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Preview: Data Recovery shareware freeware adware software downloads

Data Recovery shareware freeware adware software downloads

Data Recovery software download - Data Recovery freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:45:43 GMT

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Stellar Phoenix Linux
(image) Stellar Phoenix Linux - is a fully automatic Linux data recovery software for Ext2 and Ext3 File system volumes. It uses a unique scanning method, which automatically recognizes lost partitions,volumes, files and folders. The software provides Linux data recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA & SCSI hard drive media. Key Features: Provides Linux partition recovery from a deleted logical partition. Allows data recovery from missing files and folders. Provides recovery of deleted file(s) for Ext2 File system only. Volume recovery on Linux systems with damaged Super Block or Inode List. The software scans the disk trying to find previously existing partitions and restore the file(s), allowing Linux Partition Data Recovery. File recovery from IDE/EIDE/ATA & SCSI hard drive media. File & Folder recovery under sub-directories after the parent directory is deleted or missing. Tag:Linux data recovery Linux partition recovery Linux recovery software

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh
(image) Stellar Phoenix Macintosh data recovery software helps to recover your files, photos, music & videos from almost all instances of data loss. Few commonly reported data loss scenarios where Stellar Phoenix Mac can help you restore your lost data are: If your hard drive won't mount If your hard drive is corrupt and you can't get files from it If you have deleted files that you would like to recover You have initialized your hard drive or deleted the volumes Your hard drive has developed bad sectors Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery provide best help to recover your lost data. Stellar Phoenix scans your drive for lost data, to analyze and build a list of recoverable files and folders that you can recover. Recover the entire drive contents or select the files & folders that you wish to recover. Download free trial version to scan your drive for lost data. Once you see the recoverable files; buy the software online and complete your data recovery. Features It is Safe, Recovers Hard Drives, CD & DVD and Previews Pictures. 3 Powerful Options to Search, Locate & Recover Lost Data. Provide facility to search Lost Volumes. Performs RAW Scan Recovery. Can create Image of your Drive. Great Controls like Save Scan Results, File filter, Find File, Software allows saving log files and insert folder in tree while performing standard and advanced scan. We provide 24hrs Technical Support, Free Trial of the software and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Tag:mac data recovery Macintosh Data Recovery

(image) PDFRecovery is data recovery program for Portable Document Format files (.pdf). PDFRecovery has a powerful recovery engine designed to retrieve data from most damaged files. Features - Supports Adobe PDF 1.5 specification, is able to restore files of other PDF versions - Recovers page tree, lost pages, cross-reference table, images - Restores interactive objects: links, notes, action performed when clicking on links - Restores original PDF formatting: fonts, outlines, colors, zoom factor etc - Creates new PDF document with recovered data - Easy to use, no special user skills required - Full install/uninstall support PDFRecovery Limitations - Does not recover forms - Original encryption settings are not restored Tag:pdf recovery recovery pdf pdf repair repair pdf corrupted pdf pdf corrupted pdf fix fix pdf recovery pdf document pdf document recover pdf document recovery Data Recover Data Recovery recover data recovery data Data Recover software

(image) Effectively copies corrupt data from any type of disks or erroneous connections if standard copying methods fail. AnyReader supports resumed downloads from the remote PC if the connection was broken during the copy process (especially useful for unreliable Wi-Fi networks). AnyReader is great for copying files from scratched CD/DVDs or defective floppy/hard disks. Normally when your computer is unable to copy files from a damaged disk it will abort and delete the part of the file it has copied. AnyReader will continue copying the file right to the end; any data that hasn't been recovered after several retries is replaced with blanks. This will allow you to effectively read every byte of information that can be read at all. Here are some situations where AnyReader can help: Your CD/DVD drive can't read your bad, scratched or trashed disks; The standard copying method fails because of an error, such as "(Bad CRC) A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) checksum error occurred", "Cannot read from the source file or disk", an unknown error or a bad disk; You have 2 bad copies of a file that you would like to put right; You can't download a file across wireless LAN because of a bad connection; And many more of those... Note: Using AnyReader is safe and risk-free. The software does not write data to your original disks, but saves the recovered data to a new folder that you specify. Features Reads files from disks with physical damage. Allows you to copy files from disks with problems such as bad sectors, scratches or that just give errors when reading data. Reads data as much as possible. Reads data from the erroneous network connections. It supports resumed downloads from the remote PC if connection was broken during the copy process. Support file sizes up to file system limits. Easy to use, intuitive wizard-driven interface. Supports all Windows versions, including Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. and many more! Tag:bad copy corrupt data disk error copy failed file copy failed hard disk error damaged disk physical damage disk problem bad sectors read disk error read error occurred damaged DVD damaged CD damaged floppy bad connection broken connection

