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Preview: Information Management shareware freeware adware software downloads

Information Management shareware freeware adware software downloads

Information Management software download - Information Management freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 05:00:34 GMT

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(image) "KnowledgeWorkshop" is a powerful tool to help people organise and quickly access, and share their many and diversely located pieces of information, such as: files, web-pages, e-mail, tasks and notes. KnowledgeWorkshop is available in three editions, including a free (no purchase required) edition, each of which is described below. A single installer, downloadable from this website can run all three product editions. It is the license which determines which edition actually runs. KnowledgeWorkshop is packed with the tools you need to make information and knowledge work for you. It is designed to help you manage and interconnect the information found on your PC and across the Internet. It enables you to synthesize information into personal knowledge and understanding in a manner that mimics the brainâ??s own mechanisms. Since you structure the information based on how you think and see the world, finding information when you need it is intuitive and natural. It facilitates the generation of new insights and understanding from the relationships that you can establish among your information sources leading to the â??Aha!â?? experience. Tag:Information management personal information management personal information manager manage information KnowledgeWorkshop information management system information technology information systems information science information assurance

Agenda At Once
(image) Agenda At Once combines the best ascpects of other personal organizer applications. It's a complete PIM system, integrating to-do management, scheduling and planning, contact and note functions. In addition, it is easy to use and responsive, while being feature-packed but not power-hungry. With its optimally-designed interface, Agenda At Once will rapidly put you in charge of your - or your team's - personal information. You'll be saving time and accomplishing so much more that you'll be wondering how you even managed without it. Main features To-do list management, schedule planner, contacts and notes software - a complete PIM Intuitive, no-nonsense user interface - minimal or no learning curve Hierarchical to-do list - split tasks into sub-tasks for finer control Share data with your team over the network GTD-ready to-do management software Lightweight PIM - keeps your computer responsive Powerful savable filters - just switch tabs to re-apply Inline editing to-do - skip windows, as in a spreadsheet Use Drag and drop - the intuitive way to manipulate your data Extremely customizable - retains your preferen Tag:Agenda At Once personal organizer personal information personal management personal planning personal statement agenda daily daily agenda daily management daily lift schedule planner note software management software

ymDataTraveler! U3 edition
(image) ymDataTraveler! allows you to easily transport your personal files and e-mails wherever you go. It synchronizes your personal data with your mobile device and let you to use them on any Windows PC. Your data is encrypted and decrypted automatically in the database, using strong encryption. ymDataTraveler! can work as a standalone portable personal information manager, PIM. ymDataTraveler! U3 edition is designed for use on the U3 smart drives and integrates itself into the U3 launchpad. Main features 1.Synchronize/Manage Microsoft Outlook mails, contacts, tasks, appointments, notes. 2.Synchronize/Manage Microsoft Outlook Express mails. 3.Synchronize/Manage Microsoft Mail mails. 4.Synchronize/Manage Windows Address Book contacts. 5.Synchronize/Manage Windows Contacts contacts. 6.Synchronize/Manage Internet Explorer Favorites, Firefox and Opera bookmarks 7.Synchronize/Manage Files and Folders 8.Integrated tabbed web browser 9.Automatically saves and fills html login forms 10.Customizable HTML Forms 11.Password Manager 12.128bit AES encryption 13.Send/Receive emails from any PC 14.Secure connection (SSL/TLS) 15.Secure Internet Browsing: leaves no cookies, temporary files on the visited computer 16.UNICODE support 17.U3 compatible Tag:U3 software u3 cleaner u3 recovery timeregistration u3 u3 smartdrive recovery u3 free u3 free u3 recovery u3 package maker u3 drive u3 smart u3 smart software u3 system

