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Preview: Contact Management shareware freeware adware software downloads

Contact Management shareware freeware adware software downloads

Contact Management software download - Contact Management freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:45:42 GMT

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Office Tracker Contact Manager
(image) Office Tracker's easy to use integrated contact management system lets you share contacts - company wide - in a great address book format. Never hunt for crucial business information again. With Office Tracker Contact Manager you can locate any customer and every appointment or meeting you've had with that customer, in one click. If a customer calls to check an appointment time or wants to set up another meeting, you can quickly give them an answer without having to search or run a report. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Office Tracker Contact Manager makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your customers, patients, vendors, employees and others. You can easily schedule any contact into the Office Tracker calendar by dragging and dropping the contact icon or by adding it via the Contact button in the New Event window. Tag:Office manage officee management Microsoft office office 2000 management information system manage system company management company management system management science schedule form schedule

Best Birthday (SP)
(image) Best Birthday user guide Best Birthday is a useful utility that helps you to organize and view the anniversaries in a handy way. Allows splitting dates by month, zodiac signs and filtering them. Provides some usefull functions such as: sending greeting messages, sorting dates in different order and much more. Features Uses dates from Pocket Outlook, so you don''''t have to enter contact information twice Gives the possibility to create greeting messages based on templates Today view plugin for Pocket PC devices Easy to use and familiar interface (Designed for Windows Mobile 5/6) Designed for one-hand use as well as touch screen use One executable both for PocketPC and Smartphone Developed using native code only (Win32 API). Fast and small in size. Does not require any external libraries (like .NET, MFC, etc) Free trial version Anniversaries view Best Birthday is fully integrated with built-in Contacts applications. It collects all anniversaries found in Contacts and shows them in a handy view. You can easily customize order, in which you''''d like birthdays to be shown. This can be done via menu command "Sort by" : Order ascending / descending; Sort by name; Sort by date; Sort by days left; Sort by months; Birthdays can be split by months or zodiac signs. For this select the respective mode in menu "Split by". To skip to next/previous month/zodiac sign use navigation keys Left/Right. Filter - this mode is used for fast search and list filtering by name. Options: Show anniversaries - if this checkbox is ticked, both birthdays and anniversaries will show; Show future age; Message template subject; Message template body text; Tag:Best Birthday (SP)

Fusion Big Number Translator
With Oftel changing many of the major UK telephone numbers this year, updating your contacts is going to be a nightmare. Fusion Data Services has the answer in a brand new free product - the Big Number Translator. The new software lets you translate all your Outlook Contacts, converting the old UK codes into the new ones. We have also included programming examples so that you can build your own solutions for your own systems. Tag:big number calculator fusion gillette fusion privacy fusion cold fusion fusion by demicron translater

(image) A powerful computer automation tool for the sales department. It enhances sales productivity by integrating all phases of the sales process. Ascent/32 provides the tools businesses need to collect, store and analyze customer information in order to close the sale. Designed for small and large-sized companies, Ascent/32 collects and centralizes all information flowing through the sales department resulting in employees working at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Tag:

Caller Toy
Keep friend.s address and phone numbers organized ready to dial from your pc at any time. Requires modem. Very user friendly. Tag:message messages send message send messages cell phone phone phones cell phones mobile mobile phone mobile phones user-friendly GUI application contact contacts contact management personal address book subsequent message

