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Preview: Astrology shareware freeware adware software downloads

Astrology shareware freeware adware software downloads

Astrology software download - Astrology freeware shareware downloads.

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Edinamarry Free Tarot Software
(image) Introducing Edinamarry 3 Free Tarot Software! Edinamarry3 constains all the features that were missing in Edinamarry Version2. Edinamarry3 includes Arcana, Suits, and their respective Tarot Cards. Tarot Deck Builder/Editor, Tarot Spreads Designer/Editor, Spreads reading, Reversed Cards, Reversed Cards reading, Printing, Document Save and Editor, Tarot Deck Export/Import, Tarot Spread Export/Import, and all professional features are included. Please be patient while newer updates arrive for Edinamarr3. Edinamarry 3 runs on 32 Bit Windows 7. A new 2010 freeware Tarot and Divinity Software for PC and Windows 7. Edinamarry brings to you an open Tarot Scribe Kit by which you can create your own Tarot Deck, and you can write your own readings and afterwards share your Tarot Deck and your Tarot Database on Internet with all other users of Edinamarry. You can find answers to your questions with Tarot through Divinity, and Edinamarry is just built for this purpose. Edinamarry comes with a default Tarot Database. Tarot Decks are editable. Tarot Spreads too are editable. I have prepared the Tarot readings with brief descriptions and with brief essays to give you the full explaination of each and every Tarot Card which you choose from the Deck. I am sure that you would be satisfied with the brief knowledgeable content of Edinamarry. You can print the reading results, and you can store the result as a file on your PC. There is a built-in integrated specialized Writepad in Edinamarry in which you can type your thoughts, and you can save your typed content which includes readings on chance, into Windows Write Format files .rtf. Tarot Card Pictures are also printable. Similarly, there's automatic Software Update and Database Update Tool which can be used to automatically Update Edinamarry to the latest Version. There's much more. Tag:edinamarry hfairiesgrove tarot rider waite divinity occult oracle horoscope freeware software

(image) Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go. Its main features include: Over 120000 stars, all of which are named and explained Realtime planets with powerful zoom mode 88 constellations Photorealistic Milky Way Ground, fog, and landscape Graphical menu for ease of use Clickable stars, planets and nebulae with information Ecliptic and celestrial equator lines Smooth real time navigation Windowed and fullscreen modes This is an absolute must for astrology lovers. It is an attractive, visual application that will help you learn more about planets and stars. Tag:planetarium free planetarium planetarium software planetarium tools planetarium program free planetarium software free planetarium program free planetarium tools pc planetarium free pc planetarium open source planetarium telescope space planetarium

Stellarium for Linux
(image) Stellarium for Linux is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go. Features • default catalogue of over 600,000 stars • extra catalogues with more than 210 million stars • asterisms and illustrations of the constellations • constellations for eleven different cultures • images of nebulae (full Messier catalogue) • realistic Milky Way • very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset • the planets and their satellites interface • a powerful zoom • time control • multilingual interface • fisheye projection for planetarium domes • spheric mirror projection for your own low-cost dome • all new graphical interface and extensive keyboard control • telescope control visualisation • equatorial and azimuthal grids • star twinkling • shooting stars • eclipse simulation • skinnable landscapes, now with spheric panorama projection customisability • add your own deep sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts Tag:teamviewer linux winamp for linux itunes linux utorrent linux stellarium landscapes r project planetarium projector keyboard control shooting stars mandrake linux damn small linux turbo linux linux 5.0 arm linux