12Ghosts Timer
(image) 12Ghosts Timer is a comfortable and easy to use, yet powerful scheduler to start programs at specific times or periodically. Open documents or request Web pages at certain times! Set up reminders with a customizable snooze function! Start once, recurring, with countdown, or start a certain time after logon. You can set process priority and window state for each started program. Even start and stop other timers at certain times! An outstanding feature for a scheduler is the full holiday support. You may run timers on business days only and exclude weekends, official banking holidays, as well as customizable holidays. Holidays can be easily added and come pre-defined for U.S.A., UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, as well as Belgium. 12-Timer is batch capable and programmable from external programs, C and VB programs, as well as VB scripts (example code included). To top it all, logging and password protection is supported, too. Tag:Internet timer PC timer sleep time shutdown timer Digital clock world time clock desktop clock alarm clock computer clock automatic control show time clock rate clock generator clock screensaver clock buffer

12Ghos Backup
(image) Backing up data is mandatory. Just imagine you would lose all your work, all e-mails of the last two weeks: What is that worth to you? If backups were difficult, however, you wouldn't do them often enough. 12-Backup makes it easy because everything is done automatically. All you need to do is add files to a list. The program then does the backup at a user-defined interval. You may exclude temporary files to save time, and you are not bothered with locked files: they are included the next time automatically. Besides doing normal backups, a special piece of engineering is Hyper-Backup: It keeps every change of your documents, creating several layers of backups, again, automatically, while you are working. HyperBackup automatically stores multiple versions of your files and applies a reasonable filter to keep versions of every stage. This stores more versions in a more sophisticated way than any other backup program, while requiring only a modest amount of disk space. The software is carefully designed, well documented, and gives you all the options you would expect. Tag:Data manage date managemet data analysis data analysis system back up back up plan backup document management document manager system data recovery computer file game file information file

12Ghost Lookup
(image) Click your way through to data in a snap of a second that would otherwise cost you hours to find on the Internet or in a book. Whether you are just curious or need the information fast, you will find it in this user-friendly look-up tool. Look up zip and area codes, sorted by any column, with a quick search finder. Expand acronyms by entering just the first letters. Use a unit converter that shows all other units immediately as soon as you enter a digit. That is what we call "information at your fingertips". You have access to information about all countries worldwide, like per capita income, population, or calling code. Impress your chat partner with translations of common phrases into seven languages. It's a highly accessible source of information and comes with a list of hand-picked links to more detailed websites for each category. Tag:Language study information study information manage information management system information science information language information technology information capita income information population information lookup

(image) features the Shareware Version of this RC1 Version does not have the 60 days time limit some language adaptions better print preview (Headlines are looking better, text in preview is word warped) uncritical bug resolved: "Insert field" places a field atop of another New key combination: CTRL+Shift + Arrow keys (up/down) moves Categories, left/right moves pages Move Categories has been improved internally to remove a bug where only the caption of two categories was exchanged and not the content. The bug appeared on XP or Vista with limited user rights, for example the guest account import bug from NB 1.6 "Load Error: End of file not found" resolved graphical error removed if you turn off Title bar Tag:information manage noteblock manager calendar free calendar free download starts mp3 days weeks month store notes take notes PIM cool skins search

(image) It is a best tool to manage your Contacts, Anniversaries, Diaries, Appointments, Tasks, Notes or any other information. WinPIM also gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing all data simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup! Storage Contacts Information, Link them and Track them With WinPIM Contacts, you have a place to store e-mail addresses, home and work addresses, phone and fax numbers, birthdays, photo and family members, individual and business Internet addresses. You can also link directly to them from your Contacts. You can even customize many fields names to your requirements. You can associate appointments or tasks to the contact action to track them. You can import CSV or vCard (Business Card), so you can exchange contacts between WinPIM and many other programs. WinPIM also provides you 3 styles for printing the contacts. Create Groups for better organization The best way to organize large of Contacts is to create groups. You can even build Tree Structure to organize your contacts easily. You can also Drag & Drop contacts or Copy - Paste contacts as you do in Windows explorer. Use Calendar to manage your time You can manage you time WinPIM Calendar. You can also import many different countries holidays or schedules into your Calendar. The calendar provides Month view, Week view, and Day view. And a Time Bar is also provided to let you have a glance of the usage of your time. Of course, the Reminder can remind you every important appointment. And you can print them out if you like. Keep your memory with Diary Not only you can write and organize diaries, but also you can find and print diaries. The diary support rich format text, so you can storage all kinds of things in your diaries, such as pictures or sounds. You can even write more than one diary in one day, and select a cute icon to the diary. Tag:PIM PIM Software Personal Information Manager Contact Management EssentialPIM DialyPIM PIMOne EfficientPIM PIM XP PIM Booster Personal Diary Diary Management Office Diary Calendar Software Personal Calendar Task Scheduling Notes Manager Email Management

Family Job Jar
(image) The job jar is a program that will take the jobs or chores you put in it and then allow a user to pick a randomly chosen job. Job Jar keeps track of who does what You can view and print a pie chart of jobs performed Print a certificate of achievement showing the date and job done and by whom Tag:job translation job job boards job seeker fun job job statistics Drop Job job pricer job letters job cost job shops Job orders Job Schedule job costing find job good job paint job family job jar

Electronic stick-notes
(image) "Electronic stick-notes" is the electronic equivalent of notebook or paper notepad. You can use it for writing questions, your ideas, reminders and all others things you usually write in notebook. It can also store information that will be used in future. "Electronic stick-notes" can store your information in database and remind of events you planned. General conception of using notes is the following. At the beginning, you need to create new profile that you can use in future. Profile is a set of parameters. It uses for description every created note. For every profile, you can set different parameters. For example, note's title, background color, text color, time to remind about a note, etc. When you create new note you need only choose created profile. This idea allows you to save your time and make creating note simpler. Tag:Book notes notebook paper note store information creat note note wrinting whole note corresponding note note Note keeper outlook note Note Tracking Digital Note Note Software Note folder Note Writer Free Note sound note credit note Note Holder

(image) EzStreet sorts street addresses by street name and house number. EzStreet will also sort apartment numbers. If for example, your data contained several addresses on Main Street then they are grouped together by street and sorted by the house number. The column containing the street address is identified automatically. EzStreet will sort on any column contained in your data. For example a sort can be done on State, City and Street. To use EzStreet, copy and paste your addresses from Excel or Access into EzStreet and perform the sort. The sorted data can then be copied back to Excel. Tag:Street Dictionary Street finger Street map Street basketball street address street artist street basketball geme street direct street direction street dance street guide street game street light street of range main street house number house notice

(image) Features 1.LabelEase is an application that makes addressing envelopes, labels, post cards and flyers practical, easy and fast.It is a software program that is perfect for the home user and small business person. 2.LabelEase imports addresses. 3.Dragging and dropping addresses that have been quickly retrieved with a few keystrokes to any label on a labelsheet, to an envelope, post card or flyer is convenient and intuitive. No other addressing product offers this feature. 4.The ability to easily assign multiple categories to an address enables multiple simultaneous address lists.To retrieve an address list simply search by category. 5.If a new address requires extra fields that you didn't think of when first defining a label, no problem.Add an extra address field, like an additional name field or street field, at any time. 6.If an address is too big, LabelEase automatically reduces the font size until the address fits the label.An address will not over-run a label. 7.All address formats are supported. For example: US, European, Canada and Mexico. Because you can define your own address format, all formats in the world are supported. 8.Convenient single form operation.Retrieve an address or list of addresses, choose an envelope or labelsheet,drag and drop' the addresses, and edit an address; all on a single form. 9.Combining these features and more in a smooth, intuitive user interface makes LabelEase the best addressing product on the market today. Tag:Labelease label flash label claim label matrix label html labels custom labels Labels designer Labels design Labels Creator Create labels labels generation pringting labels zweckform labels disk labels shipping labels dvd labels return labels

