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Preview: Monitoring Software shareware freeware adware software downloads

Monitoring Software shareware freeware adware software downloads

Monitoring Software software download - Monitoring Software freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 19:27:10 GMT

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Children's Care
(image) Limit the time and the way your children spend on the computer Children's Care is a unique combination of obligatory limitations and colorful cartoon illustrations, performed by cute animal heroes. This software ensures a friendly, but yet controlling approach towards children, being at the same time educational and amusing. Children's Care focuses on 6 important issues concerning computer usage by children: - Limits the time and duration of computer usage - Ensures regular breaks - Ensures good computer posture - Encourages proper and regular hydration - Prevents from dry eyes problems - Encourages development of proper attitude to personal healthcare and social sport activities Tag:parenting software kids children parental control time limit computer time time control limit PC time limit time cartoon internet timer dry eyes computer posture body hydration parents access control health health-care

PC Monitoring Software
(image) The PC monitoring software comes integrated with two setup files; viewer setup and the agent setup. The employer’s computer has the viewer set up installed on his computer system whereas and the employee’s computer has the agent setup installed on it. You can install the agent setup file remotely or manually on the targeted computer. PC monitoring software is an eminent, professional, and comprehensive tool, which is devised to help the employers in monitoring their employee(s) computer desktop activities. These PC monitoring tools work in background i.e. they take snapshots of all the activities that are going on an employee computer desktop. One interesting thing is that the employee does not realize that the snapshots of his activities are being taken. Though the employee does not know when he is being monitored, the PC monitoring software can send notifications to his employees that they are being monitored. Apart from this, this software enables the employer to monitor his employee(s) computer desktop activities even when the employer is not available in the office i.e. the employer can set a time period for which he wants the employee to be monitored. This is known as the offline monitoring i.e. monitoring when the employer is not available. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such professional, efficient, and prudent third party PC monitoring tool that can monitor multiple employee(s) computer desktops simultaneously over a LAN. Tag:pc monitoring software pc monitoring tool pc monitoring desktop monitoring computer monitoring software computer monitoring tool desktop monitoring software

View hidden information of your computer & Installed software information. Tag:FCorp Zero-Zero-Seven ZZS System Information System Information Security Secret

FBLock , software designed to block internet access to the number one employee productivity killer. FBLock is the only software on the market design to block Facebook at the most competitive price Block facebook access on your computer to anyone who uses it.FBBlock disable facebook access, and only with password can be enabled.Block Facebook - who will want to do that? * Parents who want to limit access to facebook to their children * Schools and educational institutions who want to limit access to facebook * Small companies that want to limit access to facebook to their employees * Individuals who want to block access Tag:block facebook facebook blocker disable facebook Limit Facebook facebook limiter stop facebook facebook stoper temporarily block facebook remove face remove facebook Disallow Facebook fblimiter

Parental Control Weblock
(image) The new upgraded Weblock 3.0 allows you to: • Actively protect your children on the InternetControl your employees' Internet Access • Block certain websites (with sex, drugs and violence, etc.) • Protect your children on social networking sites • Manage Internet access time • Control access to instant messengers and video sites • Fre Education Panel Tag:social network parental control instant messenger firefox parental control avg parental control remove parental control internet access instant me social networking instant messenge

Internet Security Monitor
(image) Prevent your passwords, credit card and SSN numbers, etc from sending to the Internet in open, unencrypted format. The Internet Security Monitor monitors all outgoing information from your computer and if it sees an attempt to send your sensitive information over unencrypted channel it will immediately block the transaction and notify you. Tag:Internet Security Security Monitor

Family Cyber Alert
(image) Are you concerned about your children’s online activities? Do you feel you should keep a closer eye on what they are doing in Cyber Space? The dangers that children face on the Internet are well documented, too often in the headline news. Parents recognize the need to better monitor their children’s online activity, but don’t have the time or the proper tools. Concerned parents are using Family Cyber Alert to keep a watchful eye on their children and monitor their PC/Internet activities. Family Cyber Alert will record everything your children do online, including: Email Recording Chat/Instant Messenger Recording Website Recording Application Recording File Access Recording Keystroke Recording Screen Snapshot Recording Time & Sequence Recording - Plus - Automatic Email Alert Email/Chat/IM Blocking Website Blocking and Danger Alert Game/Application Danger Alert and Blocking Automatic Keyword Detection and Danger Alert Intelligent Reporting - Plus - All the functions work simultaneously, saving the data to a hidden location. EXTREMELY EASY TO USE Tag:predator predators parental control monitor online activity security e-mail alerts filter keylogger keystroke privacy

