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Published: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:21:46 GMT

Last Build Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:21:46 GMT


NewsBin Pro 5.55
Use this multithreaded newsreader robot to automatically download and decode binary posts from usenet newsgroups.

Usenext 5.02
Offers fast, easy and unfiltered access to the Usenet with over 800 terabytes of data available and 5,000 Gigabytes added.

EasyDeskTicker 3.0
Displays RSS news feeds or custom messages as a flicker-free ticker bar on the desktop.

AgileRss 3.1
RSS reader that reduce the time and effort needed to check websites of interest for updates; It's able to subscribe to a feed, check for new content at user-determined intervals.

NewsSeeker 3.0
An Internet news reader and aggregator for Windows. Supports all RSS and ATOM standards.

Netsplorer 1
Not just another ordinary news reader. The concept is based on the demystification of the RSS format, read, manage and archive your rss, rdf and Atom feeds comfortably and easily.

Worldwide Newspapers Reader 4.1.23
It can read 1890 Worldwide 186 Countries newspapers.

FeedBeast 1.0
A free, professional-quality RSS reader for Windows built upon a SQL database.

i-Fetch 1.2
A feed reader and information aggregation program that enables you to read various RSS feeds on your desktop, so that you can get information from various sources on a single interface.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer 4.20
Program is developed to extract both e-mail addresses and user names from the usenet newsgroups. It connects to any NNTP servers and gathers data from any public or private group in multi-threaded mode.