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Preview: Miscellaneous shareware freeware adware software downloads

Miscellaneous shareware freeware adware software downloads

Miscellaneous software download - Miscellaneous freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 19:13:06 GMT

Last Build Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 19:13:06 GMT

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Copy Path to Clipboard
(image) Die Software ClipboardPath einen neuen Eintrag 'Pfad in Zwischenablage kopieren' in das Kontextmen Dateien, Ordner und Laufwerke ein. Ein Mausklick undder Dateiname oder Ordnername kann berall bequem eingef werden. Es werden immer komplette Pfade verwendet. Wird die STRG-Taste festgehalten, wird ein Netzwerkpfad in einen UNC-Pfad umgewandelt. Tag:Path full absolute Filename Foldername File Folder Directory Pathname Filepath Folderpath copy insert clipboard clip board paste context menu explorer right

AutoRun LWMenu
A portable program that lets you control menus via autorun.inf files. It also serves as a portable enforcer/simulator for semi-portable programs that don't need installation but do otherwise leave leftovers forever. Tag:launcher menu

Clipboard Monitor
(image) Clipboard Monitor is a program to monitor the clipboard and to collect all entries from the clipboard and show this in line on listbox or collect separately. If you copy a text you may save this under line "Text", if you save a weblink save this under line "WebLink" and if you take a screenshot of Image save this under line "Image" and show this separately if you click on ex: "text". Tag:Text Clipboard Free Clipboard Clipboard Manager Clipboard Tool Clipboard Program ClipMate Clip Plus Clipboard Magic Clipboard Free Clipboard Box Clipboard Clear Advanced Clipboard Clipboard Text Clipboard Recorder

(image) Far is a commandline utility for to search and replace text/data in files. It allows searching for text or byte sequences in text and binary files, and reading from stdin/writing to stdout. Tag:

(image) FileFiller is an application which lets you create dummy files at (almost) any size. The file's contents can be pseudorandom, filled with zeros or with characters you specify. The program supports FAT12/16/32 and NTFS filesystems; files created in a FAT-formatted volume can be created with a maximum size of 4GB, and for NTFS up to 80 GB. To speed up the process and to allocate the memory efficiently, use the "Gigabytes" option to create huge files. No installation required! Tag:file creator file filler dummy files big file create huge file create

Paraben's Text-To-Voice
(image) Paraben's Text-to-Voice will read text from emails, webpages, ebooks, or any text you typer or copy to your clipboard. With a real-time voice reading, you can catch spelling mistakes easily. Convert to WAV and choose from 40 voices & 11 languages. Change the speed, pitch, and volume of the voice, Convert your text to a WAV file.Pick your skin and more. Tag:speech to text voice recorder voice changer free voice changer text to speech voice transformer robot voice pdf to text replace pdf text text toolbar

(image) Anti-Chaos makes it easy to organize your data in minutes. It gives you an ability to create your own virtual drive to organize your data. You can create your custom scheme to organize your data as you want. Changes: v. 1.0.650 * Added ability to show settgins window after installation. * Started using the latest drivers. Tag:virtual drive anti proxy last chaos hacks last chaos macintosh last chaos usa last chaos 2 anti flood anti-hacking anti-hack 3.0.1 laptop anti-theft

Thaiphoon Burner
(image) Thaiphoon Burner is the powerful SPD EEPROM reader and flasher. It enables you to reprogram the SPD directly or in the mode of emulation, to transform an ordinary DDR2 RAM stick into EEP-compliant and to edit your SPD in one minute by using the Timing Table Editor. Thaiphoon Burner can load external SPD dumps and flash them into EEPROM chip of the RAM stick. Thaiphoon creates a highly detailed reports that can be saved in a separate file. The program supports ATi and ULi southbridges, 25 Intel ICHx southbridges and 7 VIA southbridges: VT82C686, VT8231, VT8233A/ VT8235, VT8237/A. It fully compatible with all nVIDIA and SIS peripheral controllers. Besides, Thaiphoon knows about 765 unique manufacturer IDs of the JEDEC specification. Also, the program can search for any devices linked to the System Management Bus. Using Thaiphoon Burner and appropriate technical documentation you can program any part of hardware that is visible as a SMB-device, for example, clock synthesizers, hardware monitoring sensors, SPD, etc. Thaiphoon Burner is totally compatible with the nVidia EPP memory specification. Main Features: - HEX Editor - Timing Table Editor - EPP Enhancer - EPP 2.0 Enhancer - XMP Enhancer Professional - Internal SPD Decoder - Database Net Browser - SM Base Address Prober - Emulation Mode - SMBus Slaves Searcher - Text Dump Import Function - Huge SPD Database Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. The key innovation of the latest update is the new HTML template which is used for creating SPD data reports. This is the second version of the HTML template. Tag:Memory SPD RAM SPD SPD EEPROM EEPROM Reader EEPROM Flasher EEPROM E2PROM BIOS Editor VIA VT8237 SIS Nvidiaï Intel ICH RAM Stick HEX Editor SPD Net Browser Memory Information Memory Diagnostic System Information Everest

(image) A visual compilation of "steps" search and replace. You choose the source file, mouse mark in it search words, define the type of replacement and visual control of results in the separate window. Color marked with the words found in the source file and replace the words in the result. Function to create a shortcut to the file replace steps allows you to instantly use already prepared a set of replacement steps. You can specify parameters of the shortcut: the template source files, the statistics show, and other parameters. Program can be used to analyze log files, to automatically change the version number. Tag:find text replace text sort text

(image) SyncMate is a new and very simple synchronization tool by Eltima Software. It lets you synchronize Favorites, Contacts, Calendar, Notes in mobile device with their analogues Bookmarks, Address Book, iCal, Stickies on Mac OS. Share Internet, manage text messages and install applications to your device – all of that and much more can be done with SyncMate! Features: * iCal synchronization Calendar synchronization has never been so easy. Days, dates, years – you know everything. Never miss a day or a date! Synchronize calendar with SyncMate. Now you can sync your Google Calendar with SyncMate, too! * Сontacts synchronization With SyncMate we tried to help you keep your address books organized, both on your PDA and on your Mac. You can simply synchronize your phone or Pocket PC with your Mac and voila! Your both address books are complete. Synchronize your Google Contacts, too! * SMS reader Read all your text messages not even touching your mobile device! With SyncMate the whole list of your SMS is in front of you. * Device info plugin The most exact information about your Pocket PC right at your fingertips – all you ever wanted to know about your Pocket PC. Tag:sync activesync mac active sync mac sync mac restore missing sync mac synchronization synchronize mac sync windows mobile free syncmate syncmate expert sync mac mobile synchronization software

ClipMagic Lite
(image) ClipMagic offers everything you would expect from a powerful clipboard extender. But it also goes much further than that to provide a powerful yet easy to use research and information management tool. ClipMagic can work with all web browsers to record the URL's with text and images that you take from the web. It also has its own internal web browser, to make net research even faster. For clips taken from the web, you can then launch their originating URLs in your main browser or in the ClipMagic browser, to get back to the original page. You can store comments against your clips, copy back to the clipboard, paste them quickly into the current app with MagicPaste, send by email, print merge, search, sort, export and save them ... within minutes, you won't know how you ever managed without it! A full featured version is also available with support for editing, hot keys, rules and filters, more categories, spell checking and more. ClipMagic Lite is free for non-commercial use with no time restrictions and is a stripped-down version of ClipMagic 4.0. ClipMagic Lite does NOT support the following features: * Editing of clips * Spell checking * Custom categories * Rules and Filters * Hotkeys Tag:clipboard extender information CTRL-C

PD-CSV Converter
(image) PD-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV ( comma seperated value ) files. PD-CSV Converter works with the four Palm Desktop personal information management programs: Contacts ( or Address Book ) Calendar ( or Date Book ) Tasks ( or Todo List ) Memos ( or Memo Pad ) PD-CSV Converter can convert information from these Palm Desktop programs to CSV files. It can also convert information from CSV files back to these Palm Desktop programs. As you know, Palm Desktop also supports importing / exporting contact information with CSV files. While PD-CSV Converter is much more powerful than the Palm Desktop built-in CSV conversion utility. Palm Desktop only supports contact / CSV conversion. PD-CSV Converter supports the conversion of contact, calendar, tasks and memos. PD-CSV Converter provides a wizard style interface lets you convert the information step by step. PD-CSV Converter supports custom fields. You may insert additional information when converting data to CSV files. When you export information to CSV files, you may choose to create new CSV files or append the information to the existed CSV files. Tag:mp4 converter 3gp converter mpeg4 converter address book csv convert csv xls csv editor rz video converter

Quick Cliq
(image) Quick Cliq is a portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool with features that you won’t find anywhere else! Quick Cliq speeds up your daily computer activities by giving you links to folders, files, programs, URLs and command line operations. It also offers window management, extreme clipboard manipulation, and note taking capabilities. All of this is provided in a compact menu that you can show anywhere and within any application or window through customizable hot keys and mouse gestures. Tag:launcher window managment menu clipboard managment clipboard memo portable productivity speed extra clipboards

GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner
(image) At the top you can see the main window, and below is the context-menu of the tray-icon. Several settings can be specified. New in v1.0.1 is, that the clipboard cleaner also can play sounds. It comes by default with two pre-defined sounds, but you also can give it your own sounds, by selecting the sounds you like under Microsoft Windows Control Panel -> Sound -> Sounds. Interesting might be also the circumstance, that the sounds can be played independently from the"Your Clipboard contains new Data" hint. Simple Security for Everybody: GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner (supporting English and German language) securely cleans your Microsoft Windows* Clipboard. It notices you automatically if new data is on the Clipboard and by clicking on that hint, or by double-clicking the Tray-Icon, you can erase that data promptly. GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner's window also shows you when Clipboard data was last added to the Windows-Clipboard. You further can configure GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner to start with Microsoft Windows, to show the "Clipboard has new data" hint or not, or if its window-closer button shall exit the program, or only hide it into the system tray. GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner is especially useful, if you have added secret data to the Windows Clipboard, such as your bank account data, or your credit-card number. The software then informs you automatically, that new data was added, and asks you promptly, if you like to erase that data. - Erasing the Clipboard contents never was so easy as with GaCaS Clipboard Cleaner, you will notice. - A security-tool everybody needs, a must-have you never want to miss! And the best: it is -- and will remain -- FREEWARE! Tag:pc cleaner microsoft registry cleaner cc cleaner cleaner trojan cleaner microsoft windows control panel clipboard monitor clipboard viewer windows control panel cyberdefender registry cleaner spam cleaner quusoft junk cleaner

Fairy Tales and Fables
(image) This collection of Fairy Tales and Fables in Windows Help format, compiled by DynoTech Software, includes: Adventures of Aladdin, The Emperor's New Clothes, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, Pinoccio, Jack and The Beanstalk, The Seven Adventures of Sinbad, and many more. Using the Windows Help index capability, the Fairy Tales and Fables collection is ideally suited for use by blind students using computer text readers. This program was inspired by a blind person who spends much of his day using his computer to read books and browse the Internet. Tag:fairy tales fable fables collection collector sample story stories windows microsoft windows ms windows help windows help format formats aladdin Emperor's New Clothes The Ugly Duckling The Little Mermaid index

(image) ColorClaws is a very convenient color voters for web designers, graphic designers and developers. It looks for the mouse pointer any color on the desktop and can then immediately e.g. for its homepage. Tag:mouse pointer graphic design web design graphic designer graphic designers web designer web designers

(image) QuickExec is a fully configurable tool-bar style application that can be set up to run many programs and perform certain pre-programmed actions. Like a toolbar, pictures are used to distinguish what a button is configured to do. QuickExec automatically uses the default icon! The buttons on QuickExec are easy to configure! By dragging and dropping programs, files, shortcuts, or folders, you can instantly configure that button to run the dropped object. You can also configure buttons manually by specifying their command, description, window style and other parameters. You even have the ability to assign a shortcut key to any button, allowing you to quickly run that button with a simple keyboard command. Not only can you configure a button to run a program, but you can also configure buttons to perform certain pre-programmed actions. By configuring a button to Shutdown Windows, Install a Program, Reboot the System, or more, you have single-click access to things that normally take several steps to perform! QuickExec is fully configurable. You can adjust the number of pages of buttons that appear on the QuickExec window, or even organize them into groups. Remove the title bar, make QuickExec always stay on top of other windows and so on! After using QuickExec for just a short time, we are sure you will find QuickExec to be an invaluable tool for your Windows environment! Tag:shortcut key Ping program stay on top title bar short time bar style fully configurable configurable tool default icon many programs quickly run

Stickies Server
Stickies Server is designed to be run on an 2000/XP/Vista machine as a service to serve out friends lists. This permits a central machine which can be left always running to take load from a client PC in a large Stickies installation. It can be managed using a standard web browser. The setup program below will install the files required for the server, register the system service, and then start it for you. During installation you choose a number of parameters including the port on which to listen for web-based administration. Once the server is running, point your web browser at this port on the machine on which the server has been installed to view full documentation. For example, if you choose the default port of 81 and install to a machine called dc4, point your web browser at http://dc4:81/ You will need to run v5.2a of Stickies or above in order to correctly administer the server, but the server can hand friends lists to earlier versions of Stickies. Unfortunately, Stickies Server 2 is not compatible with the FireFox browser: IE and Opera can be used to administer it. Tag:sql server 2005 windows server 2003 emule server list proxy server x browser stickies mac stickies for mac stickies on mac stickies frontpage server extensions

Simple Context Menu
(image) Right-Click Simple Context Menu allows you to add or remove many additional options to a File, Folder, Computer and Desktop’s Right Click Context Menu. Tag:context menu right click system context menu file context menu

Stickies Scanner
(image) Stickies Scanner will read in your list of friends, and periodically check to see whether they have their computer on, or whether they're running Stickies. The blue blob means computer on, the yellow one means running Stickies, and the red circle means the machine could not be contacted. Features: Friends can be listed by on/off-line status, or alphabetically Optional title bar Optionally always-on-top Minutes between checks can be set Custom sound made when a friend logs on or off Friends stay bold for ten seconds after their status has changed Entries can be either a Stickies friend, or a manual host name/IP address Window can be resized . Tag:epson scanner msn invisible scanner driver scanner scanner ip address stickies mac stickies for mac stickies on mac stickies remote scanner snmp scanner stock indicator scanner sharepoint scanner plug price scanner 1.0d ip addr