FlySpeed SQL Query
(image) FlySpeed SQL Query is an easy-to-learn-and-operate graphical tool for all database users and developers. It allows you to build queries on different database servers without needing deep knowledge of SQL syntax and performs a wide range of data manipulations such as export and reporting. Handy for professionals and essential to newbies, FlySpeed SQL Query includes everything to make your work with data more productive than ever before! Simple and convenient user interface, high data retrieval speed and powerful means of working with data and SQL queries will make your work as easy as possible! Key Features 1.Native connection to most database servers. 2.Easy-to-use visual query builder can build even complex queries. 3.SQL Editor with syntax highlighting and code completion. 4.High-speed data retrieval, quick data manipilations. 5.Easy printing of result data. 6.Full Unicode support. 7.Simple and convenient graphical user interface. 8.Exporting data to most popular office formats with ease. 9.Powerful Report Builder to generate reports quickly and efficiently. Tag:FlySpeed SQL Query Building SQL queries SQL Query Builder Data Import Data Export sql query sql query analyzer SQL Query language sql update sql server sql quer generator sql server 2000 sql query tools

Splitter for Microsoft Access 2007
(image) Splitter is a Microsoft Access add-in that separates human names stored in a single field into separate components making it a great tool for fixing poorly structured tables. If both first and last names are stored in the same field, Splitter will split the name without disturbing your existing data. It does this by creating new fields and splitting a copy of the name into the new fields as in the example below. A wizard guides you through the process. Tag:download access 2007 microsoft office deal with microsoft access microsoft access training microsoft access 2000

Office Organizer
(image) Software system of communication, mail program (for Internet and office local network), personal and network organizers for using by company employees in office local network or for offline usage on a single computer. Mail program and organizer(from Office Organizer) may be free used instead of Microsoft Outlook. The software is provided as Freeware for single user or as Shareware in relation to total number of connected users of the program in office local network. Office Organizer is a software programs package designed for interaction between computers of organization or company(in office network) and provides the following functionality: 1.client mail program (for Internet and office local network) and mail server program; 2.real-time communication channels for users(chat etc.); 3.Public(for users groups) or personal organizer with adjustable data fields. 4.Database with adjustable data fields and tables (database program includes: notes or note-book, address book). Tag:password organizer personal organizer recipe organizer url organizer text organizer snippet organizer smart organizer picture organizer organizer software organizer free software organizer organize activities

Software License Manager
(image) Software License Manager is a program design at a professional level but built for all kinds off people. The user friendly easy to use interface makes it extremely easy for people to get use to the software and keyboard shortcuts to make using Software License Manager easier. Key Features Awards Multi user. Share your application with others but NOT your information. Easy to create a new user. User friendly user interface. Easy to use navigation. Ability to group entries in the same group. Ability to import and export serial numbers for backup and restoration. Ability to print out serial number for your own personal hard record. Search functionality with fast results. Unlimited number of groups. Edit, delete, change group, delete whole group, reorder groups. Quick serial number copy with just a click. Store up to 5 seial numbers per entry. Unlimited number of entries. Edit, delete, clone enties. Change login username and password at anytime. Hide your account from the login screen. Choose only the information you want to be displayed on the licanse grid. Send to tray on exit or minimize. Close your own user account at anytime. And much more... Tag:Software License Manager software license holder serial number license manager free license manager software license agreement software download software software engineering software management

SQLServerPrint 2005
(image) SQLServerPrint2005 enables you to preview and print Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 schema and export to RTF, HTML and PDF. Whether you're a systems administrator, database application developer, or IT consultant, you'll find SQLServerPrint 2005 a very useful tool that will produce a paper or electronic copy of your Microsoft SQL Server 2005 objects (Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Logins, and much more) and their associated dependencies, permissions etc. You can customize the font attributes and colors for all the elements that are output, and have total control over page layout, including paper source, orientation, borders, margins, headers, and footers. Key Benefits Output is well suited for code inspections Saves application development time Reduce maintenance costs by using the color coded beautifully formated output Impressing your clients and get repeat bussiness Understand schema of comples database Support and debug complex SQL server systems Use in presentations and technical briefs Backup copy of your database schema Tag:SQL Server SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL SQL Server Backup SQL Server Viewer SQL Tool SQL Program Database Program Print Database Backup Database quickbooks 2005 quicken 2005 may 2005 calendar winmx 2005 finale 2005 playboy 2005