MB Fashion Astrology
(image) MB Fashion Astrology is a Western zodiac based software that describes the fashion profiles of the different sun signs. This software gives a better idea about the fashion styles of people under the different signs of the zodiac. Astrology rules over fashion styles adopted by people all over the world. People belonging to different sun signs have different preferences when it comes to clothes and fashions. This also shows their outward personality. Astrology acts as a guide by telling you more about what you prefer when it comes to dressing. It also makes good reading if you are thinking of buying clothes as a gift for someone. The MB Fashion Astrology software displays the fashion statement for the following twelve signs: • Aries • Taurus • Gemini • Cancer • Leo • Virgo • Libra • Scorpio • Sagittarius • Capricorn • Aquarius • Pisces MB Fashion Astrology displays the following results: A. Sun Sign Profile • Element • Birthstone • Lucky Number • Lucky Day • Compatibility • Positive Traits • Negative Traits B. Fashion Profile • Preferred Colors • Undesirable Colors • Fashion Characteristics • Fashion Attributes a. Boldness b. Traditional c. Colorful d. Custom-made e. Frilly MB Fashion Astrology is a freeware. The reading thus generated by the software comes in an easy and understandable format. The software has been designed keeping in mind the average computer user and as such you do not have to be a techno savvy person to run the software. Tag:astrology digital fashion pro kp astrology software astrology software astrology book ladies fashion catalogue

MB Free Sibling Compatibility Test
(image) About MB Sibling Compatibility Test Software MB Sibling Compatibility Test is an easy to understand software that describes the compatibility between you and your brothers / sisters. This software helps you understand your relationship better and work on the areas that are weak. We sometimes don’t understand the kind of relationship we share with our brothers or sisters. Some of us may find them to be bullies and sometimes we are the ones who are the bullies. Maybe you would like to understand better how the different sun signs react in different situations under different circumstances. This software can help you know your siblings better and help you share a much more enriching and learning relationship. Being a brother or sister has its own share of fun and being able to understand your sibling better will only make this a more pleasurable experience. MB Sibling Compatibility Test hopes to help you understand all these nuances in a simple and easy manner. The software is based on the twelve signs of the Western zodiac namely: • Aries • Taurus • Gemini • Cancer • Leo • Virgo • Libra • Scorpio • Sagittarius • Capricorn • Aquarius • Pisces MB Sibling Compatibility Test is a freeware and the best part is it can be administered within two to five minutes. All you have to do is enter the details required and the software does the rest for you. Tag:ram test cpu test quick test professional typing speed test iq test pencil test test application 1.0

MB Free Subconscious Self Number
(image) MB Subconscious Self Number Software is a interactive and wonderful software which basically makes aware of your reaction to a stressful situation. However, the Subconscious Self Number also reveals certain weaknesses in your personality, and advises you to strengthen them, in order to be successful in life. This number tells about your confidence and ability to deal with sudden turn of events and situations. It also tells about your capability to correctly judge a situation and to react properly. The Subconscious Self can be calculated from your Karmic Lesson chart. A person with all the eight digits represented in his name will have the characteristics of all the digits so he is more confident than a person with lesser numbers. For example: To find your Subconscious Self number, we simply count the digits represented in your name, as we can have it from the Karmic Lesson chart. For example take the case of a person with this name JOHN SMITH Calculating we get: J O H N S M I T H 1 6 8 5 1 4 9 2 8 We find here that the numbers 3 and 7 have not been represented in the name. So the person has only 7 digits in his name. So the Subconscious Self Number = 7 MB Subconscious Self Number Software gives you an idea about the strengths and weaknesses in your character. So, by knowing your strengths you get an inner confidence to face hurdles in life and by knowing your weaknesses you get an opportunity to work on them and rectify them. For more details about this please visit Tag:serial number generator nero serial number photoshop serial number the dig phone number extractor

MB Free Libra Astrology
(image) As we all know the zodiac is made up of 12 different sun signs. These are known as sun signs or star signs or zodiac signs. These signs are based on the position of the sun in a particular sign at the time of one's birth. They are as listed below: Aries - March 21 - April 20 Taurus - April 21 - May 20 Gemini - May 21 - June 20 Cancer - June 21 - July 20 Leo - July 21 - August 20 Virgo - August 21 - September 20 Libra - September 21 - October 20 Scorpio - October 21 - November 20 Sagittarius - November 21 - December 20 Capricorn - December 21 - January 19 Aquarius - January 20 - February 18 Pisces - February 19 - March 20 Tag:zodiac sun signs zodic signs star signs astrology astrology software free astrology software birthday birth date Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius

MB Free Psychic Color Test
(image) MB Psychic Color Test Software is a unique software that lets you detect your psychic abilities. Psychic abilities reside in all of us. These abilities need not be developed as they are already fully developed within you. What is needed is to be aware of these intuitive abilities so as to redirect your energies and abilities in the right direction and help people. MB Psychic Color Test program not only aims to make your intuitive powers stronger, but the program also make you more sensitive to the spiritual world. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience -- are all forms of ESP or Psychic Ability to see, hear, and feel an object, circumstance or an event by intuitive means. Hundreds of such unexplained events take place around us everyday. Instances of such events are you hear the phone ringing and you know who the caller is; or the doorbell rings and you know who your guest is; or you think of event and it happens quite instantly. Having psychic powers or being a psychic is not that you need to be born with some kind ‘woo-woo’ abilities. It develops within you quite naturally and that too without much of your attention and knowledge. Psychic powers and abilities are no longer looked upon as 'New Age' subjects; serious research work and discussions are going on all over the world centering on the paranormal phenomenon. With the aim of making things clearer, acceptable and understanding, MB Psychic Color Test Software has been introduced to enable you to test your psychic abilities. MB Psychic Color Test comprises of three levels of difficulty – the Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. All you need to do is select your level of difficulty and the test begins. After deep concentration, choose a card of any Color and click on it. This will show if your choice and the MB Psychic Color Test Software’s choice are the same. You will also find the scores displayed on your computer screen. Tag:ram test cpu test typing speed test quick test professional iq test free color splash color picker 3d color changer pencil test transparent color

MB Free Indonesian Astrology
(image) MB Indonesian Astrology Software determines your Indonesian horoscope from your date of birth. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the day group you belong to as per the astrological culture of Indonesia. The program tells you about your positive and negative characteristic traits, your personality in general thus helping you to improve yourself for the better. Indonesian Astrology is as old as the ancient civilization of Indonesia and this form of astrology continues to remain popular in that part of the world. Also known as Balinese astrology, the Javanese people determine their horoscopes and zodiacs based on the date of birth of an individual and how that particular day fits into the 35-day cycle formed by superimposing the traditional i.e. the Indonesian 5-day pasaran (weekdays) and the Western weekdays that are 7 in number. The traditional five day pasaran are: Legi, Pahing, Pon, Wage and Kliwon and the seven weekdays as per Western calendar are named as follows: Sunday - Minggu Monday - Senin Tuesday- Selasa Wednesday - Rabu Thursday - Kemis Friday - Jumat Saturday - Sabtu The Javanese Horoscope of a person is determined by superimposing the Indonesian 5-day pasaran and the Western 7 day week cycle into the 35 day cycle which generates 35 different astrological results that is more commonly known as that person's WETON. The most interesting part of Indonesian astrology is that the WETON CYCLE gets repeated every 35 days and as such the Indonesian's have their birthdays every 35 days as well. Apart from knowing their personality and characteristic traits, it is the belief of the Javanese people that their WETON discloses everything about their past, present as well as their future. But this is a vague notion in the present century. These days the people believe that it is their personality that gets reflected through their WETON and this is what exactly MB Indonesian Astrology Software does. Tag:astrology astrology software kp astrology software astrology book indonesian german translator indonesian translation astrology birth chart

(image) Love compatibility calculator gives an answer how to develop relations between two people according to their signs. Tag:love compatibility how to two p

Numerology 369
(image) Numerology 369 is PC computer software that generates numerology charts and reports based on four different numerology systems. Numerology, one of the most ancient skills, the so-called pseudo-science, which was first founded in the old cultures of China and India, was used to discover the features and elements of the person's character according to their date of birth as well as their name and surname. Those ancient people believed that through numerology they can understand the good and bad sides of a human soul, one's personality, the visible and hidden competences, one's virtues and flaws, one's likes and dislikes, the person's motivation in life, the suitable love partners and friends, as well as one's past and future life. There's something behind it. Even nowadays many successful people don't make any important decision before consulting their numerology charts. Majority of famous people that practice numerology will never confess they use it but here and there it slips them out. Anyway, if you test our software with different famous peoples' names you can see for yourself - the results unbelievably match their personalities! Tag:numerology in tamil numerology software hindi numerology astrology numerology calculation numerology chart date of birth most ancient famous people many s mb numerology pro

Digital Physiognomy
(image) Digital Physiognomy is an entertaining psychological profiling software application that determines person's character and traits based on facial features. Like any other psychological profiling software, Digital Physiognomy provides a generic portrait of a person and tells what person's inclinations, preferences, likes and dislikes may be. The program was created for pure entertainment purposes. Among the characteristics it evaluates are Temper, Intellect, Self-Esteem, Sense of Humor, Level of Optimism, Will Power, even Luck. Importantly, the program does not require a photograph of a person. It uses a technique analogous to police sketches (sometimes called photo robot). The user simply chooses among eyes, noses, ear lobes, chins, eye-brows, cheekbones, foreheads, and other parts of a human face to create a sketch that closely resembles a person. To check program's accuracy, it is recommended to create a self-portrait first. The application comes with a set of more than 500 faces that belong to famous people - Churchill, Mao, Tom Hanks, Einstein, Chaplin, Stalin and some others. If you are interested in people's faces, you will enjoy Digital Physiognomy, the software for curious people! This is both entertaining and enlightening. You gain accurate insight into the true nature of famous people. Tag:personology physiognomy phrenology astrology face face reading forecast future temper intellect self esteem sense humor optimism graphs data data point entertainment psychologists human resource

(image) Leo Palm the best Astrological Software for palm computers is Developed by Future Point (P) Ltd. who is in the field of astrology since 1985 and is based on Hindu & Vedic Astrology. Now available for two major operating systems Palm OS and Microsoft Mobile Windows. Available in English and Hindi with Printing support. First astrological software which has many modules - Astrology, Match Making, Varshphal, Numerology, Horary, K.P. System, LalKitab, and Panchang. Longitude & Latitude of more than 15,000 cities. User can add, modify, delete new cities. Automatic Time Correction of cities like Standard Time, War Time, Local Time, Day Light Saving Time, Double Day Light Saving Time and Half Day Light Saving Time. User can also change the time correction as per his/her choice. User can save thousands of Birth details (Kundali). Better management of saving Birth details so that user can retrieve the data very easily .Various categories like "Family" where birth details of family members can be saved, similarly "Friends", "Customer", "Business" etc. User can also Add , modify and delete categories. Kundalis of many people like Politicians, Prime Ministers, Scientists, Film & Sport Stars, World Leaders etc. Various Calendars like National, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Kerala, Nepali, Chaitradi and Kartikadi. User can see BC Date horoscopes. Contains 20,000 years Calendar and Panchang from Year 9999 BC to 9999 AD. 5 types of Ayanamsa like Lahiri, Raman, KP, Manu and Sayan. Option of True/Mean Rahu, 337/386 Ashtakvarga, Mid/Limb Sunrise, Hide/Show Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in charts. Various Chart styles- North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Oriya and Western. Various Matching styles- Traditional, Gujarati and North Indian. Various Varshphal methods - Traditional, Syan Solar Return, Niryana and Exact Sun Degree. Various types of Dashas - Vimshottari, Shodashottari, Dwadashottari, Ashtottari, Panchottari, Shatabdika, Tribhagi, Yogini, Tag:astrological software Astrology Match Making Varshphal Numerology Horary K.P. System LalKitab Panchang operating systems Palm OS Microsoft Mobile Standard Time War Time Local Time

MB Kumalak
(image) MB Kumalak is a fortune-telling software based on the Persian form of geomancy. The Kumalak chart gives a relation between the different elements of nature and the parts of your body. MB Kumalak is an effective tool, which is based on the art of reading the placement of coffee beans or pebbles on the Kumalak chart or grid. This involves the art or practice of predicting fortunes and interpreting the near future of people. This is a completely freeware, and the best part lies in the fact that it can be administered within five to ten minutes. Kumalak or Qumalaq is an ancient form of divination which originated in Arabia or Persia, and has spread to Kazakhstan and the rest of Europe. Kumalak is also played as a board game. This is very popular even today in these parts of the world. This form of divination is totally dependant upon a person’s psychic ability to look beyond and understand the meaning of the different placements. It consists of 41 beans kept in a bag and placed in a decided fashion in different squares of the Kumalak grid. The grid is a 9X9 matrix with each square related to a body part. The number of beans in each square also has different significance. • 1 pebble: This represents the element fire. This stands for enthusiasm, action and the will to achieve your goal. • 2 pebbles: This represents the element water. This stands for the good and the bad and symbolizes the worries and problems. • 3 pebbles: This represents the element air. This stands for the animals, vegetation and minerals and symbolizes travel, battles and partnerships. • 4 pebbles: This represents the element earth. This stands for prosperity and ownership. The Kumalak grid represents the horseman of Kazakhstan. • The first row represents the Past. • The middle row represents the Present. • The bottom row represents the Future. • Each square represents a part of the body. A high level of concentration is the key to success in this form of divination. Tag:board game psychic ability different place your b ian f mb kabbalah astrology