Cyber DateTracker
Most single people agree that finding a compatible mate can be difficult and frustrating. It seems as we get older we become more committed to the qualities our intended mate must possess. Eventually, many of us find that this person is not in our daily circle of contacts and have to venture into the world of online dating. If that compatible person does exist out there, wouldn't it be smart to use the most effective method to evaluate the largest number of candidates and distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack Cyber DateTracker allows your computer to provide a complete easy to use method of generating provocative email letters and maintaining contact information. Not only will you be able to keep track of your many photos and email correspondence, but DateTracker allows you to be a more powerful writer. Who you are and what makes you special has to project into the written word. DateTracker creates a strategy where you can organize your most interesting thoughts and rearrange them into many unique and provocative letters. Think about it esides your picture, how else is your prospective mate going to learn about the real you DateTracker maintains a complete database of your prospective suitors sorted by height, weight, age and personal preferences. This convenient method of maintaining personal information allows you to be more informed and responsive to that special someone. Because dating is a very personal experience all of your contact and personal correspondence are locked using our digital Safe technology. What this means is that no one can ever get in to see your personal information! You can even declare the number of seconds after you leave your computer that the program will completely exit. This feeling of security allows you to more freely express your thoughts,a1 backing track. Tag:

(image) Opera browser features a brilliant messaging client that includes e-mail client (POP3/IMAP), news reader (NNTP) and feed reader (RSS/Atom). The messaging client provides a convenient way of keeping track of information about people you communicate with. However, if you are using Opera e-mail client, or just made an attempt to switch to it, you may have noticed that Opera has no particular support for importing contacts from other e-mail software. For example, migrating contacts from Microsoft Outlook is not easy. In order to import your Microsoft Outlook contacts to Opera, you may need to use a tool that will save you a lot of time retyping the names and addresses from one address book into another one. coOpera is such a tool. It helps to convert your Microsoft Outlook contacts to Opera format. All you need to do is export your Microsoft Outlook contacts to a CSV file, choose the contacts you would like to convert, and finally, import converted contacts to Opera browser. Everything else will be done automatically for you! coOpera migrates all information that an Opera contact can store: contact name, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, notes and website address. coOpera is absolutely free for personal, non-commercial use. Tag:coopera contact contacts email e-mail address outlook opera convert converter migrate export import

Add2Exchange for Contacts
Add2Exchange for Contacts is an Exchange add-on, synchronization solution which synchronizes any combination of Outlook private (mailbox) and/or public (group) contact folders. Add2Exchange also enables users to view their private/public Outlook contacts on any PDA, Pocket PC, BlackBerry or Smartphone. Add2Exchange for Contacts is an Outlook contact synchronization solution which can replicate and synchronize Outlook contacts between private and public folders. With Add2Exchange for Contacts, your business can easily share the Outlook contacts which you designate by setting up relationships between contact folders during installation. With Add2Exchange for Contacts, users can sync their Public contacts down to Outlook on any PDA, Smartphone, Blackberry, Pocket PC, IPAQ, Palm and other handheld devices. Add2Exchange is also great for organizations who want a public contact folder automatically populated with private contacts. When users create contacts, your business can manage, update or edit those Outlook contacts and replicate the changes back to users contact records. Add2Exchange can also help you to prevent accidental or malicious deletion of valuable leads or client contact information by syncing your employees’ private contacts to a public (group) contacts folder. In addition, users can share contacts with other users for team projects. Visit for 20-day free trial versions or call a DidItBetter Software Consultant today for more information. 800-837-8636 Tag:outlook sync smartphone sync outlook contact sync wireless sync syc software group contacts share Outlook contacts sync contacts

Add2Outlook for Contacts
Add2Outlook for Contacts is a 2-way Outlook contact synchronizer for desktops, laptops and mobile devices (PDAs, PPCs, BlackBerry, Smartphones). Add2Outlook is our client-side solution which offers 2-way folder replication of new contact items and 4-way synchronization of edits. Add2Outlook for Contacts was designed for those who use Outlook and want client-based, 2 way Outlook contact synchronization. Add2Outlook has two folder relationships. A Folder Relationship is a relationship between 2 contact folders, either private to public, public to private, or private to private folder combinations available in an Outlook profile. Either folder can be a private, PST, server side mailbox or public folder. Add2Outlook for Contacts has many uses. The most popular use is for those users of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Pocket PCs, and Smartphones using Outlook connected to an Exchange Server. For example, some users wanted to see a copy of the Exchange private and public contact folders on their BlackBerry handhelds, so Add2Outlook was designed to copy all the public items to their personal contact folder, so that ActiveSync could then copy it to the Blackberry. Add2Outlook for Contacts can also be used for sharing contacts between departments, group or teams. Tag:outlook sync smartphone sync outlook contact sync wireless sync syc software group contacts share Outlook contacts sync contacts