Smart Flash Recovery
(image) Smart Flash Recovery is a data recovery tool for Windows operating system that supports the FAT 16/32 & NTFS file system. The software easily recovers data from any type of storage media - flash drives, USB drives, digital cameras, memory stick, PC card, multimedia card, secure digital card. Smart Flash Recovery can recover any deleted files, including MS Office files, photos, mp3 and zip files. The software enables to remove the data concerning deleted files. Thus nobody will be able to recover the data deleted by you and use it in own interest. Tag:Fast recovery Quick recovery Safe recovery Smart recovery Flash recovery Recover deleted data Recover deleted files Recover my files Document recovery Recover documents Recover my documents Word recovery Memory recovery Memory card recovery File recovery

(image) DocShield is a software program for Microsoft Windows operating systems that is designed to prevent or remedy the catastrophic loss or accidental modification of important electronic documents. It protects these documents by continually monitoring them for changes, then creating and storing snapshots of those documents as they change through time. DocShield's operation can be described as "passive" because it will never delete nor modify your shielded documents. "Snapshots" are stored in a compressed archive, which DocShield can be configured to keep in more than one location for added protection. Versions of the document throughout its history are accessible to view or restore. The archive of shielded files may exist on a local disk, a network disk, or other storage devices. For DocShield to begin shielding documents from disaster, you must first select one or more "destination" folders, which will hold the DocShield archives. If your resources allow, it is suggested that you create at least two destination folders on different physical devices to protect against hardware failure. You then select the documents that you want to shield. When a new "snapshot" of a document is written to an archive, it will automatically be written to the archive in each of the destination folders. You can specify how often you want DocShield to check on the documents, to see if any of them need to have a "snapshot" taken This time interval may be anywhere from every second to every few days. You can also specify if you want DocShield to be loaded automatically, every time you turn on your computer. If you delete a shielded file, it's snapshots will continue to exist in the DocShield archive(s) until you specifically remove them. DocShield works in the background and consumes negligible computer resources as it goes about averting potential catastrophic document loss. You can fine tune almost everything in DocShield Tag:document protection disaster prevention document control document management document manager document history document archive document archiving document backup document recovery file recovery disaster recovery

Raise Data Recovery for NTFS
(image) With Raise Data Recovery for NTFS you can recover recently deleted files from your NTFS-formatted disks even if they are deleted from recycle bin. Raise Data Recovery for NTFS can index fast your partition to find and recover your deleted files. Raise Data Recovery advanced 'Recover lost partition' option allows you to scan your disks to find your NTFS partitions that where lost after disk re-formatting, re-partitioning or partition table crash. Raise Data Recovery for NTFS will allow you to find such lost NTFS partition and recover files from there. Both recovery methods allows you to finish recovery (optionally) with RAW 'Ultimate' recovery that works even on fully-damaged disk partitions and allows recover lost data or data fragments with advanced heuristic analysis. Key features: * Simple file recovery wizard that will guide even novice user through files recovery process; * NTFS Explorer - allows you to browse your NTFS partitions , both existing and lost; * Independent disk reader engine: not depends of Windows-detected partitioning; * Complete NTFS recovery toolset: Undelete, Find lost partitions, Ultimate (RAW) recovery with heuristic data analysis; * Extra-fast disk scanner: works at maximum possible for physical hardware speed; * Files save/recover option: recover files, file groups and folders (for directories, file groups and individual compressed files or files over 64k - available after registration); * Simple GUI, no many settings; find and browse tools etc. to make your work easier! Tag:Recover partiton file NTFS deleted lost formatted crash

