respectively.

Form factor of any polyhedron: a general compact formula and its singularities
A compact and general formula for the form factor of any polyhedron is given and its singularities are discussed, together with illustrative examples.