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Preview: Clipboard Managers shareware freeware adware software downloads

Clipboard Managers shareware freeware adware software downloads

Clipboard Managers software download - Clipboard Managers freeware shareware downloads.

Published: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:45:22 GMT

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Classic Clipboard Professional
(image) The trouble with the Windows clipboard is that you canonly copy once before pasting. Not any more ! This program lets you do everything you ever wished you could do with cut, copy and paste. It can be used entirely from the keyboard: Just copy up to nine times in the normal way, then paste your clips using Ctrl+1 for the first, Ctrl+2 for thesecond and Ctrl+3 for the third Etc. Or - paste all of them with Ctrl+Ins. It can be used visually: A small window showing thelast nine clips copied floats above your application. Just click the one you want to paste. It can store all your clips permanently for re-use - Over 78,000 clip Tag:

Clean Paste
(image) Clean Paste is a simple Windows utility that allows you to "clean up" the contents of the system clipboard, so that what you subsequently paste from it is straight ascii text, with no special formatting attached. After installation, Clean Paste appears as an icon in the Windows task tray. Simply click on the icon to clean up the current contents of the system clipboard. (A right click allows you to unload Clean Paste from memory.) Tag:Clean Paste Windows task tray paste cymbals Paste text insert text clipboard history clipboard utilities Instant paste clipboard utility Cut and paste Poctet PC paste clean up ascii text Simply click Windows utility formatting

(image) CuteClips3 is a complete re-write of the excellent multiple clipboard manager for Mac OS X. Building on CuteClips innovations, version 3 is a universal binary optimized to take advantage of the power of Intel-based Macs with tons of new features that deliver improvements throughout the entire application. Simple, elegant, and fully functional, this latest CuteClips release sets a new standard for multiple clipboard innovation. Feature List (Current Version: 3.0 beta14) 1.A nice preview for nearly everything copied. 2.Cute widget-like interface (classic interface). 3.Easy to access via HotKey. 4.Edit name of clips 5.Stickies: keep clips you use often or even assign them shortcuts. 6.Pasting clips as Plaintext 7.Paste many entries in a sequence 8.Undo/Redo support for renaming and deleting clips Tag:spring clips fastening clips great clips clips sale sound clips belt clips clips funny clip dump clipboard manager CuteClips clipboard tools clipboard Cute Clips clipboard viewer clipbox Clipboard Replacement

Spartan Multi Clipboard
(image) Typing something you've typed before? Searching for that graphic file, web address or phone number you know you have somewhere? You need Spartan. Spartan isn't just a multi clipboard. It's a complete information center for your PC. You can save: Often used text Form letters to paste into emails or word processors. Graphics Screen shots (There's an Inbuilt graphics editor to add text Etc.) Web pages Addresses Phone Numbers Email addresses To do lists Prompts for tele-sales operators Notes for business contacts Students web research Recipes, poems, jokes, shopping lists, scripts......... Virtually anything you need to remember. You can make things easy to find, You can arrange things visually by position or by color and you can sort any group alphabetically. And when you come to reuse your clips. Spartan shows a preview of each clip and provides you with: A browser launch button when the clip contains a web address An email launch button when it contains an email address A dial button when it contains a phone number And a run or open button where it is a program or file on your computer. Tag:clipboard multiclipboard multi-clipboard multi clipboard screeen shot screen capture screenshot

(image) ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager, it can be recalled via a hotkey and supports both bitmap and text clipboards. ClipX is very unobstrusive and will change the way you think about clipboard operations. Tag:Free Clipboard Free Clipboard Software Clipboard Manager Clipboard History Clipboard Cache Clipboard Recorder Clipboard Viewer Clipmate ClipMagic Clip Plus CLCL Clipboard Extendar Clipboard Extension Clipboard Tool Multi Clipboard Easy Clipboard

Greatis teXtreme
(image) Greatis teXtreme - Transparent Text Editor.teXtreme is tray-based utilitie that allows the individual to use consistent, intuitive commands to effect most of the standard changes (for example, find and replace phrases within a document or saved text clip insert) typically required in their working documents - regardless of which text editor is being used at the time. Any individual or business who find themselves using two or more text editors during a busy day, and who are frustrated with having to use different "rules" for each editor needs teXtreme. We encourage you to try teXtreme for free!While easily understood through use; it is difficult to describe. To use teXtreme select text in your text editor and press hot key to call main window that contains:- Replace: replace text in selected fragment in any text editor - QReplace: replace text by list of saved frequently used replace parameters - History: clipboard history - Collection: text clips collection - Change Case: quick Change Case in selected fragment - Char Map: insert any char into your text - Plug Ins: any additional text processing Choose operation then press OK and selected text in your editor will be processed!Detailed features:1) Show window (default hot key: Ctrl+[)You can call main window with last selected tab.2) Apply last (default hot key: Ctrl+])You can apply last operation to new selected block.These two actions can be called by click on the tray icon. Select the action in the properties dialog.3) Operations Menu (default hot key: Ctrl+/)You can call a popup menu which contains all operations.4) ReplaceYou can replace text while using any text editor - even simple one-line editors. Just select a text block in your editor, press the Replace hot key, enter text to find, text to replace, press OK and all "text to find" occurrences will be replaced in all selected area. All entered values are saved in the drop-down lists and can be reused. You can see the Replace resul greatis windowse extreme makeover diet

X2Net SmartBoard
(image) X2Net SmartBoard is a powerful multi-user clipboard extender. It captures everything that passes through the clipboard as you copy/paste in all apps, stores regularly used data, and makes it very simple to categorise, find and retrieve. You normally don't need to use the Paste command in the application you are working in, SmartBoard does it all for you! Or you can use drag and drop to put data in other applications. A Paste-Anyplace popup menu also allows you to quickly access your text items when working in any application. Scripting capability and rule processing allow you to extend its functionality in the way you want, using almost any scripting language you want including Perl, VBScript, JScipt, Python and others. Ideal for sharing common simple data around your network. Ideal for use in a Terminal Services environment. Tag:SMARTBOARD CLIPBOARD CUT COPY PASTE SPELL SCRIPT PERL VBSCRIPT JSCRIPT JAVASCRIPT

MoreClip 32
This tool extends the functionality of the Windows 95/98/NT Clipboard. When the user runs this program, it looks like atoolbar that can contain up to 10,240 different clipboards if enough amount of free space on hard disk is available. User can switch between this multiple clipboards or save them to disk. Program can also open one clipboard viewer to see the content of each Tag:

(image) CBTEXT removes any formatting from the text in the Windows Clipboard. This can be done automatically (in the registered version) or with a click on the CBTEXT icon in the Windows taskbar. You can also change the case of the text in the clipboard, and view the clipboard contents. Many Windows applications place formated text in the Clipboard, while all you wanted was the plain text. When pasting the clipboard contents into another application, you either have to use the "Paste Special..." command, or reformat the text again. With CBText, a simple double-click on the taskbar symbol will reduce the clipboard contents to plain text, so that the Paste command will paste the text only. Tag:Text Clipboard Pure Text Plain Text Windows Clipboard Clipboard Extension Clipboard Manager ClipMate Clip Plus ClipGuru Ditto Multi Clipboard Comfort Clipboard Advanced Clipboard Clipboard Express Clipboard Clear Text Formatting Rich Text Windows Taskbar

Click & Paste
Allows you to build text scri`pts that you put into a database that is easily accesible and catergorized for quick pasting anywhere you choose. Great for programers, HTML writers, IRC users, and site logons requiring account numbers,passwords Tag:

Clipboard Clear
(image) Clipboard Clear allows you to secure your system by prohibiting the use of the PrintScreen key. It can also prohibit other general uses of the clipboard for greater security, if desired, so that no unauthorized user uses it. Tag:

(image) Extended Windows Clipboard. The software is intended to extend the standard Clipboard. Features: saving the list of the latest Clipboard entries; setting the number of saved items; supports storing and pasting the Clipboard contents in any format (text, images, files, raster and vector graphics, MS Office objects and many other user-defined formats of the Clipboard which are special for different programs); pasting the data directly from any position of the Clipboard list into any application; pasting the data applying the format it was copied in; previewing the Clipboard item as a hint using keyboard shortcuts; fixing the frequently used data for them not to be deleted from the list; fixing the items positions in the list to open the data using shortcuts; deleting any item from the list; copying any data from the list to the Windows Clipboard without pasting it into the application; quick data pasting according to the number in the list; setting up the filtering of certain Clipboard formats; setting up the filtering of all data in the current Clipboard according to the selected formats; automatic program startup; setting up the features, main shortcuts, interface (color, font); intuitively understandable and easy-to-use program with a nice interface; changing and saving the program location at your desire. You must have copied information such as a text, graphics, files or some other specific objects, to the Clipboard and then pasted it into the proper application. But it may turn out that you have to use the already pasted information one more time. And in this case you have to type the necessary text again or to perform the Copy-Paste operations again. Why would you waste your time on the routine work, if you could avoid it using this program? The program is a useful tool for various users such as secretaries, accountants, programmers, designers, architects, administrators, and others who work with texts, raster or vector graphics as well as with other objects. Tag:Clipboard Buffer Clipboard Manager Clipboard data Extended Clipboard History Clipboard Copy Paste Cut List Format Text Image Bitmap Graphic Save Uncomsoft

3D Clipboard
(image) 3D Clipboard allows you to store multiple items in your clipboard at once. Currently, it only supports text, but it will eventually support other formats as well (such as images). As soon as you copy something to your clipboard, 3D Clipboard will add this item to its menu. Tag:

Clipboard Monitor
(image) Clipboard Monitor is a program to monitor the clipboard and to collect all entries from the clipboard and show this in line on listbox or collect separately. If you copy a text you may save this under line "Text", if you save a weblink save this under line "WebLink" and if you take a screenshot of Image save this under line "Image" and show this separately if you click on ex: "text". Tag:Text Clipboard Free Clipboard Clipboard Manager Clipboard Tool Clipboard Program ClipMate Clip Plus Clipboard Magic Clipboard Free Clipboard Box Clipboard Clear Advanced Clipboard Clipboard Text Clipboard Recorder

(image) ClipMate saves time and makes you more productive by adding clipboard functions that the Windows clipboard leaves out - starting with the ability to hold thousands of "clips", instead of just one. ClipMate has functions to edit, re-format, and manage your clipboard data. It can also print, re-format, and even spell-check. ClipMate 7 adds powerful drag/drop, integration with the windows taskbar, and makes pasting your data even easier than before. Everybody needs ClipMate. ClipMate works alongside the regular Windows Clipboard and remembers every piece of data (both text and graphics) that you cut or copy. Once your data is saved in ClipMate, you can select an item and it is automatically placed back on the Clipboard or directly into an application. Within ClipMate you can view, print, edit, reformat, convert to upper/lower case, search, rename, and reorder Clip Items. There are several "heavy lifting" features such as PowerPaste, Templates, and Clean-Up, that help with big data conversion chores such as contact and lead management, data acquisition, document assembly, and research. It's also a great stand-alone spellchecker, editor, note-taker, e-mail re-formatter, HTML editor, encryption utility, and format stripper. Its network capabilities make it a great solution for workgroup repositories, such as help desk and call center databases. It's got broad applications in just about every conceivable industry, profession, or hobby. If you find yourself typing something that you've read or typed at your computer before, you are ready. With the award-winning ClipMate as your Windows companion, you'll take the familiar underpowered Clipboard and turn it into an unexpectedly powerful time saver. Our new Version 7 release allows you to drag and drop data right into programs like Microsoft Word, FireFox, and PaintShop Pro. Tag:Clipboard Manager Clipboard Tool Clipboard Viewer Clipboard Download Clipboard Express Clipboard Plus Clipboard Extension Windows Clipboard Multi Clipboard Comfort Clipboard Clipboard Editor ClipGuru Clip Plus Clipboard Recorder Text Clipboard HTML Editor

Comfort Clipboard
(image) Your personal safe clipboard manager. Why do you particularly need Comfort Clipboard? + Comfort Clipboard supports all known data formats. It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste the selected fragment again. + With Comfort Clipboard, you will always be sure that data will be saved even in case of a power failure or a system crash. +You will gain full control over your clipboard and will be able to use it at 100% capacity. Advanced features: + Any number of saved fragments without slowing down the performance. 100 fragments are saved by default. + Quickly pasting text from the manager with a shortcut key. + Pasting a fragment in any available format because the copied information is saved in the clipboard in several formats at once. + Previewing saved fragments in a comfortable window. + Displaying additional information about saved fragments: o The icon of the fragment format the way it is defined in your system. o The icon of the application the fragment was copied to the clipboard from. o Brief additional information about each fragment according to its format. o Displaying the list of all available formats. + Customizing the appearance of the main window of the manager. It is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 2000. We are sure that you will certainly find the features that you exactly need. Tag:comfort clipboard manager paste insert copy formats

(image) Dedupe Software QuickList is a stand-alone dedupe software for Windows designed to help you perform multiple list operations, such as dedupe, merge, intersect, difference or compare without going through the lenghty learning process of other software products. Logical List Operations Import & export any formatted files, such as .csv, .txt, mailing lists or other files; Dedupe two or more source lists; Merge multiple lists into a single output list; Intersect multiple lists and generate a single output as a standard .csv file; Edit, add or delete field values, columns or lines; Eliminate duplicates automatically. Tag:

(image) The program is intended for previewing and editing the information copied into the Windows Clipboard. Support Clipboard formats: Plain Text,Rich Text,Bitmap,Files and Folders,HTML (Web pages). ClipViewer doesn't set any limits for the items copied (depends on the client configuration), despite it allows you set your own limits for the MEM used/number of items. The application provides exact information about: - Total memory occupied by the copied items - Number of the items copied - Number of the characters (txt/rtf) - The sum on all items, containing numbers Other features: Copy filters: You can set the formats/applications you want the program to monitor. Display filters: The program can show only selected formats. Character map: You can view all characters from all of the fonts installed, as well as their ASCII codes. You can also copy a symbol to the clipboard. Screenshot function implemented; includes special options: If the size of all copied images exceeds a value specified -- the program converts them to JPEGs and saves them to the disk automatically deleting the Bitmap sources -- very useful for increasing the overall system performance/frees system resources! Embedded fully-functional implementation of Internet Explorer (version depends on the client configuration) Insert the Web page into the items list & copy it to the clipboard. Extract all images from a Web page and save them to the disk. Extract all Macromedia Flash objects (SWF files) from a Web page and save them to the disk. Save a Web page as a Bitmap, JPEG and of course HTML. Tag:HTML Web Page Clipboard Extender Bitmap GPEG File Folder Plain Text RTF Rich Extract images SWF Flash Macromedia

(image) Press CTRL-V (or a hotkey specified) when you want topaste, and a list of items will pop-up directly under the area you wish to paste. Choose an item (or as many as you wish), hit Enter and the item(s) will be pasted (works with ANY application). PasteLister captures and records all text/image data copied to the clipboard, allowing you access to paste them back (or just retrieve them) anywhere easily. Create seperate category lists, view and save data, perform"actions" after pasting, customize data properties, easy to use, extremely flexible and Tag:

Multi Block Storage
(image) Multi Block Storage is an office utility which allows you to create, use, and manage fragments of frequently-used text. This is very useful in word processing documents, filling out forms, HTML formatting, programming, and more. The application's toolbar, which looks like the taskbar, can contain an unlimited quantity of structured text fragments in the form of buttons and hotkey combinations can be assigned to each button. To paste text fragments to the desired area you simply need to click the corresponding button or press the assigned hotkeys. You also have access to all tools of adjustment and management through the context menu. Addition of a text fragment is also quite convenient - all you need to do is select it and press the hotkey combination or use the Drag'n'Drop function with your mouse. Furthermore, the application's bar can be automatically hidden to spare working space (autohide feature). Tag: