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Preview: Shutdown Software shareware freeware adware software downloads

Shutdown Software shareware freeware adware software downloads

Shutdown Software software download - Shutdown Software freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:50:47 GMT

Last Build Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:50:47 GMT

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Force Shutdown
(image) Force shutdown is an easy to use time save utility, saving you from several clicks when you are finishing work with computer. It runs from the system tray and has a menu to quick shutdown, restart or logoff. The program allows you to assign shutdown hotkeys, use shutdown confirmations and shutdown the computer instantly without any application prompts. Main Features 1.Forced shutdow 2.Hot reboot 3.Quick current user log off 4.Assign hot keys combination for all Force Shutdown actions 5.It's FREE! Tag:Power Manager Shutdown Software Force Shutdown Auto Shutdown Auto Reboot EzReboot Auto Lock Shutdown Lock shutdown hotkeys intelligent Shutdown Schedule Shutdown Windows Shutdown PowerOff power button quick shutdown

(image) Power off with a tap or any hard button. You are no longer restricted to using the power button anymore. Features : 1.One tap off - Power off your Palm by tapping on the PowerOff icon. 2.Use any button to power off - You can also assign PowerOff to another hard button in your Prefs application. This will allow you to use an alternate button to power off your device, in case your power button is faulty. Tag:Power Manager Shutdown Software Palm Shutdown Auto Shutdown Auto Reboot EzReboot Auto Lock Shutdown Lock Free Shutdown Software intelligent Shutdown Schedule Shutdown Windows Shutdown PowerOff power button hard button

Turnoff Master
(image) Turnoff Master is simple yet powerful free program to Turnoff, Reboot, Log Off or Hibernate your computer at the time you like. So if you want to encode a movie, record a DVD or even defrag a big hard disk, you can go to sleep and let Turnoff Master do its job. Tag:shutdown software shutdown freeware Turn Off Computer Shutdown Schedule Shutdown Timer Shutdown Software Shutdown Utility Auto Shutdown Free Shutdown PC Shutdown Shutdown Operation Intelligent Shutdown Restart Log Off Hibernation Task Scheduler

soft191 Switch off
(image) A fast and easy way to shut down or reboot your computer. For convenience, the program can be run automatically when Windows starts and it resides in the notification area (system tray) of your desktop and be easily accessed. Double clicking the mouse on the tray icon will perform a windows shut down or restart depending on what you specify (the default is a shut down). Reboot, sleep, shut down, log off, hibernate and more with one click or using timed shut down. You can time a shut down to occur on any day of the week at a given time, or a on specific date, or when there is a specified period of mouse and keyboard inactivity. Tag:shutdown tools power off shutdown software shutdown freeware free shutdown software Turn Off Computer Shutdown Manager System Shutdown Windows Shutdown Schedule Shutdown Shutdown Timer Power Manager Power Management

(image) ShutdownTimer is a Windows Clock Application that lets you set a time during the day for your computer to automatically shutdown. Reliable and powerful, it's as good as having someone pushing the off button for you. Or, you can simply double-click the tray icon. "Shutdown" means shutdown - you don't even have to close any applications that are running; all will be closed for you, safely, securely, and without error. Twenty programs open, no problem - all are efficiently closed before shutdown, the quickest shutdown possible or your money-back! ShutdownTimer also doubles up as an impressive looking system desktop clock. Tag:ShutdownTimer windows clock automatic power off close desktop computer set program alarm quick execute reboot restart download software power off restart system

Auto Shutdown Manager
(image) AutoShutdownManager offers the highest comfort for saving energy and money! Save up to 80% of your PCs energy costs - with a network ready professional solution. AutoShutdownManager allows an intelligent auto shutdown such as Power off, Hibernate, Standby, Restart, Logg Off and Wake-Up, Wake on Lan, restart, hard power down by given time, control PC usage by time (e.g. for kid protection) , protocol and analyze all up and down times. It supports networked environments and runs on clients and servers. Prevents unwanted shutdowns by analyzing applications , network clients - so servers are kept running as long as the clients run and for maintenance tasks, processes, time based actions, scheduled tasks, CPU & HDD utilization and much more. Makes administration tasks easy and increases the overall systems stability by auto logon, automatic restart, automatically suspend and restart of VMWare sessions before and after shutdowns and much more... ROI: "Return on Investment" below five months In avarage the purchase of AutoShutdownManager pays off within 4-5 months. This number depends on the configuration and the type of PCs. The ROI can be even higher on servers or highend PCs - in avarage between 2-3 months. Tag:Auto Shut down Restart WoL Standby Hibernate Logg Off Power Down Power Off Wake Up

