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Preview: File Renamer shareware freeware adware software downloads

File Renamer shareware freeware adware software downloads

File Renamer software download - File Renamer freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:46:24 GMT

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Rapid File Renamer
(image) The purpose of this program is to allow you to easily and comfortably rename a large number of files according to a specified template in seconds. The file name designer makes using the program easy and clear. The comfortable interface allows you to easily configure renaming rules that can then be saved as a template. Rapid File Renamer allows you to fix the letter case of filenames or remove characters from them, and add a counter or date. The program can independently process both filenames and their extensions. Other program features include: processing subfolders, renaming files based on how they are sorted, previewing new filenames, undoing changes, and a warning display when working with important system folders. Therefore, by using the program a task can be completed in seconds that would normally require a lot of time and effort. Tag:renamer rename file renamer rename files renaming

(image) Innorename is a powerfull batch file and folder renamer. This is achieved by a very simple way to program sequence actions. Each one can do this without any knowledge of programmation. These are the main actions that you can apply to files and folders : Change the case: Lower, Upper, Invert, CoWbOy, WordFirstLetterLower, WordFirstLetterUpper, FirstLetterUpper, Insert: DateTime, Number, Counter, Decimal number, Hexadecimal lower case, Hexadecimal upper case, String, Extension, CharASCIICode The Insert postion can controled with the following parameters: Beginning, Middle, End, CustomPosition Delete: Extension, String, CharASCIICode, Spaces, RedundantSpaces, SpecialCharacters, Trim, All Tag:rename files rename folders image renamer file renamer folder renamer rename picture picture renamer batch rename files batch rename folders rename JPG rename JPEG rename MP3 MP3 tag renamer rename picture EXIF EXIF tag renamer

Bulk Rename Utility
(image) Bulk Rename Utility is a utility which allows you to easily rename files and directories, based upon extemely flexible criteria. Add date-stamps, replace numbers, insert strings, convert case, add auto-numbers, process folders and loads more! Some of the features provided by Bulk Rename Utility include: - Very easy to use - Rename files, folders or both - Remove or change a filename - Perform string substitution - Change the case of filenames - Remove characters or words - Remove digits or symbols - Append or prepend text - Append dates in many formats - Append the parent folder's name - Auto-number files with flexible rules - Automatically preview the new names - Sort the file details by any column - Group configurations into "favourites" - "Bulk Rename" Explorer extension - Directory recursion - process subdirectories too! - Rename files from an input text-file list - Create an "Undo" batch file - Log activity to a text log file - Change file and folder date/time-stamps (created, modified, accessed) - Change file/folder attributes (hidden, readonly, archived) - Small memory footprint - Settings retained between sessions - True 32-bit application - Written wholly in Visual C++ - Application is totally FREE! Note: Download link 1 is for Windows 98SE/ME. Download link 2 is for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Download link 3 is for Windows XP (64-bit)/2003 (64-bit)/Vista (64-bit). Tag:Rename Renamer Renaming file renamer mp3 renamer batch renamer bulk renamer rename group rename files rename MP3 rename images file rename rename file bulk rename utility rename utility rename software rename tool renaming tool folder rename rename folder

Fast File Renamer
(image) Fast File Renamer is a freeware program which can help you with the tedious task of renaming large numbers of files. The program can be used by anyone who needs to keep large collections of files organized (such as mp3 files, image and graphics files, web-site-related files, system files). Fast File Renamer also has a 'simulate' function where you can preview the effects of any changes before applying them and it supports the use of the '*' wildcard character (inside the pattern which is to be deleted or replaced). Tag:

(image) Filesman is a software very useful for whom works with very big file lists, such as MP3 files or Midi, and want to keep the file names with certain criteria. It often happens working with huge file lists, where some files have uppercase words, other lowercase... others again have underscores instead of spaces. So, with this software you can rename all this files in just few clicks. Filesman is FREEWARE. You don't need to pay. With this software you can: Multilanguage: now available in English and Italian Rename all the files in the selected directory Rename all files in subdirectories Rename just directories Upper case after a blank space ( Lucio Dalla - Caro Amico Ti Scrivo) Upper case after a dash ( Ligabue - Certe notti ) Upper case all filename ( LIGABUE - CERTE NOTTI ) Lower case all filename ( ligabue - certe notti ) Convert underscores in black spaces Optimize black spaces: when "-" is found, it changes to " - " Minimize blank spaces: when " - " is found, it changes to " - " Modify file attributes Rename or delete a single file Rename just selected files: filter on file extensions or other, using wild chars. Multiple file selection Sort function for numbering. Numbering of files. The number of digits can be set, and also the offset. Remove any numbering present in file name. The number of digits to remove can be set. Add any sequence of characters, blank space, dashes. Remove any sequence of characters Convert files name to 8.3 format (DOS) Checks against dangerous operations in systen directories, like Windows folder.. Save options in registry. Possibility to remove all software keys from registry. Rename files starting from the content of a text file that contains a list of file names. Undo function Print file list, with requested options Show file properties selecting the function from popup menu Extremly fast: thousands of files renamed in less than one second. Tag:

Flexible Renamer
(image) Flexible Renamer is an excellent file utility that takes large groups of files and allows you to change their names in bulk. Complete with numerous configurations, you'll wonder why you've always changed your file names manually! Features - Explorer like user interface. - UNICODE strings (Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Dutch/French, etc.) supported - Can use Wildcard or Regular-Expression(Perl Compatible) for substitution of file name. - Multiple file-filter. - Real-time preview. - Undo - Designed for process large quantity of files. - Can recursively process sub-directories. - Can Copy & Rename to another folder. - Can distribute into the folder by using relative path. - Can consecutive numbers to every classified groups (folder, date, tag). Functions - Rename(Copy/Move) object(file/folder). - Insert Number or String(Timestamp, FileName) - Remove Number or String(Shortcut to, Copy (n) of, [n], (n)), 8.3 Format - Translate Letters(upper/lower-case, capitalize) - Replace String - Other flexible rename using pattern matching. - Direct-editing of target name. - Extending function by script - Rename(Copy/Move) using tag information. - ID3(MP3/WMA/APE/MPC/OGG), EXIF, IPTC, Document(MS-Office(also 2007)/PDF), HTML - File-property information (Added tags by Shell Extensions are also available) - Modify object(file/folder) attributes and time-stamps. - Specify DateTime, Shift, Random Gernerate, Make the Same. - Create numbered object(sized file/folder). Tag:Rename Renamer Renaming file renamer mp3 renamer photo renamer batch renamer bulk renamer rename group rename files rename MP3 rename images file rename rename file bulk rename utility rename utility folder rename rename folder tag edit tag editor

Ezyware Batch File Renamer
(image) With this free little bit of software a user can rename and change any number of file names and attributes at once. All results are shown before the renaming begins. An option for the selection of upper or lower case renaming is provided. Tag:

Link Rename
(image) A utility to batch rename files. Feature Use excel file batch replace files name Image file preview Simple auto-serial number Tag:

BatchRename Pro
(image) BatchRename (pro) enables you to batch rename files and folders easily and flexibly. With BatchRename (pro), you can define all kinds of renaming rules you desire. Especially you can rename MP3 files with ID3 Tags and rename pictures with EXIF data. In addition, BatchRename Pro allows you to batch convert and resize your photos easily. Main features - Support EXIF data - rename digital camera pictures with the EXIF data information: Camera name, Digitized date, Original date time, ISO speed, Exposure time, Shutter speed, Lens aperture, F-Number... - Support renaming files using their Shell detail properties* - you can use what you see on the columns of Windows explorer (including video properties, audio properties ...) to rename the files. - Support for MP3 Tag ID3 v1 and v2, rename by music's Title, Album, Artist, Genre, BitRate, Frequency, SubTitle, Language, Comment, Copyright, Composer and etc,... - Support rename picture files by their Image properties: resolution, color bits, type format. - Support Rename fles by the local date time format, or file's date time attribute. - Insert specific length of digits ascending or descending to file or folder names. - Uppercase/lowercase the first letter of each word, and Uppercase/Lowercase/Remove any specific character in the filenames. - Support store the renamed files to a different folder by specifying destination output directory. - Support truncate filename to a specific length. - Favorite rename rules - QuickView - Drag and Drop* - Support windows shell context menu* - Picture adjustment and editing* - Batch picture convertsion* - Preview Renaming - Undo Renaming - Load/Save Batch (Featuress marked with * are for BatchRename Pro only). Tag:Batch File Rename Batch Renamer File Renamer File Rename Tool File Rename Software File Rename Download Bulk Rename Utility BatchRename File Rename Pro Batch Renaming

Rename From List
(image) Import delimited or non-delimited file or folder name lists from plain text source files. Rename multiple files or create folders. Imported file names are automatically filtered for illegal characters and path information. Side by side comparision available before renaming starts. You can edit new file name entries and change extensions before starting the renaming operation. Filter files by size, date and pattern and sort by name, date or size. Create new folders from a plain text list of folder names. Fully integrated online and offline help and support included. Tag:Rename file rename batch rename file manager file management Disk Management file merger pdf merger pdf tools pdf tool pdf program pdf software Adobe Acrobat Adobe Reader split pdf pdf splitter file splitter pdf manager

Name It Your Way (NIYoW)
(image) NIYoW, Name It Your Way, is a professional all-in-one file and folder mass properties editor. NIYoW is perfect for digital images, documents, music files or any other collection of files and folders you have. Use the unique advanced rule based system to build a set of renaming actions and dynamically apply them to your files. Use NIYoW's unique QuickRename feature to rename files directly from Windows Explorer! NIYoW includes the following features: *Special Properties Editor for updating the time stamp and attributes of single or multiple files at once ! *Powerful ID3 tag editor for updating single or multiple tags with just a few clicks! *Tag Generating Wizard for creating ID3 tags from file names with step by step instructions! Tag:digital images music files mp3 jpeg mid mass renaming office documents midi change names file extension rename file renamer file rename software mp3 renamer file rename utility batch rename batch file renaming

IdealSorter 2007
(image) IdealSorter - is a unique program, that will organize all files, that you have, fast and easy. Hundreds of file formats are natively supported. User-friendly interface, high working speed, floating neural-based content analyzing and ultimately flexible settings, made IdealSorter the industry leader of file organizing systems. It is perfectly suitable both for beginner, who, for example, want to organize his music records, and for organizing of satellite file streams processor (PanAmSat Corp., file processing stations 1,2,5,6 on the base of multiprocessor XENON clusters). IdealSorter will organize your: Audio records; Video records; Images; Text documents; Programs installation packs; Files of custom types, even if all they are packed in archives. It support hundreds of audio, video, image and text document formats. While processing you will view all, what is happening and even will be able to affect on process. For example, you will be able to preview audio, video and image files in the separate window and on-the-fly operate with them. IdealSorter is perfectly fit for: Audio collections organizing; Movie collections organizing; Image galleries organizing; Text libraries organizing; Software banks organizing; Archive storages organizing; Organizing files from CD's; Organizing files from DVD's; Organizing files from removable devices (Flash drives, removable hard disks, memory cards); Organizing files, downloaded from internet; Organizing files, gathered from P2P networks; Organizing files from remote servers; Organizing files from another hard drives; Organizing files, gathered from satellites (for example, over such systems, as SkyNet); Organizing files, stored in file archives; Organizing archives; Organizing files with custom content, IdealSorter is needed for everyone, who have files. Full list of properties and supported file formats (currently more than 364) see on product official site. Tag:file sorter file sorting file sorters file renamer file renamers file renaming file organizer file organizing file organizers file library file libraries file database file databases archive sorter PDF DOC CHM RTF AVI WMV

EZ Photo Renamer
(image) Rename digital photo files (eg DSC00001.jpg) generated by digital cameras. New file names can include same prefix, counters and creationg date. It's a must-have software to organize your digital photo files. *Batch-rename names of photo files Rename many photo files with one click. You can select rename different photo files in different folders. *Preview photo files and renamed file names Preview photo files before adding to rename file list. An example will show how the file names will be, when changing some options. *Automatically insert file creation date into file names Insert the file creation date into each renamed file names, eg Jordan20001031-003. *Custom counter The starting counter number, increment of counter and the number of counter digits can be set. *Copy photo files and rename them in a different folder You can rename original files in their original folder. Also you can choose to copy files to a different folder and rename files in the new folder. Tag:digital photo file renamer rename digital photo digital camera software

(image) This is just the easiest way to rename your multimedia or any other files. You build the filename template via dragging and dropping the element bricks. Then you can configure each element in the template for example the capitalization and abbreviation options. There are many such types of brick elements corresponding to the each attribute of the files as date, time, size, mp3 ID3Tag and other. Main features 1. You create a completely new and flexible filename template based on the existing file properties such as the filename, time, size, mp3 info and other. 2. Rename mp3 filesID3Tag information from mp3 files can also be a part of your filename template. 3. Rename EXPRESS can be invoked directly from the context menu of the Windows Explorer thus making it like a system built-in operation. 4. Rename operation can be undone making whole process much safer. 5. Frequently used filename templates can be saved as profiles and used with just one combo box selection. 6. After any operation you can immediately see the preview of result. And there are two types of preview: vertical and horizontal. Tag:rename files MP3 renamer ID3 renamer file renamer rename MP3 rename ID3 rename ID3Tag ID3Tag renamer batch rename auto rename automatic rename change file attribute change file date change file time change file size

Sophisticated Rename
(image) Sophisticated Rename is a powerful Windows utility that simplifies the batch processing of various types of files, including photos and music. The most prominent feature of the program is that it doesn't use predefined rules of renaming. You specify the rules for a renaming task with the help of visually adjustable data types. For example, variables can extract specific parts of the original file name, counters can enumerate files both in numerical and alphabetical ways, conditionals allow you to apply different renaming patterns depending on the desired conditions, for example, the date or contents of the file. Besides the renaming functions, Sophisticated Rename is also capable of changing file attributes, date, time and even the case of filenames. A real breakthrough in the renaming software is the introduction of renaming plugins. A plugin can save the day when all other renaming programs fail to solve the required task. Webmasters will find it useful to rename multiple files on FTP servers - you can use ordinary templates to do it! Sophisticated Rename will spark the interest of photographers because it has an internal Exif viewer and editor for JPG and TIF files. The Exif editor can conduct various Exif date and time manipulations, such as time shift for the photos with wrong time settings. There is also a possibility of creating multiple shortcuts (*.lnk files) for photos and any other files with SR template. Music lovers will also be delighted as almost the same editor is implemented for MP3 ID3 tags. It's worth mentioning that the user is able to insert any Exif or ID3 tag into the renaming template. As far as file safety is concerned, Sophisticated Rename offers a real-time preview for any change in the renaming template. This means that you don't have to rename files to see how the template works. It is also possible to restore old file names even after the renaming process. The program also keeps a detailed log of all operations. Tag:

FileName Pro
(image) FileName Pro, a professional grade batch file naming utility. Whether you have a few or thousands of files to rename, FileName Pro can rename your files in seconds. Name files using any combination of file naming schemes. Name using ID3 tags, EXIF metadata, dates and times, series style or even random names. Exclude and add text to file names, change case or work only with certain file types. You can even move your files to a new folder when the rename operation is complete. Great for digital camera enthusiasts. If for any reason you need to undo the file naming operation FileName Pro can do that too! A sample of your file naming choices: * Supports ID3 and EXIF metadata * Using random names * Using a highly configurable series format * Removing specified characters from current names * Replacing characters with user specified characters * Manual renames using a text file or Excel * Undo history with print capability * Changing file extensions * Filters file name operations based on attributes and/or extensions * Save recurring file name operations as profiles for easy recall * Set a folder watch and automate file renames Tag:filename pro name naming rename undo file folder batch file rename file renamer file naming file rename ID3 metadata EXIF

Simpli-File Renamer
(image) One of the most daunting tasks in computer organization can be renaming your files and folders. Windows has not set up an easy way to do so. Simpli-File Renamer will undoubtedly make your life easier when trying to accomplish this task. Imagine being able to rename as many files or folders as you want based on many options of criteria for renaming. You can rename files and folders by: 1. Replacing exact text 2. Inserting text at a particular position 3. Trimming characters off of filenames 4. Changing the casing of all filenames 5. Truncating filenames down to a certain number of characters 6. Auto-Numbering in a certain position and starting at a number of your choice 7. Adding or removing file extensions These core functions that are included in the program are basically all you will ever need to get most renaming jobs done very easily. This premier software is one of the many Simpli-File programs that help you get on your way to making your tasks fun and life simple. Best of all, our Simpli-File software is absolutely free to try with no expiration. Tag:rename files file renamer rename folders folder renaming file files rename renamer renaming folder folders batch