Egg Timer
(image) EggTimer is a simple timer that is sort of like the cooking timer you might find in many kitchens. You set a time in minutes, it counts down the time, and an alarm goes off when the time has elapsed. It starts with the counter running. It remembers the number of minutes to count from the last time it was run. It can start minimized and you can see the counter running in the minimized icon on the task bar. When the alarm goes off, it restores itself to the screen and flashes a few times. Just click close and it is gone. Just 2 clicks. One to start, one to close. Very simple. It has a couple more bells and whistles. It can play any .WAV file as the alarm. It can count down or up. It can count from 0 to 9999 minutes. To keep things simple, the count time is entered in whole number minutes. Most egg timers work this way. It can also be run in clock mode where it will show the time of day instead of running the timer. Tag:timer warner timer download timer schedule timer clock timer class timer cancel timer explorer 6.0 egg timer cooking timer cooking food remind me of remind me to remind that remind book time machine time management time date

My Bills
(image) Use My Bills to help manage your finances and make sure you never forget to pay a bill. Entering text on a Palm is never easy, so in My Bills you enter a bill just once. My Bills will enter it for you on each day it is due for the entire year. Bills are listed for each month of the year, and marking a bill as paid is as simple as tapping on it in the list. My Bills has many functions to help you make this chore easier. You can easily put a reminder, with or without an alarm, in your datebook so you won't forget. Customize My Bills with your own preferences. Users all over the world have downloaded and registered because they found My Bills so helpful. Tag:bill schedule bill of lading bill payment bill lading bill reminder bill of materials bill of sale energy bill bill acceptor bill acceptor interface monthly bill calendar monthly bill template heat bill savings bill of exchange bill for collection finance

(image) endo is an aggregator that you can use to stay up to date on your favorite news sites and weblogs. Subscribe to your favorite news sites, blogs, and any other website that offers syndication. endo polls them periodically and optionally notifies you of new articles. In the context of web sites, aggregation â?? also known as syndication â?? is a way to republish a web site's content in a form suitable for reading by software. The main advantage of syndication is that you can use software such as endo to read the contents of web sites without having to actually visit them via a web browser. It gives you the ability to be notified of changes without having to visit the web site periodically. Currently, there are three main syndication formats: RDF, RSS and Atom. endo can read all existing versions of both formats. Tag:Personal information personal management information system information management information technology information science information sciences information communication technology information communication

Trust Me
(image) Trust Me is a PDA application designed to help you keep track of all items you have borrowed or lent. Trust Me comes with built-in categories, but you can create your own such as Library Books, Work Hours, Clothing, etc. Once the item has been returned, you can choose to delete the record or to retain it as a returned item. For each item, indicate whether it is borrowed or lent. Enter your friend's name, the category for the item, what it is and how many. Indicate the date lent or borrowed and the date it is expected to be returned. If you wish, enter a brief note. You can even have Trust Me remind you by placing an entry in your date book. Tag:Borrow money borrow books library books work hours borrow online lent term trust me borrowed heaven borrowed hearts money exchange money converter money exchange rate money counter money market

Rag Picker
(image) If you are like me, you probably have subscriptions to several magazines that you keep for future reference. Might be a cooking magazine, might be a woodworking magazine, but after several issues you can no longer remember which issue had that great article about just that thing you are trying to solve right now! Rag Picker was written to help you keep track of what article is in which issue of which favorite magazine. When you receive a new issue and just know that you will need to refer to it again, just enter the article name and page reference in Rag Picker! Then you can safely file it away. Who knows? You might even use it to track other things of importance! I use Rag Picker to keep track of recipes I want to try in my library of cookbooks. I even use Rag Picker to catalog sewing techniques in my extensive collection of sewing patterns. As a ski instructor, my husband uses it to keep track of new teaching techniques. Tag:Information management English magazine physical magazine chemistry magazine political magazine science mangazine magazine online magazine download magazine design magazine player

Office Tracker Contact Manager
(image) Office Tracker's easy to use integrated contact management system lets you share contacts - company wide - in a great address book format. Never hunt for crucial business information again. With Office Tracker Contact Manager you can locate any customer and every appointment or meeting you've had with that customer, in one click. If a customer calls to check an appointment time or wants to set up another meeting, you can quickly give them an answer without having to search or run a report. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Office Tracker Contact Manager makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your customers, patients, vendors, employees and others. You can easily schedule any contact into the Office Tracker calendar by dragging and dropping the contact icon or by adding it via the Contact button in the New Event window. Tag:Office manage officee management Microsoft office office 2000 management information system manage system company management company management system management science schedule form schedule

Wedding Planner
(image) Synchronize your data with your future spouse's. The data will be consistent no matter who made the changes. Calendar function for keeping track of all your appointments. You may select a day or month view and either can be printed. Enter to-do's for any person. Track who is in charge of what item. Let the software enter in over 120 predefined to-do's, scheduling them to your wedding date. Track all complete, incomplete, due, or late tasks, sort reports by assignee and print reports. Enter and track multiple events, like showers, ceremony, reception (as many as you want!). Plan, track and report menu selections, decorations, directions, and music selections for each event. Enter in play scripts for each event showing who does what and when they are to do it. Print music selections for your DJ or band. Keep track of measurements for all your attendants Enter guest and sub guest information. Record hotel and travel information. Import and export information into Outlook and Palm and other compatible software. Print lists of guests, who invited them, their role and affiliation. Invite guests to events, track their RSVP and menu selections. Plan and organize seating with our exclusive seating designer. Print address labels for all Avery and compatible labels for each event. Print placards for each table showing who is sitting there. Print reports for each table showing menu selections for the caterer. Evaluate potential vendors, record references, and personal thoughts on their work. Record quotations of services that a vendor has given you. Print and compare quotes to determine which vendor to hire. Record cancellation dates, down payments, and fees. Budget and record all expenses in a ledger. Print reports for each event, unpaid balances and vendors. Tag:Wedding dress wedding ceremony wedding album wedding anniversary wedding day wedding date wedding event wedding greeting wedding gift wedding photos wedding photo album wedding website wedding song wedding cake wedding band wedding gown wedding flower

(image) Things we forget You work all day long... there is so much to do... minutes pass, hours go by, and you... forget! You forget to take care of your more precious tool: Your body. You forget to give it short breaks for recovery, and you forget to supply the water it needs in order to maintain normal metabolism. The short-term results As time passes, there is a decrease in your productivity and in your ability to concentrate; very often you suffer from fatigue, headaches and eyestrain. At the end of the day you have less energy for other aspects of your life and for the people around you. Those seemingly minor issues have a dramatic impact on your life The long-term results Neglecting your body's basic needs might accumulate and create various health problems, such as damage to eyes, kidneys and other organs. Studies show that taking breaks and moving your body can reduce the risk of thrombosis. Drinking water on a regular basis Tag:Bodyguard body health bodyhealth health food health beverage health care system health life healthy weight healthy body weight health insurance healthy food healty foods healty life healty living healty breakfast

(image) Envision is the affordable youth ministry software you need to organize your group & minister more effectively. It's like getting a new assistant! 1.Get started fast with an easy-to-use program 2.Keep contact information at your fingertips 3.Track attendance & see alerts when people go missing 4.Get reminders about important events 5.Print reports that keep you informed & organized Tag:Personal information youth allowance youth club youth culture youth girl teenage personal organizer personal management personal assistant person affair personal care puoducts personal communication personal name personal relationship personal developmen

AMI Calendar Wizard
(image) Calendar Wizard will create and print calendars. Unlike commercially available dog calendars that never seem to offer the breed you like, Boris calendars that aren't as adventurous as you remember them being in years past and bank calendars which you know full well are only free because the bank wants your money, Calendar Wizard's calendars can be customized to suit your taste and whatever pictures you'd like to look at for the next twelve months. Create calendars of your family and friends, the greatest carburetors of the 1950's, breathtaking images of mildly repulsive wildlife, your proudest golf swings, unmentionable graphics downloaded from the Internet, your twelve favourite Grateful Dead album covers, close-up photographs of the moons of Jupiter, famous people with last names no one can easily remember at a party, your entire collection of decorative socks... the list is endless. Calendar Wizard's calendars also make excellent gifts if you're really cheap. Easy to use and quick to learn, Calendar Wizard will have you denuding acres of old-growth forest to create professional, attractive calendars in minutes. Its internal pagination function can print double-sided calendars which hang like conventional bank calendars ?even if you don't have a double-sided printer. This software is available for electronic delivery and on CD-ROM. Tag:desktop Calendar computer calendar alarm alarm software timer personal calendar website favorite Player Metrology unit conversion Calculate mail Vista Calendar daily calendar

Multilingual Speaking Clock
(image) Multilingual Speaking Clock is a freeware program that turns your computer into a speaking clock, capable of telling you the time on over 25 different languages! You can set it to automatically announce the time in regular intervals. The clock also features an alarm that can be set to remind you of important events. The alarm can play any sound file, or you can select from four inbuilt sounds. The interface is all-graphical with a screen resembling an LCD, which shows time, date and day of week. You can customize the display by selecting a big or small mode, remove the title bar and make the buttons transparent. When minimized, the clock resides in the system tray. With simple clicks you can get it back on screen or announce the time. Tag:multilingual speaking clock speaking clock remind book memind me of remind me clock generator sound system sound analysis sound of silence sound of music sound effect time to clock time warner time machine time management speaking clock software

(image) Never loose information again. With its ergonomic design, and automatic hyperlink recognition, NoteIT gives you seamless access to a calculator, text-to-speech reader, Web search results and any of your notes quickly, allowing you to backup, archive, search, print, password protect, hear and email your notes easily and fast. NoteIT was designed to be fast and to make it highly unlikely for users to loose any information. It allows you to back up to any drive, and it lets you search by date, title, content, or partial character strings. You can also pull up notes by quickly typing the first few characters of a note title. Additionally, NoteIT is compatible with any Apple iPod device and with most windows email clients, so you can email your notes without opening another program. The program also offers text-to-speech functionality. Other things you can do are export your notes into HTML, so you can post them in a web server, import notes, and change to different colorful skins that are available for free. Free email and phone support are also available. Tag:organizer address book notes noteit note taker calculator research free software freeware archive free skins pim pims

Note Mania
(image) Note Mania lets you store information you want to remember, such as appointments, ideas, etc, as "notes". While opened, notes are easily visible small windows which can be placed on anywhere of the screen. Notes can be made to open automatically and to remind you at a scheduled time. You can manage or browse created notes using Pad window. Scheduled notes are automatically shown on built-in Calendar. While running, every feature of Note Mania can be accessed via its taskbar icon. Note Mania also provides various visual features like note transparencies, custom calendar backgrounds, etc. Many more features to come. Tag:

Navicat MySQL Manager Lite
(image) Navicat Lite is an ideal solution for MySQL administration and development. This is an all-inclusive mysql front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for mysql on the web or your local desktop. Navicat Lite supports all verions of MySQL and HTTP/ SSH Tunneling. 30 days demo version lets you convert Access to MySQL, MS SQL to MySQL, Excel to MySQL, synchronizes and backups database in a snap through helpful wizards. Major features of Navicat full version include Visual Query Builder, Import/ Export, Report Builder, Backup/ Restore and Data Transfer. Navicat also supports to import data from ODBC, batch job scheduling (create schedule for Import/Export, Data Transfer and saved queries), printing of table structure. It also includes a full featured graphical manager for setting the users and access privileges. Navicat version 8 supports Code Completion, Form View and email Notification Services, etc. Navicat is the number 1 MySQL database administration shareware in with over 350,000 downloads and 1,100,000 installations worldwide. Some of the users including Sony Music, Intel, Kodak, FedEx, KPMG Consulting, Ericsson, Siemens AG, Yahoo!, NTT DoCoMo (Japan), Hitachi (Japan), Imation, Lexmark, Cisco Systems, RSA Security, Avis (Europe), U.S. Department of Energy, UPS, Disney, Oxford University, Harvard University, NASA Space Flight Center, MIT, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, ... Navicat delivers a personal experience, simplifying the way you work. The program is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and supports multiple languages. Tag:php mysql mysql gui mysql admin mysql manager mysql client mysql tool mysqladmin SSH HTTP table query SQL management GUI report innodb mac os x development database