(image) Microsoft Outlook addon allows you to convert your contacts into the vCard format file. But you can convert only one contact at a time. Now, with VCard4Outlook,you can easily convert all or chosen Outlook contacts to the vCard format (vcf file, version 2.1 and 3.0) with a few clicks. Features: Import vCard format files to the chosen Outlook Contact Folder. Export any Outlook Contact Folder to the Vcard format files in the chosen windows folder. Integrated in Microsoft Outlook File menu and tollbar. Export/Import to/from one vCard (vcf) file. Correct Export/Import of all Microsoft Outlook contacts fields, allow use it for contacts synchronization and backup. Contacts duplicate management. The program comes with a lifetime license with one year of free support, updates, and upgrades. Tag:vcard outlook convert import export contact contacts addon addin add-in add-on vcf

WinFonie Mobile v1
(image) Winfonie Mobile transfers the phone book from Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Access, Palm Desktop, Windows address book, Workpad Desktop, Tobit David, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Combit Addressmanager or Cobra Adress Plus into your mobile. Supports Nokia 6230, 6230i, 6610i, 6310i, 6810, 6822, 7210, 7250i, 6270, 6280, 8800, 5140, 5140i, 6020, 6021 and more. Contacts (multiple numbers, address, email, ...) and dates can be transferred to your mobile. You can select which entries are to be transferred in which manner. The simple user interface enables even beginners to use this program - without orientation. A free trial version is available, you can test full functionality for yourself. To use the software you need either a bluetooth, a infrared or a cable (DAU-9P, DLR-3P, DKU-2, DKU-5) connection to your mobile. Tag:Nokia WinFonie Mobile Tool6210 6230 6230i 6610i 6310i 6810 6822 7210 7250i 6270 6280 8800 5140 5140i 6020 6021 Palm

Business Card Manager
(image) Are you painful for managing your several notebooks of business cards? Are you suffering from spending a large amount of time and effort each time to search when you plan to contact a friend or a customer? Are you sad with the difficulties to find and remember what you want? In those cases, you are suggested to try Business Card Manager. It will be able to make you feel much more convenient. Meanwhile, this software boasts the advantages of clear interface, easy operation, convenient searching, effective management, large power, small size and low price. Functions: 1. The category means of tree shape, which makes you feel clear at a glance. 2. The combination of table appearance, record appearance and picture appearance, which makes you feel more effective to browse the business cards. 3. The particular function of group sending emails, which ensures your contacts with your friends and clients. 4. The fast means of searching business cards, which saves your time in a maximum. 5. Rich functions of incident reminding, which allows you not to miss anything essential. 6. Rich functions of printing, which ensures you to set your own printing format freely. 7. The advantages of friendly interface, easy operation, complete functions, etc. Tag:business card name card businesscard namecard business card manager bizcard biz card business card designer business card printing business card software free business card

OfficeTalk 98
(image) A new information management and communication software solution that allows you and your colleagues to manage diaries, plan and book meetings, maintain organization wide contact history and send and receive internal and internet email within your office, between branches and on the road. It provides a customizable and fully integrated solution for your communication needs with contact management and project management and a range of other essential tools, plus an optional API for browser access and integration with other applications. Tag:

(image) To compete in todays market, you need access to your information quickly and without hassle. Whether you are at the office, home, or your clients site, your information should be available at your fingertips. Atrium gives architectural and engineering firms this freedom. It allows you to: Track Project Deliverables - Track project tasks on-line. Receive email alerts as items become due. Share Documents - Reduce administrative, document production and delivery costs by uploading documents. This is handy for CAD Drawings or anything else you wish to share with your team. Everyone is a click away from that information. Enhance Project Communication - Collaborate with your project managers, architects, contractors, vendors, and customers. Hold discussions so that everyone is kept in the loop. These discussions are conveniently forwarded to your email and can be replied to using your standard email editor. Post project and company bulletins so that everyone knows about important events. Track Contacts Online - Use the CRM Contact Manager to track information about your employees, customers, sales leads, or any other type of contact. Your team can subscribe to email alerts that notifies them as to the current status of the contact. Tag:

SaleSmartz Lite
Keep track of your contact with customersMultiple contacts per company recordFull time manger Full remote synchronisationDirect link to your word processorLabel printingFull report builder includedCreate mailouts, faxouts and even e-mail outs to thousands of potential customers E-mail integrationFull built in search engineWindows 95/98/NT and/or Macintosh compatibleYou can keep contact files for all your customers even if you have multiple people at one site, keep track of your contact with them, do mail outs and even e-mail outs to thousands of customers without Tag:

Handy Address Book
(image) Handy Address Book is easy to use, yet powerful software that makes keeping track of your contacts simple and fun. The user interface is designed to minimize keystrokes or mouse movements necessary to get your information quickly. It has all the features you'd expect in an address book, plus some other helpful features like the ability to publish your address book to the web with the click of a button. Quickly get a map or driving directions to any of your addresses. Dial a contact's phone number or send them an e-mail with the push of a button. Handy Address Book has powerful importing and exporting capabilities, with built in profiles to quickly import from other popular programs such as Outlook, Palm, or the Windows Address Book. Powerful and customizable printing is also included. Print your addresses in a tabular list format or as detailed records. Envelope and label printing is also included. The print preview feature makes sure you always know what you will get before actually printing. Handy Address Book offers complete support for vCards. Tag:address book software address book address phone software phone book vCard program envelope label web address book address book program dialer Windows Beiley Handy Address Book

Dencom Global Address Book
(image) A 32 bit mapi application that allows mapi email clients to share and administer a centrally located address book.Integrates with existing mapi based email clients.Clients include Outlook 97/98/2000,XP, Windows Messaging, Exchange Client, GroupWise 5.5.Supports Groups, Full Contact Database, FAX / SMTP addresses plus other transports, multiple address book Tag:

Alert Phone
(image) Call one ring home, call back, your modem will answer and give stock quotes. Simply use touch tone to enter any stock symbol. Create alerts based on Stock Prices and E-mails, this program will convert the stock quote or the e-mail to voice and call you! You can also set it up to announce the alert through the speakers. It is very easy to use, simple touch tone to ask it to replay a message, or slow the message down for replay. Alerts can be based on a key word in an email, who the email is from, or who it was sent to. Expensive portable text messaging devices and services just became outdated. Now any phone is online with this new ground breaking software! Tag:Phone stock Finance quote alert email e mail message telephone call modem touch tone alarm

(image) Address4U is simple and good address book program to use. It was composed of only necessary function to control the address book. So speedy and convenience to use small capacity. In addition, it makes more efficiency in data managing because you can change the data structure with your Tag:

Address Organizer Deluxe
(image) Complete program that will help you organize personal or business addresses, emails, phones, WEB pages. ORGANIZER DELUXE - Easily View, Retrieve Information: Table Viewer, Browser Viewer, Record Viewer. Easily Process Data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard, HTML Generator Wizard. Web Ready: Supports browsers and email programs, PrimaSoft Web dB Server enabled. Additional: Flexible Templates. Backup, Restore, Summary/Graphs, Network support, Search/Replace, Sort, Filter, Export/Import.. DESIGNER DELUXE - Customize Database: easily modify and customize address organizer included in the package. Create Any Organizer: create a new detailed database (organizer) with virtually any kind of information. Tag: