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Published: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 23:40:17 GMT

Last Build Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 23:40:17 GMT


VSO Downloader
Download videos from thousands of sites with fast download speed. Streaming content is automatically detected and downloaded.

VoIPdito SIP Phone 2.3.0
SIP softphone, instant messenger and screen sharing tool. A single application to talk, collaborate and chat.

NetGyver Express
A network files manager and instant massaging program with chat rooms.

RockeTalk 6.02
Meet new people using FREE, unlimited voice, video and photo chat from your mobile phone. Check out audio, video and photo galleries. Check profiles of your preferred sex. Chat on MSN, GTalk, ICQ & AOL messengers.

Polyscript 1.0.60
An advanced, user friendly, secure flexible terminal client with Telnet, SSH, SSH2, Serial connectivity in a new tabbed multi-session interface

NewsBin Pro 5.55
Use this multithreaded newsreader robot to automatically download and decode binary posts from usenet newsgroups.

Folx 2.0
Is a free download manager and a torrent client for Mac OS X.

Webcam Surveillance Monitor 2.2
Video Surveillance Monitor streams video from the webcam directly to your video surveillance system, alarms you when there are abrupt motion events. Webcam Surveillance Monitor supports both home surveillance and outdoor video surveillance.

FTP Auto Sync 1.0
Perform intelligent file transfers in background! FTP Auto Sync automates routine FTP uploads, downloads and synchronization tasks by building automation scenarios, scheduling and performing file transfers over the FTP protocol.

Smart Encriptor 9.3
SmartEncryptor uses the most powerfull encryption algorythms existing. AES - the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorythm and Blowfish.