MB Moon Magick
(image) MB Moon Magick is a simple guideline for people practicing magic rituals based on lunar magic. It gives you different correspondences between the position of the moon and its effect on magic rituals. During its transition around the Earth, when the Sun and the Moon are positioned on the opposite sides of the Earth, the moon is seen to be bright and completely round. This is the 'full moon' day; again, when the moon falls in between the earth and the sun, it is known as the 'Dark Moon' day. And in between the 'full' and the 'dark' moon days, the surface of the Moon appears to grow (wax) and then decreases (wanes) to form the next new moon. And in this way the phases of the Moon continue to change. The moon is one of the most important heavenly bodies for occult, pagan and Wicca practices. The different phases of the moon are taken into account for different magickal rituals. The moon has different energies in its different phases. This energy plays an important role in the different rituals. The waxing moon is a time for new beginnings while the waning moon is the time for removing negativity. MB Moon Magick displays the following results for different correspondences: 1. Zodiacal Moon Magick Keywords: Aries – Passion Taurus - Physical Gemini - Inquisitiveness Cancer - Caring Leo - Resolute Virgo - Serious Libra - Helpful Scorpio - Idealistic Capricorn - Motivated Aquarius – Outgoing Pisces – Optimistic 2. Moon Phase - Magick Correspondence * New Moon Magic * The new moon is a good time for new ventures, initiating new projects, love and health. * Waxing Moon Magic * The waxing moon is a good time for developing work like power, success, health and partnerships. * Full Moon Magic * The full moon is a good time for predictions and trying out Magick. Good for healing projects too. * Waning Moon Magic * The waning moon is a good time for removing negativity from oneself. Tag:twilight new moon harvest moon game sailor moon hentai lunar magic mb kabbalah astrology

MB Free Tarot Numerology
(image) MB Tarot Numerology Software is a unique resource that relates your Life Path Number and the Destiny Number calculated from your date of birth with the associated Tarot cards. Tarot as well as Numerology is popular forms of divination. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of your personality, your positive and negative aspects and also your ruling planet. MB Tarot Numerology Software provides an insight into a person's personality thus helping him to improve himself for the better. It is a fact unknown to most of us that numerology - the science of study of numbers, is related to the numerological sequence of the deck of 78 tarot cards. Each and every card in the Tarot deck is very strongly associated with numbers. And these numbers have their basis on the principles of numerology that represents a spiritual evolutionary process that ranges from the numbers 1 - 9. There are a large number of tarot cards in the 78-card tarot deck, the meanings of which have been derived from the ancient study of number occult. It is the number on the tarot cards that reflect its numerological scheme. Take the example of the Minor Arcana cards. The 10 of pip card reflects our feelings, emotions, our everyday life and the ongoing events. And on the other hand, the Major Arcana cards represent a number of attributes related to our practical world, the spiritual world, finance, family matters and lot more. It is with the help of these numerical relationships with the cards of the Tarot deck that helps one to achieve a deeper understanding about the meaning of the Tarot cards. MB Tarot Numerology Software uses the Major and the Minor Arcana tarot cards of the Rider Waite Deck in their numerological sequence so as to help the reader understand the significance of the numbers as well as the suits. MB Tarot Numerology is a complete freeware and can be administered within five to eight minutes. Tag:numerology in tamil numerology software tarot tarot cards hindi numerology astrology

