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Sjoerd Visscher's weblog

Pondering those web technologies that may change the future of the world wide web.

Updated: 2006-02-28T19:52:49+01:00


Algebraic Data Types in JavaScript


Tail call elimination in Javascript


Via LtU I read about a tail call optimization decorator. Of course I immediately wondered if it was possible in JavaScript, and it is: Function.prototype.tailCallOptimized = function() { var g = this; return function() { for (var caller = arguments. …

Technorati claim


Technorati Profile

Leak Free Javascript Closures


If you're confused about how closures in JavaScript cause memory leaks in Internet Explorer, this is for you: Leak Free Javascript Closures. Then, without leakage, you can write code like this: function attach() { var element = document.getElementById("my-element"); element. …

No more accesskeys


I had accesskeys for the tabs at the top of this site, but Mark Wubben reminded me that this was very annoying, mainly because alt-d was one of them (the shortcut to focus the address bar). This makes me think that using accesskeys in webpages is not a very good idea, because you never know what the favorite shortcut keys of your visitor are.

How to use base URIs.


If you're wondering what a base URI is for, you'll always end up being directed to RFC 3986, but you won't find much. Section 5.1 just says: “The term "relative" implies that a "base URI" exists against which the relative reference is applied.”. …

Atom 1.0 feed available


I've updated my Radio Userland Atom code to produce version 1.0. You can find the feed here. My RSS 0.91 feed is created with a simple XSLT transformation from the Atom feed.

I live in Belgium


At least, that is what Google shows me, and Google is always right.

Being filmed by 3 cameras at once!


Sometimes it's really interesting to live in the centre of the administrative capital of the Netherlands. Today we had a referendum for ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe. I had to vote in the city hall. As this is close to the parliament buildings a lot of camera crews had chosen the city hall to film some voters, including me. …