AfflatusMind Macro Recorder
(image) You may need this software if you are the one who is looking for: Automate all kinds of repetitive tasks: auto-fill forms, generate reports etc. Automate software testing Perform system maintenance with Macro Recorder Need a keyboard & mouse tracer Auto-login to your online accounts (web-mail, forums, etc) Create tutorials and presentations with Macro Recorder. Need a Auto-Clicker. Except recording mouse and keyboard actions, AfflatusMind Macro Recorder® can also provide these automatic operation: Files or dirs operation(copy/move/delete), can use wildcard characters(* or ?) to specify filename Compress a directory/uncompress an compress file to a dir(use zip compression format) Time delay/wait for window to appear/wait for window to disappear Launch program and wait for it finish launch website and wait for it navigate end Kill running program Send email Ftp download/upload a file Http post data Screen snap Shutdown/reboot PC Input long text for article Tag:voice recorder cam recorder desktop recorder phone call recorder youtube recorder macro recorder excel macro screen snap mouse macro macro tool skype recorder 6.0 voice activated recorder spy voice recorder quick macro 6.6

(image) Verity child monitoring software allows you to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy, non invasive way. Monitor computer activity both online and off Block websites and applications with parental controls Track activity by user, program, keystrokes, mouse clicks and screenshots After a quick setup, Verity will begin logging the programs being used, websites visited, count keystrokes and mouse clicks, and take screenshots of onscreen activity. All the data is accessible through a password protected web interface. Instead of relying on the honor system or looking over your child's shoulder every time they use the computer, Verity gives parents peace of mind. Let Verity do the watching for you and actually see what your children do on the computer at your leisure. Child Monitoring Features Logs time spent in each software program Logs websites visited on supported browsers Counts the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks to measure activity Use parental controls to block specific programs or websites Takes periodic screenshots of the active window or entire desktop Access stored data through a password protected web interface Optionally set up the web interface to be accessible remotely from other locations over the internet Runs in the background so you can continue to use the computer as normal Tag:mouse click parental control ic prog block website word pro computer activity k y password pro sites visited use c quick setup supported browsers

ActivityMon Home
(image) Currently it is very easy to access violated materials especially through the internet. And they are accessible even for your children. As a parents you are responsible for them, including the time you are not with them. ActivityMon products will help you with the knowledge what are your children doing. You will be informed about the CDs and DVDs inserted & played, programs installed & deinstalled, inserted USB flash disks, etc. Why to buy ActivityMon Home/Family # find out what are your children doing on the computer in the time you are out of home. A lot of violated material is published on the internet and can be viewed by your children. Many people you will not probably like can also contact your children on chats. # do not allow your children to spend the whole night in front of the computer - ActivityMon has the feature to automatically log off users in specified time interval. # ActivityMon is able to monitor inserted media such as CDs, DVDs or USB flash disks. With this feature you will be able to find out who installed and then uninstalled some application (in the worst case the infected one). The list of played external media will be available to you too. # was your critical data copied from the computer? Do you want to know who was loged in the critical time range? ActivityMon is the right application to monitor such things for you. # check the communication of your children on internet chats, ICQ or Windows Messenger and generally on all chat clients. You never know who your child is going to meet on the chat. # do you think your children are wasting their time with computer games too much? With ActivityMon you can list all the applications used with the amount of time spent with them. You can you this feature not only to restrict your child: maybe you will see he or she is learning on the internet or using wikipedia. In such a case it is a time for a small gift ;-) Tag:employee monitoring software activitymon activity monitor spector it management parental control bigbrother audit

(image) -LUPC is an easy-to-implement, user-friendly piece of software designed to help you monitor and limit user time on your home PC(s). Once you have set up all the users accessing the PC(s) in your home, you can then set maximun daily or weekly time limits for each person and you can easily specify which days of the week and hours of the day ther are allowed access. Once the user's time is up they will be warned and the automatically logged off. Parameters « LUPC » allows you to define the following things : o Who has PC access in your home. o How much access they get on a daily or weekly basis. o Which moments of the day, they can or can't have access. o Automatic disconnection for certain users at the end of their time limit. o The possibility toadd or take away time as appropriate. Tag:Parental control kids software limit restrict abuse computer PC spent time control using monitoring access

Big Mother
(image) A switchsniff with absolutely zero configuration for mamas and papas doing parental Internet monitoring and control. Unlike spyware-based parental monitoring products that need "bug implantation," Big Mother is an eavesdropping program that uses a switch sniffer to capture and analyze communication traffic over a home network. Big-Mother not only logs in real time URL visits, Email, chats, games, FTP, and data flows, but also takes webpage snapshots, duplicates Email and FTP copies, records MSN messenger content, and gives statistical reports. It freely restricts online activities with preset time schedules and according to customized filtering Internet rules. Tag:

