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Preview: Printers shareware freeware adware software downloads

Printers shareware freeware adware software downloads

Printers software download - Printers freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:50:04 GMT

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Nadio InternetPrint
(image) The first Internet printing application that lets you use any application's "Print" comment and print to any remote printer via the Internet. It delivers documents immediately and infull colors (if the recipient uses a color Tag:

(image) MS-DOS based applications are designed to print on character mode printers. Presently many laser and inkjet printers have powerful features but come with connectivity to only USB ports which DOS applications cannot access. DOS2USB extends the printing ability of DOS programs by capturing MS-DOS print jobs and redirecting them to windows printer irrespective of their types including USB Printers, Network Printers, Print-Servers, as well as PDF-printers too! The job redirection works even if a printer is physically connected to the captured port, on any PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Linux (via Wine). Fast and high resolution printing. Color printing! No need to modify MS-DOS application. No extra setting required. Can print on any windows printer. Send the print jobs via fax (using any third-party fax software acting like a printer - i.e. Microsoft Fax - or a multifunction - all-in-one - printer) Print complex jobs to legacy printers in DMP Print mode (including drawings and graphics) without going through the Windows driver and without changing the original jobs. Built in Code Page Supports. Currently Code Page 437(OEM), Code Page 850(ANSI - Latin1) and Code Page 862 (Hebrew) supported. More code pages supports are under development. Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions. Free Email notification to the Registered user for new version. Tag:Dos USB Dos Print Dos Printing USB Printer Network Printer Print Job Print Server PDF Printer Color Printing MS DOS Windows Printer Microsoft Fax Windows Driver Printer Driver Code Page

Print Switch
(image) The print switch provides a way to quickly change the default Printer or Fax driver. With Print Switch for Windows the shortest distance between printer or fax selection is one click. Print Switch for Windows will place a white printer icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop. The printer icon sits idle in the windows task bar until you click on it. A pop-up menu will appear with a check mark next to your current default printer or fax driver. To change printers or fax drivers, click on the desired printer or fax driver. Simple as 1-2-3 ! Tag:

(image) FinePrint gives you almost complete control over anything you print. The program can print up to eight pages on a single sheet of paper, print double-sided pages, create booklets, add watermarks, create stationary, and more. It also lets you combine multiple documents into single print jobs. It can strip out images from documents or Web pages. And it has a useful Preview function that lets you see what you're getting before you print, and to delete individual pages if need be. Print large, unwieldy documents in convenient booklets, or at 2, 4 or 8 up thumbnail size. Great for manuals, legal briefs, transcripts, presentations, Acrobat (PDF) files, manuals, source code, web pages and email. As great as this program is, it does take some getting used to: Because FinePrint is a print driver, you can access the program only by printing from within an application; and to print only one page of a multipage doc you need to remember to select the page in your Printer dialog box, then choose FinePrint as the printer and click OK. Features new to FinePrint 5.7 include an improved stationery option, automated printing settings, and a status bar that shows source and destination paper sizes, paper saved, scaling and zoom percentages, and more. Note: The unregistered version of this program prints an advertisement for FinePrint at the bottom of every sheet. Tag:Fint print Printer software Printer utility Print tool Print software Print utility Print program Double sided print Photo print Text print Print driver Printer driver Free paint Free painter Ink saving Paper saving Economical printing Windows printer

(image) ObjectPrint is software for comprehensive print management in small and medium-sized companies, schools and organizations. ObjectPrint enables the control, quota allocation, and restriction of printing and printer usage. This print management system provides centralized administration over all printing resources, printers, paper, and toner. Features: * Reduces overall printing costs * Tracks all printing activity by printer, user, computer and group * Controls printer, user, computer, and group with quotas and restrictions * Derivative print cost and restrictions for each user, printer, and computer based on the document type (eg color, title, page count, document size) * Advanced reporting and charts available in HTML * Virtual print option with print job saved as raw or vector graphic files * Ability to run without any SQL or Microsoft Access databases Tag:

Print It
(image) Print It is an easy to use directory printer and more. Print It allows you to print, copy or save custom directory listings of multiple folders, including files, from single or multiple drives, folders, or any combination there of. Include and exclude filters can be applied to both the files and folders to produce a custom listing. Sub folders can be filtered before adding them to the list or you can simply remove any unwanted folders from the list before hand. There's plenty of controls to print, save or export the list to suite your needs or preferences. Such as the choice between multiple layouts with optional summaries and statistics. Printing a directory listing doesn't have to be hard. With Print It you see the list of folders and can even view the files within so you are never forced to print an unwanted list. Say good bye to wasted time and paper, because the output wasn't quite what you expected. You can even see and change the file formatting from the interface in real time. Print It contains the most complete set of printing options, so it is guaranteed to please. There are no limitations on the trial version, so you are free to experiment with all the cool features until the cows come home. Print It provides you with everything you need to effectively print a directory list from any drive,sierra print artist 4 0 folder or a combination there of. It's no wonder why Print It is the favorite directory printing program in the industry! Tag:print-it print it printit export save print files folders