MB Cyclomancy
(image) MB Cyclomancy is a divination method based on problem solving with the help of a numbered wheel. Divination has been used for centuries for fortune-telling and getting spiritual guidance. People have looked upto this kind of psychism to find solutions to their problems. Each psychic chooses a particular tool to read for people. Be it the tarot cards or the crystal ball, one can be assured of a solution. The wheel is also used a tool in divination. This is also known as Cyclomancy. The word comes form the Latin word ‘Cyclomantia’. This consists of a revolving wheel divided into ten equal parts with a pointer attached to the wheel. Once the wheel is rotated, ask your question and the wheel comes to stop randomly at a particular number. Each number has its own significance and will act as a guideline in solving your problem. MB Cyclomancy helps you in your quest to attain a solution to your problems. Using the tool you can attain peace and re-energize yourself. This is a completely free program, and the best part lies in the fact that it can be administered within five to eight minutes, making it one of the fastest online tests to be ever administered. Tag:crystal ball tarot cards free prog free progra particular number mb kabbalah astrology

MB Bibliomancy
(image) MB Bibliomancy is a divination tool that generates a phrase from different religions. This can act as a guide to help you make decisions in life. Bibliomancy refers to the use of books in divination. The books used are usually the Holy scared books if the different religions. Some people mistakenly refer to bibliomancy as “Bible Divination”. But this may necessarily not be the case. They can help guide you achieve your goals and show you the path to success. This software aims to help you do the same. This software uses quotes from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and I Ching to help people solve their problems. Bibliomancy is also known as Libromancy or Stichomancy. MB Bibliomancy is a freeware and the best part is it can be administered within two to five minutes. All you have to do is to enter your problems and choose the religious text from which you would like to view the result and the software does the rest for you. This software gives a phrase from the chosen text which can help you find a solution to your worries. Tag:i ching to do your worries o view divination tool mb kabbalah astrology

MB Eye Color Inheritance
(image) MB Eye Color Inheritance is an eye color determination tool for your child. This is based on the genetic inheritance of the eye color from a parent to a child. Eye color inheritance has been an interesting topic of discussion for many years. It is a known fact that many children are born with a different eye color, which slowly darkens as they grow up. This software is a fun test that can determine the eye color of your child based on the eye color of the mother and the father. The eye color is passed on to the child through a process known as the Mendelian inheritance rules. But there can be exceptions too. The Eye Colors consist of: Blue Light Blue Blue-Green Green / Hazel Brown Light Brown Dark Brown / Black Eye color is known to have a polygenic inheritance pattern. It is determined by co-dominant alleles. This is one of the forms in which our genetic information is present in our DNA. Eye color is controlled by 6 different alleles. More the number of dominant alleles more are the chances of your eye being darker. But do keep in mind that this is not a very accurate method of determining the paternity of a child. MB Eye Color Inheritance is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. This software is a freeware. The result thus generated by the software comes in an easy and understandable format. The software has been designed keeping in mind the average computer user and as such you do not have to be a techno savvy person to run the software. Please Note: Eye Color Method is not very reliable. Tag:eye candy 4000 free color splash vp-eye color picker color folder golden eye transparent color

MB Blood Type Inheritance
(image) MB Blood Type Inheritance is a blood type determination tool for your child. This is based on the genetic inheritance of a blood type from a parent to a child. Blood Type describes the composition of a person’s red blood cells. It is determined by co-dominant alleles. This is one of the forms in which our genetic information is present in our DNA. The three different alleles are A, B, O. Each of us has two different alleles as we inherit one from our mother and another from our father. This is known as a genotype. The Rh factor or Rhesus factor is also inherited from our biological parents but separate from the ABO maker. A person can be “Rh Positive” or “Rh Negative”. Blood Group usually refers to the ABO marker while the blood type refers to both the ABO and Rhesus Factor. The different blood Groups are A, B, AB and O The Rh factors are: Positive (+) and Negative (-) There are different combinations in which the blood type is passed of from a parent to a child. Thus there is a specific pattern of inheritance of blood types. MB Blood Type Inheritance is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. This software is a freeware. The result thus generated by the software comes in an easy and understandable format. The software has been designed keeping in mind the average computer user and as such you do not have to be a techno savvy person to run the software. Tag:micro type learn to type math type blood hitman blood money type light