Photo Recovery Wizard
(image) The Photo Recovery Wizard is an easy to use application that allows you to recover lost, deleted, corrupted or even formatted files from your camera, pc or memory card. Almost all makes and models of memory card are supported, including Compact Flash (CF cards), Secure Digital (SD cards), SmartMedia, Sony Memorystick, Microdrive, xD Picture Card, Multimedia MMC Card and many more. To recover photos, all you do is attach you camera to your PC (or put the memory card in your printer, or whatever else you normally do to transfer your photos to your pc), then start the Photo Recovery Wizard. Example situations... Typical situations the Photo Recovery Wizard can be used in... Recover deleted photos from memory cards or your PC. Recover lost photographs from memory cards or your PC. Recover photos on memory cards you have formatted. Recover photos and other images from damaged or unreadable memory cards. Recover photos and other images from other removable media, e.g. old floppy drives. Memory cards and more... The Photo Recovery Wizard supports almost any memory card device you can attach to your pc including: SD Card recovery (SD cards are used in most cameras) XD Card recovery (used in most cameras that do not use SD Cards!) Sony Memory Sticks recovery (Sony Cameras, Playstation Portable etc.) Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Due are also all supported. CF Card recovery (Compact flash - used by Canon and more expensive 'semi-pro' cameras.) MMC Multimedia card recovery SM Smart Media card recovery Micro Drive recovery Tag:

(image) WordPerfectRecovery is data recovery program for Corel WordPerfect documents (.wpd). WordPerfectRecovery has a powerful recovery engine designed to retrieve data from most damaged documents. Features - Supports Corel WordPerfect 12 - Recovers text, tables and images - Creates a new WordPerfect-compatible RTF document with recovered data - Easy to use, no special user skills required - Full install/uninstall support Tag:wordperfect recovery wordperfect repair corrupted wordperfect wordperfect corrupted fix wordperfect recovery wpd wpd recovery recovery corel wordperfect corel wordperfect recovery word perfect repair repair word perfect

BKF File Recovery
(image) SysTools BKF Repair combines simplicity of use with the most powerful bkf file recovery software engine, together with a unique capability of "Previewing" content of files to judge the integrity of files. SysTools BKF Repair is versatile tool to repair corrupt MS Backup (BKF file) as well as lets users to extract files and folders from BKF file, to search for a particular file from BKF file. SysTools BKF Repair is BKF reader tool as it opens BKF file in tree like structure with hierarchy of folders. SysTools BKF Repair Tool is feature rich software, offers following features: Easy user interface Built with easy user interface so that even a novice may use the software confidently. Quickly sort found files by name, size or type. Extract & Search required files and folders Software allows extraction of a file or a folder and also offers file search option to search specific files within BKF file and folders from corrupt BKF files. Users can search files using search option with wild card search options. Restore files metadata Software restores original file creation dates of extracted files (Useful for Litigation, e-Discovery & Forensic experts) Repair corrupt BKF files showing errors Best Windows backup recovery tool to fix corrupt bkf files showing errors like: 1. "The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file". 2. "The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device. The backup operation will stop". 3. "The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used". 4. "An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media". Repair BKF files of unlimited size Repair corrupt MS Backup files of unlimited size. Software do not limits to a limited size. View content of files View content of files before saving files, so as to ensure integrity of files. Runs smoothly with all version of Windows Software runs smoothly on Windows Vista/2K/XP/2003. Tag:bkf recovery bkf file recovery recovery bkf bkf reader bkf restore restore bkf files extract bkf search bkf open bkf files bkf file reader ms backup recovery ms backup repair fix bkf