Auto ShutDown XP Prof Auto Login
(image) Auto ShutDown XP Professional ASD XP is the most advanced Auto ShutDown application on the market to date. The previous version of ASD was the first application of its kind to integrate unique functionality to give users complete control of shutdown management of PCs. ASD XP exploits all the functionality Windows XP has to offer along with the .NET framework. ASD XP has been completely rewritten using C#. This means ASD XP is more efficient, faster and even easier to use. The latest version brings new functionality some key functions include: ShutDown Schedules Pre-determined shutdown can now be based on daily, weekly or a specific date schedule. Performance Counters - Conditional shutdown Performance Counters can now be used as conditional shutdown of the PC, for instance when the data download rate drops to zero bytes for five minutes. There can be over seven thousand different counters on a standard PC covering aspect such as Processor usage, Print queue through to network bandwidth. ASD XP is the first application on the market to exploit performance counters in this way. Prevent PC Restarts Prevent users from restarting the PC once it has been shutdown for a period up to 24 hours. Warning messages Warning messages can be customised; a snooze button has also been added to let the user continue to use the PC for a few minutes more before it is shutdown. Alarms An optional alarm can sound when the warning message is displayed. Remote systems Remote systems can now be set to shutdown at specified times. They can also be shutdown from the ASD XP interface. Clean Up ASD XP can carry out routine tasks such clearing the recent documents history or run an application before the PC is shutdown. User interface The user interface of ASD XP is easy to use, you will appreciate how intuitive it from the first time you use it. Lots of other functions and features such as Security, Quick Shutdown and Auto Login. Tag:Auto ShutDown XP Auto Login autoshutdown Performance Counter Performance Counters shutdown Shut Down ASD ASD XP TimeDown Time Down Power down log off Switch user remote restart hibernate suspend autosketch free

Nanny Shutdown
(image) This tool will automatically shutdown your computer after consuming a predefined time credit a day. I made this tool to temper the time my kids were playing computer games. User is informed with spoken messages during the last hour, so playing games is not interfered. Settings can be applied to the system or user(s). Tag:nanny mcfee

Logo Randomizer
Perfict for those who have a large number of starup & shutdown screens, and wallpapers. This application will alow the user to select files to be displayed and in what order, they can be linked so that a theme can be created for your splash screens and desktop wall paper. The program can also either randomize the files to be seen or sellect them in order. Logo Randomizer is easy to use and files can be anywere on the hard drive. Logo Randomizer is also compatible with Windos ME and Windows 200/XP with limited function. So down load it now and try it logo roxy Tag:

Sys Admin 32
A Quick shutdown , reboot , log off app, on steroids. Logging of all actions, decent interface, countdown timer, scheduled task launching either connected to shutdown/reboot etc or standalone, system tray living, easy configuration, single click actions. Very easy to use still very flexible and adfuud. Tag:

Milan Sys+
(image) Milan Sys+ can reboot, shutdown or logoff your Computer. Also it can the same at a specified time or time and date. You can with Milan Sys+ manage your local Printers. You can reboot or shutdown NT computer in your network. It can change the Windows Explorer Style and it has Sound. You can connect or disconnect Networkdrives and it can start the Screensaver by only one click, I think this is a nice feature for seti@home users. Under Windows NT you can dial a specified RAS-Entry. Autologin. 3 free definable HotKeys, Lock Desktop under Windows 2000. Enable / Disable CD Autostart. With InternetUpdate function. German Version available at . Visit my Homepage for the newest version and mor information about my software products. It is ready for Windows 2000. With Logfile, where you can see if someone had logged in on your computer ... or how often your computer was adfuud break down. Tag:

Power Off Key
(image) Years ago computers were switched off by single press. But now we must do several clicks at different menus to complete such ordinal operation. Every day we spend time to do it, several and more seconds. If average time is 5 seconds everyday, then every year we spend half an hour. We have designed this utility to save lifetime by pressing only one 'ScrollLock' key on the keyboard to turn off PC. It's a simple as possible, no settings, no menus, no mysterious icons at tray. We are using it. Let's download and try it! Tag:shutdown power off key save lifetime desktop fast simple one ScrollLock business learn conviniant switch turn switch off turn off vista power off key

(image) Program your computer to shutdown, restard, run file or log off with cancel option Tag:

RemoteShutdown will allow an NT Administrator to remotely shutdown any NT Workstation over which they have administrative control and/or their own machine. You can specify a delay, which can either be an absolute time (eg. 8pm) or a relative time (eg. "20 minutes from now"), during which a message you specify can be displayed. Alternatively you can specify a shutdown without warning. Applications running on the target machine(s) at the time of shutdown can be allowed to close, or can be terminated immediately. Whilst a delayed remote shutdown is taking place, you can abort the shutdown of any or all of the workstations on the shutdown list. Options can be set via both a GUI and a command-line interface. Groups of workstations can be specified in the GUI and saved for use later with either interface, allowing repetitive automated shutdowns to be performed. To make full use of RemoteShutdown you must be running Windows NT. Whilst you can still do local delayed shutdowns under Windows95/98, remote shutdowns are not Tag:

Intelligent Shutdown
(image) Intelligent Shutdown is a powerful tool to shutdown your computer on a scheduled time and it also is a multi functional tool to perform smart shutdown, restart, hibernate, or closing and launching of programs on a scheduled time. There is no need now to waste your time waiting for shutdown, restart or many more functions, with this intelligent tool you can almost schedule all your work like turn off, restart, launch a program, play music and shutdown automatically, add reminders or lock your PC and display your favorite picture. This smart tool offers you the features of countdown, idle, running once, multi-running (general), multi-running (advanced), monitor memory, monitor CPU, monitor network, monitor program, and 12 task types including shutdown computer, restart computer, log off, stand by, lock system, close specified program, disconnect dial-up connection, hibernate, open specified file (include program), close monitor, reminder and time synchronization. Do not let your computer stay behind, use Intelligent Shutdown to make your computer also an intelligent computer. Tag:Intelligent Shutdown Restart Logoff Standby Lock Close program Disconnect Hibernate Reminder Open file Monitor

Remote Shutdown Utility
(image) RSU is a software solution for remote shutdown and restart of any computer running Win NT/2000/XP. RSU is quick, secure, and protects data by closing applications gracefully prior to shutdown. RSU runs as a service on the computer-to-be-rebooted as a service. One controls RSU using a web browser over HTTPS, on a private URL and port. To reboot a server, one simply brings up the private URL, enters username and password, and presses the reboot button. A response web page confirms the reboot action, and shortly the computer will shutdown and restart.RSU is designed to run even when the operating system is almost fully out of resources. It has a small memory footprint and uses multiple techniques to ensure that it will be available to respond when it is most needed.The free license of RSU provides the full feature-set, for 30 days. Tag:

(image) SleepTimer - lock, sleep, shutdown or restart your computer either immediately or after a countdown timer Based on PowerXP by Shu Shen, now you are able to lock, sleep, shutdown or restart your computer either immediately or after a countdown timer. To enable/disable the timer click on the alarm icon. To select the action, click on the action buttons (attention, if the Widget is on clock mode, the action will be executed immediately) To set up the timer click on the digits. They work as follows: minute unit: +1 minute minute ten: +10 minute hour unit: +1 hour hour ten: -1 hour Tag:

(image) RoboShutdown is a utility software that helps you automatically shutdown, power off, run program, and perform many other tasks at any time you specify. Highlighted Features: - Automatically shutdown or reboot, log off, lock session, close monitor, standby, hibernate, etc at any specified time. Other automated tasks include: Run program, open files, open web site, show message box (reminder). -Task can be scheduled to perform at exact time or countdown. - Tasks can be repeated, with rich repeat options: daily, weekly, monthly, etc. - Wait for Windows Media Player to stop playing a song, instead of disturbing your favorite song. - Intuitive, easy to use, rich graphical user interface. You can schedule a task just by following a few simple steps in a wizard. - Highly customizable and flexible, you can customize almost everything via the option dialog. Other features: - Show warning dialog before task execution so that you can choose to cancel a task at anytime. - Semi-transparent window allow you to watch your scheduled tasks without stopping your important work. - Extras: a nice glossy analog clock. Tag:auto shutdown auto shutdown windows xp auto shutdown vista auto shutdown auto shutdown program computer auto shutdown auto shutdown software scheduled shutdown schedule shutdown countdown shutdown

AgataSoft Shutdown Pro
(image) This program is a powerful automated PC Shutdown utility. Some of its features are: Date Based Shut down the computer at certain Date, Time Count Down Shut down the computer in several time Action on low CPU usage Remote control Time-table actions Sheduled Actions Idle Actions Control Windows using the keyboard. Tag:Shut down reboot timer automate shut down cpu timer