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Last Build Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:33:31 -0600

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Al Gore and the Limits of Recycling

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:33:31 -0600

Yes, the drive by media is deeply, desperately in love with Albert Gore Jr. Buoyed by their near-success in selecting the last President, and bolstered by their hamstringing of the Bush presidency, the leftists steering the mainstream media are now setting the table for a second try at installing a U.S. President. Until recently, they stuck on the horns of a dilemma: whether to support Hillary, whose chance of victory hinges on the slight hope of a significant, rightwing, third-party candidacy materializing, or to abandon her to maximize the amount of time it could invest in a more viable, more leftwing candidate. Last Sunday's talk shows, and an accompanying barrage of anti-Hillary leftwing op-eds, confirm that the decision has been made. The antique media has hung its hat on Gore--for now. Soon, we'll see news footage of Gore squeezing his Pillsbury body into spandex shorts and commuting on an ergonomically-designed bicycle. We'll see shots of him conscientiously walking, instead of driving, to his office, his mega-brain clicking away like an efficient computer chip, busily inventing the Next-Big-Thing since creating the Internet. Prepare yourself. We'll certainly see more of what has already begun: endless presentation of words and footage making Al Gore appear "presidential." And why not?--Gore perfectly fits the drive-by media's wish-list of presidential attributes--he's long-winded, metrosexual and a dyed-in-the-wool elitist. He socializes with Hollywood stars and other show-biz types. He has only briefly held employment outside of government. Until almost the end, he was a loyal Clinton lap-dog. Like the Old Media elites, Gore supports the radical Left and has been instrumental in publicizing it through his work with MoveOn. But the one quality that most qualifies him for antique media support is his open hatred for George W. Bush; the man who "stole" his "birthright." What the mainstream media likes, Americans, more often than not, wholly dislike. That is the most glaring, inconvenient truth looming for the self-appointed MSM kingmakers who want to crown Gore. And there are more. First, most Americans view him as a condescending, insufferable bore. Second, Americans don't care much about global warming--they find the topic too technical and unexciting. Third, Gore has a serious political liability: Though he rails on endlessly about global warming, and now rhetorically votes for Kyoto, (after having symbolically voted against it during his tenure as Vice President), Al Gore is an energy hog, one who has contributed disproportionately to the injection of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Whether jetting off to yet another global warming conference, or taking a gas-hungry limousine to a Hollywood fundraiser, few Americans have individually pumped more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than Albert Gore Jr. You should conserve energy. You should walk or bicycle instead of driving. You should take mass transit. You should telecommute. You should spend $25,000+ on a hybrid car (if you must drive), and you should live in a small, energy efficient home in a "sustainable" neighborhood. But not the patrician Gore, who, when not traveling in that lumbering limousine, or jet-setting around in that pollutant-spewing airplane, lives in a spacious, energy-gobbling home. This rich double standard comes as no surprise to those of us on the Right accustomed to mining the glittering vein of hypocrisy that runs thick through postmodern liberalism. We expect leftists to say one thing to their beloved masses and do the opposite in their personal lives. (I call this the "Moore Effect" after Halliburton stock-owning, labor union-fighting propagandist Michael Moore.) But the disparity between Gore's crusade to save the earth and his personal contributions to its destruction would make even the mildest environmentalist cringe. Then there is the small matter of Al Gore's relationship with Google. As an advisor to the company prior to its public offering of stock, speculation abounds that he has made a substantial fortu[...]