Replace and Rename
(image) This utility allow you to perform both file renaming AND text replacing in one easy batch file from one "keyword" import file. Moreover Replace and Rename works with files from directories and subdirectories. All that you need is to select directory (or directories) with files which you want to process. But processing of single selected files are available too. Utility will make replacement in the files which extension are specified in the "Replace in files which have extension" field. And it will rename files which have extensions specified in the "Rename files which have extension" field. Also utility have the ability to perform only one operation instead of performing two operations. Field "Do not perform replacing in files" or "Do not rename files" must be checked for perform only one operation. Button "Load from file" allow to load the a text file which have values delimited by the tab character. But utility have a possibility in the "Options" to set another delimiter character instead from the tab. Replace and Rename offers such distinctive features as: Ability to process files in subdirectories; Ability to specify extensions for the files which need to be renamed; Ability to specify extensions for the files in which search/replace operation can be done; Ability to specify multiple search/replace items at one time; Perform replacing and renaming operations at one time; Search and replace with "Case sensitive" options; Ability to disable renaming operation; Ability to disable replacing operation; Completed program documentation. Tag:Replace and Rename 2 in 1 Two in One Rename by sequence Change name html documents

Rename Files Master
(image) With our file renaming software Rename Files Master, you will be renaming files in a snap! Rename Files Master has the ability to rename thousands of files in just seconds! As you know, Windows doesn't make it very easy to rename files. For each file, you have to right-click and select "Rename", or try double-clicking the file very slowly in order to edit it. Then you have to delete the old name and type in the new one. If you want to change the file extension, you have to deal with annoying popup messages like "Are you sure you want to change the file extension?" With more than five or ten files, this can become a nightmare! Here's the solution, Rename Files Master! This program gives you a quick way to rename as many files as you want in just seconds! The program is especially great for digital camera owners. Some of the things that Rename Files Master can do for you. Change the file name, change the file extension, auto-incrementing, pad file names with zeros so that the names sort correctly, can rename thousands of files in a few seconds. Features Change the file name Change the file extension Auto-Incrementing Pad File Names with Zeros so that the names sort correctly Can rename thousands of files in a few seconds Saves all settings so you don't have to re-enter them each time Free upgrades Tag:rename files rename files software renaming files software

Magic File Renamer Professional
(image) Magic File Renamer (MFR) is a powerful multiple file renamer and ID3 tag setter. With MFR you can change names, dates and attributes for files and folders instantly. MFR also let you change ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags for MP3 files. MFR offers an extensive set of 35 advanced filters which you can use to perform almost any renaming task you could think of, and save you many frustrating hours of manual renaming. Among the filters, a powerful pattern renaming capacity, suitable of using data from Text files, MP3 files, JPEG files (EXIF) and other image formats, and even a feature to rename full music albums using online data from Advanced users will find MFR's rich and flexible user interface and feature-list hard to come by. Real-time preview for any field, presets, logging, extensive undo and console mode for automatic processing are just part of those features. MFR is an heavy duty file renamer, suitable also for renaming masses of files and optimized for speed. If you are a music collector, musician, graphic artist, photographer, digital camera user, programmer, system administrator or file collector of any kind, MFR is just what you need. Highlights The most comprehensive and flexible file-renaming and ID3 tagging software for Windows. Supplied with 36 filters which you can use to perform almost any renaming task you could think of. Supports MP3 ID3 tags read/write, and online music albums information retrieval from Supports reading information from image files, and metadata in various standards from JPEG images (EXIF). Supports changing text files contents by applying any text filter on them. Supports real-time preview, log and undo for any changes made. Supports presets and console mode for automatic batch renaming from command-line. Tag:rename auto file files multiple batch automatic magic powerful name windows jpeg jpg ID3 flexible software music image preview filters