(image) DiskPatch is a professional DOS based data recovery utility that recovers data by repairing corrupt disk structures, like the partition tables, 'in-place'. DiskPatch is designed to tackle the most common issues that prevent you from accessing your data; a corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record), corrupt partition tables, accidentally deleted partitions, corrupt boot sectors, and 'bad' sectors. Corruption of the MBR, partition tables and boot sectors account for the majority of the problems that lead to 'mass data loss'; situations where an entire drive or partition can't be accessed. You can fix these problems yourself by running DiskPatch! DiskPatch automatically repairs damaged, corrupt or missing partition tables and boot sectors. Fast. Simple. Safe. To make recovery from future disasters even easier, DiskPatch allows you to back up important disk structures like the MBR, partition tables and boot sectors. DiskPatch is MS-DOS compatible and runs from a self-starting floppy disk or CD/DVD. The advantages are obvious: you can boot your PC and use DiskPatch even when Windows fails to start. Also, since Windows isn't running when you use DiskPatch, Windows can't interfere with the repair (Windows isn't 'in the way'). DiskPatch comes complete with a pre-configured DOS bootable diskette. You do not need to understand DOS to create and configure a DiskPatch Start Disk, simply download and install DiskPatch and let the Boot Disk Builder do the rest. If you don't have a floppy drive the Boot Disk Builder can create a bootable CD/DVD for you that includes DiskPatch. Start the problem PC using the diskette or CD/DVD and DiskPatch will start automatically. The DiskPatch manual contains a quick-start and tutorials to get you started as quickly as possible. Tag:data recovery partition recovery partition repair partition table recovery bad sector bad sector repair boot sector master boot record disk edit surface test surface scan Dynamic disk

Flash Drive Recovery
(image) USB drive lost data recovery tool provides recovery of formatted files, folders, subfolders, encrypted text files, TXT, DOC, MS Word file, XLS, MS Excel sheet, PPT, MS power point slides, MS-Access, MDB and Outlook PST file from removable storage media like pen drive. Flash drive data rescue tool provides restoration of inaccessible audio, video, MOV, movies, MPG, MPEG, RIFF, TIFF, games, AVI, BMP from damaged formatted memory geek stick. Thumb drive data recovery software restore deleted GIF, digital clips, photos, JPG, JPEG, images, PSD, PST, PNG from PDA devices, Handheld computers and pocket PC. Software provides rescue of data from any removable cards of mobile phones and digital camera like removable micro drive, multimedia memory card, compact flash memory card, sD smart digital card, xD extreme digital card, smart drive etc. Jump drive data recovery software retrieves unreadable, encrypted or formatted data which are corrupted due to any computer viruses, software hardware malfunctions or power failure. Features: * Compact drive data rescue tool is safe, non-destructive and read-only product. * Utility provides user friendly graphical user interface GUI environment that is very helpful during recovery steps. * Software also restores data even your system displayed an error message like MEDIA IS NOT FORMATTED WOULD YOU LIKE TO FORMAT NOW?. * Data is recovered even your external storage media is crashed, damaged, formatted or re-formatted. * Data rescue software support recovery of deleted data on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2k, 2k3, XP, WindowsNT 3.x and WindowsNT 4.x. * Recovery software support restoration of lost data from any type of external storage media like Sony Transcend SanDisk Kingston Ritek Flash Lexar Apacer Supermedia Crucial generic PNY Viking Simple Kingmax Ridata AVB Dane-Elec PQI Corsair Super. Tag:USB zip pen drive data digital picture images photos recovery software restore repair inaccessible deleted file folder recover corrupted formatted