Drum Tab Printer
(image) Drum Tab Printer can convert drum tabs to regular sheet music format. Whithin seconds you can print high-quality and easy to play sheet music. You just have to copy the text based tab from the website and paste it into the program. Then click on print and you get the tab in a nice looking sheet music format. On the first page the program labels the songtitle, band, album and the drummer. The notation is optimized for drums sheet music. It recognizes the "most important" drums: snare, bass, hi-hat, different toms, crash cymbal, ride cymbal and even cowbells. It notes flams, ghost notes and rim shots as you would it to do. It also recognizes repetitions in the tab and marks them on the printed version like you know it from normal sheet music. The program is free for any private use and is updated regularly. Tag:drum tab printer drums tabs converter drumtab drumtabs convert print decode decoder printung converting decoding drummer drumming drummers freeware free

Miraplacid Publisher
(image) With Miraplacid Publisher software you can convert (print) any document to an image or web presentation. Anyone can open your document across a broad range of hardware and software, and it will look exactly as you intended - with layout, fonts, and images intact. No one can modify or copy and paste your texts. After installation on your PC, Miraplacid Publisher appears as a new virtual printer in your system. All the documents you print to this "printer" will be opened in a preview dialog. You scale the image, adjust hue, saturation and value, get rid of unused white borders, and do some other image processing. Then you can save results images to disk, email, upload to FTP or HTTP server,or print them to a real printer. Miraplacid Publisher supports following output formats: PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA and Web Presentation. When redirecting to a printer, reduce saturation to save color cartridge or increase value to save black ink. Use borders detector in manual mode to set printing area when you need to print only the document part you need. Miraplacid Publisher adds icon to desktop. All the documents you drag and drop to this icon will be printed behind the scenes and processed by Miraplacid Publihser. Turn 'Auto Send' on if you want Miraplacid Publisher to send images to chosen destinations without waiting for your input. If you want every document to be saved to an individual file, add {{DATE}}, {{TIME}}, {{IDENTITY}}, {{PAGE}} or {{JOB}} to the file name or path. They will be replaced with current date, time, some unique number, page number and print job id respectively. Miraplacid Publisher is integration-ready software. All the settings can be easily managed from your software or script. Tag:Printer Driver Image Driver TIFF CCITT PDF JPG JPEG TGA BMP TIF Raster Printer Driver Virtual Printer Driver Publisher Distiller the compleat distiller

Print It
(image) Do you need to print an image exactly as you want without getting crazy with tricky softwares? Try Print It: it's been designed to print the images you want, as you want them, in three easy steps: - open the image you want to print using the easy preview - choose the printing details - Print It! And if your image is a paper one, with print it you can easily acquire it using any scanner or compatible webcam (any Twain compatible device). Download print artist 8.0 Tag:need print image exactly enlarge

CZ Print Polisher
(image) CZ Print Polisher is a virtual printer driver that unlocks the hidden power of your printer. With CZ Print Polisher you can easily preview printing task, add footer / header/ watermark to your printed content, print multiple pages per sheet, define margins, skip pages from printing, export to BMP, JPG, TIFF, EMF, TGA etc and many more excited features which will unlock the hidden power of your printer and save you time in customizing your print jobs and also save you up to 50% in ink, toner and paper costs. Key Features: 1.Zoom-in/Zoom-out Print Preview. 2.Add Headers and Footer to first or each Paper Sheet with user name, computer name...etc easily. 3.Print multiple pages on single paper sheet. 4.Skip pages from Printing, right at the time of Printing! 5.Add Multi-line Watermarks. 6.Export Print Page to BMP,JPG,TIFF,EMF,TGAPCX,JP2,JPC,PGX,PCX,RAS,PNM Images with only one mouse click. 7.Define Margins as per your need, with just few mouse clicks. 8.Send Print Preview of complete Sheet as an attachment with Email. 9.Set Border for your page. 10.Add a touch of Professional feel by inserting Water Mark Text on each Paper Sheet. 11.Define the rules for Header and Footer (first page/each page, first sheet/each sheet.) 12.Set Left/Center/Right alignment for Headers and Footers. 13.Clipboard Copy as Bitmap/EMF support. Tag:Print Monitor Print Watch Printer Usage Print Tracking Print Spooler Print Service Document Printing Printer Viewer Printer Anywhere GreenPrint Virtual Printer

Easy Envelopes
(image) Why is it so hard to print envelopes on a computer? Easy Envelopes answers that question with a simple and intuitive way to print professional-looking envelopes quickly and easily. Other programs are so complex that it takes 15 minutes to configure and print just one envelope. The name Easy Envelopes describes it perfectly. Printing an envelope is extremely easy. Just type in the To: and From: addresses and then click Print. Easy Envelopes gives you the option to add a monogram or logo graphic if you so desire. Also, you can choose to print the USPS PostNet barcodes which can help the post office route and deliver your mail faster. Easy Envelopes is designed to print single envelopes effortlessly. It does not have all of the complicated things like batch processing, mail merge, and databases that you don't need and have to pay for. Easy Envelopes supports most standard envelope sizes. Try Easy Envelopes for yourself and you will find that it's the best program for printing envelopes. Tag:printing envelopes envelopes template Mailing envelope mailer Email envelope envelope printing envelope printer printing envelope Utilitiy tools Utilities tools Utilities software printing tools free printing Printer Management Print Manager

(image) A Windows Lineprinter Daemon (lpd) which will listen for, accept and print jobs conforming to the internet lineprinter standard rfc1179 (not 100% compatible, but mostly... at least no complaints yet). With it you can have up to 10 queues, append printer control files to jobs, pick a printer for each queue, accept each job individually, ignore jobs from certain host computers, start as a service and much more. Perhaps the most important feature is the AnyQueue(TM). With it you can be receiving and printing jobs with NO configuration... just install and run... then start sending print jobs to your PC. Yes... it.s really that simple. Tag:printer directory directory printer print directory windows microsoft microsoft windows windows ME windows 2000 windows 98 windows 95 print printing directories trees printing trees choice file name size date

PrintDirect Utility
(image) The one click installation creates the PrintDirect icon on the desktop. Dragging files from the Explorer and dropping them to the icon will print the files on the default printer BYPASSING the printer driver. Clicking on the icon will allow the selection of any installed printers, including network printers and postscri`pt printers. The executable can also be launched from other applications or from the commandline passing the name of the printer and the path to the file to print. Includes built in scheduler for unattended printing that allows setting it as a Print Server. Optional page orientation, auto formfeed and number of copies Tag:

(image) Prints Windows Me/98/95 printer output in 2up, 4up and 6up page format. Most Windows applications including MS-Word, MS-Excel, Internet Explore, Netscape Navigator etc. can print with HandyPrint98. Multiple files and/or pages can be printed on a single sheet of paper. Duplex printing is supported even for the incapable printers by a manual operation. Page number, Page frame and Page borders areprintable. Preview with Zoom/Unzoom functionality beforeprinting. Not only local printers but remote printers Tag:

(image) PrintMonitor is a handy print monitoring and management tool. It is widely used as by large and small businesses, printing companies, and Internet cafes for printing administration, statistics gathering, and managing of print processes. Install PrintMonitor now and keep an eye on all printers hooked to your network! How would your business benefit from using PrintMonitor? You would conquer the battle for the rational use of the printing consumables like paper and cartridges. Your staff would become more conscious; the employees would think twice before sending just any document to a printer. The printing statistics the program collects for you would let you optimize the load on each printer. You would have the complete information on how many pages has each employee printed on each of your printers. And, of course, the detailed printing activity statistics on each printed document would be given to you on top of all that. Tag:printer spooler printing plotter

(image) Monitor one or more laser or ink jet printers. Retrieve and export page count, document name, Time and date of printou, and printer name to your favorite spreadsheet. Publish printer log to a Web site in HTML or send log by email to your personal mail. Password protected access as well as other security features. Get an accurate page count with MS-Word and enabled to operate with print servers or remote printers like internet printers. This is the easiest program of its kind. Useful for schools, colleges, internet cafes, hotels, business in general, etc. Tag:printer log cyberprinter monitor page count export tracker

BAT-Spooler Standard Edition
(image) Discover the power of BAT-Spooler with this Standard Edition. Spend five minutes of your time to configure it, then put your application text file outputs into the spooler directory and BAT-Spooler will immediately print it professionally, as they were builded with the best report maker but in half time and at 1/200th of the cost, on any Windows printer of your network from any DOS/Windows/Linux/UNIX application. Highly configurable and customizable via external configuration files, each one relative to one specific output text file, BAT-Spooler can change its operational mode job by job, file by file. The Standard Edition includes one PC license. Multiple PC license can be acquired with by-quantity discounts. Tag:

TapEdit is a Windows 95 utility designed to help you to create and print tape (and DAT) covers. TapEdit has a simple interface and a lot of customizing options that will let you easily personalize your tape covers. Since this version TapEdit lets you resize the tape covers and adds new user-friendly features. TapEdit supports different languages other than English (Italian, German, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, French, Dutch, Finnish) but to enable this option you have to download the appropriate additional language module, that you can find on the TapEdit website in the download Tag:

CZ Print Release Station
(image) CZ Print Release Station 3.0 is a centralized holding and releasing print management software that allows libraries / schools / colleges / universities to manage, control and recover printing costs and charge for their patrons / students printing, and reduces print volume and wasted paper by eliminating accidental, unnecessary, or abusive printing. Tag:print management print manager printing management printing manager print monitor print quota print station print release station

Print Distributor
(image) Use Print Distributor to distribute, archive, route and control your printed output. Aimed at small to medium sized organisations Print Distributor will enhance your printing environment. Features: Print to file with a flexible naming system which allows you to include date, user and document information in the path. Virtual printers created by Print Distributor look exactly like a normal printer to your user's making the whole system very reliable and support free. Load balancing improves the reliability of your printing by distributing prints across a group of printers. Scripting support lets you write your own rules for controlling the routing and processing of documents using simple snippets of VBScript code. An easy to use manager application means you don't need a technical background to install and configure Print Distributor. Integration with Acrobat Distiller for easy and quick PDF creation Print to email to deliver your documents where they are required. Tag:Port Monitor Print Capture PRN RawPrint Virtual Printer