HomeGuard Activity Monitor
(image) HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all pornographic and inappropriate content online and record detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent on each website. Plus a built in keylogger, activity based screenshots, chat and email monitoring and filtering, program/games blocking and time restrictions, Internet and computer usage time restrictions, email notifications and more. HomeGuard is virtually impossible to tamper with, it cannot be bypassed using proxy servers and is unclosable and uninstallable unless the administrative password (provided during installation) is used. Tag:

MING Chat Monitor Home
(image) MING Chat Monitor is a simple and affordable software solution for parents who want to control, monitor, and archive unlimited IM traffic on home network, including: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, MyspaceIM and QQ. Parents can view instant messages in the database, search the conversations by key word, watch top users, and so on. It is able to record conversations automatically in stealth mode. Key Features Easy to use, Simple installation that will have you up and running in minutes. With MING Chat Monitor you can log both sides of chats on: AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, MySpaceIM and QQ. It is possible to observe these messages in the same time the real users will receive it. Conversations can be conveniently browsed by computer name and date/time. The manager can set custom names for the computers on the network. The search function allows you to view all messages that contain a specific word or phrase. A useful Admin tool allows you to analyze the usage of different instant messengers, and see the top users in your company. Chat logs can be automatically e-mailed to you, or uploaded to a remote server. MING Chat Monitor is password-protected, can run in stealth mode, and is accessible with a hot key. Support multi-language. No spyware, adware or other unwanted extra programs. Tag:Spy chat Spy ICQ chat Spy ICQ ICQ Spy tool ICQ Spy software ICQ Spy Monitor Spy MSN chat Spy MSN MSN Spy tool MSN Spy software MSN Spy Monitor Spy QQ chat Spy QQ MSN QQ tool MSN QQ Monitor Spy AOL chat Spy AOL Spy Yahoo chat Spy Yahoo

The Web Blocker
(image) Want to block Myspace? Need to block Facebook? The Web Blocker can block any site on the internet with one click of the mouse button. Is your child abusing his or her Internet privileges by watching obscene videos? The Web Blocker will block sites which provide potentially inappropriate video streaming. Here’s what else The Web Blocker will do for you. Block any website on the internet on a per-user basis. Content Filtering (internet filter) blocks millions of websites with one click of the mouse. This makes it easy to block adult content (block porn) Use preloaded block lists including gambling, social networking and game-playing sites. Monitor internet history on a per-user basis. Build, store, and customize website Block Lists. Tag:safari web browser parental control web accelerator Outlook Web Access internet filter web blocker ip address blocker website blocker web filter x

(image) Worried about how others are using your computer - or what they are doing - while you are away? Employees abusing your workstations? SpyAgent is the powerful, award-winning solution, that can log all keystrokes, emails, windows, websites, applications, internet connections, chat conversations, passwords, print jobs, documents viewed, and even screenshots! SpyAgent runs in complete STEALTH with optional EMAIL Delivery and logging and lockdown scheduling. Record any actions on your PC with this powerful full featured PC SPY! SpyAgent is used by home users and businesses alike - as it provides the most comprehensive logging that can be found anywhere. No activities done on the PC escape SpyAgent's logging! SpyAgent also features powerful filtering and access control features, such as Chat Blocking (to restrict access to chat software), Application Blocking (to prevent specific applications from being executed), Website Filtering, and more! SpyAgent is not only an award-winning PC Spy, but also a powerful activity filtering package. Features: Logs Keystrokes Typed Logs Websites Visited Logs Online Searches Performed Logs Applications Opened and Closed Logs Internet Connections Made Logs Files Opened and Printed Logs Chat Conversations Logs Windows Opened Logs Email Sent and Received Logs Internet Traffic Data Logs Files Uploaded and Downloaded Logs User Total Active/Idle Times Logs Passwords Typed Sends Activity Logs via Email or FTP Records Screenshots VCR-like Screenshot Playback One-click Top Activities Overview Comprehensive Top 10 Reports Built-In Web, App, and Chat Blocking Instant Alert Notifications Easy Log Management and Viewing Quick Log Searching and Filtering Lockdown and Logging Scheduling Activity Triggered Smart Logging Disables Spyware Detectors Runs in TOTAL STEALTH! Tag:monitor monitoring monitor computer monitor spy software monitor spyware monitoring spy software workstation powerful solution award-winning log keystrokes emails windows websites applications chat conversation internet connection password document