(image) Manage Information with Chandler Desktop Centralize information management in the Triage Table Create and edit Notes, Messages, Tasks and Events Context sensitive Who and Date columns dynamically display item metadata Set up special Chandler IMAP folders to move messages from your favorite email application into Chandler Desktop Manage your focus with Triage Status and Ticklers Designate items for NOW or LATER Mark them as DONE when you're finished Set up Ticklers to automatically re-focus your attention on an item at a later date and time Events are automatically triaged based on when they happen Move information seamlessly across application areas Address events to send them as invitations Mark emails as tasks to add them to your task list Schedule tasks on your calendar Organize your information with collections Chandler Collections can hold any kind of item: notes, messages, tasks and events A single item can be in as many collections as you want See all the collections an item appears in Use the Quick Entry field to create notes, messages, tasks and events with a set of simple commands Search across all of your collections Narrow your search results by kind and collection Calendaring with Chandler Desktop Overlay multiple calendars Get a summary of what's on your schedule in the Preview Pane Navigate the calendar with the Mini-Calendar Get a sense of how full your days are with the mini-calendar Busy-Bars Use the Quick Entry field to create events, type event dates in plain English Create recurring events Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly events Manage recurring events in the Triage Table Tag:Personal Management PIM Software Free Management Personal Information Management Information Organizer Events Organizer Activities Management Contact Management Notes Management Message Management OrganizeME EssentialPIM WinPIM Daily PIM GTD Methodology

Avignon Concept
(image) Avignon Concept is the best freeware solution for all your Personal Data having data management for Books, Movies, Contacts and Music, including a full fledged personal Document manager. Avignon Concept has off-course a To-do manager, which, combined with the Avignon Concept Calendar and Planning functions, gives you the complete system you need. On top of these functions, Avignon Concept also delivers a Finance manager enabling you to run your all your worldwide bank accounts. An Internet manager is also included. Avignon Concept has more than 40 standard reports, which can be run to screen, in PDF format and exported to Excel. These reports have also the possibility to filter your data and give you all the information you need ! Most data can also be imported and exported in XML. Avignon Concept is freeware, has no spyware, and is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish and Czech languages. Real-time change of the language is included in the package. Tag:Personal Data Personal Management PIM Software Free Management Data Management Book Management Movie Management Contact Management Music Management Document Management To Do Manager To Do List Finance Manager Personal Finance Manager Internet Manager

12Ghosts ShowTime
(image) Enhance your taskbar clock to show the date and a second time zone. You may display seconds smaller and the date in a different color, for example. Everything is configurable, the display of the date and time, font, size, colors, alignment, and shadow effect. 12-ShowTime displays the time and date either in the tray or in a free movable window, which can be set to stay in the title bar of the active window. It displays the phase of moon and age of moon. A configurable tray icon can display a part of the date or time. It wouldn't be a real clock if it didn't have an alarm that can be set daily or at a certain date. You may choose as alarm melody any .wav or .mid file. The comfortable snooze function reminds you repeatedly until it is answered. With a configurable list of 12 world times in a separate, movable window, chimes every quarter, hour signal, chronograph, and quickly accessible countdown the program is powerful and a pleasure to use. Tag:

MS Access Password Detection
(image) MSAPD is for those Microsoft Access databases that has a password that was forgotten or lost. This works on Password protected databases not on "USER Password protected" ones. With the built in file explorer, use it to locate the database and highlighting it, you then click the OK button. You will see in the text box either the password or that the database doesn't have one. You can also click on the Clear button to remove a password from the Access dB 95/972000 safely without corrupting your database. Please note that this will work on Access 95/97/2000, this will not work on earlier versions of Access then those listed. The password clear function will only work if the software is registered and only the first 3 characters of the password will be displayed. Now marked down from $16.99 to $10.99 Tag:lost password Microsoft Access recovery detection MSAPD mdb utility database tool