Flash File Recovery
(image) Need a sure solution for recovering lost, corrupted or accidentally deleted photographs? Flash File Recovery is a 100% risk-free application that salvages images from digital cameras or flash memory cards. The program first scans selected storage media, identifying all recoverable photographs. It then displays them as thumbnails. After you register the program, you'll be able to save the recovered files to your hard-drive. Therefore, you never risk buying a product that won't recover the images you need to restore. It's really that simple, but by no means primitive. Quite the opposite. Consider this - besides processing digital camera drives, Flash File Recovery can read all popular flash cards, including but not limited to SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card Flash Card, PC Card, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital Card. While other similar applications mostly recover only images stored in common file formats like JPEG or TIFF, Flash File Recovery can restore RAW image files like Canon CRW, Nikon NEF, Kodak DCR and other proprietary file formats of popular camera manufacturers. Finally, Flash File Recovery isn't just a solution for digital photograph salvaging. The program can also recover lost AVI, MOV, MPG/MPEG and other files from formatted, damaged, unreadable or defective flash storage media. All these great features are available for 50 US Dollars, about two and a half times cheaper than comparable applications with similar choice of features and capabilities. But, unlike them, Flash File Recovery salvages the files first, lets you see them and only then prompts you to register the program. Tag:Flash Recovery Digital Media Recovery Data Recovery Software File Recovery Software Recover Lost Files Recover Deleted Files Recover Lost Photos Digital Photo Recovery SmartMedia CompactFlash CF Card SD Card PC Card MicroDrive XD

Unerase for NTFS
(image) "Unerase for NTFS" (see screenshot) allows to recover files that have been deleted from NTFS volume without using "Recycle Bin". For example, files that have been deleted using Shift+Delete key combination, through command prompt, by emptying "Recycle Bin" or programmatically. "Unerase for NTFS" also provides useful features like ability to sort the list of deleted files found on the volume (by name, type, size or location), filter string with wildcards can be specified to reduce the number of files shown in the list, build-in support for compressed files, original directory location, listing of both short and full file names, MFT index information, etc. Tag:

Okoker Delete
(image) Okoker Delete is an advanced security application designed to help you permanently delete data from your PC by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. It can erase selected folders and groups of file. You can also use search engine to search all files and folders you want to delete exactly. You only need to click one button, and it will help you to save more space of your disks. The interface is very vogue and easy to use. Features: Delete selected folders Delete selected groups of files Search all of files and folders exactly Very vogue interface Easy to use Tag:Okoker delete secure delete file delete file privacy security private eraser file shredder permanent delete remove files freeware free trial security software wiper file wiper wipe file deletion delete computer privacy computer sec

Undelete xD-Picture Card
(image) Undelete xD-Picture Card can reconstruct lost data from xD cards used by digital cameras or other devices. Modern cameras and other digital devices allow files to be erased and the space on the media reused. Through momentary carelessness, valuable pictures can be lost in an instant. The media can also be bulk-erased or formatted, removing everything from the storage media. Now, you won't loose it all because somebody clicked the wrong button. Undelete xD-Picture Card is here to easily, quickly and absolutely reliably reconstruct the missing data! Features - Recovers deleted and corrupted files - Recovers data from formatted media - Recovers data from corrupted media - Supports all image file formats - Works with all Digital Still Cameras and card readers - Easy to use, intuitive wizard-driven interface - Supports all Windows versions, including Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 - and many more! Tag:undelete flash card digital picture image photo photography rescue recovery undelete data recovery xD-Picture Card xD card Flash flash memory PhotoCamera camera FlashBack return

LifeBuoy 2008
(image) LifeBuoy 2008 is a Freeware program and is provided without any limitation at no charge to the user. Lifebuoy 2008 is a program specifically designed for extreme data rescue when all other systems fail. The program saves screenshots when Microsoft ™ Word, Excel or Powerpoint are in use. One image per minute will be saved. This can be useful to rescue hours of work in case of data loss, when programs automatic-save fails or in case of user’s mistakes. The program can save screenshots as Jpeg or Bitmap format, with option to browse images and print them. The user will be able to get pictures from lost Powerpoint presentations, Word documents to be re-scan with OCR programs or lost Excel data sheets/graphs. LifeBuoy 2008 is fully customizable to wait for other programs beyond the default ones, using an update built-in service. LifeBuoy will keep ialso mages of the day before, a in separate folder. Pictures will be saved using following names: * “Default” when images are saves from Word, Excel or Powerpoint. * “Custom” when images are saved from other programs. * “User”, when a picture is saved directly by the user. Tag:

Easy File Undelete
(image) Easy File Undelete is the ideal rescue package for those who have accidentally deleted files, emptied the Recycle Bin, or even reformatted a disk or flash drive containing important data. The software is designed specifically to help recover lost or deleted files. Operation is simpleâ??just select the folders or disks where the deleted files were located and Easy File Undelete software operates to recover deleted files. Deleted files can also be recovered from SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Compact Flash, MemoryStick, ZIP, USB hard drives or other media. Easy File Undelete supports NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems and uses Raw Search technology to determine file types according to known data structures. This technology enables discovery of deleted files even if their location and size is not stored in the file system structures. There are 92 file types automatically detected by Raw Search. Features: Unique state-of-art algorithms are used to recover as many files as it is possible; File contents can be previewed before recovery; Filtering is supported by file name, date, size or recovery status; Recycle Bin database is supported; Temporary files, folders and temporary internet files can be excluded from search results; Localized files and folders names are supported; Files are recovered even if you have reinstalled operating system; Optimized by speed search engine; Supports IDE, ATA and SCSI hard drives; File recovery is available if a file has been deleted in DOS prompt; Supports large size hard drives; Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista operating systems. Tag:recover deleted file rescue files file recovery recover my file file undelete FAT undelete FAT16 undelete FAT32 undelete NTFS undelete recycle bin undelete undelete utility undelete tools undelete software

Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook
(image) Repair PST file using advance pst file recovery software tool - Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook. PST file recovery software successfully rebuilds or repair corrupt PST file corrupt due to virus attacks, Accidental shutdowns, Bad Sectors, Software Malfunction and Hardware Malfunction. Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook - PST Recovery Software recovers all the components from Microsoft Outlook PST files including email, attachments, journals, tasks, calendar, notes, contacts, deleted emails etc created using Microsoft Outlook 97, 2000, and 2003. Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook do not modify the existing PST file in Microsoft Outlook, it just reads the corrupt or damaged PST file and restores or retrieves the information to a new Repaired PST file. Features of Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook - Repair PST files even if password protected; Recover emails, folders, appointments, journal, contacts, tasks, journals and notes in PST files.; Repairs 2GB PST files.; Recover mail messages in plain text, RTF and HTML format.; Recover mail messages in plain text, RTF and HTML format. Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook is equipped with Search option to quickly locate your PST Files from your local harddisk or any other storage media. Recover Data for Microsoft Outlook is pst fix tool that supports to run on Windows XP/200/2003/Vista. Tag:pst recovery repair pst file fix pst file pst fix fix pst outlook recovery ms outlook recovery pst file recovery repair pst pst recovery software outlook recovery software repair corrupt pst outlook pst recovery

Mobile Phone SMS Recovery
(image) Mobile phone simcard erased contact numbers contact names undelete software recovers deleted sent items, inbox, outbox, draft, text message. Restore lost phone book, address book directory. Retrieve read and unread messages, SMSs (short message service). Software display GSM technology based mobile phone sim card identification number (ICC-ID). Fetch message sender name and number. Rescue and detect the SIM (subscriber identity module) card undetected memory data. Tool support the various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP media center 2005, NT, ME, XP, 2000, 98, 2003 and read the sim card with the help of phoenix type USB simcard reader through scanning. Data Doctor data recovery utility is non destructive, read only, gives print facility to print the detailed report of fetched documents and information and provides full backup of stored data. Software works only when sim card is not locked or does not required authorization code or PIN code. Features: * Software support Windows operating systems like Windows XP, 98, 2000, 2003, XP media center 2005, NT, ME. * Restores sent items, draft, inbox, outbox, text messages and also the read and unread message. Rescue the phone book and address book directory. * Tool display the GSM technology based mobile phones sim card identification number (ICC-ID). * Utility gives print option to print the detailed report of recovered data. * Unerase and undelete the message sender name and number, fetch contact numbers and contact names. * Software provides full backup to stored data and it is also the read only and non destructive. Tag:Mobile phone sim card erased phonebook SMSs contact numbers recovery software retrieve deleted inbox draft restore lost outbox sent items fetch