(image) NetVizor is the latest in award-winning network monitoring software. Monitor your entire network from one centralized location! NetVizor allows you to track workstations and individual users that may use multiple PC's on a network. NetVizor allows you to perform essential user activity monitoring, content filtering, remote administration, and more - from one central location. NetVizor can show you what everyone is doing on your network, in real-time, with a single mouse click via its visual network overview and real-time activity ticker. Combining real-time remote monitoring with individual user monitoring and security auditing, NetVizor is the most comprehensive network monitoring and administration solution available! Some Features: Monitor an Entire Network from One Location Single Click Realtime Network Overview Real-time Remote Monitoring Real-time Remote Administration Roving user Tracking Robust Report Generation Remote Security Auditing Website and Application Blocking Chat Client Blocking Browse Remote PC File Systems Real-time Instant Activity Alerts Records ALL user activities Remote Stealth Network Installation Tag:computer monitor Network Monitoring Computer Monitoring Employee Monitoring network tool network inspector network manager Employee monitor LAN manager LAN management Network Monitor LAN Monitor administration of network network connection

(image) Abcam Power is a software for monitoring and alerting for your business or your home. It can take photos. This software is able to detect movements in the field of view from your webcam and then warn you with an audible even when you're not at home. You can also visit a library in the pictures that were taken during the movement detected. With the Pro version so you can be notified when a potential burglary or during any intrusion into your business or home. It is possible to define in advance the format of pictures (JPEG or BMP). Tag:Abcam power video surveillance monitor protect monitoring

(image) SniperSpy is remote spy software which allows you to see exactly what your child or employee is doing online. You can silently record activities and even watch the entire screen LIVE over the Internet! The remote spy software can be installed from any Internet location by sending an email attachment containing a module you easily create. When the module is executed by the remote user, the software silently installs onto your remote PC. After installation it begins recording an array of activities and uploads them to your private online account. The software bypasses any firewall, even the ones built into Windows 7, Vista and XP. When you want to view activities, login to your online account from any web browser by entering your username and password. Inside you will be able to view or search results categorized by log type. You can watch the full screen LIVE using the Internet. That's right! You can watch the live screen like a TV! SniperSpy also gives you the important surveillance feature of actual screenshot recording. This snaps an actual medium-quality jpg of the active window at an interval you set. This is very important for obtaining the proof you need. Nothing speaks better than an actual picture of the screen. Inside your account you can view logged activity including full chat conversations from popular chat programs, websites visited, applications executed, keystrokes typed, documents opened and more. You can even view the latest remote system information or uninstall the software remotely. The annual subscription for SniperSpy is $79.97 per year. Tag:Monitoring Software Monitoring tools spy software remote spy software spy monitor Yahoo Messenger 8.0 browsers remote pc online control messsenger protect local computer capture online view screenshot jp screenshot record

Computer Time Limiter
(image) Computer Time Limiter (CTL) is parental control software* that imposes limits on computer time usage. It allows you to manage and control how long and when your children are using the computer. Computer Time Limiter is small and light, up and running in minutes and very easy to use. * Although CTL is targeted as ‘parental control software’ it can also perfectly used to manage and control employees, partner, self-discipline, etc. Features Installs and controls users in minutes; CTL finds out which users are present on the computer, you only have to indicate which users should be under CTL control and optionally fine tune the default schedule (see the quick setup guide in the CTL help!) Intuitive user interface and easy to use. Almost completely innocuous: unlike most regular parental control software, CTL is small and light and runs quietly in the background. Users that are under control of CTL find only an icon in the system tray that provides information about today’s time limit and time usage (other users won’t notice CTL is running; neither not visible nor perceivable). A warning dialog appears 10 and 5 minutes before the user’s time limit ends. The user is able to suppress this dialog if it is considered too annoying when e.g. playing online games. If suppressed only a small information message above the system tray will shown (and – using the default Windows sound scheme – this notification will be audible). A warning dialog is shown when the user’s time limit has reached. The dialog encompasses a visible 30 seconds countdown timer which allows the user to save any unsaved work. Record and share time limits across a (home) network. A lot of families have multiple computers at home today. Concerned that your child is hopping from one computer to another if the daily time limit is reached? CTL offers a solution by recording time usage and maintaining time limits on a central computer. If e.g. Michael’s limit is 3 hours and he spent already 2 hour. Tag:countdown timer computer dictionary free computer themes first time lesbian quick time ipod to computer computer equalizer parental control turn off computer quiet time real time sync time pass auspicious time computer text